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The Dying Game (Detective Mackenzie Price Book 4)

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The Taken Ones is the fourth entry in the Detective Mackenzie Price series. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone as the crime being investigated is self-contained, but there is personal growth, development and stories that continue in each book. The series is set in Lakmore, Washington, a town that is struggling. With corruption and the major employer gone (story told in Our Daughter's Bones) Mack is warned not to ruffle feathers of the wealthy business people still interested in investing. When Mia Gallagher is reported missing after an apparent abduction, then a second woman who has ties to Baron Wildman, one of the most powerful men in Lakemore, she has no choice but to start asking difficult questions. This is a twisted case, that Mack and Nick have to wade through evidence and clues that seem not to be connected, but never underestimate that gut feeling.

Once again, Mack and Nick are dealing with a very complicated case. In apparently unconnected cases, they are able to find evidence that connects both of the abducted women who were later found dead. Nick and Mack are a great team and work well together. The Lakemore PD function well as a team, especially the homicide division. There are bits and pieces of personal stories that allow the reader to get to know the characters better. There are a lot of twists and turns in this one that had me suspecting different characters throughout. The actual culprit was on my radar, that didn’t take from my enjoyment of The Dying Game. Once again, Ruhi Choudhary came up with and intricate plot with a devilish crime, that was solved with interesting clues, pieces of evidence and excellent investigating skills. There was some chilling action near the end, but all ends well. If you enjoy books with strong, flawed, and interesting characters as well as a well plotted police procedural, then this book, and series is highly recommended!
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Book 4 of the Mackenzie Price series starts with the body of a missing girl being found 48 hours later, in an elevator and her murderer admitting to it in his suicide note. So that should be the end of that however another woman goes missing who is discovered 48hours later dead Mackenzie and her team know there is more to the story. So when another woman goes missing Mackenzie and her team know they have only 48hours to solve the case so they aren't left with another dead woman. 

Let's play a game, that is the phrase i hope to never hear especially when it involves a murderous one. that is what kept me completely hooked to this book, one night one read it was just far to good to put down! If you are yet to read books 1-3 i highly recommend that you do because believe me it's completely worth reading this entire series!!! Each book get's just that little bit better. what i really enjoyed about this book was trying to work out the motive behind the crimes and how it's all linked, it took me a while to actually work it all out! 
We also get to know a bit more about Mackenzie and be part of her journey as a detective as well as personally. i love her character, a strong female lead who is extremely good at finding the bad guys. I found that i am always routing for her to catch a killer, even when it looks like there's no need!!! Although this is less procedural based i still found the procedure that is in it is written extremely well!

all in all i highly recommend the dying game by Ruhi Choudhary. easy 4 stars. as usual an amazing crime knowledge.

thank you to netgalley, bookouture and of course Choudhary for the ARC of the dying games in exchange for my fair anf honest opinions.
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I am a big fan of this series. Detective MacKenzie Price is a total bada$$. And I love her partner Nick too. I’m curious to see what direction this author takes the series. I loved how Mad Mack saved Luna! Now I bet she is going to figure out what happened to Sophie.
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I'm sorry, but I did not finish this book. The plot sounds really intriguing and the book started well, but it just didn't hold my interest. Maybe it would have helped if I had read the previous books. I might give this writer and this series another chance in the future, so I give the book two stars for now. Right now this just wasn't for me.
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A Fast Paced Enigmatic Thriller.......................
The Taken Ones( Previously The Dying Game) by Ruhi Choudhary is a fantastic thriller with a suspenseful plot. The book keeps you on the edge and the plot deepens with every page. If I talk about the climax, you would not see it coming. The mystery unwraps itself in the last few pages only. It hooked me up right from the beginning and I finished it within one night only. As, I could not wait for the mystery to open up. Interesting characters with equal space for each and every on of them. I really enjoyed the book a lot.

