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A Caribbean Heiress in Paris

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I waited a long time to read this, because historical romance tends to intimidate me a little. I finally listened to the audiobook, and that was the best route for me, because I really enjoyed it! The narration was great, and very engaging, and while this is a long book, it stayed interesting the whole way through. I could easily see this as a movie or a miniseries, as it has a super interesting setting and I loved the characters.

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Wonderful story! I immediately became engaged in this romance between Luz Alana and Evan. I especially enjoyed "going to" Paris and Edinburgh with them since those are places I desperately want to go to!

Great start to a new series...and I can't wait to read more!

Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review. All opinions are my own.

Publication date: 31 May 2022

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I really liked this and can't wait for the second in the series. Appreciate the historical romance and the historial reality of where the heroine and her famly came from and what that means!

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A distillery, whiskey, rum, Paris, Scotland, and more in a whirlwind romance that proves women are capable to handle anything in a world where they are overlooked and minimized.

A historical romance that takes you sailing from the Caribbean to Paris and Scotland, characters overcoming obstacles and expectations, and details rich in culture, beauty, and love.

Dramatic and culturally diverse, challenges, and a balance of spice. A perfect book to pair with a holiday, beach getaway, or just anytime you're in the mood for a bookcation.

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I really loved this one. Marriage of convenience is one of my favourite tropes, so I really enjoyed it.

Luz Alana and Evan were just wonderful. Their chemistry was fantastic and the conflict didn't feel forced (although I just really wanted them to communicate!!).

The side characters were great, too! I also really enjoyed all of the scenes at the World Fair.

Can't wait for the next one!!

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So much to love about this book — Evan and Luz Alana steam up the pages, the conceit of a heroine struggling to make her way in a male-dominated industry, a marriage of convenience that is anything but as soon as they both realize they have real feelings. The only thing that felt somewhat tacked on at the end was the subplot involving Percy, who had been a background entity or maybe only a passing mention for most of the book and then was suddenly present to be the late-stage deadly conflict — but I really enjoyed the ways in which this book challenges the historical romance genre and a lot of its conventions, especially through the diverse range of characters we get (and will hopefully be diving into more of given this is the first in an intended series!). Also, people keep bringing up the Eiffel Tower scene but nothing might be hotter for me than the we're-getting-married-anyway-so-might-as-well-do-it-now moment. Herrera knows how to write a growly hero, just saying.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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“The kiss was imminent, and she would let the world burn to get it.”

Adriana Herrera is an author I love, so I've been eagerly looking forward to reading A Caribbean Heiress in Paris ever since I heard about it.

Herrera transports readers to Paris in 1889, where Luz Alana is working to expand her family rum business at the Exposition Universelle. It's there that she meets Evan Sinclair, the Earl of Darnick and a whiskey distiller. They soon realize that a marriage of convenience could help with the hurdles they're both facing regarding their companies, if only they can keep their pesky feelings from getting in the way.

This was such a fantastic read and has me eager to dive into the next books in the series once they're released! Evan is utterly gone for Luz from the start, ready to tear apart a world that refuses to see her brilliance. Meanwhile, I loved the way Herrera explored Luz's duality—she's bold, intelligent, and confident, but also protects a vulnerable heart and fears about making her dreams come true. I was rooting for her every step of the way.

I particularly loved the history that Herrera wove in. I'd like approximately 12 million romances on the widow-operated drinking houses in Scotland please!

Threaded throughout is subtle commentary on the immigrant experience, the abuse of privilege and power, and the importance of using privilege to help pave the way for a better future. Highly recommend for fans of historical romance!

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I love Adriana Herrera and this was another amazing novel. I loved the setting (Paris in the 19th century) and the two characters as owners of distilleries was a great touch. They had wonderful chemistry. Read if you are a fan of historicals and complicated characters with depth. And some hot scenes as well!

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In this Victorian-era romance, we follow Luz Alana from Santo Domingo to Paris to Edinburgh as she works to expand her family's rum business abroad. A run-in with smug Scot whiskey distiller Evan Sinclair at the Exposition Universelle kicks off a romantic adventure she wasn't seeking. The couple's goals align to culminate in a very tidy marriage of (temporary, or so they say) convenience to benefit each's business pursuits. Their instant attraction has love close on its heels, but Evan has more than one secret that could come between them, and both are wary of admitting their feelings for their own reasons.

The book features a truly diverse cast with our Afro-Latina rum distiller at the lead. Side characters with many different Latinx identities exemplify a variety of nationalities, histories, and intersections. All kinds of BIPOC and queer characters populate the story, which is a huge relief compared to the white-washed stories dominating the historical romance market. The story is also explicitly anti-capitalist/anti-colonialist/all the good antis. In other words, the messaging is on point. Conversations about privilege are direct and impactful, with Evan in particular listening to what Luz has to say and modifying his behavior when necessary. It's also a relief that Evan isn't so completely clueless as to need Luz's direction for every situation. In some ways, he already has had life experiences to teach him how to act right, a heady quality in a romance hero even if that's a sign that the bar is far too low.

Despite these most excellent features, other elements weren't to my taste. It started early with an abrupt no-love pact among Luz and her friends that didn't make sense and then had no bearing on the plot, anyway. The beginning also includes a heavy backstory infodump about both leads rather than sprinkling it in throughout the plot or, better yet, showing us rather than listing it off. Next, Evan is referred to on multiple occasions as "possessive" and "virile," two descriptors that are personal pet peeves. And last, instalove is one of my least favorite tropes, so that was a bummer.

