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The prose of this book is beautiful, wrapping readers up in its spell. Griffin crafts a beautiful relationship arc between Pike and Iris, each wonderfully complicated and understandable.

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I had the pleasure of reading an e-arc of Rachel Griffin's upcoming book, Wild is the witch, and it was a magical experience.

The setting of this story and the way it described nature and natural life was so vivid and atmospheric that i felt calmed by it just like the main character at times. Iris is one of the book characters i've related to the most all my life, the way she leads life and the way she struggles with the way her mind works and the worries she can't help but overthink spoke to me on a spiritual level.

I found the plot very original and creative and was hooked by It from the very beggining. It only took me two days to read it.

I fell in love with both Iris and Pike and their joint journey and individual character arcs felt true and necessary for them in a way that not many authors can manage to write. This is already one of my new favorite books and i think the story and the characters are going to stay with me for a long time. If you haven't already, please consider preordering the book, it comes out in August and i promise it's one of the best things you're gonna read this year.

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Sometimes you start a book on a Sunday night, snuggled in to bed, hoping to read a few pages before you drift to sleep. Sometimes you start a book on a Sunday night and can't put it down, so you read for hours until common sense tells you to finish it tomorrow when you are awake again. This was that book, the one I couldn't put down and the one I talked about today with some of my students who love to discuss books. Magic is at the heart of this story as Iris is a witch. She has sworn never to speak of being a witch again after a tragic experience her friend faced and she uses her powers to connect with the animals at the refuge she runs with her mother. To deal with her anxiety and stress, Iris can be found casting spells into the earth in a way that cause no harm. This outlet works well for her until she curses her co-worker and the curse is connected to a owl. When Iris realizes what she has done, she is forced to journey into the woods to find the owl and remove the curse, while being accompanied by the very boy she was cursing. I loved this book from the moment I started reading it. I loved the way that Griffin created Iris as a realistic teenager, who just happened to be a witch. I loved the relationship development between Pike and Iris, as well as the moments they were truly honest with each other. I found myself teared up a few (many) times and I am grateful to have discovered this book. I can't wait to see what Griffin writes next, but I hope she continues to create powerful, emotional, magical tales.

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Wild is the Witch is another magical treat by Rachel Griffin. I adored altruistic Iris and loved quirky and kind Pike. You feel the uncertainty, the fear, and the strength of Iris as she wrestles with the thing she loves most in life being lost due to never believing she could love the boy she cursed. Griffin effortlessly weaves magic onto every page seemlessly transporting the reader into the story. Wild is the Witch is simply a delight, a story I did not want to end.

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“What is coincidence if not a subtle form of magic?”

Oh my goodness. Rachel Griffin must be a witch. I am positive of it. In her second book, Wild is the Witch, she weaves magic into our natural world so effortlessly, she makes me believe it’s possible.

Iris and Pike, the main characters, are so real, I could see them walking through the forests of the Pacific Northwest. I could feel the rain as it turned from a drizzle into a storm. I could feel the wind whipping at the tent. Hear the owl’s hoot echo through the trees.

All I can say is if you love…
- Nature
- Atmospheric settings that add to the drama
- “Enemies” to lovers
- There’s only one tent 😉
- Cursing boys in the midnight hours

Then grab a copy of this book from your local indie bookstore or library as soon as it hits the shelves.

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I received an ARC of Wild is the Witch from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Wild is the Witch is far from my normal read. I rarely read fantasy, and can't remember the last time I picked up a YA novel. That being said, I'm so glad I received this book.

A girl falls in love with a boy who hates what she loves most. Magic. Rachel Griffin put a wonderful spin on some common romance tropes. Enemies to Lovers. Secret Identity. Stuck Together. Betrayal. Trauma. CURSED.

I debated between 4 and 5 stars a few times because this book was so far out of my normal reading I do t have much to compare it to, but Griffin used such beautiful imagery, and her words were so eloquent, I found myself re-reading sentences or paragraphs just to experience them again.

