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I love Rachel Griffin’s writing so much. There is something so beautiful about it and I really enjoyed it in this book. The way the forests and animals and magic were described was so intriguing. I really enjoyed the enemies to lovers POV with the twist at the end. This book was so great and has ensured that Rachel is staying as one of my insta buy authors.
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This was a quick magical read. I really enjoyed this story about a young witch, an accidental curse and a young man who has a hatred for witches. 
I love the setting of the Pacific Northwest and an animal refuge. Two young people dealing with some heavy things while trying to save an owl and holding in many secrets. 
If you enjoy books with magic and witches, pick this one up.
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The vibes in this book are really top notch if you're looking for a book set in the Pacific Northwest where you can really get a sense of the forrest and the nature. I'm not really a nature girlie myself so the vibes were nice but not the main reason I was there. The main reason I was there is because the premise of this book is essentially that Iris writes a curse to turn Pike into a witch (a HUGE no-no) because she doesn't like him, but also, she never intends for this curse to be, you know, effective. Then an owl swoops in and ingests the curse and she and Pike have to adventure into the woods to find the owl and stop the curse before things get real bad, but also Pike cannot know she's a witch. Obviously, because this is a book with a perfect hate to love set-up, we get a hate to love relationship and I think that part was done so well, because you actually get to see Pike and Iris communicate. A novel concept it feels like sometimes. But I really liked the way you see their dynamic shift throughout this book and the slow way they come to understand that they never had the full picture of the other person before. Oh, and the mental health representation in this book is really visceral. The anxiety that Iris feels? You definitely get it. I thought it was extremely well done, but I also think that parts of it may feel triggering for some individuals. 

The reason this book gets a four star from me rather than a five is because I don't think this book committed to a particular path or, alternatively, it is meant to be a series, but that part isn't announced? I just felt like there was a lot that was set up in this book and then not explored. Like, there is a whole friendship that we see established and break in the prologue and then the repercussions are felt throughout and at the end, we see that they're going to reconnect, but you never really... see it. And similarly, this book has an explosive ending with the romance side of things, but it's just not clear what or where it is going. So I think if you're more comfortable with very open ended books this book might really work for you. For me, I just wanted a few more threads to tie together or to be explored throughout.
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While Wild is the Witch has a ton of really popular elements and tropes, it is an entirely unique story. Although there were writing conventions and parts of the plot that I wasn't initially looking forward too, I found myself completely immersed in this book thanks to the author's writing style. From the character writing, to the atmosphere, this book is entirely it own - so much so that I don't even know how to describe it. The highest praise I can sing for this book, and final thing I will say is that it has gotten me out of my fantasy, and just overall reading slump. I will definitely be picking up more books by this author.
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Wild is the Witch is a YA romance with elements of fantasy. It's a relatively fast paced novel and is set in a beautiful landscape. If you are looking for a enemies turned friends story, this is a perfect fit.
Iris and her mom are setting up a new life after suffering a major blow in their life. They are harboring secrets and to protect that secret Iris does something unintentionally which could have bad consequences.
Liked: I really liked how the author described the relation of magic and nature. The development of Pike as a character is really good.
Didn't like: How less magic was there in the book. I wanted more magic and more witches!
Thank you NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire for this book.
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Another witchy standalone by Rachel Griffin! Who could resist that?! This book was surprisingly touching, and had me feeling all sorts of emotions throughout. Any book that brings a tear to my eye is a great one in my books. 

Wild is the Witch follows Iris, a young witch who was forced to leave her old town with her mom due to an unfortunate event. Now the two run an animal refuge together, and Iris keeps her identity as a witch a secret, especially given that the intern working with her happens to hate witches. When a harmless ritual goes wrong, Iris finds herself trekking through the wilderness with witch-hating Pike by her side as she tries to find the curse-stealing owl before it's too late. 

This book has so many fantastic elements to it - the writing style is fantastic as usual, the raw emotion bleeding through the pages is so real, and we get deep moments of vulnerability lightened up with just enough humor to make it feel real. The beginning of this book sets the stage well, and the story flows from there pretty well. We have a few slower spots in the middle there, but everything picks right up as we get to the end. 