I would love to give the book 5 stars. Thanks to Bookouture and Netgalley for providing me an opportunity to read and review the book.
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The Dying Game Ruhi Choudhary 
As this is the 4th book in the Mackenzie Price series,  I was delighted to dive back into Macs world, and as usual this book didn't disappoint.  
Twists and turns that kept me up late turning the pages, a great read.
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Seemingly random women are abducted and murdered in lakemore. Detective Mackenzie Price needs to unearth the connection between the women, determine the motive and catch the killer. Can she find him before the next kidnapped woman is killed...?
The Dying Game is the fourth book to feature Mad Mack, a sparky detective with a traumatic past. I have reviewed the previous books in the series: Hidden Lake, Their Frozen Graves, and Little Boy Lost.
Mack's personal life takes a back seat in this latest book, although she is suffering from flashbacks. The focus is therefore very much on the case which has so many twists and turns as multiple women are abducted and then found dead. The murders and body disposal are not straight forward and the evidence is confusing for the police team.
Power and money appear at the centre of the case and this leads to frustration and politics from both the police and suspects. I did manage to guess the culprit towards the end but this did not spoil my enjoyment of the book and I enjoyed watching the conclusion unnfold.
The banter and frisson between Mack and Nick continues to entertain. This adds a lightness amidst the grisly forensic detail and determined investigation. There is humour from Mack's response to being in the media especially as she is teased bby her colleagues. However, there is also some emotion as Mack realises her personal life is on hold and she is lonely.
The Dying Game is an entertaining police thriller with plenty of character development for the lead detective.
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Solid addition to the. Mad Mak series. It starts with a missing woman and finds it’s way to a well connected suspect and his family. Mak is better for having revealed her secret last book but still struggles in her relationships and life. That part hits the cliched long suffering detective story a bit. Regardless a fun quick read.
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Fabulous. Absolutely loved this.  I even went and bought the first three in the series before reading this one.  Highly recommend.

Thank you to the publisher, author and Netgalley.

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This was not what I imagined it to be. The synopsis seemed really interesting, a race against the clock to keep more people safe, but it was such a drag. I missed the true clues to actually be in the experience. I also missed a little something when it came to the characters. I have to admit I skimmed through the rest just to get it finished. This is simply not something I enjoy.
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A brilliant read
Plenty of twists and turns
Will have you hooked
Another book in the Detective Mackenzie Price series
Can’t wait for the next book
Thanks NetGalley
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The dying game by Ruhi Choudhary is again another story with a strong plot and a nail biting finish where I was left guessing the culprit till the last page. 

Detective Mackenzie and Nick are called in to investigate a case of a dis appearance and murder of a young lady whose murderer confesses in a few days through his suicide note. Another similar instance make them look closely at the case and through all of this case Mackenzie herself is going through her own inner struggles due to her past. When the murders get linked to an important businessman in town it requires great patience and tact to solve this case

I have followed this series right from the first book and have loved Detective Mackenzie and Her partner Nick. With each case I grow to like her more and also see the evolution of her as a person. Her work ethic persistence and her heart are all well depicted. The plot of the case runs in parallel and I like it how the author seamlessly takes both tracks together. 

If you love stories with nail biting ends, detectives with a heart and obsession to solve the cases very diligently then you would love this one.
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This is the 4th book in the Detective Mackenzie Price series and it doesn’t disappoint! 

Mackenzie and Nick are called to investigate the disappearance of Mia Gallagher, a young woman from out of town who seemingly has no friends or relatives. When they find her body in a lift shaft after looking through her last movements and on CCTV. 

All the evidence points to a loaner for the crime, but later he is found dead having apparently committed suicide and leaves a note saying he didn’t want to kill her but he had no choice. 

It’s up to Mackenzie and Nick to find out why he killed Mia. 

When another woman goes missing, they quickly work out thar a lawyer of one of the most powerful businessmen in town did it, they discover he was left with no option, he received a red letter telling him if he didn’t do it then his daughters would be killed. 

Can Mackenzie and Nick figure out who is behind all this before something happens to someone they are both close to? And can she get them back before it’s too late? 

I really enjoyed this one, there are so many twists and you can’t guess who was behind it all, I kept changing my mind constantly, just when you think you worked it out, everything changes!!

A fantastic read, I really enjoyed this book. I read the first 3 before I read this one as I’d not read them before and I have to hand it to Ruhi this series has everting, emotion, darkness, a bit of light hearted banter between Mackenzie and Nick, as well as loads of twists and turns along the way! It was well written, and the plot was easy to follow even though there are lots of different characters. 

Thank you for letting me read this - I look forward to the next one!
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Thank you to Bookouture for letting me take part in this tour and for my copy of this book via Netgalley. I really enjoyed the first 3 books in this series so I was eager to see what Mad Mack got up to this time. This is the fourth book in the series but can be read as a standalone. 