If you're looking for a quick, but thoroughly enjoyable read, I highly recommend Wild is the Witch.

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This is the worst book ive read in a while. I mean sure the premise is cool but the writing is so simple and awkward and idk i guess it just coulda been fleshed out more.

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this book was so beautiful, raw, and emotional. rachel’s sophomore book absolutely hit it’s out of the park. she is one of my favorite authors ever

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Rachel Griffin is becoming one of my favorite authors. After reading Nature of Witches, I knew I had to dive more into her next work. This was such an atmospheric read.

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Loved every moment of this book!
The atmosphere, the romance, everything was executed wonderfully and I can't wait to have my own physical copy :)

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Rachel Griffin is writing some of the absolute best YA contemporary fantasy in the game. WILD IS THE WITCH is a love letter to nature, forgiveness, and second chances. This book has nature, witches, forced proximity, enemies-to-lovers, and high stakes. It feels both familiar and fresh at the same time. Teen readers will most likely connect strongly with the heroine who feels real, flawed, and relatable. I highly recommend this book to adults and teens alike.

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A new trope: "There's Only One Tent"

Forced Proximity
Secret Identity
"Oh no you're hurt!"
Meddling Owl

A witch-in-hiding falling in love with a boy who hates witches?! And she accidentally curses him and they have to go camping in the woods together to stop the curse before it's too late? Wild Is the Witch.

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Rachael Griffin’s books is like taking a walk amidst the trees, smelling the dew drops in the air, hearing the owls hoot in the distance and just feeling like you are home

After a tumultuous turn of events lead to Iris and Pike being forced into the woods together to look for a cunning and mischievous owl 🦉, Iris becomes paranoid that Pike will discover that she’s a witch (both iris and her mom have a specific kind of magic that connects them to animals!)
After having made it clear that he hates witches, Iris does not trust Pike and vows to never reveal the truth
However, with a dangerous curse on the loose and the woods becoming more dangerous, Iris must decide how far she will go to keep her secret.

Wild is the Witch is an vivid and atmospheric read with elements of perseverance, hope, learning to trust yourself + letting go 🌱
As always, Griffin cleverly added an environmentally conscious narrative that subtly educates people on climate change
This is a book about emotional growth, with a protagonist that has such relatable anxious thoughts that I so deeply connected with
She is a constant worrier who wants, so badly, to simply exist without worrying about what is to come
Meanwhile, a very carefully and tenderly woven enemies-to-lovers romance that had me smiling and clutching my kindle 🥺
The love interest is “infuriating” and is constantly challenging Iris which drives her nuts!
With glasses that constantly shift down his nose to the most adorable messy hair, Pike 100% stole my heart! 🥺
This was such an emotional story filled with hilarious banter, magic, a thrilling adventure in the woods… and there’s only one tent 😈
I absolutely adored this book!! All the stars!

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Thank you thank you to Sourcebooks Fire for an eARC in exchange for an honest review!

I am a HUGE fan of Rachel's work. As a Seattleite, her stories just really call to me, so it's no surprise that I absolutely adored Wild is the Witch even more than The Nature of Witches!

Between the magic, the setting, and the characters, this one captured what I love most about the PNW and animals. In one sitting, I read Iris and Pike's story. Between their bickering, sweet moments, and tear-jerking exchanges, this one will be a warm hug and a punch to the gut.

At first, I honestly couldn't see how he was the live interest because THE BICKERING WAS THAT GOOD. And then of course Iris had to go ruin it with a curse.

This book is just beautiful. It's touching, sweet, and I won't lie, the last 15% of the book was rough. I had to keep wiping my eyes to read through the tears. I loved how much both Like and Iris grew as characters over a matter of days, and I loved seeing the theme of forgiveness throughout the book.

Overall, this was just a truly fantastic book, and I easily read it in one sitting. Cannot recommend this one enough!

Cw: animal deaths

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I read this book in one setting. I couldn't put it down. I love her ability to make me feel like I am in the pacific northwest even though I have never actually been there. She is an auto buy author for me and my library.

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