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4/5 ⭐️
After reading “The Nature of Witches” which I enjoyed but didn’t love, I was browsing NetGalley and this sounded like my speed. And boy was it! 
Iris is a witch living in a wildlife sanctuary her mom owns, who’s magic is connected with nature and the animals in the area. Iris is living in total bliss, aside from one thing. Her coworker Pike is the bane of her existence. He’s annoying, always up for an argument and shirking his chores constantly! And he isn’t afraid to voice his complete loathing of witches. In a fit of anger… or is it fear, in a ritual passed from her grandmother, Iris tries to create a curse to release her feelings and give it to the earth, an amplifier swoops in and Carrie’s the curse off with it. This flying time bomb can release the curse and effect many if the amplifier dies. After letting her mom know that the injured amplifier has escaped, and leaving out the curse part, her mom says she can go but only if she brings Pike! Begrudgingly these two have to team up and the fate of many may be contingent upon these two getting along. Despite the bickering, misunderstandings and kind bars, these two end up actually maybe liking each other. But when things take a turn for the worse, Iris needs to decide if she can trust Pike and possibly loose him to do the right thing. 

Rachel created a very dense and rich world that is so realistic I wish I could live in it. I found her characters more relatable and I loved all the nature descriptors in her writing. It was great to get more insight into the witches and different kinds. Her improvement from Nature to Wild is palpable and I can’t wait to read her next book!
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Griffin tells such a unique story. I would've liked to see a bit more witchy elements, but overall this was an incredible tale.
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"Wild Is the Witch" by Rachel Griffin, the New York Times bestselling author of "The Nature of Witches," takes readers on an immersive journey into a contemporary fantasy filled with high stakes and captivating characters. This novel explores themes of grief, forgiveness, acceptance, and the delicate balance between humans and nature. While slightly predictable, the book remains highly entertaining and offers a fresh perspective on the world of witches in the Pacific Northwest.

The story revolves around Iris Gray, an eighteen-year-old witch who inadvertently triggers a curse with potentially dire consequences. Determined to prevent her magic from wreaking havoc, Iris embarks on a perilous adventure through the untamed wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. Her reluctant companion is Pike Alder, an aspiring ornithologist with an intense dislike for witches. Together, they must locate an owl that has taken possession of the curse, as its death would unleash Iris's dark spell on the entire region.

Iris's character is compelling, driven by her determination to hide her identity as a witch following a tragic incident. Rachel Griffin skillfully portrays Iris's internal conflict, as she grapples with the fear of revealing her true self. The author also emphasizes Iris's passion for nature and her work at the wildlife refuge she runs with her mother, effectively integrating themes of nature and conservation into the narrative.

Pike Alder, on the other hand, represents the antagonist-turned-ally trope. While initially harboring animosity toward witches, his journey alongside Iris forces him to confront his prejudices and reevaluate his beliefs. The development of their relationship, from enemies to reluctant companions, adds depth to the story and underscores the book's overarching theme of forgiveness and acceptance.

The contemporary setting of the Pacific Northwest serves as a vivid backdrop for the tale. Rachel Griffin's descriptions of the wilderness immerse readers in its beauty, capturing the essence of the region and lending an authentic atmosphere to the story. The author successfully intertwines elements of low fantasy into this modern-day world, seamlessly blending the supernatural with everyday life.

While the plot of "Wild Is the Witch" follows a somewhat predictable trajectory, the book remains highly entertaining throughout. Griffin's engaging writing style and well-paced narrative keep readers invested in the story, eager to see how Iris and Pike's journey unfolds. The exploration of Iris's internal struggles, combined with the external dangers they face in the woods, creates a sense of tension and excitement that drives the plot forward.

