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This book consumed me and I couldn't put it down. I think it went through a box of tissues reading this heartbreaking journey and I loved every minute of it.

Devlin Ware and his family seemed to live the perfect and charmed life. However Devline world crumbles when he learns it is all a lie. He loses himself, his family, and the girl he loves and he does the only thing he knows to do and that is to run far away. However, the past seldom stays buried and Devlin will have to face his demons in order to find his way back home.

This book dealt with such profound loss. The loss of innocence, truth, trust, love, and family. There isn't a person that remains unscathed in the Ware's world. Everyone has suffered when the house of cards has fallen and in honesty, they were all better off for it. While the Wares all suffered in their own way but in all honesty, they were better off knowing the truth than continuing to live a lie. The ware family was never able to truly live until they were comforted with the reality of their situation. And we get to see the seeds of healing/forgiveness take root and are excited to see it all play out through the series.

The love story between Devlin and Gwyneth is really great too. Two people who loved each other but initially it was a shallow love and one that might not have stood the test of time. The years of separation helped each other understand the ways of the world and to mature them to have real love. A love that knows life is messy and hard but worth fighting for.

Remember Love is a beautiful and emotional journey that is hard to forget.

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Remember Love is the first book in a new series by my all-time favorite historical romance author, and it’s something of a no-brainer to say I enjoyed reading it immensely. As I have come to expect from her books, Mary Balogh delivers a delightfully interesting and engaging host of characters wrapped around a story that has all the second-chance-romance feels and its fair share of angst. And, naturally, a happy ending that made reading this book so very rewarding.

As the first in series, Remember Love introduces us to the Wares of Ravenswood, a seemingly perfect aristocratic family hiding secrets underneath a gilded veneer. It builds slowly as we come to terms first with the betrayal experienced by our hero Devlin and then with the changes war, loss, and abandonment have wrought in him in the years he’s been absent from the family home. It’s clever writing with characters mired in the gray area between right and wrong, good and bad, righteous and sinful.

The central question: was Devlin wrong in revealing what he’d learned of his father’s behavior? It is near impossible to answer—at least for me, who can both see why he did and why he shouldn’t have—and adds a layer of uncertainty to the book that only amps up the need for reconciliation and redemption.

It bears mentioning that outside of Devlin exists a family with a world of potential for more stories, particularly his older half-brother, Ben, who I immediately earmarked as my favorite. I’m already looking forward to his story. In the meantime, I’ll be over here making up all kinds of scenarios in my head that (invariably) end up with me as his heroine. That’s normal, right?

Normal for romance lovers, in any case.

With a likably wild and strong heroine and a hero that skirts the line between noble and naive, Remember Love is a solid introduction to a new series, one I cannot wait to delve further into.

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Oh boy. Well Gwynn and her family I thought were as charming as a loving family could be. The same could be said for Devlin’s as well. After reading the story I understand and see that special need that Gwyn and Devlin had for each other. I have to say that the narrative was a bit winded in the book. It wasn’t difficult to get through. The narrative offered the readers the story behind the romance. I liked that it provided me a little more information about each character. The romance turned into one of the most grandest love of all. The story was cute and sweet.

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There was way too much description at the beginning of the book before you actually get to the characters. It really detracted from an enjoyable reading experience. I found I didn't really care for these characters. The author writes well, but gets too tied up with descriptions of things that don't matter. I don't think I'll be reading any more of her books.

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Remember Love by Mary Balogh is the first book in her new Ravenswood series. I have been a big fan of Balogh and her wonderful Historical romances, especially the epic Westcott series. Remember Love was a bit slow at the start, which is normal in historical or fantasy, as we get introduced to all the main characters and the lands.

Ravenswood is the family home, where Caleb Ware is the Earl of Stratton; with the entire family living in a happy environment on their country estate, always kind and gracious, as well as helping everyone in the countryside, including lavish parties. Devlin Ware is the oldest son, and the heir, with his father teaching him everything, to prepare him for when he would assume the title of Earl.
Devlin finds himself attracted to Gwyneth Rhys, and to his surprise, he learns she has always had a crush on him, even though his brother Nicholas was best friends with Gwyn. He asks Gwyn to marry him, and at one of the lavish parties, Devlin is walking with Gwyn, and discovers his father with another woman. All hell breaks loose, with Devlin causing a ruckus and the family being torn apart, with his family banishing him; he leaves the next morning to join the army, along with Ben, his step brother. Poor Gwyneth is shocked, as Devlin does not say goodbye to his mother nor Gwyn.

