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I remember spending summers reading Danielle Steel novels so I was excited to read this one. However, I was disappointed in this just ok book. 

I think the message of the book, set in a NYC boutique agency amidst the #metoo movement, is important. I found the writing to be scattered and repetitive that left me feeling bored and detached from the characters. It’s not what I expected from a Steel novel, but it was intriguing enough for me to finish.

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced copy.
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Danielle Steeles newest book is an amazing story of four women who work at s literacy agency together.  All four of them lead different lives but by working together all of their lives intersect and get changed forever. Danielle Steele is the queen of contemporary fiction and in this readers opinion always will be.
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High Stakes is the latest by Danielle Steel--this time set in the world of publishing in NYC. In the story we meet multiple characters inside the agency and learn a bit about their home lives. The story quickly starts to center around the #MeToo incidents at the agency. As is typical in Steel novels, resolutions and love both come quickly to our characters.  I enjoyed the more current setting, the fact that not all the characters were deeply privileged, and that the story moves along quickly. If you enjoy Steel, I enjoyed this one more than some other recent novels of hers. One improvement would be when telling a story with multiple leads to limit it to 3 leads as it can be confusing to have as many leads as this book. 
Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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High Stakes by Danielle Steel is a moving "Me too!" novel that lays all the misery out in the open of even those of us who have never experienced a "Me too!" moment to share. Jane Addison was experiencing her fist job past getting her Masters. It was not exactly what she wanted but it was close and it paid well. It had helped that her father knew the owner/manager. All the other agents were women, too, and interesting. Some she liked, some not as much, but all were professionals. She was in the literary division which is where, after reading a book, the agents decided if it had a future or not. She got the opportunity and she was good at it. The only fly in the ointment was Dan Fletcher, the other owner and a dirty old man. She warned him but he had been treating women this way for so long, he ignored the warning. The lawyer did not. 

This is a timely book but probably not as accurate as it should be because there was a lot of falling in love, and with people at work, people who should not have been together at all. That being said, it was a good book with excellent characters. It made me feel as if there were people out there who could fall in love without behaving inappropriately. The characters were good: all different ages and backgrounds. There were divorces, too, because sometimes a divorce is the only answer. That was sad, as well, in some of the cases. In some of the cases, it was time. Danielle Steel can take any topic and make a romance of it. That is why we love her. She can also take timely topics and make them relatable. She has done that here. Good book.

I was invited to read a free e-ARC of High Stakes by Delacorte, through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #netgalley #delacorte #highstakes #daniellesteel
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Hands down one of my favorites by @officialdaniellesteel so far! This book shared the reality of life, love, & careers. A handful of young women who are trying to become something in the career world while dealing with everyday life issues. It takes just one person to speak up and for others to follow. 

Francine spent years of being tortured and abused while being a career focused mother. 

Allie is a wild child that loves her career & strange men. 

Hailey is a driven working widow with young children to care for. 

Jane is a young, goal driven woman just starting out in the workplace. 

Merriwether is a hard-working mom with a husband at home trying to become a writer. 

Each of these women lives with a purpose and strive to find happiness!
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Another great book from Danielle Steel but this one might be best to have a warning label. This book is very much wrapped up in the Me Too movement and deals with sexual assault in depth. For some this may be too much but I think Steel wrote the story really well. 

The characters are so well defined that even though there are a lot we learn quickly who is who and why they are integral to their storylines.

There is a lot to each woman’s story and this is not a feel good beach read. It is intense but a story that needs to be told. 

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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This is the story of five women in a literary agency and how they cope with double standards, sexual harassment, marital problems, and abuse.  It is set during the height of the "me too" movement and shows how each woman deals with these issues. 
The newest employee, Jane,  comes from a life of privilege, is not worried about losing her job, and is not about to take sexual harassment and abuse.  When she stands up against a boss who won't take no for an answer, she knocks over the first domino, and an avalanche follows. 

What was made most evident when the abusive actions of one of the bosses at the firm are brought to light is that other people in power knew or suspected and did nothing.  I think that is a true representation of what goes on in these situations in real life.  In my opinion, the abuser's business partner who turned a blind eye to it all is just as guilty and should have been prosecuted too.  Although this is a strong story with a good message of women banding together and fighting back,  I feel Ms. Steel wasn't hard enough on the business partner in this novel. 

Overall I would recommend this to anyone interested in women's fiction and the "Me too," movement.