Mad Mack is back again. Mack seemed a bit unhinged in this book. She didn't seem as together as she has before. She was also very lonely at points. I can understand why and I hope that Mack finds something other than work. 

This case had it all. It was tense, shocking and gripped me from the very first page. The prologue had me very worried and racing through the book to get to this scene. I needed to know what was going to happen. Rita did an excellent job of keeping me guessing. Honestly, you will not work this one out! there were so many suspects all with such good motives. 

If you are looking for a police procedural that will have you hooked from start to finish then I definitely recommend this one!
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This is the 4th book in this series and they just seem to be getting better and better.

They find a body in an elevator shift and from there the intense scenes start.

The book has many twists and turns and suspenseful writing around every corner that will keep the reader hooked.

Highly recommended
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Sometimes a series comes along that could be written just for you. This is that series for me. It ticks all my boxes, realistic, great characters, great settings, believable crimes
The Dying  Game is book 4 in the series but can be read as a standalone, and it won’t ruin the previous books if you want to go back and read them
A great story that ramps up the suspense from page 1 
Loved it.
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My first foray into this series with Detective Mackenzie Price, and I don't think you are lost by starting at #4. I thought the plot twists were excellent, and I liked the characters of Mack and her partner, Nick. Look forward to checking out the back catalog. Highly recommend.

P.S. Thanks to #netgalley for the advance reader copy.
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The Dying Game is the fourth novel in a series that features Detective Mackenzie (Mack) Price of the Lakemore, Washington Police Department. Twenty years ago, Mack returned home from school to find her violent dad bleeding excessively on the kitchen floor. She is back in Lakemore working with Detective Nick Blackwood.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Dying Game with its explosive plot, cliffhanger sentences and many twists. The novel is told from Mack’s viewpoint so I was easily able to become immersed in events. Running parallel with the investigation, the novel concentrates on Mack, her mental state and her complicated personal life using flashbacks to reveal important incidences. The author, Ruhi Choudhary's writing continued to impress me, adopting misdirection and leading me down certain paths, only to blindside me later. Protagonist Mack is traumatised by her past and she’s to be admired for her open-mindedness and determination. I worked out the perpetrator's identity about ⅘ of the way through, but that didn’t take from my enjoyment of the novel. The Dying Game is a fantastic story, a very compelling continuation to the series, and I can confidently recommend it as a worthy read.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Bookouture via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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The Dying Game by Ruhi Choudharru.
(Detective Mackenzie Price Book 4)
As the doors of the elevator were forced open, Mack’s worst fears were confirmed. A delicate hand dangled at the top, peeking out from above the elevator. From the shape and size and the green color on the nails, the hand belonged to a woman. Had they found Mia? Lakemore, Washington. When Mia Gallagher is reported missing after an apparent abduction, Detective Mackenzie Price is immediately called in to investigate. But as she begins to scour CCTV footage of her last known movements, Mia’s body is discovered in an elevator shaft. DNA evidence points to a troubled local man from the wrong side of town. But before he can be questioned, his body is found alongside a suicide note with the words: I killed her. I didn’t want to. But I had no choice. The case appears closed until another woman goes missing and 48 hours later is found dead. The only link between the victims is a connection to Baron Wildman, one of the most powerful men in Lakemore but there is no hard evidence connecting him to their deaths. When a local man confesses to the second killing, his M.O. is eerily similar to the first: kill or be killed. Then a third woman disappears and Mack knows she has just forty-eight hours to discover who lies at the heart of the blackmailing ring and find her victim alive. Soon it becomes clear that this twisted killer will go to any lengths to protect a decades-old secret and wreak their revenge, even if that means hurting those closest to Mack. Can she unravel who lies at the heart of this deadly game before she loses another person she loves?
A very good read with good characters.  I did like MacKenzie. 4*.
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The Dying Game by Ruhi Choudhary is the Fourth book in the brilliant Detective Mackenzie Price series and it was another superb book. I have enjoyed this series from the very first book which was called Our Daughter's Bones.
This new book is a fast paced and full of great twists and turns throughout that will have you hooked and is great for a holiday read.

I highly recommend this series by Ruhi Superb series.

Big Thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
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