With the death of his father, Devlin will return home 6 years later, a changed man, who was a highly respected officer in the wars. Devlin struggles with his emotions, as he tries to resume his broken relationships with his mother and siblings. After 6 years, Devlin runs into Gwyn, surprised she is not married, though she is close to someone; Devlin is nice to Gwyn, but cold and unemotional; tells her to not count on him, as he is incapable of love. Will Gwyn, once she realizes she still loves Devlin, be able to open his heart again?

Remember Love was another great start to this new series, so very well written by Mary Balogh. I did love both Gwyn and Devlin, rooting hard for them to find a way to be together. I loved the Ware family members, especially Stephanie, Pippa, Ben, Nicolas and Owen, just to name a few. Remember Love was a wonderful and emotional story. If you enjoy historical romances, you can never go wrong reading anything my Mary Balogh.

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I normally love Mary Balogh but this seemed to take forever to get into. Chapter after chapter going no where very slowly. That being said, it's a good read. Interesting premise, enjoyed the characters and found the moral dilemma/struggle a point to ponder. I would catch myself examining that socio-economic morality of the time on my mind throughout the story - wondering what would I do as a modern woman versus a regency one.

I received an ARC from Netgalley to help me prepare my honest review.

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Enjoyable read but the author’s use of the same tropes in her books means those of us who’ve read many of her books start to feel like we’ve already read this one. Scarred hero? Yes. Heroine who could have married someone else since misunderstanding/scandal/forced estrangement but inexplicably did not even though she is now in her mid-twenties? Yes. (We are supposed to believe that she is still in love although she doesn’t know it until hero returns SIX YEARS LATER, and that the hero is still in love with her yet, even though infidelity was the cause of the whole debacle, manages to have sex with a variety of women because he will never be able to have heroine.) Large family/character list that can get confusing? Yes. Welsh musicians? Yes. People smiling deep inside their eyes? Yes. And so on. Mary writes well and so her books are good reads, even if they get repetitive.

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This one was a interesting as it was a slow burn that was really fast at times too.

The story is setting up a new series, so there is a lot of world building at the start which makes it slow. Once the story jumps ahead six years then the story flies. I was iffy with this one, but will definitely be picking up the next one in the series.

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Could not stand. Too easily resolved. Too much chatter. Not enough chemistry, banter, heat, anything.

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Remember Love by Mary Balogh is the first story in the new Ravenswood series and comes out July 12, 2022

The beginning of the story describes the Ravenwood’s estate and background of the family and this part was slow. Once Devlin returns from war six years later, the story really takes off and was hard to put down. The main characters of the story are Devlin and Gwyneth.

When Devlin returns he and his family work to rebuild relationships and we learn more about the brothers and sisters. I also liked watching the community committees come together to plan their seasonal fairs and dances.

In the last section, when Gwyneth and Devlin are getting to know each other again,, the story moved quickly and I wasn't ready for it to end. I look forward to hearing more about the Ravenswood family members in future books. My favorite Balogh books are from the Slightly Series, especially Slightly Dangerous. I wonder whose book will be next in the Ravenswood series?

Thank you Mary Balogh, NetGalley, and the publisher for the advanced copy of the book.

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I am a long-time fan of Mary Balogh and I couldn't wait to get my hands on the first book in this new series!

But I admit I found this one slow to start. I know there had to be a lot of setup for the new series( background characters issues etc). But the descriptions in the beginning just kept describing how perfect everything and everyone was! They were all slightly.. boring lol And Our two main characters in this book had one day before they were forced apart.

It felt like the book stalled but then quickly picked up and I couldn't put it down!

I do wish there had been more of a slow burn when they got back together 6 years later. I wanted more from these two, more explanations more character development. And I honestly found myself looking forward to the stories of the siblings in future books more. Like Ben and Phillipa especially.

BUT all that to say that I still liked the book. I don't know if it will live up to the Sightly series or the Westcott or if will simply be a great series all on its own. Either way, I'll be waiting for the next book to see if it does!

Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for the ARC to review. All opinions are my own.

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I always anticipate a new Mary Balogh book like an old friend. I found this first book in a new series to be a bit dull. I never really felt the young love of the MC's as they really didn't spend time together. It was all longing glances and hidden feelings. Once we skip ahead in years everything went too fast. I could again not really feel, or believe, in their love.

The writing was superb of course and I will give the next book a chance.

