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The Moonstone Girls

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The Moonstone Girls is an amazing novel about gay siblings in 1967. When Tracy kisses her friend Ava during a relay game at a party, her life becomes complicated. She pretends to date her brother's boyfriend, while he pretends to date Ava. This deceit enables some relationship between Tracy and Ava, but only in secret. Tracy wants more and decides to disguise herself as a boy. Though this manguise is a success, Ava is caught and removed from Tracy's life. However, Tracy discovers more confidence and purpose after refusing to abide by gender stereotypes. As her father continues to demean her sweet brother, Spencer, Tracy makes plans to travel to Alaska where she hopes to meet a girl in overalls who plays guitar and carries an axe.

The story is full of drama, heartache, humor, and hope, set against the backdrop of the late '60s—the Vietnam War and the draft, racial prejudice, homophobia, and a revolution in music. Highly recommended!

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