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Obviously, this one is a little hard to judge since it is multiple stories and only a few chapters of each. I'll give a quick review of each section:

The first story is an X-Men based story about students in the Xavier Academy. This was a snorefest for me and made getting through this book a more daunting task. This novel is aimed at high-school aged kids, so the angst and drama of schoolwork may resonate better with that demographic. The subplot of rising racial tensions ever-present in X-men stories was seen through glimpses, but not quite fleshed out in the few chapters included.

Second up was an Elsa Bloodstone story. While I've always seen her has a minor character, whenever she pops up in a crossover event, her stories are fun to read. Unfortunately, this story was hamstrung by being in first person narrative, while not capturing her typical way of speech. Even in the first chapter she notes that she sounds too American, which was at least a way of acknowledging it. But there were other faults in the narrative like, "I tossed my long, vermillion ponytail over my shoulder"...because people say things like that. The action was on point though, so that was a redeeming factor.

The third story was a sort of two-in-one: You get some Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU line-up) and the Avengers (Kamala Khan and Tony Stark) together in one story. The sample chapters followed the GotG, but the repartee between the characters was a fun read. (I especially loved Rocket and Quill's discussion of the Karman line. While one of the longer segments, this one went by quickly and was well written.

The fourth story sample was an Asgardian adventure featuring Sif and Brunnhilde (Valkyrie). This had a lot of action, but the action also seemed like action for actions sake. This was only a 2 chapter sample, so I hope the rest of the novel fleshes out the story.

The fifth tale was a Dark Avengers story focused on Norman Osborne's Iron Patriot. This won't make any sense if you haven't ready the Dark Avengers crossover event from a while back. This was a fun exploration from the Villain's POV (Or, a Villain masquerading as a Hero a la Superior Spiderman). This was a longer sample and for that I was very glad.

The final tale was a Doctor Doom story. The back cover promises a tale of Doom attempting to gain some new arcane power and unleashes a Plague/Vampire/Ancient Evil into the world. Unfortunately, we get none of that in the sample, merely 4 quick viewpoints of what will be main characters, most of which seemed pretty flat. Perhaps in full length all the characters will have a bigger part to play.

All in all, I think this will be far more enjoyed by a younger crowd. The writing, from what I've read, is middle grade to YA. And the subject matter (and language) is certainly PG. Though I tried to emulate a younger reader, I still felt that the writing in 3 of the stories needed a lot of work (First Team, Elsa Bloodstone, and Serpent of the Dead), while the other three seemed great with only a few editing decisions standing in their way. As such, I settled on a 3 star review (averaged out from all 6 stories)
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I enjoyed flipping through this. As a sampler, the starters were really nice and I would consider picking up a couple of the featured stories.
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I appreciate how the novels tell the lesser known marvel characters and do more riskier storylines. The stories in the sampler ones I personal gravitate to but I think they’d be enjoyable for others.
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Loved the sample of upcomming Marvel Novels, because quite frankly I can't get enough of Marvel. And I'm glad we are getting more marvel.
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Xavier’s Institute: First Team by Robbie MacNiven – A focus on kids in the X-Men school. A really fun take and I can tell it'll get darker as the story progresses--the characters have a lot of heart as well.

Marvel Heroines: Elsa Bloodstone by Cath Lauria – Elsa (no ice powers included) is a wisecracking monster bounty hunter. I really enjoyed her inner dialogue, it was snarky and fun. 

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Target Kree by Stuart Moore – The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy duke it out. At some point, IDK. The early sample was focused mostly on GOTG and Gamora's POV. The dialogue was snarky and perfect, just like the movies/comics. :) 

Legends of Asgard: The Serpent and the Dead by Anna Stephens – Lady Sif--yes, the lady that was entirely forgotten by the Thor movies--gets a great focus here. This is a pretty heavy mythology story, perfect for any Norse Mythology fans. Also, Sif immediately wanting to blame Loki for the misfortune in this book is hilarious. 

Marvel Untold: The Patriot List by David Guymer – Norman Osborn (ex-Green Goblin) assembles his own Avengers team and tries to succeed where SHIELD & the original Avengers failed. A really fascinating concept--I'm particularly interested in this one. Venom was particularly gross but awesome here. 

Marvel Untold: Reign of the Devourer by David Annandale – Dr. Doom and vampires. Need I say more? I had trouble keeping up with what was going on her but I did enjoy Doom's monologue since he's a villain but you also kinda feel bad for him.

Overall, a solid collection of books I'm excited to check out this year!
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Nice sampler. 
I liked what I read in this sampler.  It made me want to read more and i know I will at some point.

I know a few people who would love these so I told them about these stories.
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This is a great sampler of all Marvel titles that released in 2020 and 2021. Since I don’t read a lot of Marvel comics, this was my first time seeing most of the characters and I think it wasn’t a bad introduction. If you’re a Marvel fan, this is a must read and the sampler successfully builds intrigue for the novels included.
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Thank you so much Aconyte Books for allowing me to read these samples!

As a Marvel fan I couldn'wait to read the opening chapters from so many novels. I was so excited that my hands almost trembled while reading. I found Marvel Heroines the most appealing but the other stories certainly appealed to me as well. I can't wait to for the novels to come out and read some of them!
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Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this sampler! I'm a huge Marvel fan, which prompted me to download this in order to see what books are coming out in 2021. These samples are action-packed and feature many of the well-known characters. They seem super fun and I recommend them for Marvel fans.
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A few samples from the latest crop of novels inspired by the hugely successful comics and movie franchise. Although some of the prose was occasionally a little too purple for me these offerings should prove perfectly enjoyable for all True Believers and fans of the genre.
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This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review

Aconyte Books provide you with the best superhero, marvel books. From X-Men to Marvel characters, you see how these stories explore a deeper part of our TV show and movie heros and even comic heros. 

The stories are packed with action, emotions, and humor to keep you enthralled till the end. 

This was absolutely an amazing read. I hope to get to read all the books by Aconyte Books. 

I just reviewed MARVEL NOVELS SAMPLER 2021 by Robbie MacNiven, Cath Lauria, Stuart Moore, Anna Stephens, David Guymer, and David Annandale. #MARVELNOVELSSAMPLER2021 #NetGalley
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