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A Disaster in Three Acts

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Saine Sinclair’s ex-best friend has just become her current best friend’s ex-boyfriend. And in a wild turn of events, she’s partnering up with Holden (ex-best friend) for a documentary that she’s going to make. 

One of the things that I enjoyed the most about this book was how connected the main character was to her grandma. That was something that I related to as someone who would live with her grandparents for a period of time before they passed away. I also am a huge sucker for second-chance romance. Or childhood friends to enemies to reluctant friends to lovers. I also love the way that this book incorporates games and film into the storyline.
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I appreciate the plus size representation in this book, as well as the LGBTQ+ representation! Overall, this book was OK, and the friends to enemies to lovers trope while not revolutionary, was fun to read. I feel like the female main character was pretty unbearable overall, especially with her reasons for breaking off her friendship with Holden, however, I think the representation of minorities in this book is pretty good and it’s definitely a high school age appropriate Y/A novel.
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This is my second book by the author but this book just wasn't for me. All the characters are way too immature. This was a romance book so it was kind of weird when the characters seemed like 13 and not the ages they should be. This book also has two lesbian couples in it.
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While I am usually a fan of friends-to-lovers, and I really wanted to like this book, unfortunately it just wasn’t for me.
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I really wanted to like this book but it unfortunately wasn’t for me. I did not like the main character, Saine, which made it difficult to push through the book. I love the friends to lovers concept, but really struggled to get into this book.
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This book was definitely not for me, I’m afraid! The characters felt very immature and I did not enjoy their interactions or dynamic. Saine acted like Holden was the worst person in the world when actually he was a long time family friend and there was no reason to hate on him in that way. I did not enjoy this and did not get past the first few chapters.
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The whole plot of the book was interesting, it focused around the filming of the document to get into film school but while that was the central plot, I don’t think that was the main thing. I feel like Kelsey did a great job in portraying high school relationships, grief, and just how confusing it can be to be a teenager. I love how blind Saine was to most things and how she was just trying to figure out life outside of her filming. Holden was so obviously in love with Saine so I thought it was funny to watch her completely miss it on every level. There were a few plot points did seemed pointless and didn’t really add to the story but it was a good read.
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This was a fun read! I liked the friends-to-enemies-to-friends-to-lovers trajectory and the messiness along the way. Saine had so much growing up to do, and I enjoyed following that journey as well as Holden’s with his family and complicated feelings. I also liked the fat rep without it being a plot point.
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I personally didn't care for this book. There was no glaring reason I just felt it was very dragged on, the main characters was really unlikable to me, and the ending felt incomplete. Overall, not a bad story, but a pretty common one, and just didn't impress me.
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It's hard to know exactly what to say about this book. It blurbs really well, and sounds like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it doesn't like up to expectations. 

I have a really hard time getting into books with characters I don't like, and the MC of this book, Saine, is wholly unlikeable. Just the literal worst. And so it's completely unrealistic that Holden, the love interest, would be secretly pining for her unless he also secretly loves being miserable. 

Sorry, but it's a no from me.
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An interesting YA Rom com filled with more than it's fair share of teen drama. While it was good it was not for me.
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Saine and Holden are officially my new favorite bookish couple!! This book is so cute and absolutely perfect for fans of Elise Bryant and Rachel Lynn Solomon.
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In my completely honest opinion, A Disaster in Three Acts was...well, a disaster. The protagonist is extremely selfish, rude, and obnoxious; the pace is slow; there are subplots and characters introduced that are very much not needed; the emotional tension falls flat because of reasoning that doesn't make a lot of sense... I could go on and on. The only thing I actually sort of liked was the banter between the protagonist and the love interest. I hope others can find enjoyment in this book, but it most definitely was not for me. 

(Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Any quotes are taken from an advanced copy and may be subject to change upon final publication.)
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Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins Children’s Books for the digital ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I will admit that it took me a while to read this book, partly due to life, partly due to reading other books at the same time. I am sure that this did not help my ability to keep track of the characters and the storyline. 

There were quite a few characters…and a lot going on. I sometimes felt as though I needed a scorecard—I couldn’t always remember whom I was supposed to like, or not.  I’m not going to call them a nice bunch of kids, but they were certainly interesting. Saine, our protagonist, is hoping to get into a documentary filmmaking program, but when her planned subject falls through, she’s left scrambling.  Almost before she realizes it, she’s working with her childhood best friend, who is her current best friend’s ex.  And keeping a lot of secrets.

