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Oh this book was just so much fun! I love the Robin Hood Story idea and thought it was so well done!  I was in it from the beginning! Robin was my favorite!  Yay! Enjoy!
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I haven't seen very many Robin Hood retellings, so I was really excited about this one! It was fun to see how she brought the classic tale into the Regency time period.
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Dana built her characters really well. She gave them enough distinct personality traits to be unique, and enough similarities to create bonds that went beyond the surface level.

I was really impressed with how she presented her reimagined version of Robin Hood. The story telling was fun and engaging. I love this fairy tale, in all it’s forms, and loved her spin on it.

There were a few historical things that seemed not quite accurate. Enough to pull me out of the story a time or two, but not enough to take away my enjoyment or the overall feel of the adventure.
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Fairy tale retellings are always fun for me to read. I like discovering how the author weaves the original story into her own version. (I also don't always reread the description of a book before I start reading it, so I had forgotten that this was a retelling of Robin Hood.)
There were a few cheesy parts to the story, and, especially in the beginning, it seemed like there were a lot of run-on sentences, but all in all, I enjoyed the book. (Just for the record, I am the queen of run-on sentences, but I'm also not an author.)
The characters were well-written and the storyline was entertaining. I look forward to reading more from this author.
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I loved this retelling of Robin Hood! It had the elements of the classic Disney version I first watched as a kid, some humor and great witty banter that I loved in the “Men in Tights” version as a teen, and the dramatic scenes I loved in the newest version with Jamie Foxx and Tarim Egerton. Dana’s version encompasses them all! 

And it’s a great weekend read! But don’t let it’s small size fool you! It’s a 200 page book that reads as one much bigger! She filled it with plot, developed primary and secondary characters, and so much more! And Dana made the regency setting fit the story of Robin Hood so smoothly! 

I could keep going on and on (just like my photos because I couldn’t pick just one that I loved), so instead I’ll tell you the highlights I loved.

🏹The Meet-Cute
🏹Rob and Marian’s banter
🏹Will - he’s not the MC but he’s a keeper!!! 
🏹Punching Lessons
🏹The Library Scenes 
🏹The Cheepside Scene (last couple of chapters) 

Deep sigh. This was a very satisfying book. I want to go watch all those movies now! 

Oh, it also reminded me of some other great #robinhood retellings by @jodyhedlund and @melaniedickerson123 if you haven’t yet read A Daring Sacrifice or The Huntress of Hornbeck Forest put those on your TBR as well. They are more role-reversals of the story, but still amazing! 

Do you have a Robin Hood retelling that’s your favorite? Drop it in the comments👇🏼 so I can check it out! 

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This book was just so much fun! I’ve never read a Robin Hood retelling before and the unique twist on this one was a blast to read. I loved all the main characters and sufficiently hated the villains. I was on the edge of my seat during a few intense moments. I even experienced a pang of heart pain near the end for a tragedy I will not name because I hate spoilers. 
While the idea of a Regency “Robin Hood” may seem a bit far fetched, it totally works in this story. I loved Rob from the very beginning. He is positively swoony and dashing and everything we love in a good hero. I loved that he gave Marian a chance, and even tried to teach her, despite his misgivings.
Marian’s character development throughout was so good. She really is so much fun! She is naïve, impetuous, head strong, and caring. I loved her big heart, even if it did lead to some rash decisions that could have had some questionable outcomes. But her growth was fantastic!
I loved the slow burn on this one. That scene where Rob is trying to teach Marian how to fight was soooo good! And picking the locks! And the ball. And basically every scene where Rob and Marian were together. All of them. So good.
William is one of my favorites and can he please get a story of his own? I loved him so much! John is so sweet. Marian’s mother is a tad ridiculous (though I also liked her trust in Marian). John’s sister is incredible.
I really enjoyed this book and can see myself enjoying a reread occasionally just because it was so fun! I smiled through the whole thing. I laughed; I cried; I experienced the gamut, and it was a great experience!

**Many thanks to the publisher for an advanced copy of the book. I voluntarily wrote this honest review, which opinion belongs only to myself.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫
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I wasn’t quite sure what to expect by this new book by Dana LeCheminant. It wasn’t to be sucked in and completely blown away by the plot line. This book is so amazing! I loved everything about it.

Lady Marian is one of my favorite characters. She is a strong young woman. She’s just come into society and she knows that she wants to fix it. To make things better for the poorer classes in London. I loved that she thought of others, most female characters in this time period only think of their next dress, the next ball, or the next suitor. Marian was not afraid to get her hands dirty either. I also really loved the special relationship she has with her cousin, Will.

