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This is a spin off of her other novels.  I did order it for the library but maybe one patron borrowed it.  Yeah, not ordering anymore.
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Three parallel stories which eventually tied together in this mystery. I’ve enjoyed this series but this particular one dragged on for me and then the ending left me trying to figure out why it was so rushed. Did enjoy the Miriam and Daniel storyline though.
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This installment in the D. Pitt series is a pretty fast, rather easy read.....& despite the kind of quick, odd way of tying the storyline together at the all turns out rather satisfying! The book has three parallel lines of interest going on at the same time, & it works pretty well.....until the odd explanation of the crime (in my opinion!) at the end. Other than that......I really liked the ending! Will definitely have to look for #6 in the series! I continue to like the historical aspect of the series (early 1900's London), although this book wasn't overly heavy on that, as much as other's in the series were.
I received an e-ARC of the book from Random House Publishing Group-Ballantine Books via NetGalley, after offering to read it & post my own fair/honest review. All opinions are my own.
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Anne Perry's books are always engrossing.  In this story, Daniel Pitt is defending an old professor.  His friend Ian Frobisher recommended Daniel to Dr. Wolford.  Both young men having once been students of Dr. Wolford.  While Daniel works on his defence, Ian is leading an investigation into a serial killer named "The Rainy Day Slasher".  Two of the victims are young women and the third is a distinguished banker.   But when Ian is warned not to probe to deeply into the latest victim's life, by Special Branch no less, his mind starts whirling.  Is the killer insane and the victims truly random or was the banker really a member of a secret government group and killed for that?  Miriam is now a medical examiner.  All three people are trying to do their best to catch a killer.
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Daniel Pitt of the law firm of fford-Croft and Gibson, has been approached to take the case of one of his old teachers from Cambridge, Professor Wolford.  Wolford was accused of plagiarism and promptly  punched out the accuser earning an assault charge.  Daniel feels that he should be able to persuade a jury that it was self-defense since the victim threw the first punch but missed.  Wolford is willing to settle by paying some of the medical bills and apologize provided that the victim also apologizes for the accusation.

At the same time Daniel is spending time with Miriam fford-Croft who has returned from Holland with her Doctorate accreditation and is working in the coroner's office.  Their current case is the Rainy Day Slasher victims. A school mate of Daniel's, Inspector Ian Frobisher, is in charge but the police cannot seem to discover the connection between the three victims and the third victim, a banker, is for some reason, being protected by Special Branch (kind of like the CIA)  

Having these two running stories which somehow have a tie to the past, provide the reader with hidden clues.

I enjoyed the mystery, however, I thought at points it got repetitive and could have used some tighter editing.
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Anne Perry has long been a favorite of mine. You can just tell by viewing all of the books and series I have reviewed on this blog to get an idea of how much I really enjoy her books. This book is the fifth installment in Perry’s Daniel Pitt series. In this book, Daniel has been engaged to defend his former professor in a case where he has committed assault against another writer for the allegation of plagiarism. Wolford is a loose cannon and Daniel struggles to rein him in throughout the case. Simultaneously with this case, the Rainy-Day Slasher has been killing innocent people on the streets of London during rainy weather as the name suggests. All of the victims seem to be unconnected, but why has the killer targeted them and who is behind the crimes?

Miriam fford Croft, a friend of Daniel’s, has now returned home from training to become a pathologist. This murder spree is her first official case and she struggles with her own self-doubts as to whether she is doing her job correctly and whether she can catch the murderer before he harms someone else. In this book, we do not have as much courtroom drama as the previous installments of this book as the author focuses on the murder cases and Miriam’s new career as a pathologist. While I enjoyed reading this book, I felt that it lacked the previous excitement of the previous installments in this series and felt that it was really a book focused on character development for the series overall.

The ending was a little incomprehensible and seemed a little bit of a stretch and rushed. While this wasn’t a favorite read of mine in this series, I found it refreshing to be back with the characters and to see how their stories have evolved since the beginning of this series. I am hoping the next installment will bring back the courtroom drama that really drew me into this series in the first place. Not a terrible read, just not one of the better ones of this series. I am curious to see where the author plans to take these loveable characters next.

