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The Morning Star Entanglement

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The Morning Star Entanglement is beautifully written debut novel.

In the beginning, I was intrigued to find out why Feyisavo and Tutu's mother was being so secretive in keeping the girls from knowing about their father.  The characters are likeable, and the story is easy to follow.  However, for me  it was a slow read that I couldn't quite fully enjoy.

Thanks to Netgalley and Ebonie Wayne for making this read possible.
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Thanks to NetGalley and Ebonie Wayne for providing a free copy for an honest view.

I struggled with this book, a lot. Most of the story is told in passive voice with a lot of different point of views on the same page. I had issues with a lot of the family background and how it was effecting the love story.

It also needed more edits and research for some of the settings. (One instance, German authorities consider pepper spray to be a serious weapon and you can't just access like back in the States.) And that's important since a portion of the book takes place in Germany, and the beginning of Fey and Iben's love story. We don't get to see the romance build up, it's just explained. Like a book summary.

I don't like giving independent authors negative reviews. Unfortunately, I had an extremely difficult time believing the story arcs based on the writing style. I considered DNFing the book, but I was curious to see the outcome. Many plot points were easily guessed. And I felt like the antagonist did way too much and never really got the comeuppance deserved. Imagine a six or seven year soap opera run put into 300 pages.

However, I did like some elements. I enjoyed Fey and her sister Tutu's relationship. And Fey and Demi were great. I think active voice in those moments would have created more tension, especially for the explosive secrets that you find out. I did like the time jumps between past and present. I think it worked in establishing what the reader needed to know.

Overall, I'm giving this 2 stars based on the potential and barebones of the story.
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