In conclusion, "Wild Is the Witch" by Rachel Griffin is a captivating contemporary fantasy that weaves together themes of grief, forgiveness, and acceptance. The author skillfully integrates the world of witches into the Pacific Northwest setting, highlighting the importance of nature and conservation. While the plot may be slightly predictable, the book remains highly entertaining and engaging, making it a worthwhile read for fans of low fantasy and captivating characters.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for granting me free access to the advanced digital copy of this book.
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Rachel Griffin s second book is a fantasy standalone with enemies to lovers romance and magic. Iris Gray , a young witch and her family has been forced to flee  their home when she accidentally bear witness to a crime. She has found a new home, one that she would sell her soul for; and a new life amidst the wilderness.One fine day , an owl harbours the curse Iris meant to bury her fury with and is once again on the threshold of losing her home and more. 
This is a lighthearted contemporary romance book with interspersed magical elements. The magic system with connection to the nature was an interesting plotline and could have been explored more. The romance in this book was pretty fine with vulnerable moments, genuine love and enemies to lovers trope. The writing style was pretty Ok with some phrases being repeated, which hindered with reading experience. The storyline is predictable and lags in certain areas- like we know what's coming, but why does' nt it happen fast?
Overall , this is a pretty fine read for anyone interested in a romance book with some magic. Had there been more exploration of magic, I would have had liked it better. 
Tw: death / bleeding animal
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Here’s what I’ll say about this book - I knew that it was a fantasy romance, heavy in the romance. I’m a smart lady, I know the conventions of the genre, I knew I would give a HEA. I was still EXTREMELY  anxious about the resolution of the plot. Griffin gave real weight to the characters and their choices in a way that a lot of people don’t. 

I DID absolutely hate her bisexual witch mom though, and it’s really hard to make me hate a bisexual witch, so it loses a star.
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Rachel did it again with her second novel! This is such a beautiful, atmospheric story of personal growth and change. Our 2 main characters change as they learn about each other as they journey to found the owl. I loved the magical word and I wanted to go to it (or at least the PNW)!
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Wild Is the Witch is such a beautifully written fantasy. The world-building is outstanding. The story is well written with an enchanting storyline and well-developed characters that engage from start to finish. The world is atmospheric and feels real with vivid descriptions and rich imagery. I cannot get enough. Highly recommended. Be sure to check out Wild Is the Witch today.
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I wanted a little more worldbuilding/development, but otherwise a solid witchy read! This book has it all -- an intriguing magic system, high stakes, and enemies-to-lovers goodness.
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Wild is the Witch is a lovely, magical book that made me want to run away and live in the woods. Iris is a witch, although she doesn't tell people anymore after an incident with her best friend. Iris and her mom run Foggy Mountain Wildlife Refuge and Pike is an intern there. He hates witches, which makes Iris afraid of his reaction if he discovers she's a witch. As a way to release her fears, Iris creates spells/curses and burns them, burning her fears away. But when she creates a curse to turn Pike into a witch, it accidentally attaches to an owl before Iris can dispel it. Now Iris and Pike have to track down the owl before it dies, releasing the curse and affecting not only Pike but everyone in the region.
Rachel Griffin writes the loveliest descriptions of nature, fully pulling you into the book and making you feel like you're in the story. Especially the woods in Wild is the Witch. They feel old and powerful, and I want to get lost in them.

The book is a slow burn, but in the best way. Parts of it are very much a character exploration, as Iris comes to terms with the curse she cast and its consequences, not just for others but what it could mean for her. Plus, there's Only One Tent, which is an amazing upgrade from Only One Bed. I also really loved Pike, who was sarcastic and soft and supportive. I'd definitely love more in this world, and more of how the magic works, but the hopeful ending was sweet and perfect.
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4.5 ⭐️ This audiobook was so delightful! I loved the setting in the woods, the enemies to lovers banter, the magic system, as well as the animals involved. It was adventurous and all characters were lovable in my opinion. I’d love to revisit this same world and characters in a spin off. Especially to meet Amy!
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I have been wanting to read The Nature of Witches since I received the arc for it way back when. But for some reason I never got to it. When it came time to request Wild is the Witch I knew I had to have it because the covers were stunning which had to mean the books were amazing. And I’m here to say that neither book disappointed. 

