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Wow this was such an amazing book. It literally had everything you could ever wish for in a WW2 historical fiction story. It had wonderful close family and friend ties. A wonderful sense of community. A wonderful love Story that was extremely interesting. It had plenty of excitement, heartwarming and gut wrenching moments. This book really took me on a roller coaster ride. The book was that good that I read it all in one day. I just couldn't put it down. I thought the book started slow as we get to know the area and the people. I loved how this book was set in Jersey. I found the characters were believable and I became so emotionally involved in them. Then the pace of the book picks up and there is no looking back. There was plenty of unexpected twists and turns that will shock you. This was definitely a page turner and a edge of your seat read. I really can't recommend this book enough you are just going to love this book if you love historical fiction books set during WW2. I will definitely be looking out for more books by this very talented author. What's more this book was wrote based on true events.

Only the highest of praise goes out to the author and publishers for creating this wonderful story that has to become a best seller and really should be made into a movie or series. I have everything crossed that it does. 

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I love WWII novels and lighthouses, so when I saw this book, the cover caught my eye right away.  I have never read anything about the Channel Islands during WWII, and I honestly didn't even know they were occupied during the war.  I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to lovers of WWII historical fiction.
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This book was a wonderful read from the first page! Even better was the setting of the story, Jersey in the Channel Islands. One of my all time favourite places to visit and did so on each page!

Most people know of the horrendous stories to come from the occupation of Jersey by the Germans in WW2 and the lasting legacy which they left behind. The author has leant on historical facts and writes a really moving and profound story of Love, War and Family.

The author caught the panic and loss in those times in such a way that makes the reader feel as though they know each character personally and makes this book extremely easy to read and follow. The daily struggle to stay alive as the occupation took fierce hold should be reminders to us all of the savagery and futility of war.

I only hope that Gill Thompson may have a further book in mind, possibly following these characters as the world returns to normality. Very hard to give any more detail without revealing her storyline but I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would like to thank NetGalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read and review The Lighthouse Sisters
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The Lighthouse Sisters follows the paths of Alice and her sister Jenny as they navigate a new normal when the Germans take over their beloved Jersey in the Channel Islands for more than two years during World War II, completely altering the lives of its residents.  

Alice, is a nurse and the ultimate caretaker, always looking out for others and lending a helping hand.  She is particularly good with their younger brother who is neurodivergent, in a time when most people didn’t know how to respond to a child who was “different”.   Eventually, she finds herself requisitioned for the German hospital, where she struggles to come to terms with the fact that not all Germans are “the enemy” when she comes across a young German doctor, who does his very best to uphold his oath as a doctor regardless of a patient’s nationality or religion.

Jenny is far more cerebral like her educator father.  With her dream of studying maths at Cambridge on hold because of the war, Jenny finds herself restless and joins her friend Pip with resistance efforts.  Jenny and Pip walk a fine line listening to the BBC reports on their forbidden wireless and relaying messages underneath the noses of not only the Germans, but also their families, who are mostly unaware of the danger they are putting themselves in.  

The war forced the two women to make some very difficult choices, often between two awful options in order to survive.  Though they were growing apart as they got older, the war showed them just how important they were to each other.  This is an excellent addition to the World War II historical fiction genre. 

Thank you to NetGalley, Headline, and of course Gil Thompson for the advanced copy.   The Lighthouse Sisters is out now.  All opinions are my own.
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I really struggled to get into this one and found it hard to keep reading as I wasn't enjoying it unfortunately
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There are quite a few stories about world war 2. This felt like this was a new take on it. It was well written. It was about a family and their time during the war. It was a well written book, with likeable characters.
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World War II is my absolute favorite time period when it comes to historical fiction. I absolutely love books written in a non-linear timeline just like this one.

I haven’t read many books about how the war affected the Channel Islands so this was fairly new for me. Such a well written novel which captures the experiences of two sisters, Alice and Jenny, during the war.

If you like historical fiction and books about WWII, this is definitely a read for you!
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I’ve read several historical fiction novels about WWII, but this one piqued my interest because it’s based in Jersey (the largest channel island between England and France).
The story follows two very different sisters as they and their family/friends struggle to survive in a Nazi occupied territory.
This was an emotional read. The author did a great job with evoking the fear, heartache, pain and struggles of each character. The characters were well written and relatable.
I appreciate the realistic (not sappy) ending as it gives the reader a chance to think about what they would have done under the same circumstances.

A couple post scripts…

There was one scene I felt was disconcerting. I understand the desperation their mom felt with struggling to find food, BUT it was awful of her to kill her son’s beloved pet rabbit, cook it and serve it to them (including the son!). Then to just gloss over his reaction when he found out his pet was gone?! Oy.

About halfway through reading the ARC, there was no separation between character POVs. It was jarring and confusing at times. Hoping the print version will have corrected this.

