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This was my first Whitney Hill book.  I think that is important to mention because I've heard great things about her Elemental series and this series begins with a character and a world already set up in the first series.  All that being said, I found Lya to be a stilted and one dimensional character with the story being focused on her "halfling"  (elf/human) status and her lust for the hero Cade.  The story fell rather flat to me and I don't think I will continue with this series.  

I do plan to read the Elemental series since I've heard rave reviews and think Whitney Hill deserves another shot.
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DNF 14%

This is 100% a case of a book not being for me and not a bad book. I love PNR and urban fantasy, but insta-attraction and really aggressive MMCs pushes away my enjoyment. The first meeting between Lya and Cade pushes those buttons and makes me uncomfortable. As intriguing as the premise is, this book is a pass for me. I hope it finds its audience!
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Oooooh I liked this one a lot!  Having not been exposed to this author or world before, it was a wonderful surprise!

Lya is a halfbreed who has been exiled into the US.  Forced to work for a fae boss that hates her, she's been going about her business as a bounty hunter without incident trying to build up her own career.  Cade is a vagabond vampire who happens to be in the right place at the right time for sparks to fly.  He and Lya meet and the rest is history.  There's some truly wonderful smutty goodness thrown in with some heartfelt surprises along the way.  

The story, which is almost unnecessary when there's a nice romance, centers around conflicting priorities and people who are assumed dead resurfacing.  This couple really surprised me in some great ways.  I am eager for more both from this author and this world.  What a great find!
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Lya is a half elf bounty hunter in exile. Cade is a vagabond vampire with no real home. When these two cross paths things get steamy and interesting. The past creeps up on them both and they need to work together to survive.

I enjoyed this urban fantasy romance. The characters are well done, world building good and the story is engaging. Lya has just the right amount of insecurity and sass,  Cade balances strength and compassion. I would definitely recommend this to any reader if this genre and look forward to another in this series. 4 stars.

Review based on a digital Advanced Reader’s Copy provided by Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and NetGalley. Thank you!
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Lya is a half elf who has been banished for silly reasons.  Cade is a vampire on his own in a town with a nest.  When they meet, both are pulled to the other and begin a romance.  Lya is a bounty hunter who has been promised a big payday for her latest hunt.  Cade quickly becomes entangled in the hunt.
If you follow my reviews, you know I love paranormal.  Vampires are a favorite of mine.  I'm not too fond of elves but this book had me intrigued.  What had me even more interested is that it is set in my home state of North Carolina.  
I did have to search more words than I normally do but they were paranormal words specific to the elves and vampire.  That just amounted to me knowing more vocabulary within the paranormal world.
The story was interesting and the plot twist was jaw dropping.  With this being book one in the series, I am excitedly looking forward to book 2.  As I was searching up this book, I saw that Whitney Hill has another paranormal series that I will need to check out.
Many thanks to Net Galley and to Benu Media for providing me with an ARC of this book.
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My title: What’s a Fae to do?
Readability: Normal
Type: Book

~ Skin colour descriptions on point!
~ Urban fantasy world with fae, vampires, weres and mixed beings
~ Slightly different world which lends to plausibility
~ Steamy scenes with sexy vamp
~ HFN romance

Lya is half fae, half human and a delicious tease to a vagabond vamp - Cade - with no allegiances and too much money. Her life is uncertain because her French fae family kicked her out and her North Carolina cousins are assholes. Everyone seems to be waiting for  her to forget her second-level status (being half-human) one more time to set a bounty on her head, but she has plans. 

With a powerful vampire with few loyalties on her side and her efficiency at hunting bounties, she may have a chance at another life, if she plays her cards right. But old things are coming to Raleigh and they need to be killed. Who can Lya depend on when the little security she has crumbles?

✨Give it a read.

~ I was waiting for things to become more intricate
~ I expected more fighting 😔
~ 🌝 ahhh, maybe want, love and desire yourself?
~ 🙄 Bounty killer making stupid af delay decisions, they work out though