Ultimately, there was a lot in the execution that wasn't my favorite, but I think this book exemplifies the direction the genre desperately needs to go. We need more diversity, more upfront conversations about social privilege, and characters who defy typical, limiting genre roles. Thanks to Harlequin for my copy to read and review!

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Travel back in time to 1889, when the World’s Fair was held in Paris with the newly built Eiffel Tower. Luz has arrived from the Dominican Republic to expand the family’s rum business into the European market but men keep refusing to work with her. Evan, a Scottish earl, with a whiskey distillery proposes a marriage of convenience due to a quirk in the will for his inheritance. Well-developed characters with full backstories along with plentiful details on Paris make this a standout steamy, multicultural romance. Readers will be eager for the next book in the series.

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In a time where wome are expected to stay home and be domesticated, we meet Luz a strong women who travels to Paris to sell her rum. She is tough yet soft, and will not let anyone get in her way. Especially James Evanston Sinclair. Who she meets under circumstances beyond her control. THey each need something and there is only one way for them both to get what is theirs.

This was a fun story with much banter and tension. I couldnt put it down.

** I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review**

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A spectacular romance novel that was everything my historical romance heart need it! I fell in love with Luz Alana upon meeting her, as well as with Evan. The writing was sensational and I really enjoyed how well thought and researched this book is. I also loved seeing Latina women of color in a historical setting taking control of their lives and their futures, and not being afraid to be unapologetically themselves. Getting this rep was so important for me, and I’ll forever hold this book close to my heart. I cannot wait to read the next installments in the Las Leonas series!

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LOVED this subversive, historically accurate, amazing new romance from Herrera. I've read and enjoyed her contemporaries, but I am dying for more of her historicals. She writes detail and character so well. Lush descriptions and deep friend/family connections. Hot and steamy scenes. I adored it.

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Adriana Herrera’s first historical, and her larger-than-life characterization translates beautifully from the world of her contemporary romances. Fans of Sarah MacLean’s “Bombshell” are sure to love the dazzle and drama of this series opener. And it’s grand to have a glimpse of belle epoque Paris in a romance; more of this, please!

The Dominican heiress Luz Alana Heith-Benzan is a rum distiller; Evan Sinclair makes whiskey and is the rebellious son of the Duke of Annan, a truly heinous human. Both our leads are in Paris for the Exposition Universelle, hoping to win acclaim for their products and expand their markets. Both are also dealing with complicated legal legacies that thwart their visions for the future. As is so often the way in romance, the solution is a marriage of convenience that both parties soon yearn to make a marriage in truth.

This book wants its capitalist characters to succeed on their merits. The glittering wealth fantasy of historical romance — ballrooms and gowns and beautiful homes — is also here an entrepreneur’s fantasy. Luz Alana attends soirees for business reasons as much as social ones, and Evan’s title is a lever that opens financial doors with those who might snub a brown-skinned Caribbean businesswoman. If wealth and power are measures of value, then women of color deserve wealth and power, and woe to anyone who stands in Luz Alana’s way.

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Sometimes when I start a review I just want to write: THIS BOOKS IS SO GOOD GO READ IT! DAMNIT!

Seriously what more do you want from me? It's going to delight you just as much as it delighted me, but then I remember all the people out there who keep telling me that Amelia Hutchins and From Blood and Ash are THE BEST and I remember that blanket book recs don't work for everyone.

If you need a little more than me saying "this book is amazing, read it!" Here's why you should:

Best friends taking on Paris
Latinas looking for love
LGBT+ Rep in Historical Romance
Sexy Scot
🔥🔥🔥🔥 sex

I loved Herrera's Toy Makers novellas (seriously so hot, also normalizing use of toys!!!), so I skulked on @Netgalley until I got an ARC. I'm so glad I did! The feminist forward historical romance might be my FAVORITE new romance genre behind MonsterLover. Plus I 100% appreciated Herrera creating a TON of bi-racial characters because guess what THEY EXISTED! Even if they were usually written out of the historical narrative. The writing is excellent, Paris and the Eiffel Tower make several appearances, Luz & Evan have GREAT chemistry, and really there was just so much to love about this book!

I also dropped into Adriana Herrera's Insta and she said Manuela, the look-slaying, hella wealthy, lesbian is up next! LOVE ME SOME WLW ROMANCE! Which has me amped for more!

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This was my first time reading Adriana Herrera, but it won’t be my last! Evan, a titled Scottish whiskey distiller and Luz, a Caribbean rum heiress enter into a marriage of convenience to further each other's business ventures and ultimately end up falling for each other. This was a really fun historical romance with a great cast of characters from diverse backgrounds and a unique setting. I look forward to more Las Leonas!

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A great story! Sexy fun and fast paced, i couldn’t put it down. The characters are fun to read about and well written, loved the dialogue and banter. A must read!

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Paris and Scotland and Santo Domingo are mixed with inheritance issues, rum shipments, and conflict.
Luz Alana, Latinz and James Evanston, Scot, come to an agreement regarding marrying in order that each may get control of their individual inheritances. Very descriptive passages about their relationships is given by the author, Adriana Herrera.

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I love everything and anything by Adriana Herrera. And she DELIVERS in this historical romance full of Latinx representation. There is pining, angst, marriage of convenience, a funny meet-cute, and all the spice!

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I loved this book! It had everything I love about historical romances but with a breathe of fresh air with the inclusion of Caribbean cultures. Luz was such a strong woman but we got to see her soft and vulnerable side when it came to her career. Just all around great intro from Herrera into historical romance and I cant wait to read the rest of the series.

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