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Loved the photography.  Not sure if I will make any of the recipes, and it is hard ot think of edible flowers as anything more than pretty garnish, but the images were amazing.
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Very unique and lovely to read, and the photos are so pretty! If you own a big flower garden then this is a great book to own - there are so many edible flowers and the recipes are of all sorts, from savory to sweet. Also are some great ideas and recipes for weddings and bridal parties, I would love to serve some of these ideas and see my guests enjoy them!
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There is not a lot new when it comes to flower arrangements. There are also a lot of restrictions due to growing seasons and locations. This book was basically a shopping list of what to buy in which season. It did have some tips on things to do to make your flowers last longer and histories of flower arrangements. Overall this book was okay
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We have all seen the plates in restaurants where they garnish the plate with flowers.  Well this book takes that to the next level.  This book puts the flowers in the recipes.  Remember that if you plan on cooking or baking with flowers that you either grow your own organic flowers or buy them from a farm that is organic.  You do not want flowers that have been sprayed with pesticides or some fertilizers.  Know where you buy from. 
Recipes from this book would make a lovely Mother's Day brunch or a bridesmaid lunch. Or even a shower.  
These recipes are not just lovely but they taste good as well.
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If you buy this book for no other reason than the first chapter (Floral Pantry) you will be happy. This book has the most gorgeous pictures I just wish there were more of them because the author describes the recipes so wonderfully I wanted to see what they were talking about.
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This book introduced me to a world I never got to experience with until now! Floral Provisions is a beautifully crafted guidebook to implementing edible flowers into in art experience. I loved the practical spices like the chamomile salt and lavender sugar. Just an easy ways to add a lil something special to your dishes. Very well thought out book and great photography.
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Floral provisions by Cassie Winslow is a wonderful example of cooking with flowers and a great book for spring. There’s nothing as magical as eating flowers and this book is a great guid on how to do it. I recommend this book to anyone who bakes and gardens because it will be easy to use.
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Floral Provisions by Cassie Winslow is an amazing, delectable cookbook that focuses on one ingredient: edible flowers. The recipes include various types of dishes involving flowers.  According to this description, the book features "lush photography; recipes for floral pantry staples, like Jasmine Sugar and Lavender Syrup; and tips for finding edible blooms."

Overall, Floral Provisions is a bright and vibrant cookbook that will appeal to home cooks everywhere. One highlight of this book is the amazing full-color photos. I was drooling over the photos as I read this book.  Another highlight are the step-by-step directions to create the meals.  The book was very inspiring to me, and after reading it, I can't wait to try some of these recipes on my own.  If you're intrigued by the description, or if you're a fan of cookbooks in general, I highly recommend that you check out this book when it comes out in March!
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I am always on the lookout for a book about edible flowers. I teach how to grow food and edible flowers is a keen interest of mine so this book spoke to me and also that the author is from Santa Cruz and since I was born and raised on the Monterey Peninsula any authors from that area peak my interest.

What I like about the book is that there was a large scope of flowers and the photography is beautiful but the book lacked that spark that set it apart from the others.  It didn't capture for me enough breadth, depth, and scope where I would use it in my teachings or personal use.

There are only four chapters and they are the pantry, brunch, afternoon tea, and desserts when edible flowers can be incorporated into every meal.  Edible Flowers arent' just pretty they do add more value than looks. I also took issue with the tips section for growing edible flowers. Such as "ask your local garden center for a bag of high-quality potting soil" or"find pots that you think are pretty and fill them with potting soil" and "use a water can to water your plants in the sink so the excess water can drain out" but no mention of what quality of seeds, the importance of looking for organic seeds for edible flowers and open-pollinated would be helpful. Or one of the many more important aspects of growing edible flowers. After I read this section the book became a fluff book for me since I teach about growing food and especially in regard to pesticide use on food which she never covers how important it is in what to avoid while growing edible flowers.

The book would have benefited from photos for each recipe since there are only forty-five recipes in the book. Also the time allotment, the amount each recipe makes and serving size.. I would also suggest including, as an example the Lavender Syrup recipe, which just states 1/2 cup of lavender "petals". Does this mean the calyx or corolla because that is important to know, especially since the cycle of flowering on lavender is rapid.. Also, talk about the importance of pesticide-free plants.
The book lacks the depth of information needed, innovation and just skims over how much edible flowers can be used and what does make a flower edible. Again it is a beautiful little cookbook. It just needs more depth of information.
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Book: Floral Provisions: 45+ Sweet and Savory Recipes
Author: Cassie Winslow
Pub Info: 1 March 2022, Chronicle Books
Genres: Arts & Photography, Nature, Crafts & Hobbies, Cooking, Gardening

I received a copy of an electronic version of this book from NetGalley in exchange for honest feedback. Thank you to the publisher, author, and NG. 

The cover on this book is very beautiful. It looks classy and eye catching. So, basically, this book is about edible flowers. I love reading about cooking/baking, but I have never used edible flowers and don’t know much about them. So I was really glad to have received a copy of this in order to learn more about it. 

The edible flowers are used throughout different types of dishes, including desserts, brunches, picnics, snacks, etc. There is a lot of high quality photography, recipes, and arrangement tips. 