Overall, it's a really great YA contemporary story, with such a beautiful take on magic and witches. The romance is slow and sweet, and the book ends exactly as it should have. It will definitely leave you with a smile on your face.
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Honestly kinda speechless right now because I loved reading this book so much omfg.

This was my first Rachel Griffin novel and I loved every aspect of this book. I thought her writing was relatable and realistic in a sense of how Iris was dealing with the aftermath of a very traumatic experience she had in the past that forced her leave her last home. The plot was incredibly engaging and the magic system was so unique. I loved the blend of science and magic coexisting within our world and it felt like such a refreshing take on magic and witches.

One of the many things I loved about this book was the relationship between Iris and Pike. It's the typical enemies to lovers who are forced into close proximity, but also more than that? Pike and Iris have set assumptions about one another going into this journey and getting to read how they start to relearn each other made my heart meeeelt. Their relationship was angsty, difficult, and incredibly sweet.

I can't recommend this book enough and given how much I enjoyed this one, I can't wait to dive into The Nature of Witches.
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3.5 rounding up to 4 for Goodreads. This book was good, but I didn't enjoy it as much as Griffin's first book, The Nature of Witches.

 It was descriptive and easy to read. I love the Pacific Northwest, so it was nice to imagine being in that area again and for the story to have this setting. It's fantasy light, so for those, who don't enjoy fantasy or want to dip their toes into it, this would be a good book to start. 
It's also YA, and sometimes I feel too mature for those and the issues on hand can be too trivial for me. But the problem Iris finds herself in is a serious matter and I felt she seemed pretty mature for her age so I didn't have an issue with this one being a young adult novel. 
Also Griffin can definitely write! Some books feel bogged down by descriptions and you just want the author to get to the point, but Griffin writes descriptively while getting to the heart of the matter and I appreciate that. It's easy to picture the exact scenario, feeling or setting while reading her books. 

As someone who suffers from anxiety, worries and imagines worst case scenarios constantly, I really could relate to Iris and how Griffin writes about this character makes me believe she either suffers from it also or someone she loves does. 

This quote really resonated with me and something I wish more people could understand. "But that's the thing about anxiety, it doesn't care if something is rational or not. It takes hold of your mind and squeezes, tighter and tighter until it can't be ignored, demanding your undivided attention. It turns from insignificant to all-consuming in the span of a breath, a fog so think it's impossible to see through, and no amount of breathing or counting or visualizations undoes it." I try to explain this often, so I felt this statement. 😅

Also I could definitely relate to Iris when she had this thought: "I try so hard to plan for everything, checking and rechecking my lists, staying up late at night practicing conversations in my mind..." I felt Griffin was in my mind. 😂 

So I definitely liked the main character. The story was left open-ended (not on a cliff hanger), but to where I could see a sequel in the future and I'd be interested in continuing the series if that happens. All in all, like I said it was a good book. Nothing overly earth shattering but decent. 

**Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me an advanced copy of this book and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinion. I am posting this review to my Goodreads account immediately and will post it to my Amazon & Instagram accounts upon publication.
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One thing that I love about this setting is that witches and magic are part of the regular population, not hiding from it. In Iris’ case, she is hiding her and her mother’s magic because of what happened before they moved to the northwest and started an animal refuge. Pike is an intern at the refuge and Iris finds him to be very annoying. The story is interesting and a quick read, but the plot device used to throw them together was very obvious. I would give this story 3.5 stars if that was an option.

I received a free copy of this book to review through NetGalley.
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Wild Is the Witch follows Iris and Pike in an enemies-to-lovers wild goose err owl chase. Pike is driving Iris crazy with his constant hatred of witches, so she formulates a curse to get out her frustrations. She has no intention of enacting the curse which will turn Pike into a witch, but when an owl snatches the curse, she has no choice but to track it down lest something happen to the owl, letting the curse loose on any unsuspecting non-witches in the vicinity. Unfortunately for Iris, she doesn't get to go on this quest on her own. Pike has to tag along with her.