There are some wonderful moments, some heartbreaking moments, and some truly obnoxious moments. But high school is like that, and so are friends and family. This book has loss, love, and more. How parts make you feel may depend on which side of a secret you’re usually on, and how you feel when someone isn’t totally honest with you. Definitely a lot going on. I didn’t love it, but I did care enough about the characters to find out how it ended.
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I understand the enemies to lovers vibe here but you just can't make a main character completely insufferable. They have to both be likable to the reader and this just wasn't it for me.
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I think that this book is so engaging and relatable and I had a really surprisingly strong connection to it almost instantly. Would definitely recommend so much to anyone who likes YA. Especially should be required reading for childhood best friends to strangers to lovers stans like me.  I had a few things that bothered me on a personal level, but nothing objective with the writing. 

I loved the act titles- they were very apt and set a good tone without giving too much away. I also think tha tthi sstructure was really good for what the story calls for
I LOVE the beginning- it immediately gives us who the mc is, while also throwing us right into a moment. I adore the narration so much and the writing style is perfect and it's also hilarious. 
Saine is genuinely one of my new favorite protagonists. 
I like the dynamic between Saine and Corrine. And Corrine as a character is so great. Especially how she is accepting of the miscommunication with Saine and Holden, even though I hate that plot point
Holden has a great introduction and his relationship with Saine makes so much sense. They treat each other in the logical way that one would in the situation.
I like how things are explained, but not in an info-dumpy way, like how Saine starts out with a camera in her hand. 
I adore the relationship between Saine and her mom. 
All of Holden and Saine's interactions are so good, especially since Saine's documentary sort of mirrors their story and whatnot. 
I like how Saine pretends to be sort of cynical, but she's actually a true romantic. 
The banter between Holden and Mara is so, so good and it made me giggle a lot AND HIM REMEMBERING WHERE SAINE LIVES MADE ME SO SO HAPPY. I was literally cackling so hard I cried during the conversation where he asks to take pictures of her. And all the other scenes??? YES 
The car ride scene is so well written and it reminds me why I love this trope so much. 
The fact that Mara is casually queer is AWESOME
The pacing is excellent. And how Holden and Saine immediately fall back into their old friendship??? YES YES YES
I love Kayla and Juniper and how supportive the whole group is
I do wish that there had been more of a flashback to Corrine and Saine meeting or Saine and Holden's dynamic instead of just hearing about it. 
I want Saine to tell Corrine immediately about Holden because I hate the tension there, even if I understand conflict is necessary. I don't kmow, it made me uncomfortable and seemed out of character for Saine not to say it. As a personal pet peeve, I hate this as a plot point in any scenario and it especially didn't make sense here.
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Kelsey Rodkey writes high schoolers with humor and heart -- A Disaster in Three Acts is a window into family, friendship, career and love in your teens. The romance takes a bit to build up, but each of the leads holds their own.
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Saine Sinclair know how to tell a story. How to get the angles right, and to craft the pitch perfect emotional range to bring audiences to tears and their feet. 

What Saine doesn’t know how to navigate are all the changes in her life. Her beloved grandmother is gone, her mom works all the time and is struggling financially, oh, and her ex-childhood best friend and her CURRENT best friend dated and broke up. D-R-A-M-A! 

However, when Saine and Holden are unceremoniously thrown together for a project that could change both their lives, old resentments rear their ugly heads and shoved down feelings of longing and resentment rise as well. The only thing that’s certain is that this will all spell DISASTER. 

Final thoughts: what I loved and loathed in equal measure is how blindly selfish Saine can be. She claims to love and cherish her nearest dearest but constantly belittles their abilities to handle their emotions for themselves. She’s very “what they don’t know what hurt them” and it’s frustrating watching her make the same mistakes repeatedly with the same disastrous results. However, being so flawed carves out remarkable space for this character to GROW AND LEARN, and that she does. THANKFULLY.
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This story was relatable and real. Saine is a frustrating character but she so accurately portrays a teenage girl. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and it’s happy ending
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This was my first book by this author and it definitely won’t be my last. The banter and the snark, along with the flawed characters had me totally into the book. As we go along with Saine and all that her life is dealing with from her relationships with her ex boyfriends and best friends and her desire to achieve her goals at any cost, you will root for this second chance rom-com friends to enemies book.
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