Overall Rating: 3.5 stars
Author: Anne Perry

Series: Daniel Pitt Mystery #5

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Publication Date: April 12, 2022

Pages: 296

Genre: Historical Mystery

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Disclaimer: This book was given to me by the publisher, through NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review. I reviewed this book without compensation of any kind. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.
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Three Debts Paid is the fifth book in the Daniel Pitt Series.  There is a dual plot line in this book.  Daniel's time is split between helping an old professor from his Oxford days fight a plagiarism case and discovering who the serial killer is that is now roaming the streets of London.  As always, Miriam is nearby to help Daniel out.  Thank you #NetGalley for allowing me to give my honest opinion on #ThreeDebtsPaid, it was a good addition to the series.
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As the murders continue with no clue as to who is committing them, Miriam, Daniel, and Ian find themselves questioning everything. Is the “Rainy-day Slasher,” as the newspapers have dubbed the killer, really just one person? Or have the investigators stumbled into a more complicated web of deceit? The answer may lie closer than anyone could have expected.

Ms. Perry is branching out a bit from her main characters.  In this one Ian, an acquaintance of Daniel's has a pretty large role since this is a murder investigation and he is a police man while Daniel is a lawyer.  And of course where there is Daniel, there is Miriam.  And we just keep wondering if there is ever going to be more between the two of them.  

What I like most about Ms. Perry's book is the way that she releases the clues. In this case it is the story of the missing finger and how the three people are interconnected. As you keep reading and they begin to reveal the story, you find out that y0u are majorly surprised by the ending.  Just didn't see that coming.  

I am ready for the next Pitt novel.  I would like to thank the author, publisher and Netgalley for my copy of this book.
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I love Anne Perry. Thank you Netgalley and Ballentine Books for an ARC of this book. This is a part of the Daniel Pitt series. Daniel and Miriam afford Croft, who has just returned from studying pathology abroad because women can't study pathology in the UK, Daniel has been given a case of assault due to an accusation of plagarism. Marian and Daniel are concerned about the Slasher victims. Marian finds clues that have been missed by the police. This is a page turning character based novel and again from Anne Perry and Ball engine Books. I love this Daniel Pitt series and anxiously awaiting another next year.
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It is three years since Daniel Pitt has joined the prestigious law firm of fford Croft and Gibson and he is taking on a case of accused plagiarism which led to an assault. The case proves to be interesting but the characters and their manipulation even more so. Throw in a serial murderer and it gets very interesting, very tricky and pay attention to the title.

Many of the characters from the previous Daniel Pitt series are reintroduced and help to move the story forward. Perry never forgets to remind us of the inherent inequalities in the English education system which allowed women to study, but at a distance, while continuing to deprive them of the ability to qualify for professional careers. Ah, the insanity, allow a woman to gain a degree in Holland and then she can practice in England. I really love being reminded of that despite it being a minor point (prickly though it may be). Anyway, it was uplifting to find Miriam fford Croft elevated to a deserving position as Pitt is coming into his own. 

There is a good court case, with logic and legal banter. There is a murder mystery with any number of suspects. There are old friends getting together and assisting each other with solving their cases and new relationships are being formed. Anne Perry has mastered the early 1900 English mystery period genre and this book is a welcome addition her newest series.

Thank you NetGalley and Ballantine Books for a copy.
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This book was so good! I want to see more from this author in the future!! I couldn't put this book down. What a page turner!!!
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Blazingly authentic with a great plot.  
Many thanks to Random House Publishing and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I loved Anne Perry's Thomas & Charlotte Pitt series and was sad when it came to an end. However, the Daniel Pitt series is almost a continuation in that our protagonist is Thomas and Charlotte's son, who is an up-and-coming barrister. Three Debts Paid is the fifth book in the series, but the first one I have read. I thoroughly enjoyed it; who doesn't like a mystery that features a serial killer. However, I spent much of the book getting to know the various characters. There is handsome Daniel; his friend Ian from Cambridge days and now a police detective; love interest Miriam, a pathologist. Perry books are not quick reads but are good character studies with excellent atmosphere. While part of a series, I had no trouble following the storyline.
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I’ve loved reading the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series! Their son Daniel is all grown up and practicing as an attorney in this new series. I’ve wanted to try the Daniel Pitt series for awhile and so when I saw this latest book on NetGalley I just had to pick it up. One of the things I love about Anne Perry’s writing is that you can easily pick up one of her books and read it as a standalone, but for those who follow the series, each book develops the relationships and builds from previous books. I’m excited to go back and read the previous books in the series. 

The mystery in this book was particularly compelling. There’s a serial killer on the loose and each of the victims presents in a similar way, but what if anything ties them together? Daniel’s college friend Ian Frobisher is the police officer investigating the murders. He takes time out from the investigation though to help his former professor who’s been accused of plagiarism. He refers him to Daniel to defend him. 