This was a fun little book. I really liked the world building and the magic, and Iris and Pike play off of each other really well. Their romance is cute, and neither character annoyed me (which is a big plus in YA these days). There were a few times where I felt the story dragged a little bit, but all in all it was an enjoyable read.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for this ARC. I recommend this book.
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This book really surprised me! I loved reading it and thought it was the perfect mix of adventurous, emotional, romantic and whimsical!  I will definitely be recommending this book to friends and returning back to it as a comfort read!
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🔊Song Pairing: Hoax - Taylor Swift (this book is basically folklore to a T 

💭What I thought would happen:

Since The Nature of Witches I will follow Rachel into the unknown 

📖What actually happens: 

When Iris rages a little too hard after a particularly nasty altercation with her enemy/colleague, Pike, she conjures up a spell to turn that butthole into a witch. When Iris cannot contain it and accidentally attaches it to an owl she must track down this crazy night predator and correct her error before it finds Pike. 

UNFORTUNATELY, Iris’ mother suggests she and Pike set out together to track down the owl and bring it back to the animal sanctuary. Of course Iris isn’t being forthcoming about what she’s done. Now she’s stuck with the insufferable Pike. 


I DID NOT think this was a romance! What! I was expecting more magic and elements vibes. No this is not a sequel to The Nature of Witches.

I very much enjoyed this one from start to finish. I demolished the audiobook in a 24 hour window sooo ya know…oops? I love when a book is so delicious I can’t possibly pace myself 

I have never in my life a) craved homemade granola b) laughing hysterically over KIND bars. 

I think there is something for everyone in this book. Feel free to fall in love with this gem!🤍

This book contains:
🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏽‍♂️Enemies to lovers 
🔮Magic - spells, charms 
🌲Nature - detailed atmosphere 
🤣Comedy - quality LOL moments 
🫦Witty Banter - yes please
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I received an advanced copy of Wild is the Witch from the publisher so I could share my review with you!
Rachel Griffin writes beautifully natural books about witchy characters, and I cannot get enough!  There is something about her writing style that effortlessly captures the magic in nature, both in fantasy and realistic contexts.  Pike is one of my all-time favorite love interests from a YA novel!  He is such a sweet and nerdy kid, and I loved reading about how Iris grows in her opinions of him.  Griffin’s debut novel, The Nature of Witches, was one of my top reads of 2021 and Wild is the Witch is officially one of my 2022 favorites!  She has more than earned her place as an instant-buy author for me!

My Recommendation-
If you love all things nature-centric and witchy, you need to grab a copy of Wild is the Witch!  I would especially recommend this book to readers who love outdoorsy activities like hiking, wildlife observation, and camping!
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If someone told me that I’d become enraptured by a YA witchy enemies-to-lovers romance I would chuckle to myself and exit the room rather awkwardly. But if they were to mention it’s Rachel Griffin’s newest release, then I’d grab a copy, a cozy blanket, and shoo them from the room. 

Her newest, Wild is the Witch is not only beautiful on the outside, the sentences inside are a treasure trove of gems. 

“Magic is always present, always close. It exists along with all the atoms and particles of the universe, and when enough of it is brought together, it produces a reaction most would call extraordinary. But the reaction itself isn’t the magic; it’s the existence of it in the first place that is.”

In this contemporary fantasy standalone, a tragic incident in her hometown causes teen witch Iris Gray to move with her mother to a wildlife refuge in the PNW where they can rebuild their lives and use their powers to care for any animals that need rescuing. When fellow intern Pike makes a hurtful comment, Iris blows off steam by creating a curse she never meant for him. Unfortunately things go awry when an owl swoops down and carries the curse further into the forest, which could ultimately mean demise for Pike…and everyone else in the region. Iris and Pike have to work together to find the owl before it’s too late, and Iris is determined to keep her abilities secret.  

The one thing that really takes this YA read to the next level is the writing. 
“I am the cosmos and energy and the matter of the universe held perfectly together with skin and bone.”
The majestic beauty of just being human and the magic inside people, animals, and nature pours lyrically from the pages. The exploration of grief, relationships, and teenage-hood within this witchy romance is such a great way to garner interest from that young adult age group and provide some ideas to really chew on as we look towards our future here on this planet. 

