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DNF at about 15%.
I thought this was meant for an older audience (maybe I just judged the book by its cover which is my bad) but it definitely is more middle grade than YA. That being said, I think the author also underestimates the intelligence of the intended audience because the writing is very bland and elementary. I'm not sure I enjoyed any of this book and really had to push myself through the amount that I did read. I realistically should probably give this a 1 star but it feels too harsh since this is meant for children (even the preface says it was meant with the author's children in mind). Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for providing me with an e-arc in exchange for an honest review.
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This book was very short, so definitely something easy to read when you’re not in the mood for a 800 page book that’s for sure. Because of the shortness in the book, the story had good points but lacking a terrible amount of detail.
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Author, this volume is too short! Do something about the next upcoming volume!

This book happened at the perfect timing for me. I needed a short (the irony!), light, fun and adventurous, easy to grasp fantasy read. And yes, this book happened. 

I find the characters quite fun. The trio have so much to say you know!

Definitely out for a mission, they are on a journey for the Dark Beast. 

The writing and the language are so easy to get into and follow till the end. You will definitely finish up reading this volume in one sitting. The chapters are really short and there's something new in each chapter. So that makes the reading experience a good one.

You will love the characters. Who knows you might even like the Dark Beast like I do. Darn. 

The story wrapped up well. 

If you are a beginner, you can definitely go for this. 

Thank you, author, for the advance reading copy.
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What worked:
The concept of the Dark Beast is intriguing, as a boy is overcome by embarrassment and anger to become a dangerously magical fiend. The transformation of his personality is rather abrupt and hard to believe, but the beast he becomes is ruthless. The beast is a contradiction of thoughts, as he wants to be accepted by others but punishes them for the slightest hint of criticism. His internal conflicts and growing magical power make the Dark Beast the most interesting character in the book.
The trio of heroes is a team that’s dedicated to its loyalty to the king. They persevere in their quest to locate the Dark Beast, although their roles in the group are less clear. Ravai and Raven are introduced while causing mischief in a memorial hall dedicated to knights of the past. Their playfulness doesn’t continue during the mission, so the purpose of the first chapter is confusing. Romda joins them at the start of Chapter 2 without any further information about her character before she whips out a potion to help defend the trio. How does she know about potions, and what is her relationship to the other two boys?
Minor characters along the way share stories about the Dark Beast, and they help to understand its history. The tales about the beast make it the most well-understood character in the book. It seems all of the characters have heard details from the same tales, since they’re able to pick up the story where others left off. The stories begin when the Dark Beast is a little boy and take readers through his transformation and growth into the vindictive monster currently terrorizing villagers.
What didn’t work as well:
The book doesn’t take the time to develop characters, so it’s difficult to make personal connections with them. All three main characters are flat and lack distinct, memorable personalities. The story is told in the present tense, but the narrator is not one of the characters. It sounds strange to have someone describe what’s happening at that moment when they’re not even present. It might be more effective to have the story told first-person by one of the main characters.
The Final Verdict:
Birth of a vengeful monster. The concept of a monster arising from an offended young boy creates conflict and tension, and his character is intriguing. The story can entertain readers, although it could be more engaging with additional description and detail.
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Maybe I misunderstood when I downloaded the book, but this isnt a book that would be classified YA fantasy.  

Its definitely a fantasy collection of short stories, lumped toether for younger children be continued  at the end of every chapter...cringe.  

The idea would be good but the writing is slapped together and sadly seems written by the same young audience that it was written for...

The story progresses at too quickly of a pace and has no character or world that pace idk how it could even be a book, or how there could be more than 10 pages.  

After reading the preface, the story behind the book is heartfelt, but not so much a book...

Needs a caveat that its absolutely for a younger audience, but unfortunately the story and writing  is still very basic..sorry, i had to put it down after 3 "chapters"
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