Daniel’s friend Miriam fford Croft has returned from schooling in Holland and become a qualified pathologist. She’s examined the bodies of this vicious killer dubbed the Rainy Day Slasher and offers helpful insights into the murders. When she’s given extraordinary responsibility, she feels the weight and examines her feelings about her new career while also becoming closer to Daniel. Ian, Daniel, and Mariam work together from their different areas of expertise try to stop the killer from striking again.

The court trial with Professor Wolford was interesting mainly because he had such a quick temper. I kept wondering if he would lash out, especially against Daniel because he is so volitile. The Rainy Day Killer was especially creepy because of how the when the murders took place. I marveled at all the twists the mystery took as different clues were discovered. There were some credible suspects and I had my suspicions, but was definitely on the edge of my seat wondering if I was right. 

Highly recommend this mystery series, especially if you like historical fiction. The characters were interesting, sympathetic, and I loved their complexity. The mystery was full of twists and turns and kept me guessing until the end. I enjoyed the hint of romance and look forward to seeing it develop in subsequent books. Thanks to the publisher for the complimentary advanced copy I received through NetGalley. All opinions are my own and I was not required to provide a positive review.
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Daniel Pitt is defending is defending Professor Wolford, his former professor, in an assault and plagiarism case. At the same time his friend Inspector Ian is trying solve a series of murders involving mutilation of the corpses.  The cases are linked in some undefined way but no one can figure out the linkage.  Experience London before World War I.  Interesting characters and settings.
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I have been a fan of author Anne Perry for quite some time and this latest book was entertaining.. The characters truly come to life in the book within the settings as well as by their actions throughout the story. Daniel Pitt, Ian Frobisher, and Miriam fford Croft are the compelling reasons that I read the book in one sitting. Strong character development and a solid plot made for an entertaining read even if I did identify the murderer before the denouement.
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A violent killer has stabbed two women and a man to death.  Dr. Miriam Ford Croft, just back from securing her pathologist credentials in Holland has returned to London and is working with Dr. Eve, the well regarded and only female pathologist in England -- till now.  Dr. Eve, too, had to go to Holland, the only European country that would accept women into its program.  Daniel Pitt, a talented but not yet deeply experienced lawyer is still in love with Miriam, and visits her at work,  just as Dr. Eve and Miriam are performing the autopsy on the second victim.  Throughout the book, Daniel is handling an assault case for one of his former professors from Cambridge, wooing Miriam in a very understated way and chatting with his friend Inspector Forbisher, who has the "rainy-day slasher" case on his plate.  I enjoy the characters in this series and the basic plot was fine.  I find that Perry does not as successfully create a sense of this period in London as she does with her other novels, a big disappointment to me.  I enjoyed the social, political, cultural and neighborhood material that informed her other two series.  It is missing here and it is a true shame..  Also, some of the dialogue was painfully repetitive. Over and over again, the characters rehash the possibilities about what the three victims have in common and the possibilities as to what kind of suspect and motive there might be, but they said the same thing every time.  Their thinking never evolved.  If these conversations were meant to create red herrings, they did not:  I will say that they felt to me like filler.  It was distracting, but not enough to say it ruined the book!  Perry is an entertaining writer and I would have read this book despite these disappointments and will read all of her books while she is with us to write.
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This is the next volume in the Daniel Pitt mystery series, which finds Daniel defending his former history professor in a case of assault. Another writer accused Nicholas Wolford of plagarism and took a swing at him; Wolford retaliated and broke the man's nose and jaw, and now he's afraid both charges will ruin his reputation. In the meantime, Daniel's good friend Miriam fford-Croft has returned from Europe where she studied to be a pathologist and is working with eccentric Dr. Evelyn Hall at the morgue on a particularly grim set of killings: the murderer strikes on rainy days and then disfigures the bodies. One woman, then another, and then a man are all killed, with the same disfigurement, leading them to the obvious conclusion that the same person is responsible. Daniel's old classmate Ian Frobisher, now a police detective, is on the case, but is severely hampered because the man killed was a banker and involved in secret budget negotiations; they are not allowed to question his family or his bank.

Once again Perry weaves an intricate plot in which all aspects of both cases eventually intertwine. We also get to know Ian Frobisher better as well as follow the progression of the relationship between Daniel and Miriam. Sir Thomas and Charlotte Pitt make cameo appearances as Daniel and Ian try to get to the bottom of things.

