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I really enjoy reading Historical Fiction books, especially those which centre around world war 2.   The Lighthouse Sisters is one of these such books and I throughly enjoyed it.   This book is set in Jersey during the war and it’s the first time I’ve read a war book based in Jersey.  Well this was such an interesting read learning about what it was like in Jersey during WW2.  This to me was an emotional read at times and my heart went out to both Jenny and Alice at times.   I highly recommend this book for fans of historical fiction.
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This novel dealt with the channel island of Jersey, and the resistance by the islanders against the German invaders during WW2. It was well written and made me read way past my bedtime. The characters demonstrated the many faceted personalities found during war. There were evil and there were good people among the invading Germany enemy. I am always impressed when I read accounts of how the people within the resistance sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom. This story was believable because it dealt with the relationships between family members when placed under great stress. The two sisters had distinct personalities and their response to war took them in different directions.
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Thank you for NetGalley for providing me with this book for review.

What an emotional read, I felt like I was actually living along the characters, I absolutely loved this book. One to settle down with a nice warm drink on a cold winter day.
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This book is based on real events and is around the lives of 2 sisters who are fighting the war but in very different ways..
I really enjoyed this novel and would recommend to historical fiction admirers.
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Alice and Jenny, a nurse and mathematician, grew up together as sisters on the calm shores of Jersey—a British island near Saint Malo. As news of the Germans creeps to them, they know that their lives are about to change as World War II shifts from something they hear about on the radio to reality. Both sisters must face the hardships of occupation in their own way, wondering if they will ever be close again.

I always find myself coming back to World War II fiction it seems. Perhaps it’s because I wonder what I would be like in the same conditions. Either way, I’ve read more than my fair share, and for me, The Lighthouse Sisters definitely strives to be The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah—another historical fiction about how regular citizens, this time in France, deal with Nazi occupation. The problem for me is that Jenny and Alice are utterly forgettable. They’re adrift in the hundreds of characters that I read about each year, and they don’t have much that stands out about them, in this genre or in general. Thompson misses the touch that Hannah had, and even though it’s probably unfair, I couldn’t stop comparing the two.

If you are someone that’s intrigued by Jersey history, this book, despite the dark themes, might make you smile. It’s clear that Thompson did her research and was accurate and respectful to this tiny island’s history. But for a gripping read about sisters in WWII? You could go elsewhere.

Thank you to NetGalley and Headline for an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I have read many historical fiction books and books set during World War 2 but this is the first I've read set on the Channel Island of Jersey. In this novel the Author tells the story of two sisters Alice and Jenny. Alice is a nurse at the local hospital and finds love with a German Doctor before being sent to a war camp in Germany and has horrific experiences, whilst Jenny sacrifices her dream to study at Cambridge to stay with her family during the war. During the course of the war each sister suffers heartbreak and suffering. 
The Author draws on her families experiences in Jersey during the war. She has told their tales empatheticly. A very good novel.
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I enjoyed reading this. The author, Gill Thompson, made the characters come alive through her storytelling and historical accuracy. It was much more than a boy meets girl story. One romance came alive, blossomed and sustained while another remained unacknowledged through circumstances of war. In the end the story came to the present day and both came together in a great climax.

Don’t forget the tissues as you read this book. 
Thank you Gill for allowing me to read this book.
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I loved the dual time setting of the book and loved that the WWII setting was on the Island of Jersey as there's not enough WWII fiction set on this Island in which so much happened during WWII.
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I was gripped by this historical fiction, I couldnt put it down and I didnt when I started reading until I finfished, I needed to know what happened. I loved the dtoryline and the dual timeline/narrative as this definitely added somthing extra to the story. this was heartwrenching at times and so full of hope and resillience at others. I really enjoyed it.
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