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You can tell this is the start of a new series. The beginning has a lot of set up for the series and can be slow but I do think the series would catch the interest of historical romance readers. I wasn’t sure if I loved the main characters here but might continue with the series.

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Mary Balogh is at it again with this lovely and touching romance in an all new series. I was riveted.

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Mary Balogh’s previous series, The Westcotts, took a look at how one devastating revelation affected the different members of one family. This new series features a different family and a different revelation, but again explores how that one event changes the individual family members. Ms. Balogh’s strength is definitely in the nuanced characters she creates, and in the Ravenswood series, we are introduced to another group of wounded people who feel very real.

This particular story however, didn’t work as well for me. The long setup, filled with its largely blissful family history (though with a few ominous warning signs), and lengthy descriptions of the bucolic house and countryside seemed to drag on, until we get to the sharp break, and then pick up years later, as the family begins to pick up the pieces. I felt as if we had a slow meandering walk up a hill, were dropped off a cliff, and then began a slow meandering trek up the next hill. The “romance” part of this romance novel never quite came together for me. While I believe our hero and heroine will be happy together, their love story seemed devoid of romantic love for most of the book, except for its beginning and the very end. Still, there are many kinds of love, and many ways great loves come to be, and I’m glad to see these different kinds of stories getting an airing, rather than having yet another cookie-cutter romance novel.

As a side note, this is the most “Welsh” book Ms. Balogh has written not actually set in Wales. I enjoy her Welsh books—"Longing" is one of my personal favorites—and it’s wonderful to see the people of Wales presented accurately and lovingly, with their culture and customs not being left behind when they cross the border into England. Willingly or unwillingly, Wales, with its unique language and culture, has been part of the British Empire since 1282, and all too many historical romances ignore it altogether. Having said that, the Welsh feel of the book may be a turn-off for some readers expecting a more “English” style of romance novel. Again, however, it’s good to have the wide variety of British culture presented, and there’s definitely room for a Welsh niche in historical romances, (beside the extremely wide Scottish ledge) even if Ms. Balogh has to do the carving of that niche herself.

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Remember Love is the first in a new series by Mary Balogh. As usual, her characters are finely drawn and multi-dimensional in a way that is not often seen in series romance. The hero's journey from idealism to cynicism and back again (due to the love of a good woman of course) is thoughtfully rendered. I look forward to the rest of the series.

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I enjoyed Balogh's "Slightly.." series so I was looking forward to reading this book to see if I would like it as well. I enjoyed the characters, but the pacing of the book was a bit odd. There was "insta-love", as they call it, between Gwyneth and Devlin, then his father screws up and Devlin is banished from the family. Six years later he comes back as the Earl and has to deal with the fallout of his and his father's actions and what has become of his family. Ultimately there was a HEA, but it wasn't as well described or plotted out or handled as I felt like the "Slightly..." series was. It was more about the word versus the feeling of "love" and also dealing with PTSD from war as well as the family drama. I'm not as compelled to complete the series as I was with the previous one I read, but I did enjoy a lot of the characters and if I find the time might check out what happens with Ben, in particular and maybe Stephanie and Pippa.

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The start of a new series by Mary Balogh! I have been a long-time fan, and couldn’t wait to dive into some new characters!

But I will admit that I found this one slow to start. It felt like there was a lot of description in the first few chapters that didn’t really contribute to the story or to my interest in the characters. It almost felt like the story didn’t really begin until about half way through when Devlin returns home after six years away. At that point things quickly picked up and I couldn’t stop reading. The way Devlin and Gwyneth find their way together again was beautiful. Balogh has a way of straying from the stereotypical romance form that requires dramatic declarations and allowing her characters to be more real.

With five more siblings this has the makings of a great new family saga. Looking forward to the next instalment!

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Remember Love is an excellent book! It was boring the first three chapters, because it did a long description of the house and land. But in the third chapter it started telling the story of Gwyineth and her neighbor and best friend.s brother, Devlin. At a summer party given annually by his mother, they finally confess their love for each other, then Devlin makes a discovery that changes everything. As a result, he leaves immediately and joins the military. Six years pass and he comes back a very different man. He struggles a lot with his emotions, which he has ignored for six years. It does have a vivid sex scene, but other than that, it is a wonderful story!

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This was a lovely read by an author I greatly admire. My only quibble is how much more screen time I wanted from our hero and heroine. I could have had more scenes featuring the two of them and Gywneth’s refreshing honesty. She always said what I hoped she would say.

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