Then there’s Robin, or Rob. I love that he has kind of two lives. The one as the elusive earl. And the one as the thief. How he met Marian was one of my favorite parts. You can tell a lot about a person’s character by how they treat people serving them. And he was a great guy! As the story goes on, he’s concerned about helping Marian to achieve her goal. And if her goals are really what’s right for her.

You really need to read this one! I loved it so much!
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Romance, sweet, Regency; Robin Hood retelling;
Sweet romance, Robin and Marian's story was cleverly retold with the characters from the familiar novel cleverly fit into this Regency retelling.
Marian's desire to help others in her sphere of influence, and be aware of the needs and sufferings of those around her as a young woman, puts her into Robin's sphere.  
Robin, and Earl, has recently come into his title, and was struggling before inheriting his title. His empathy, and sympathy for those beneath him in his new station, fills his concern, and motivates his giving to the poor while vigilante stealing from those with means who are particularly cruel, or uncaring. Marian comes into his sphere, and nothing is the same again.  In his public life, he is elusive, and avoids romantic entanglements, but Marian is his match in so many ways. Starting out as strangers, then accomplices, they build their relationship to something more with each encounter.
Told from alternating points of view, a sweet romance, bit of action and intrigue, and those bits of levity and laughter make this a fun, sweet, romantic adventure.
A few things didn't fit the time period, but immersing myself in the novel, it was a fun read.
I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review, my opinions are my own.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this retelling in regency style. It had your favorite characters from good ol’ Robin Hood and a few new ones. It had the regency feel, but it was fun to see some nobles sneaking around in the middle of the night, bending society’s rules. I loved the spunk and tenacity that Marian exuded. She was sweet, but a determined little thing and you could tell she just wanted to do some good in the world. Also, you can’t help but love when the love interest teaches the girl how to fight. I mean, yes please. And the villain, definitely an interesting character. I really wasn’t expecting his motives. 
This is definitely a historical fiction worth reading, it has all the makings of a sweet romance. Oh and prepare to fall in love with Lord Robin Loxley, he’s quite the catch. 

Welcome to the regency world, Dana! You killed it with your new historical and I’m excited to see what you have next!
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I love Regency set books, and I love retellings so reading The Thief and the Noble seemed like a no brainer to me! Dana LeCheminant is a new author to me, but I thoroughly enjoyed her take on the Robin Hood tale. Marian is an endearing character, admittedly unsure of herself, but also confident where it counts. I enjoyed the sibling-like relationship between Marian and her cousin Will, as well as the lovely developments that took place between Marian and her parents, especially her mother. Instead of an unrealistic absentmindedness on the part of her parents, it’s more of decision based on a misunderstanding of what they think their daughter wants. Anyway, it was just nice that the parents weren’t willfully oblivious or neglectful.

Of course, the relationship that develops between Marian and Robin is brimming with chemistry and lovely pieces of dialogue. I love the twists that the author takes on the original story. The plot flows really well once things get rolling, and although I figured out who the copy cat thief was before the reveal, the suspense makes the last half of the book so exciting, and the ending is especially fun. There are also still the various teas, balls, and carriage rides that so delightfully accompany Regency stories and firmly place the reader into the setting and time period. I would definitely consider reading something by LeCheminant again in the future.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel via NetGalley; a positive review was not required, and these are my honest thoughts and opinions.
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As a girl, Robin Hood was one of the first historical romance stories that I fell in love with, and seeing this tale translated into the Regency era was an absolute delight! A few things that really worked for me were the double meet-cute, the mystery, and of course, the romance between Robin and Marian.

Lord Robert Loxley, Earl of Huntingdon, is known as the elusive earl. During the day he acts the part of a gentleman, but come night, he is a thief. I love this type of hero, a man who does the wrong thing for the right reasons. Watching Robin outwit undeserving members of the ton, and at the same time, grapple with his feelings was thrilling. Robert, aka Robin, was charming, witty, wise, and kind. I found his interactions with John, his sister, his mother, and of course Marian, especially enjoyable.

Lady Marian, was a wonderful character as well. She is a woman ahead of her time in terms of bucking Society and following her heart. I loved how she wasn't afraid of a little danger if it meant she was able to help others less fortunate. She was brave, kind, and noble, which made her an enjoyable character to follow.

When I neared the book's conclusion, I wasn't sure how it would end. I had a few moments of panic (trust me, that's a good thing in an adventurous tale such as this), but I was completely satisfied with the ending.

I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy classic re-tellings, fans of Robin Hood, and Regency romance lovers!
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The Thief and the Noble
A Robin Hood Regency
by Dana LeCheminant

Lady Marian Russell is determined to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. She's seen the stark difference between how she lives and the poor. But how to make the difference has eluded her until she learns of a thief who redistributes his ill-gotten gains among London's downtrodden. 