I received a free copy of this book from Random House via Netgalley.  My review is voluntary and my opinions are my own.
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Danielle Steel writes another wonderful story.  High Stakes is a very modern story bringing together women who each have their own story.  This is a very enjoyable story that provides a needed escape from real life.  I highly recommend.
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This is a Women's Fiction that took place during the Me Too Movement. This book covers hard to read topic, but I think the writing in this book does it well. This book follows five women, and my biggest problem in this book is that we follow to many characters. I wanted to get a closer look at just a couple of the characters instead of following so many characters. I do think that this book shows the Me Too Movement very well. This book made me think a lot about things. I was kindly provided an e-copy of this book by the publisher (Delacorte Press) or author (Danielle Steel) via NetGalley, so I can give an honest review about how I feel about this book. I want to send a big Thank you to them for that.
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Danielle Steel is one of my go to, auto read authors, especially when I want a quick read.  A lot of her books are light reads in terms of topics.  This book deals with a pretty heavy topic and one that is all over the news in today's society.  I really struggled with the rating of this book.  It follows the typical Danielle Steel formula...a lot of character buildup and descriptions at the beginning, not a whole lot of plot happenings, and a pretty quick ending/resolution to the story.  I really do wish that she would build more depth to her stories, instead of churn out so many books each year.  I feel like a lot of her books have great potential but they just feel surface level.  I felt this way about this particular book of hers.  While it dealt with a pretty intense topic, I felt like things happened fast, and things really didn't happen much at all (if that makes sense).  I loved that this book took place in the publishing/talent agency world, but I didn't really care or the characters.  It was a quick read, but I found myself struggling to stay engaged and interested though much of the story.  This was not my least favorite of hers that I've read, but it also wasn't great.
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I enjoyed this story of 5 women working in the high profile, fast paced literary/entertainment field. Quite an insight into that world. Also a story of a few men who work in the same agency and a few men who are part of the lives of the 5 women. Lots of topics touched upon here, Me Too movement, female bread winners, older woman/man younger woman/man relationships, and professionalism in co worker's relationships. Loved the many situations/life events the characters went through. Lots of thought from both sides of the coin. Loved the ending!
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High Stakes by Danielle Steel follows five women who work at a boutique literary and talent agency.  The story takes place during the Me Too Movement.  I started reading and was quickly engrossed in the story.  It contains Danielle Stee’s trademark writing style.  It is a little hard to keep the five women straight throughout the book.  It switches between the women without notice.  I wish the story had followed one or two women instead of five.  I thought Danielle Steel did a wonderful job at handling the Me Too Movement.  One man fails to realize that you cannot grope women or demand certain favors.  He goes too far with a new hire at the agency and gets a reality check.  There is too much foul language for my liking in this story and there are intimate situations (forced and consensual).  There is also a great deal of repetition.  The same details repeated in different scenes as we go from character to character. I like how Jane handled gropey McGee and that she stood up for herself.  She was not going to take his disgusting behavior any longer.  It just takes one person to stand up and say no.  The ending is predictable, and the relationships are questionable.  It sends a mixed message (client with agent, boss with underling, etc.).  Of course, when you work all the time, the only place to meet potential dates is at work. I like that we get to see the woman evolve as the story progresses.    High Stakes has an ending that will have readers smiling.
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High Stakes is about the lives of five  women who are harassed, harangued, and harried. They all work in the publishing I distort which is fast paced and driven. Three have families and find it increasingly difficult to juggle kids, job, and life. This was a fast read for me. It was very much the DS tempo and her writing had gusto.
I didn’t like Allie or Francine very much. I thought Francine was very passive and should have been more proactive sooner. 
I liked Hailey the best. It was fun to read behind the scenes in the publishing industry.
I liked how all,the stories were wrapped up, tidy and neat.
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High Stakes is the story of five women in the literary and talent agent business. A touching story that involves the Me Too crisis. 
There are a lot of characters and their lives to get to know. I had a hard time keeping them straight for a while. I enjoyed the story and how it all played out. 
I liked the characters and their back stories. This was the most interesting part.
The ending was just a little too perfect for me. But you know what? Sometimes we all need an ending to be perfect..

Thanks to netgalley and Random House Publishing Group-Ballantine for the advance copy
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A great Danielle Steel novel set in New York in the aftermath of the #METOO era. Set in an agency that handles both literature and actors, the lead female characters are portrayed as strong and fierce. Dan, one of the agency owners, is a chauvinist, misogynistic pig who thinks he can get away with what ever he wants sexually with the women of his agency. He has been having relations for the past ten years with Francine, another agent at the agency, holding her job over her head. When he tries to rape new literary agent Jane, shit hits the fan. She does not stand for Dan's behavior and goes to the police and Dan is arrested. They find out about his inappropriate relation with Francine, as well as what he had threatened Jane and Francine. 