Iris and Pike are the chips in this witchy romance sandwich. Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy to read and review. Also, that naked cover is perfection. Be sure to check it out!
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Wild is the Witch by Rachel Griffin follows Iris Gray. Iris has vowed to keep the fact that she is a witch a secret after being forced to move after one fateful, magic-filled night went wrong. When she finds herself frustrated, Iris follows a ritual she learned from her grandmother and writes curses she then destroys. Her latest frustration is Pike Alder, the witch-hating aspiring ornithologist who interns at Iris and her mother’s wildlife refuge. Iris decides to curse Pike after he says something particularly hurtful. But before she gets the chance to destroy it, an owl takes the curse. This owl is a very powerful amplifier, and the curse will wreak havoc if the owl is to die. Iris and Pike are forced together to trek through the wilderness in search of the owl. But Pike doesn’t know the real reason they are trying to find the owl. Iris must decide if her secrets are worth keeping when danger mounts higher and higher.

I was instantly drawn into the woodsy atmosphere of this contemporary fantasy. The magic system of this book is so interesting. I adored Iris’ connection with the animals. I really loved watching Iris and Pike go from enemies to lovers. Everything about this book is just so enjoyable and cozy.
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After a tragic accident, Iris Gray and her mother relocate to the beautiful Pacific Northwest and open an animal sanctuary. While everyone in the world knows witches exist and most are ok with them, Iris and her mom strive to keep a low profile. They work with their animals and don’t advertise that they use magic to help heal. All is going well until ornithology intern Pike Alder comes along. He and Iris do not get along, but it only gets worse when she finds out he hates witches. But after a magic spell goes wrong, they will have to team up and trek through the mountains to find an injured owl. 

This book will keep you turning the page. Action packed & well-written characters will have you hooked.
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This book was simple but beautiful. It was fast paced and had me glued to the story. I really wish there was more magic. I loved the banter between Iris and Pike. It was done perfectly. This is the perfect book to kick off the autumn season. What I loved most was Iris. I found her relatable especially her spiraling thoughts and anxiety. The love that Iris had for the Owl touch my heart and I definitely cried a little. I can't wait for cooler temperatures so that I can reread this with a hot cup of coffee and a cozy blanket. This book is definitely a cozy read and I highly recommend.
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One of my favorite releases of 2022, WILD IS THE WITCH. Rachel Griffin’s new book about a young witch and the boy she cursed.

I finished reading Iris and Pike’s story last night. What a wonderful experience it was! Rachel must have magic of her own because I felt entirely transported, surrounded by the chill and beauty of the Pacific Northwest. The tone and setting were so strong and I find my mind drifting back to it constantly.

The relationship between Iris and Pike was one I deeply enjoyed. There’s something about couples that make so much sense but just can’t see it, even if the people around them can (thank you for the laughs, Isobel!). Their journey is deeply emotional, full of grief and forgiveness and learning to be vulnerable again.

More than anything this book gave me a sense of comfort and hope. Two things I didn’t realize I was needing but found myself drawn to like the first touch of magic, pulling it in until I burned with it.

Thank you to Sourcebooks Fire and NetGalley for an eARC. And thank you Rachel for this magical story.

PS ✨I also just found out the book I ordered is going to be signed! I didn’t know when I ordered it and I’m so excited!🌙
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Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the ARC of this book. All opinions are my own! 

Rachel Griffin has done it again. This book was fantastic. From the very first pages I was sucked into a lush world with the gorgeous prose and beautiful descriptions. This was stunning! Another 5 star read for me!
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This was such a swift glorious read. First things first, the cover!!💕 The cover was what drew me to this book, I had no expectations as this was a new author to me (even though I've had her previous book on my wishlist forever, again purely because of the cover 😂) but I was totally bowled over by this stunning story. 
I loved the style of writing so much, the story had such an enticing flow that made it effortless to read.

🐺When eighteen-year-old witch Iris Gray accidentally enacts a curse that could have dire consequences, she must team up with a boy who hates witches to make sure her magic isn't unleashed on the world.

🦉Iris is sweet and likeable and I love the description of how the magic is already everywhere and how the witches use it. Iris's communication with animals is a pivotal and endearing element of the tale.
 An innocent story of enemies to friends.
 A book which is incredibly satisfying and easy to read, I had no hesitation in awarding it a much deserved 5⭐as I whizzed through it in a day .

 I'd highly recommend to all.
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