My only quibble with this is that a crucial piece of evidence linking the killings is only mentioned in the last few chapters of the book, which seems like cheating to me. The clues should be all set out at least in the first half of the book so readers can try to solve the mystery along with the detectives. Waiting to present this clue until just before the climax of the story seems unfair.
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With the addition of Inspector Ian Frobisher and the return of Miriam fford Croft, this book was a really enjoyable read. After the last book, I was a bit afraid the series was headed downward (for me anyway). However, with this book, it seems it has once again hit solid footing. I am a huge fan of the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series and loved the idea of their lawyer son, Daniel having a series. So far, while I really like Daniel, he is not his father and hasn’t seemed strong enough to have the story rest totally on his shoulders (handsome though they are). Hopefully, Ian Frobisher will become a steady character – and with Miriam as a love interest and helpmate, Daniel will find his own path and soar. I’m really looking forward to it.

Toby Kitteridge, Daniel’s friend and immediate senior at the law offices, is taking a holiday and all of the work is falling to Daniel. So, when Inspector Ian Frobisher, an old friend from Cambridge, shows up at the office, Daniel is more than happy to see him. Ian has come to request Daniel take Cambridge professor Nicholas Wolford on as a client. Wolford is a crotchety, temperamental, ill-tempered, mercurial, brilliant professor of Modern History who is being sued for plagiarism and assault. Once Daniel speaks with the professor, he knows the plagiarism case will be very easy to win, but the assault – well, that might be a bit harder since the professor readily admits that he did hit his accuser breaking his nose, jaw, and several teeth.

Ian Frobisher has a serial killer on his hands – and that killer is growing more and more violent with each attack. The killer only attacks on nights when there is a heavy rainstorm – and he mutilates the body by removing a portion of an index finger. There are already two bodies – two lovely, successful young women who were only trying to get home during a rainstorm. Pressure is mounting and Frobisher and his sergeant, Bremner, cannot find anything that ties the women together. When a third body is added to the count, everyone in the city is very afraid and wonders when/where the next victim will turn up. Then, when high government officials tell Ian he cannot investigate the life of the third victim – well – that certainly puts a spanner in the works!

Miriam fford Croft has finally returned from Holland which was the ONLY place in all of Europe where she could become Dr. Miriam fford Croft and be granted the professional status to practice. Now, she is working with the eccentric Dr. Evelyn Hall as a forensic scientist and is ecstatically happy about that. Her very first case is the victims of the serial killer currently terrorizing London. Can she and Dr. Hall unearth enough clues from the wounds and the bodies to help Inspector Frobisher find the murderer?

While each of them is working on their own cases, they are also very aware of what is going on with each other. So, if one comes across information, or can help, they stand ready to do so. How will they ever discover whether any of the victims are related in some way? Could the victims be totally random?

This was a thoroughly enjoyable read and the perpetrator may surprise you. I thoroughly enjoyed the addition of Ian Frobisher to the book and hope we see more of him in future books. Another thing I thoroughly enjoyed was seeing Daniel come to realize that he had feelings for Miriam – and to see the hint that Miriam was becoming aware that she returned those feelings. I don’t really have an issue with the large age difference – she’s 40 and Daniel is 25 – but I’m afraid it may cause them some issues in their relationship as they go on. Not because of their own feelings, but because of the prejudices of others. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how that all plays out.

I hope you will read and enjoy this book as much as I did.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Another in the Daniel Pitt series. Each mystery is a standalone but the relationships between the characters develops so personally I think it's best to read them in order. There's a lot going on in this one--Daniel is handling a legal case solo for a former professor, Miriam has finished her training in Holland and is now working in the coroner's office and Inspector Ian Frobisher, a friend of Daniel's from university, is working the case of a serial killer. 

Besides the main plot of the murders, there are a couple of subplots which I found interesting, especially Daniel's court case. I wondered how his hot-headed former professor would do in court--would he be able to control his anger towards the man who threatened his reputation by accusing him of plagiarism? Then there's Miriam who's under stress because of the multiple murders and trying to prove that she deserves to be in the coroner's office. 

The main case of the serial killings had Inspector Frobisher and those helping him going over every clue with precision several times trying to find a connection between the three victims. Were the two women and one gentleman connected? If so, how? Everytime the Inspector thought he'd figured it out something would prove him wrong. So many twists and I certainly did not see the end coming. 

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine, via NetGalley. All thoughts expressed in this review are my own.
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