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In this book Laura shares her life’s experiences from her POV, her story as she lived it . She shares her grief’s and aspirations and relationships and from all that she reminds us that humility, grace and gratitude brings us the best rewards and how you can be fulfilled from the relationship’s in our life’s . I liked that Laura took risk and learned from them weather she succeeded or failed. Great Message Thank You Laura for sharing your life’s Journey with us.

Thank you Netgalley and Laura Whitfield for letting me read this beautiful story
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I liked this book a lot I'm rounding it up to 4 stars. The first thing that drew me to want to read it was the title. I wanted to know what it meant. Untethered from what or whom? How does this fit into the story? It is a memoir of a woman of faith who has certainly had an interesting life from the failures and pain, to the triumphs and joys. Straight after graduating from high school she starts to pursue her dream job of being a model. But things go as well as she had planned. But what I didn't like is she gave us her life story almost year by year. That dragged a bit. And I know it is a memoir but I think it would hold the readers interest better if Ms Whitfield included more dialogue and other POV. I'm interested in reading more from this author, but I hope she will consider these suggestions.
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What a great book This woman went through a lot of changes and she was trying to find herself after her brother died in a tragic accident in Scotland when she was a girl in high school and how she was trying to figure out life on her own terms and she went through different phases they're different phases like she went to the beach at nag's head and And exceptions did not work out Try to go back to school but that wasn't making her happy then she tried going to New York to be a model and that really didn't kind of work out but she found her own way and it was pretty impressive how she couldn't changed her life around and you'll get to see this through the book and some people just have to have a few hard knocks to really understand how things happen one thing I was very impressed with is how men Kind of used her because she thought this was love but really wasn't because they always were trying to tell her what to do how to put her down but she found a way around that too
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TW: Sibling loss

This one hit the core, I read it in one sitting and I am still thinking about it now.

We all lose our way and it's so lovely to read how others also stumble and find their way back onto their path. After losing her brother in a mountain climbing accident, Laura decides that "Life is short. Dream big, even if it means taking risks" and does many things to try and fill the void left by her brother.

Writing style was A+ and I enjoyed how she told her story. 

Thank you to NetGalley and She Writes Press for this ARC. All opinions are my own.
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If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything…

The mention of modeling immediately grabbed my attention as ‘n have a close friend who recently entered the world of modeling. I feared an ugly narrative about drugs, eating disorders and the willingness to sell your soul for success. Ms Whitfield’s path took her dangerously close to these, but what she encountered is more universal. 

Ms Whitfield takes us on an intimate journey of her life. She honestly shares her grief over her brother’s death and her road to validation and, ultimately, to self-discovery and affirmation of her faith. At no point does she try to shift the blame for her actions. No, she stands tall and owns her mistakes. The details might be different, but her road is one shared by many, especially young women. 

The writing is no-nonsense and flows beautifully. Once I reached the point where she goes off to college, I could not put the book down. I just had to know what happened next. After I finished, it felt like a dear friend visited with me for a bit and shared her life with me…
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What a wonderful joy to be able to read someone’s own reflections on their life without a sense of being sold something or hearing a justification for their mistakes.

The writing is poetic at times; full of colour and references to the time of year events happened. Free from entitlement and a self conscious perspective, it is a memoir to her family and friends.

It took a while for Laura to build bridges and learn her lines but she was always a loyal friend and supportive family person, reflecting the love she herself mostly received.

One of the best “life stories” I have read; no room for mixed messages. A life lived well, but not without cost. 

No celebration or celebrity. Just a honesty that puts me to shame for always putting my best self forward but never revealing the real me. 

I hope Laura’s approach to life and her candour helps others to be more truthful and recognise that God’s promises are faithfully sure. We can be slow to forgive ourselves, stagnant in life seeking the forgiveness of others feeling they would judge us badly.

A stimulating and interesting read. A life full of promise, overlaid by an imperfect past. A sense of repeating failure but within, a spirit of survival, progression and value.
Like a prodigal son who comes to his senses
but is unable to avoid further misfortune. 
Never beyond a Father's love.
Unlike the prodigal has a range of friends and
family who never separated her from the love of God.

This not a sentimental journey through her life but a honest resumé. This is not a life to judge or measure ourselves against but a well written account of what it means to be human. 
A book waiting to be read to shine a light on our own darkest secrets we seldom acknowledge and never disclose.

But Laura, Laura, you put down your pen too soon. A subtle tease leaving the reader to want more.