Each agent has her own story, and the characters are woven together seamlessly. I found myself cheering for each of the heroines, hoping that they all get their own happy ever afters.
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Danielle Steel gives us a look at the high stakes of being a career-oriented woman in an abusive workplace.  The book centers around five women and how they handle their career, family life, and work relationships.

This book was different from most of her books that I read, but I enjoyed it very much and highly recommend it.  You will not want to put it down until you have read how each woman has handled the different situations in her life.

I received a copy of the book from NetGalley and Random House/Ballentine publishers.  The opinions expressed are my own.
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I loved reading this book.  This is an author I never hesitate to pick up and read.  This is one of my favorites by her yet.  I enjoy this author's writing skills that make her stories entertaining and just written with alot of heart.  The characters pulled me into the story from the start.  This is a well written story about five women who are playing high stakes when it comes to their lives.  They are creative and unique characters that bring the story to life.  They are connectable and kept me coming back for more.  I wanted to know what would happen next.  They had great growth throughout the story.  This is a fast paced, engaging story that was hard to put down.  I enjoyed how well rounded this story is and had great world building.  I really enjoyed what the characters brought to the story and the emotional ride they took me on.  This is a must read story that I highly recommend.  A must read story by an author you don't want to miss.
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High stakes is about five ladies that work for a talent agency and is based around the MeToo movement.  Although this topic is a hard issue , the story does it in a way to keep a relevant topic interesting . Five women work for the agency and all have different responses to how they are treated and they all have very different lifestyles. 
 Danielle Steel does a great job with such a serious topic. Thank you Netgalley and publisher for an arc for my honest opinion .
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High Stakes by Danielle Steel is another one of her wonderful stand-alone novels. Jane Addison has just graduated and dreams of one day owning her own publishing company; she takes an entry level job at Fletcher and Benson, a well-known literary and entertainment agency.  She is assigned to be an assistant to Hailey West, one of the best agents in the Literary department. To Jane’s dismay, she immediately encounters, Dan Fletcher, one of the co-founders of the agency, as he makes lewd remarks about her; she recognizes that he is a predator.  Jane will avoid him as much as possible, even though he continues to make sexual attempts on her, and she threatens to report him.   Jane discovers that most of the women try to stay clear of Fletcher, and despite their disgrace, no one reports him, as they fear for their jobs.  

We also meet the other wonderful women of the company. Hailey is at the top of her career, being a successful literary agent.  She is widowed, and has three children, and constantly struggles to keep up with her job, as well as take care of her children.

Francine Rivers is in charge of the literary department, and she is divorced with two children. Even though she has a good paying job, Francine also struggles with both work and home.  We learn quickly that Fletcher over a number of years, has forced Francine to have sex with him twice a week, stressing if she doesn’t, he will have her fired.

Allie Moore, is in charge of the entertainment department, dealing with actors and actresses; she loves her job, always dining out with many of them.  When she falls in love with one of the younger actors, she is warned it could hurt her reputation, as she is older than him.  Allie refuses to stop seeing Eric, but becomes concerned that her reputation could be tarnished.

Merriweather Jones, is the CFO of the company, and is very well liked by everyone. Her marriage is on the rocks, as her husband stays home and takes care of their daughter.  She loves her job, and dreads going home, as her husband is always belligerent.

When Fletcher accosts Jane again, pushing her against the wall, she goes to a lawyer to claim sexual harassment. Fletcher is charged, and tries to buy her off, which she refuses.  In a short time, a few others in the company will also add their voices to the sexual harassment fight.
What follows is a wonderful story of five very talented woman who supported each other, especially in this ‘me too movement’.  For most of the women, they all have their own issues, not necessarily the sexual harassment, but struggling with family and financially, marriages falling apart, love, respect, and threats against them.

High Stakes was a fabulous story focusing on not only social issues in life, as well as in the job. I have been very impressed with Danielle Steel’s more recent books which are not only interesting, but willing to cover various issues.  High Stakes was very well written by Steel, as she gives us a glimpse of hidden things women may face in the workplace.   Very well done.
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4 1/2 STARS!

Dramatic and addictive! Danielle Steel is a dynamo at digging into the heart of a character's surroundings and taking her reader deep into the foundation of every story she unravels. HIGH STAKES delivers just the right amount of flair to catch the reader's attention while sinking us into the hearts of several characters and their combined stories. The start was a little slow until I got all of the characters down pat and then the pace picked up as one character after another revealed their secrets and turmoil. I was hooked from start to finish!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a story filled with emotional depth, situational drama and characters you find yourself rooting for throughout their story.
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