The contents of the book include chapters about edible flowers to use in everyday recipes, tips for growing edible flowers at home, floral afternoon tea, floral desserts, and recipes for different occasions. 
I think this book is really unique and provides worthwhile information. There are a lot of cookbooks out nowadays, and this one provides something specific, content wise and skills wise. I think that anyone who is interested in baking/florals will like this book, both for the tips & the photography.
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I found this lovely little cookbook quite charming! There is repetition here, but I don't necessarily find that to be a negative aspect. Rose and lavender show up in multiple dreamy iterations. The photography was absolutely stunning, as I expected it to be with a floral-centric cookbook. I think this will be widely purchased by anyone that the term "cottage-core" makes their heart flutter. I especially loved the floral salts inclusion here. My eyebrows certainly raised at rose salt on french fries, but I would gladly try any of these whimsical dishes. 

I have taken one star off of my review for the lack of acknowledgment that other cultures have historically used flowers in their cuisine - but in the same vein, only discussing what the author enjoys to do in her personal kitchen did make the cookbook feel intentional, specific, and personal.

Thank you to Chronicle Books and Netgalley for the e-arc in exchange for an honest review. :)
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A lovely book with vivid photography, but nothing revolutionary visually or otherwise. It is quite long for what it is, which I count as a positive.
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This book is inspiring me to grow my own edible flower garden! This is such a fresh cookbook idea! The pictures are beautiful.
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The food photography in this book is just beautiful, modern, feminine, and perfectly composed. I also oddly want all the plates/cutlery/glassware. This would be a perfect book to have out on a coffee table and the cover looks like a still life painting! I am definitely the type of person who is looking to throw an edible flower in anything. My favorite drink is a lavender collins and on Summer days I love to freeze edible flowers in my ice to put in my lemonade. This book was helpful in making my own floral centric simple syrups and made me want to check out Cassie Winslow's other book Floral Libations and follow Cassie's work on Instagram. There is also something about this that is so luxurious yet so simple that making anything from this book would be sure to impress a guest and elevate their day/night. This would be a great gift for gourmands, perfume lovers, mixologists, and can also make a great housewarming present for anyone fond of florals and food photography. 

Thank you Chronicle Books and NetGalley for the ARC!
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Pros: The cover of this book is so eye catching that it immediately made me interested in something (edible flowers) that I previously had never thought about.  The gorgeous photography is present throughout this book, and the photos and recipes make me want to host a tea party or throw a bridal shower. Cooking with flowers seemed intimidating to me as I started reading, but I found these recipes to be very accessible. I think the most difficult thing will be sourcing some the ingredients, so I loved the encouragement in the book for readers to grow their own edible flowers.

Cons: None really. I don't know that most people will be cooking with edible flowers, but I think cookbook lovers will want to have this book on their shelves regardless.

Thank you to NetGalley and Chronicle Books for the opportunity to read this book!
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Oh how wonderful and delicious to be able to include edible flowers in such yummy recipes! I love the many ways described in this book to incorporate these lovely flowers into some everyday staples such as salt and butter, as well as more specialty type items too. I feel like these recipes could be so simple, yet feel so decadent. I can't wait to try so many of these! Maybe a tea party is in order?!
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I can’t wait to get a hard copy of this book!  😍 Until then, my gratitude to Chronicle Books, NetGalley, and Cassie Winslow for a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review.  

I’ll never forget being at a little garden and flower shop for a cooking demonstration as the host described all the many ways you could use flowers - FLOWERS?! - in your cooking. I had never considered this before! Okay, I was like 12, but I was still so intrigued by this new revelation! 

This lovely book brings back all those feelings of awe and excitement. Fresh ideas for incorporating floral flavors into foods and drinks. Fun, beautiful, and body sustaining. You really can’t get any better than this. 

The recipes included are simple, yet will impress your family and friends. There are recipes for incorporating flowers into your daily indulgences (Coffee with Garden Party Creamer or Chocolate Chip Cookies with Rose Salt), a special event (Floral Cheese Board or Floral Chèvre + Chamomile-Salted Cucumber Tea Sandwiches), or for creating unique gifts (floral salts, sugars, jams…). The flowers and ingredients used are easily attainable.  I do wish more variety of flowers had been included, however this is a not-overwhelming introduction to this culinary concept.
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Food and flowers, flowers in food, two of my favorite things!  This darling book features fanciful floral-infused recipes coupled with beautifully styled photos.  I will use some of the recipes in this book as the inspiration for my next garden party.
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This was an enchanting idea to turn edible flowers into lovely recipes. I wonder if the smell of the flower carries over. I’ve never actually heard of this being done before but it was a delightful surprise. I’m not sure I could do these recipes justice but loved the gallery of pictures! Thanks so much for a look at this book... four stars. This is my voluntary review!
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I loved this beautiful book of recipes incorporating edible flowers. The photographs of the flowers and the food are sumptuous and gorgeous. The recipes are tantalizing and wholly original. I especially appreciated the recipes incorporating lavender. It has been awhile since I have read a cookbook as original and beautiful as this one and I can’t wait to try some of the recipes.

Thanks to Chronicle Books and NetGalley for this beautifully presented and original book!
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