Whether more pain has to be shared or the frailty of good intentions. Broken promises or shattered dreams we are keen to share your journey more so than ever. Please let us know you’ve started and finished the reflections of motherhood and work life balance - we want more.

It appears you are in a blessed place; this book is an extension of your ministry, self awareness and honesty reflecting God’s love and faithfulness.
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Sweet Southern girl loses her beloved older brother to a tragic climbing accident. Desperate to fill the heart-hole left by Lawrence’s untimely death, Laura winds up looking for love in all the wrong places.  She drops out of college. Twice. Tries numbing the “fermented pain” of bereavement with drugs and booze and playing musical beds. 

Hoping to become a super model, Laura arrives in New York with “a suitcase of fragile dreams.” Twelve months and scores of “trailer trash” flings later, the ”promiscuous, back-slidden Christian” returns home to North Carolina empty-handed and defeated. Then she rushes into marriage. She leaves her husband two years later, but not without having an adulterous affair with the usual consequences.  

Rudderless, she careens from one dumpster fire to the next. At one point the author asks, “What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I get anything right?” Readers may be wondering the same thing in this story that moves with the alacrity of a three-toed sloth. 

After encountering several “God winks” in her journey, Laura eventually re-co0nnects with her faith, finding mercy and forgiveness at long last. It just takes forever to get there.
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A really interesting read that is well written and draws you in. Laura's writing makes you feel like you are talking to a friend and genuinely having a conversation. The writing is honest and raw and I liked how Laura doesn't glamourise the modelling industry. She is transparent about her career, her pain, her family and everything. It's a really insightful read that I'd definitely recommend
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Laura Whitfield shares her life journey as if she were a new close friend.  Her journey both in modeling and in her faith is one where you want to keep turning the page. She writes with full transparency and humility and does not glamorize the modeling business at all.  Her relationships with her parents seems reminiscent of the era she grew up in and resonated with me.    For those who have traveled through the rough patches of life you will find a kindred spirit in Laura.
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I was so captivated by this book by Laura.  I have to admit that I was starting to get annoyed that she made the same mistake over and over again, but then the Lord touched my heart and reminded me that they who are forgiven much love much.  I was reminded, through her book, that the Lord is a Lord of Grace and Mercy.  I love how this book is not like most Christian Biographies or Autobiographies where the person is perfect after they come to know Jesus.  That is not true to how the Christian walk is.  It is said that we will not be delivered from all sin until we meet Jesus when we go home to heaven.  In our earthly life, we have struggles with sin and need to daily repent when we fall short.  By the time I finished this book, I was so thankful for it.  It, like I said before, reminds us of what a loving God we serve.
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From the authors mourning her brothers death an adventurous young man who died in a tragic climbing accident to the sharing of her life.Her modelingcromances divorce then marriage to Drew and twins.I really enjoyed watching her climb out of the grief for her brother and embark on her adventures.#netgalley #untethered.
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I really thought I was in the mood for a memoir but I guess I was not into the story. I don’t think I will give it a shot later, reading about grieving is not for me.
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This was the first memoir I’ve read in a LONG time. It was a very nice book to read though. I’ve never read any of Laura Whitfields books before, so to request this book from netgalley was very strange, but the title drew me in. And I’m glad it did

This is a memoir on Laura Whitfields life. Beginning as a worker at a shop in the Outer Banks, moving to New York for modeling, marriage and divorce, and eventually remarried Drew and having twins. This book was an amazing book. The first chapter had me bawling after the death of her brother Lawrence, I cannot imagine what it’d feel like to lose a sibling like that. It’d be extremely heartbreaking and Laura is very strong for that.
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Unfortunately, this is the kind of review that I hate to write in that I really didn't like this book. Its billed as a memoir and yet it comes across as almost a quick summary of a diary, I'm not even sure how else to explain it. The author really just glosses over her life, not seeming to delve into much of anything. The book essentially begins after her older brothers tragic death and more or less encompasses her desire to "find" herself. This happens in a very wide variety of ways- college, dropping out of college, a move to the Outer Banks, men, moving to NYC, moving home, a variety of jobs, and then a sprinkling of faith. And honestly, the whole faith and church thing threw me too. I didn't realize that faith was (supposed) to be a large part of this book, but again, it's something that just seems to be casually added.
I read this book quickly purely because I wanted to be done with it. Maybe some people will find it interesting but to me this just wasn't a story that needed to be written. I do appreciate Net Galley for the opportunity to read this ARC.
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