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There's no tree that is good for nothing you just have to be more patient! A beautifully illustrated book about a fig tree that took too long to bear fruits, all the adults were impatient and lost hope for it to be of any good use and called it "Good for nothing" but a group of children cared for it month after month until they eventually got rewarded for their dedication! 

This book truly shows the value of patience and resignation which is not a really popular topic in childrens books. It teaches children to accept the fact that a process will take a little longer than they might have thought but as the saying goes “Good things come to those who wait.” Children should know that patience allows us to persevere and make more productive decisions, often leading to greater success!
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The Good for Nothing Tree was a gorgeously illustrated book with a sweet story. I loved the vibrancy, and I feel the art style would definitely appeal to kids. The story was about a tree some children plant with a gardener, but the adults want to replace it when it doesn't grow. I loved that this book had a lot of different messages in it and talked about how love and hard work can make a difference. Such a sweet story! I would love to use this book in my classroom.
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The Good for Nothing Tree by Amy-Jill Levine; Sandy Eisenberg Sasso 4/5

A beautiful story with a perfect demonstration on the importance of being patient, caring and consistent with an added bonus of a fig ball recipe at the end. 

I enjoyed this story.  As a mom with 3 littles, it can be frustrating at times when we plant or even paint something and they have to wait for it to grow or dry.  Waiting around can be extremely difficult for some and I noticed when reading this my children were very eager for the fig tree to grow and didn't understand why so many seasons passed before it did.  We loved the part of the story where the children go above and beyond to care for the fig tree.  Watering it, watching it, trimming it.  A great lesson in we should take an interest and care for the things we enjoy.  

Thank you NetGalley and the Publisher for the ARC.
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A beautiful story about patience, diligence, and perseverance. A recipe for fig balls is also included at the end!
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Oh my god. I could not possibly love this story more! I love any story about a tree, if I’m being honest, so this one was made for me, but it was such a great story about patience and persistence and understanding that it takes work to make a thing growth and bare fruit!
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Total Rating: 3.66 stars

Representation: 7
Story: 5
Illustration: 10

Gorgeous illustrations and a good message for children to fight for what they believe is right and not let others convince them that their efforts are meaningless. 

** Thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for the ARC in return for an honest review. **
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I enjoyed the story of tending a young tree and waiting for it to fruit, waiting longer, perhaps, than expected. The allegory with young people growing up is clear and quite correct. 

The drawings are simple and sharply coloured, and given the theme of maturing I would have liked the illustrations to be more detailed. Perhaps the earlier ones could be simplistic and the detail could be embroidered with each page as time passes. 

Great to see the kids in the story persevering, caring and displaying teamwork. Otherwise we see nothing of their lives. I don't know why the adult gardener who was first encouraging is then shown as discouraging and the youngsters have to work against advice. I'm pleased to see stories valuing nature. Overall the story is nice, the conversations simplistic and it's suited to kids under six, as stands, when the theme would be relevant to older kids who aren't likely to pick up an early readers' book. 

I read this ARC from Net Galley. This is an unbiased review.
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"The Good for Nothing Tree" Is a really cute book. The illustration style is really nice and reminds me of books that I read as a child. There are many lessons that are being taught in this book. Kids can learn to be patient and that good things are worth the wait. The kids in the story learned that their hard work they put into taking care of the tree paid off in the end. They also learned that just because something takes time or is different doesn't mean that it is good for nothing. My adult brain automatically attached this lesson to people. Just because someone is slow to learn something or prefers to learn something in a different way does not mean they are unintelligent. Everyone grows and learns at different speeds. 

Thank you NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book for free.
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This is a parable based on a passage from the Book of Luke, but while it's explained in an author's note in the end, it's not explicit in the text, so this could be used in both religious and non-religious settings.   The story is a lesson about patience, recognizing potential, and giving things time to grow.   

I understand what the author was going for, but, for me, the story stumbles a bit.  It doesn't seem reasonable to expect a tree to fruit right after planting.  Not only would you expect a gardener to be aware of this, but there is also an abrupt shift in the gardener's character.   At first she is the one urging patience, but then she very abruptly changes her tune and becomes harsh and discouraging to the children.   This might be confusing to young readers.   

That said, the art is lovely, the overall message is sweet, and this could be used as a good conversation-starter with kids, as suggested in the author's notes.   It might be a good fit for a Sunday school classroom.  

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review.
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This is a story about a little fig tree that just didn't flourish. It was abandoned by the gardener and all the other adults, but the tree was adopted by the little children who didn't give up as season after season passed without it bearing fruit. Then, eventually, it grew big enough to not only provide figs but also shade and praise from adults.⁠
The authors present this as a retelling of a New Testament parable - nicely explaining that concept at the end of the book.⁠
This book is particularly timely with Earth Day, whether you'd like to discuss with children how long it takes trees to grow and replace harvested trees or whether you're considering planting a family garden this spring.
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Every flower blooms when they are ready, every tree takes time to grow. Good things take time and nothing should be rushed. Children will grow and develop in their own time and it is okay for each person to do things at their own pace. 

