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This was cute. 
- Upper MG/YA
- reality baking competition perfect for any fan of any baking show ever 
- childhood friends to sweethearts
- rivals to friends 
- win or lose everything scenario  
I wanted to read this because it sounded like something my kids would like and I was right. This is perfect for their baking hearts.
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3.5 stars

I wish there was a sequel to this book, seeing another baking competition between the top two contestants in the book. Maybe even seeing them become friends. 

This graphic novel was a fun mix of baking competitions, recipes and friendship. I loved the artwork and the storyline was cute, especially if your a fan of cooking competition shows. 

Rose wants to go to the top baking school in the country, but unfortunately her parents can't afford. Her parents are having problems at home, and she can't quite do what she is told at the restaurant where she works. When Rose makes a dessert that's not on the menu for a food critic, she is offered a position in a baking competition where she can earn big bucks and a book deal. But there is fierce competition along the way.

*thank you to #netgalley for a copy of this book to read and review. (This title is already released)
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Super fun middle grade graphic novel! Perfect for those who love to bake and watch Great British Bake Off! Plot got a bit predictable at times, but totally makes up for it with the amazing food recipes sprinkled within the story.
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Idk who thought it was a good idea to have an unmasked character handling food while having a cold. He was sneezing in the kitchen and an outdoor scene shows his disgusting, dripping nose. In fact, none of the characters are masked up when preparing food. I get that it's fiction and the book can be set in any time period and showing everyone's full faces is more compelling... fine. But why the need to show a sick character? His illness wasn't even integral to the story, just portray him as fatigued or burned out instead. Pandemic or no pandemic, I don't want a germ hub anywhere near my food.

Such a shame because I did enjoy this graphic novel but cannot overlook its red flags! Read this if you like:

👩‍🍳 Eating food
👩‍🍳 Preparing food
👩‍🍳 Watching food shows
👩‍🍳 Funny food puns
👩‍🍳 A blend of action, adventure and romance
👩‍🍳 Underdogs fighting for their dreams
👩‍🍳 Bright, vibrant artwork

✨ "Only the cream of the crop, will rise to the top!
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This was so incredibly disappointing I want to cry. Nothing about it makes any sense. Even if I suspend my disbelief about two teenagers being invited to a reality show overnight and going to a foreign country alone--I kind of did that when I was 17 for a Model UN conference and I turned out okay--I just can't sit with the idea that this reality show is shot in one week. There are no producers anywhere until they are randomly mentioned when there is some kissing people want to keep a secret, which is a waste because all the drama and manipulation that producers engage in on reality shows would actually add some depth. I was so excited to see a brown girl character who is just existing without a trace of trauma porn, but an international cast with no language barriers whatsoever? Challenges like fucking trap doors in the floor that just open up and drop competitors? Statistically impossible that there wouldn't be a broken ankle or concussion.Squid Game's glass bridge was more believable! Swinging on literal rope over a ring of fire? No production like this would ever be insured. And the cast was so one-sided that I couldn't care about any of their arcs because they didn't have any. Nobody learned anything. Nobody changed. Nobody grew. Nobody was any different.

This had all the elements necessary for a really kickass book that could have gone soapy and over the top yet still possible in our world and its limitations (such as linear time) OR make some interesting statements about manipulation and conniving your way to your dreams OR the perils of searching for 15 minutes of fame OR any combination thereof, but there's no there there.
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This was a cute little story! I did feel like I've seen this same story about cooking shows a lot lately, and there were definitely aspects of the story that didn't entirely make sense. But it was a cute and fun read overall!
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This was a fun book to read, I enjoyed the story and the illustrations.  I recommend it, thank you for the opportunity to read it early
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This was adorable! I loved the art style of this graphic novel and I think that kids that enjoy cooking and the cooking shows on tv would have a lot of fun with this! For me personally, I think that it was a little too short and we focused on the wrong things at some points. I liked the cooking part of the competition and would have liked to see more of that, with higher stakes. But there were these other physical competitions throughout that felt unnecessary and a little out of place. Overall though, it was a cute read!
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This was such a fun story, good characters that I was rooting for, and amazing sounding recipes!  I know I wouldn't make it in any kind of reality show, but they are always fun to watch and this story is no exception!  Competitors under pressure, making questionable decisions, and friendships tested.  The artwork was fun and I enjoyed the whole thing!  Presented in Words & Whimsy's Colorful Comics Feature on August 12th, 2022.
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I got an ARC of this book.

It was cute, but too fast. There wasn't any real depth to the story, because of the length. There was no character development, no real coverage of the cooking competition, no real chance for the romance to exist. So honestly, my biggest complaint is that this should have been multiple volumes so I could have really lived in this world. Since that is my main complaint, I call it a win. 

While I wanted more details about everything, I adored this book. It was cute. There were recipes for the foods that made appearances, including one for a sourdough starter which is a recipe I have been meaning to look for. It was really lovely. 