Can she talk this thief into taking her on as a student? Marian is determined to convince the mysterious Robin into doing just that. How hard could it be to steal from the rich? Marian is about to find out during the swirl and fuss of her first London Season.

Robin has perfected the art of stealing from London's finest but only from the most deserving of his unique skills. He has no time for debutants and their flighty ways. But Marian Russell is different, not flighty but with an intelligent head on her shoulders. But stealthy thief not so much. 

The Thief and the Noble is a delightful Regency twist on Robin Hood. It was fun getting to know Marian and Robin and seeing how they play off of each other. The dialogue between them is engaging and keeps the story believable. There is danger from the very act of thievery but when a copycat thief begins targeting the wrong people Marian, Robin, and their "band" have to unmask this new threat. And then there is this attraction between Marian and Robin that is proving just a tad problematic in the midst of everything - as in it is starting to become a major distraction. 

This is one London Season that won't soon be forgotten and you've been invited to take part in it.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.
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This regency retelling of Robin Hood is absolutely engaging and entertaining! You have all of the key players from Robin, Marian, and John. I loved the regency setting, it made this retelling unique and fun to read. Watching the characters try to blend in with the world of the ton and keep up appearances was exciting! I loved Robin’s character, he was charismatic and charming! Marian was so brave with her desire to become a thief to help the poor! As a lady it was so dangerous and I was scared for her. LaChaminant did a fabulous job making the reader feel like they were right there with her.

I loved the witty banter back and forth between Robin and Marian. Their verbal sparring made for great reading!! They both also had such goodness in theirs hearts. Their desire to help others was not typical for their time period and made it that much sweeter. The slow burn romance in this story is just perfect and I definitely was rooting for them the entire way! From the stealing of jewels to the stealing of one’s heart, The Thief and the Noble will steal you into Robin and Marian’s world and won’t let you go. 
I received a copy of this book for free; all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Proper romance retelling of Robin Hood

I didn’t realize when I started reading this book that it was a retelling of Robin Hood, but it was a great surprise! That classic story combines well with proper romance and was a lot of fun to read. Some parts are a little predictable and cheesy but there are also some plot twists. 

Content: no language, clean romance, some violence. Thanks to NetGalley and Covenant Communications for a temporary digital copy to use for my review.
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This book was just ok for me. I loved the Robin Hood re-telling idea, but I didn’t like the fact that Lady Marion was involved in the robbing of the rich. It didn’t work for the regency period in my opinion. 
I was able to listen to the audio version of the book and it was very well done. The narrator was fantastic. 
It had action, adventure, romance and a happy ending-I thought it was well written and I was entertained, but it wasn’t my favorite.
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I adore historical fiction, and this is such an interesting premise. I recommend because of the story itself, writing style, and its ability to transport you into a different world/time period.
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Not only a Robin Hood retelling but set in the regency era, yes please! 
This storyline was a hoot. Lady Mariane eyes have been opened and she tires of the way the nobility treats the lower classes. She wants to find a way she can truly help the world. Enter our thief, Robin, who she convinces to help educate her on the ways of thieving. The chemistry, banter, and wittiness of the two was a delight and some of my favorite moments happen as he is training her. 
Trying to figure out who the villain copycat thief may be was so much fun! 
The suspenseful moments, slow burn romance, lovable side characters, and exciting ending made for a highly entertainment story. 
Thanks to Netgalley and Covenant Communications for sending me a copy. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Loved this Robin Hood inspired story! I have never read a book by this author before but I thought she did a great job telling this story and it made me want to read other books by her. I loved how the story was set during the Regency time period and how the band of thieves came together. I thought this was a fun story and very well written. It is one that I will read again.

I received a complimentary book from publishers, publicists, and or authors.  A review was not required and all opinions and ideas expressed are my own.
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If you enjoy fairytale re-tellings mixed with historical fiction, this book is for you!

Read for:

•Robin Hood retelling in the Regency era
•Strong, smart female MC
•hidden/mistaken identities
•witty banter
•slow-burn romance
•he teaches her how to fight 🤜
•Adventure and suspense
•And, excellent side characters! (Looking at you William and John!)

I really enjoyed all the meet-ups with Robin and Marian - they had great tension and banter! And each theft they undertook was adventurous and suspenseful!!
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This is a different take on the Robin Hood/Maid Marian story. I appreciated that this book looked at how they met and who they were before knowing each other. It also shows how his merry band might have come together. The part I didn’t find so believable was that Marian, despite being disillusioned with society life, would immediately want to embrace a dark path.

I enjoyed Robin and Marian’s interactions. I felt the author got Robin right. I could feel the chemistry between him and Marian and it was fun watching them deal with their feelings for each other.

I enjoyed this retelling of Robin Hood. Thank you to Covenant Communications for providing me with a free e-copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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