3.5/5 stars

**ARC courtesy of @NetGalley
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Fantastic book about the ww2 in the island of Jersey. Following the harrowing journey of one daughter who stayed and another who left. Great insight to what we happened and very well written 
Highly recommended read
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My rating for this book is actually 3.5 stars. This was a wonderfully written wartime historical fiction book. There is some sadness, some tragedy, a lot of hope, and a mostly happy ending, as happy as one can be after the tragedies of war, for the family at the center of this book. Unlike other historical fiction books, the sex was kept to a minimum which was refreshing, but it didn't leave out the romance. A good and quick read, maybe for the beach this summer.

So why would I only give it 3.5 stars? I did actually have two issues with this book, neither of which is major or would stop me from recommending it to anyone. The first, which maybe was fixed for publishing?, was that there was no separation between switching to a different character's part of the story. You'd be reading Alice's story and with no prompt to switch gears, the next paragraph would be Jenny's part of the story. A bit of separation would be good so that the switch isn't quite so jarring/confusing. The second issue is the name of the book, the Lighthouse Sisters. I really expected a lighthouse to be a much more prominent part of the story based on the title... like they lived at a lighthouse and their father was a lighthouse keeper or, well, something. Instead, it's more a symbol... a place the girls remember from childhood that they keep referring to. And it's a great sentiment... the beacon of hope, especially in wartime, and all. But as a lover of lighthouses, I was rather disappointed that the lighthouse didn't play a bigger role in the sisters lives.
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An emotional story of Alice and Jenny and the different trajectory their lives took after the occupation of Jersey in WW2.  Great storyline and characters and a compelling read about the occupation, resistance and ordinary lives of people on the island
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Inspired by real events and by the courage of real people, a gripping, heartwrenching story of two sisters in occupied Jersey during WWII - one a nurse, who is transported to Nazi Germany, the other, who volunteers for the island's resistance movement. Omg......... this book was amazing I flew through  the pages with Olympic speed I was hooked from the very first page.  I would defiantly recommend this book if you like a good book to keep you entertained.
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This is the first WW2 book I have read about the life on Jersey under German occupation.   The lighthouse sisters are Alice and Jenny, who had a lovely family home with their parents and younger brother before the Germans arrived..

The story continues to show the bravery which was shown by the islanders during this period and we see how  Jenny and Pip, her childhood friend were involved in a dangerous activity resulting in a heartbreaking end to their friendship.

Alice met the love of her life at the hospital where she worked as a well respected nurse and despite all the heartbreak that they endured, after the war, Alice found happiness. 

Tears poured down my face at one point as I was able to feel the pain that was suffered by them all under occupation. 

A brilliantly researched book written under the restrictions of Covid. Thank you so much for this Arc.
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I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.
It is a book about WWII that takes place in a location I had never heard of, which made it interesting.  The family seems pretty typical at first,  but the war changes that.  This book started out interesting reading and turned into a book that I could not put down.  
This book is about family and friendships that matter so much because times can be so hard.  There were sad parts as you would expect for a book about war.  Sometimes people came together to make survival possible.  Some people accepted the enemy and others had to resist.  The same people could be amazingly kind and then be terribly prejudiced.  We want to hate people when we are at war with their country, but we find out that they are just like us in so many ways.  This fact makes the enemy so hard to hate once we get to know them.  
The characters are well developed and interesting.  The sisters have ups and downs but love each other.   War can really be sad when you realize how hard it is on the individual people.  There is a need to keep moving and follow your dreams in spite of war and all that it brings.  This family endures and lives past the war.  There are issues of recovery after the war is over.  How to live after what has happened is tough too.
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What a great read. The story is exciting and the characters are true to life. The story is full of action and will keep you intrigued. A must read.

Thank you to #NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Loved reading about Alice and Jenny and how their lives were during the war, a heart breaking story following the girls and their efforts in the war ,reading about Alice being shipped out to a war camp in Germany and how she found out she was pregnant to her German lover whilst there and sadly losing her child, loved how they were reunited in the end
Wonderfully written and very descriptive
What a fantastic read!!
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A really well written and evocative book that really brings to life the experiences  of the two sisters in a time of great upheaval.
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This was a lovely book. I’ve read a lot about Jersey and the Channel Islands during the occupation in WW2 and how the islanders suffered. I’ve also been to Jersey and visited the Underground Hospital which had photos and information on the hardships at this time. This story was lovely and at times sad I could picture the island which has some beautiful scenery. This was a well written book and I’m glad I read it. My thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.
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I really enjoy reading Historical Fiction books, especially those which centre around world war 2.   The Lighthouse Sisters is one of these such books and I throughly enjoyed it.   This book is set in Jersey during the war and it’s the first time I’ve read a war book based in Jersey.  Well this was such an interesting read learning about what it was like in Jersey during WW2.  This to me was an emotional read at times and my heart went out to both Jenny and Alice at times.   I highly recommend this book for fans of historical fiction.
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This novel dealt with the channel island of Jersey, and the resistance by the islanders against the German invaders during WW2. It was well written and made me read way past my bedtime. The characters demonstrated the many faceted personalities found during war. There were evil and there were good people among the invading Germany enemy. I am always impressed when I read accounts of how the people within the resistance sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom. This story was believable because it dealt with the relationships between family members when placed under great stress. The two sisters had distinct personalities and their response to war took them in different directions.
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