I would be beside myself if this got picked up to be animated. I NEED more in this world and more of this ridiculous competition. It was seriously wacky in that way that shows that Adams has watched just enough food competition shows to know how ridiculous they can be.
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This book is very cute and charming. There were some sillier aspects that made it feel a bit over the top but it was a fun and light read. I really liked how recipes were included throughout the text.
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3,5/5 stars 

The copy I received on NetGalley didn't really work. It was extremely blurry to the point that I couldn't read it. Which was a bit sad as I was really looking forward to it. Luckily my library got a copy of it and I enjoyed it! 

Rose and Fred's friendship to romance was fun to see. The competitions were amusing and kept me interested in the story. I don't understand the reviews of it being an unrealistic cooking show... it's a fictional graphic novel???
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'Batter Royale' by Leisl Adams is a graphic novel about a crazy baking competition.

Rose and her best friend Fred get invited to a cooking competition because of a dessert Rose makes at the diner Fred's mother owns.  It is a good chance for Rose to earn the money to go to culinary school.  For Fred, it's a chance to help save the family business.  It won't be easy with the twists and turns the competition takes and the cutthroat competition.

I liked this fun, somewhat romantic story of two friends who might end up becoming more.  The art works really well and has a really nice animated quality to it.
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In this graphic novel, Rose dreams of going to culinary school but doesn’t know how she’s going to afford it. One day, a food critic comes into the restaurant where Rose works and tells them about a baking competition show with a big money prize! Rose teams up with a friend (or could they be more…?) and signs up for the show.

I thought this graphic novel was very interesting. If Batter Royale was a real cooking show, I’d definitely watch it. The plot development went a little slowly in my opinion but picked up once the cooking competition started. This would be a good choice for a high school or even middle grade classroom library.
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In the past year or two, there have been quite a few books published centering food, restaurants, and all sorts of cooking competitions! So when I saw a graphic novel that featured a baking competition, I just had to request it, in order to complement all the novels I was reading with similar elements!

There were a few issues with the e-file I was given through NetGalley, so I ended up waiting until this book was published to get it from my library to read and review it, which is why this review is going up a lot later than I originally planned!

Batter Royale follows Rose who loves to bake and dreams of going to culinary school. She's always messing around in the kitchen, and when she hears that a famous food critic is coming to the café where she works as a server, she takes a chance to sneak in a dessert she thinks the critic will like into the spread of desserts that the critic requested. Her daring takes off, and she's invited to London to take place in a culinary competition!

Firstly, before I even get into the story and my more detailed thoughts on that aspect, I need to discuss how much I loved the art style! Everything was clear, bright, and colorful, and the panels worked so well to highlight different expressions and focus points. I had a feeling I would enjoy the art based on the cover, and I was definitely right!

As for the story itself, it was lots of fun to watch unfold! Rose has to convince her friend and co-worker, Fred to accompany her on the show, and I appreciated how both of them had their own motivations for wanting to win. The competition itself had lots of antics, with ridiculous diversions and challenges set by the producers and host, as well as fierce competition from some of the other contestants on the show. There's even a small romance component that I could have done without, but since it's merely a thread in the overall story, and not the main plot, I didn't mind it too much.

Overall, I ended up giving this book 4 stars. It's not quite a new favorite, but it's definitely one I enjoyed! If you're craving both a graphic novel and some baked goods, this is definitely the story for you, especially since the author includes recipes for all the delicious creations Rose and Fred make throughout the graphic novel!
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Rose and her best friend Fred made me smile. If you are looking for total reality regarding the storyline, then you are in the wrong place, but if you can suspend that notion and read and enjoy the graphic novel for what it teaches you, then you have come to the right place. Rose is truly delightful, and the antics between her and Fred as they work to come out on top in a baking competition will bring a smile to your face and even a laugh or two. Personally, I adored the storyline, and the graphics are colorful and pleasing to the eye. Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for the opportunity to review this book.
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Thank you to Harry N. Abrams & Netgalley for providing me with an e-ARC of Batter Royale in exchange for an honest review!

!!! this graphic novel is the perfect mix of growing up, following your dreams, BAKING!!!! and a cute friends-to-lovers romance! the art is SO CUTE. the characters are lovely! & there are even recipes you can follow throughout! also, the baking competition show in Batter Royale is so off-the-rails, it's a blast.
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There is an awful lot to unpack with this one.... If I'm being honest, I don't quite know where to start. Who would want to participate in this kind of cooking competition. Something about this just feels too light-I need/want more from it.

For Libraries: I think this is meant to be YA, but the style evokes more middle grade.
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Thank you to Abrams Kids/Amulet Books and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this graphic novel 
This is a really adorable story that has a friendly competition, a small romance, and full of moral lessons for young people following their dreams. The art is adorable, there are also recipes with simple explanations on how to make the featured desserts, the reader can also understand the plot and is sweet. Overall, though, this was a ton of fun, and I would highly recommend it to middle schoolers who love baking. 4 out of 5 stars.
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I liked the story if it was a tad unbelievable. Rose is a 17 year old waitress who impresses a fancy food critic with her dessert. She then goes on a competition style baking show that has different obstacles for each round. She and her partner, Fred, go through the ten day competition overcoming all the things that the show throws at them as well as the sneaky other teams. It all comes down to the last challenge but you'll have to read the book on your own to find out what happens!

Overall, this was a cute book but it felt rushed. The artwork was really cute and I enjoyed the recipes that were included throughout the story.
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