♡🌱 But that’s just me ;)
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A big thank you to NetGalley and Benu Media for the ARC.  I am voluntarily reviewing this book.  This is the first book in a new series.  I have not read this author before.  I liked all the characters, although I felt there was a backstory that I was missing somehow.  Lya is exiled from her home, a bounty hunter and I liked her feistiness. She meets Cade and insta-love.  Fun read full of surprises.   3 stars  I would read another by this author.
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Oh, this was good! This was my first time reading Whitney Hill and I must say I am fan! I normally don't read paranormal romance but I decided to step out of my box for this one. The chemistry between Lya the half elf bounty hunter and Cade the vampire vagabond was spicy! Lya makes me want to be a bounty hunter in real life hunting down sexy vampires. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. 
Thank you to Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for my review.
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I have never read this author before, and I know this book is a spinoff series, but I decided to take a chance on it anyway. Boy, was I glad I did! I was immediately drawn into Lya’s world, and I absolutely loved her. The immediate chemistry with Cade, and them not hiding it from each other was great. Add to that the great writing, the interesting plot, the action, and everything else, this author has a new fan. Even having not read the previous series, I was in no way lost. In fact, I’m debating on how I will read the previous series: before or after finishing this one since this one takes place “first.” Love this book, and I can’t wait to read the next. Highly recommend. I was provided a complimentary copy which I voluntarily reviewed.
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If sexy, paranormal thriller is what you are looking for, then this book is a fantastic one to add to your list. However, more than just the sexiness of this, the characters make this story, 
There are some really interesting themes throughout the story on being different and trying to fit in even when you know that nothing will ever change and you'll never fit in. The main lead of the story definitely has some abandonment issues and family-related trauma that can be seen throughout most aspects of her story. The secondary lead also has a lot of similar feelings and trauma as well which makes it more understandable that these two latch onto each other so fast and early in the story. 
There is definitely a suspension of disbelief around the romance and domesticated love of the two characters, but really not any suspension than other romance/sexy books. It's a little bit of a wish fulfillment in that you as the reader want to have in all just like the main character - the domestic type love and the sexy side of it as well. 
This is a racier book and there are a few different sex scenes, but they certainly don't detract from the overall story and in some instances allow the reader a better glimpse into each character, 
A fun, sexy paranormal romance that ends in a very interesting place and I'm looking forward to see any continuation.
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In a rare moment of downtime, bounty hunter Lya visits a club where she meets vagabond vampire Cade and sparks fly.  What was supposed to be a brief encounter turns into something more before Lya receives a contract she can't refuse - one for Cade.  As the two of them work together to figure out who wants Cade dead, they realize that the obstacles the world is throwing at them mean little in the face of a growing respect and understanding between them.  Can they get Cade out of this mess without blowing up Lya's world too?

Although the first chapter was a little rough, once the plot began to flow it was very hard to put this book down.  Both Lya and Cade have been hurt by the world in very different ways.  It was great to see how their broken edges fit together. I look forward to seeing what happens next.  Please note that there is some explicit sexual content in this book.
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Having read Elemental Shadows of the Otherside but not the rest of the books in the series I was a little familiar with the world going in. But it's really not necessary in order to read Secrets and Truths the characters that cross over here are utilized in a way that you don't need too much background on them. 

This story focuses on Lya who is a half elf bounty hunter living in North Carolina. She meets Cade who is a hundreds of years old vagabond vampire. There's instant chemistry right away between these two misfits and they take you on a fun fast-paced journey.
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This is very much what it says on the tin - a fast-paced, tense, sexy urban fantasy romance. I really liked the back and forth of the relationship between Cade and Lya, and the different ways in which their strengths and vulnerabilities played out. If I have a quibble, it's that I occasionally became lost by the politics within the story. But overall, I found this a highly enjoyable read.
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I like books with female protagonists that do not back down or give up and Lya is one. I enjoyed watching her rise up against the odds that were definitely not in her favor. Good story -- Lya is living in exile and trying to find her way in her new life under a new rule book. Good male lead -- has baggage too. A interesting story that leads to a happy ending making this a good read.
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Whitney Hill is a champion for the down trodden. A theme I have noticed in every book. Her characters are harmed or abused and become more. Breaking the chains that cripple their spirits and reaching for a new and better existence. I love it. It is uplifting. It's power for anyone who has known pain and suffering. 

This is urban Fantasy, sexy romance and lively characters full of intrigue.
It's awesome that it takes place in the same North Carolina town as the Shadows of Otherside series. There's secrets in that place yet to be told. A town filled with shifters, Vampires, Elves and creatures unknown. 

Whitney Hill is a great author. Her characters are a powerhouse of diversity.     
Her stories are always exciting and hard to put down.
I would like to thank NetGalley and SFWA for this ARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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3.5-4 Stars... I enjoyed this start to the series and look forward to the next one.  I really enjoyed the interaction between Lya and Cade.  These two are explosive together.   And Cade is both tough and vulnerable and I'm here for more heroes like this.  And Lya, she has it rough in this world.  So many micro-aggressions against her.  I really want to know what is next for these two.
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A fast read with a little too much steamy romance and not enough plot. MC highly relateable.   For those that enjoy a lot of romance, this is for you.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the free copy. This is my honest review.
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Vampire and eleven romance.  Bounty hunters and werewolves.  Steamy romance.
Check.  Check. Check!
In addition to fun characters, the world building was well done, and the story moves along very quickly.
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Us a nice quick read. A very good young adult fantasy book whom is advanced. The language is very easy to understand. Lya and Cade relationships is very hot and intesense. I enjoyed how two sided the relationship was with power and consent.
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Vampire and elven romance novel set in a world where 'others' exist. This dealt with race, consent and trust within a fantasy setting. The main characters are flawed and adorable, you care about what's happening to them. The bit characters aren't delved into too much as it's not centred around them. Nice, easy read with a perfect balance of drama and smut to keep the pace going.
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