A fig tree is taking too long to bear fruit for an impatient gardener, but a group of caring children know the importance of waiting. They care for the tree month after month, knowing that they will be rewarded for their dedication. Eventually, the tree grows big enough and fig fruits blossom. 

Simple prose and delightful illustrations tackle big social and emotional issues in a way that helps readers understand the concept of walking their own path and doing things in their own time. The pressures to perform, learn quickly and succeed first can be overwhelming sometimes and for young children, it can feel like it is all too much to handle. Sometimes, it takes someone a little longer to bloom and that reminder is an important one. Don’t compare yourself to others, your journey is your own. With the love and care of true friends and family, everyone will succeed. 

This would be a great addition to a classroom library or for a school counselor. Families may also enjoy having this as a book to read aloud and discuss. Definitely one that children should read. The text of the book is at a lower level that beginning readers could read independently with the assistance of an adult. But, reading this as a family or as a class will give an adult an opportunity to direct the conversation around this book since the themes and subject matter are so important.
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Thank you to the Flyaway Books and NetGalley for the advanced electronic review copy of this great book. This wonderful book teaches an important lessons of patience, perseverance, as well as that all great things take time. Beautiful illustrations and great storytelling would make this book a great read aloud.
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A charming book that shows the value in time and nurturing which is not a popular topic that is explored. The artwork and narrative are in a beautiful tango which mades for a beautiful story for kids. I am indifferent about the adults negative talk. It is good for kids to see examples of standing up for themselves but on the other hand it gives adults an example of talking down to kids. If the narrative is there, there will alway be people that favor it. That is just a very personal pet peeve that honestly is necessary.
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This is a beautiful story about giving living beings the time and the patience to grow and become their best. It will make a good conversation starter for kids. Highly recommended!
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Rating: 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!!!!!!!!!
Book: The Good For Nothing Tree
Release Date: RELEASES on March 29, 2022
Author: Amy-Jill Levine; Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
Genre: Children's Fiction | Religion & Spirituality

This book was so cute and teaches readers the lesson that patience is a virtue. Another lesson is good things comes to those who wait. While others wanted to give up on this fig tree that didn’t produce figs year after year, the children of the city wanted to wait and give it love and time. And after a long time passed, the fig tree was fruitful and the children enjoyed the figs. This book is appropriate for all ages up to 5th grade. Teachers can use this book to teach moral/lesson, problem/solution, character change, and author’s POV. 

Thank you to @NetGalley and @FlyawayBooks for an advanced copy of @TheGoodForNothingTree.

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Based on a parable from the Gospel of Luke, this story tells of a tree that won't grow figs quickly enough to please a gardener. The gardener wants to give up on the tree and pull it up, in order to plant a new one. The children beg and plead with the gardener to give the tree more time, saying that it just needs more love. The children care for the tree, giving it more time to grow and develop. Eventually, the tree yields figs, which the children enjoy. But along the way, they learned to enjoy the tree for just being a tree; for being their tree. I enjoyed this book and the message it teaches. Not all trees grow on our time, and not all children develop on the same timeline. We are each individual, and sometimes we just need more time and support. It's a great book with a  great message!
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A minute fig tree is causing concern because it isn't growing and producing fruit like expected.  How long will it take everyone wonders?  

The seasons come and go and still no fruit appears.  Oh my! Is this little tree living up to the name it's been dubbed with... good for nothing?  Are the humans going to give up on it and cast it aside?  Nooooooo way!!! 

The kids take it upon themselves to make it their special project of love.  They till the soil underneath it, water it properly, and treat it with special TLC.  Will the little tree shed its negative nickname and become an abundant fig producer after all? Somethings take  more time to mature ( kids too ) and with adequate care, love and patience something beautiful can emerge that knocks expectations out of the park. 

This book is inspired by a parable from the New Testament.  The illustrations are colourful, detailed and kid-friendly.  They enrich the text and invite young readers into the story.  The authors have included the origin of the parable and a recipe to try at the back of the book.                                         I highly recommend this book.
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The Good for Nothing Tree is a very sweet story. It’s about a group of children who don’t want to give up on a special tree. Even when the Gardener feels like it’s taking too long to produce it’s fruit.  

It’s nice for children to read about others who are being calm, patient, and helpful. The best way to teach is by example, and this story helps with that. 

I also enjoy when children’s books have discussion topics and questions for parents and care givers to use. Not everybody can think of these things, and having this area in this book is wonderful. 

Thank you to #NetGalley and #FlyawayBooks for the advanced copy. Thank you to #AmyJillLevine, #SandyEisenbergSasso, and #AnnieBowler for the beautiful storyand illustrations.
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First of all, I love the illustrations and the presentation of the basic contents.

Well written with a helpful note from the author towards the end, well illustrated and quite informative for the target audience the book is a must have for schools I would say.

Psst: there's a recipe too!

Thank you, Flyaway Books and the author/artist, for the advance reading copy.
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A book about not giving up, in this case, on a tree that doesn’t grow like all the other trees. The children choose to give it a lot of love to see if it can grow with care. An inspiring book about not giving up, and I loved it. I recommend if.
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