Getting approved for Wild is the Witch was the motivation I needed to read The Nature of Witches and I really enjoyed it. It was a solid 4 stars for me. So I was excited to read the next book, even if it was different characters. 

I absolutely loved Wild is the Witch. Iris was such a fun character to follow and here and Pike together was my fave. The way magic works in this world was really interesting and I liked how different it was to other books with magic and witches. This read like a really good YA contemporary with magic to make it even better. 

If you like witches, magic, and enemies-to-lovers you need to read both these books. I gave Wild is the Witch ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
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Another amazing book from Rachel Griffin. I was immediately taken by Iris' story and couldn't wait to read more about what happened that fateful night. It reminded me of the Harry Potter but not as fantastical or tacky. I really enjoyed reading this one and am proud to have it purchased and placed on my shelves alongside The Nature of Witches.
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Loved this book. Rachel Griffin has never disappointed me with her novels, and this one was no different.
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I really enjoyed this one. Somehow reading this story unfold just felt cozy. The mother daughter relationship was probably my favorite part. There are popular tropes here but the story still felt different than anything I've read in the best way. I'm always looking for books that just draw you into their world and this one does just that!
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Griffin’s writing is captivating and immediately draws the reader into the story. The protagonist, Iris Gray, is a witch who witnessed her best friend commit a terrible act of witchcraft. Iris is learning to manage her trauma and losses in the aftermath. In an attempt to start over, Iris and her mother moved to the Pacific Northwest to run a wildlife preserve. Pike, one of Iris’ co-workers, drives Iris crazy, and in her frustration, Iris creates a curse, which an owl swoops up. Thus, Iris and Pike must search for the owl in the backwoods before the curse is unleashed and devastation ensues. 

This book is more about relationships than magic; all prominent characters cope with trauma. I enjoyed this book once I could look past Iris’ idiocy in crafting the curse in the first place. I had difficulty believing she would have prepared that specific curse after what she had witnessed. She was still recovering from the emotional trauma from that event, and I doubt she would have so carelessly made a devasting curse. 

Once I got past my hangup, this was a nice romance. I loved the setting and the animals. Griffin’s writing was lovely, as were her characters. This was a solid YA read.

Thank you to NetGalley and SourceBooks Fires for the ARC.
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Iris Gray is a young witch working at a wildlife refuge in the PNW. Pike is an intern at said wildlife refuge and the most obnoxious person Iris has ever met and he happens to hate witches. So of course Iris curses him and it all goes wrong!!

Queue enemies to lovers on a quest to save the world, or at least the PNW! Iris’s curse ended up in an owl who has escaped the refuge and she has to get it back. Pike of course doesn’t know she’s a witch and she isn’t about to tell him… adventure ensues. 

I enjoyed this one, the pacing could at times be slow, and the stakes sometimes felt slightly lackluster but over all I loved it and I definitely recommend! 

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for my copy in exchange for my unbiased opinion.
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I was immersed in this book from the moment I picked it up. I loved the premise, and the execution was just phenomenal.
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I was excited for this book because it really sounded like a young witch coming of age story. Which it is - but it also falls prey to that “girl couldn’t do it without boy” plot line. 

We have obnoxious boy who teases, torments, & makes the MC’s life frustrating - but wait he does it for her! To help her take herself less seriously! But they don’t know anything about each other until spending 2 days in the woods together. I think you can catch where this is headed without me dropping spoilers. 

This book was a journey through the wilderness while a Witch works to rectify something they’d done. I liked the vivid picture the author built. It was easy to see the characters and follow them on their adventure. I felt as if I was spying on them as they grew throughout the book. The ending fit well with the story line and wrapped things up nicely.

Overall, the book is fine. I love the interpretation of magic & it being in tune with nature/the universe etc. It’s just not what I was hoping for with all the potential it had.
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Rachel Griffin is wonderful at weaving together magic and teen angst. A teen struggling with the consequences of their power and mistakes learning through her own magical journey. For teens and adults who love all things witchy.
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