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4,5 rounded up to 5.

Thank you so much to and @flatiron_books for my audio and physical copies. I absolutely loved this one! This was an absolute perfect audiobook. The format of this book is unique in that it’s part podcast, part letter, part story so it translated perfectly to audio. There are also 10 narrators in this story so it’s quite the performance. All narrators did a phenomenal job. I ended up doing this whole book by audio and I loved every minute it. I highly recommend checking this one out on audio if you are interested in this one. I had a few questions with the ending so I think I need to go back and read the last couple of chapters, but for the most part I was absolutely blown away by this one and highly recommend. This one just came out this week! Officially moving @damiella onto my favorite authors list and I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next!
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This book is great! Would definitely recommend. Thanks so much to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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I hadn't read Montimore's past work but can now see why she's a beloved author. I loved the characters in Acts of Violet and felt they were believable and realistic. The splash of magical realism was a fun twist to this mystery story. I like the format of having the podcast episodes throughout the novel and hope to find more books written in this style!
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I absolutely loved the GMA book club pick Oona Out of Order and it was on our list of the best of the year.  I was so excited to read this book and it did not disappoint. 
When the famous magician Violet Volk disappears without a trace, nobody can figure out where she went.  Now, a decade later, her sister is wondering if Violet will finally reappear and if she can get some answers.  Her fans still love and adore her but Sasha wants answers.  Their relationship has left so many questions.  As Sasha searches for answers, she will have to come to terms with the past. 
I loved this book.  It is so original and unlike anything that I have read.  It is magical realism at its best which is not surprising coming from this author.
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Do you believe in magic? 🔮🎩🐰 I really really enjoyed #oonaoutoforder and was thrilled for an early copy of Margarita Montimore’s Acts of Violet. #actsofviolet is the story of a magician who vanished into thin air ten years ago and the tumultuous wake her family has been navigating ever since. I found this to be a prettyyy slow start that eventually picked up pace… as I frustratingly wanted to know- what happened to Violet Volk? 🕵🏼‍♀️ I enjoyed the podcast storyline and the pro-therapy arc but felt underwhelmed with the ending. Quirky subplot details of the girls’ childhood and supernatural shenanigans kept me entertained so I would round this up to ⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2. #arc #netgalley #magic #superstitions #margaritamontimore #fiction #mysterythriller #magicalrealism

Thank you to the author, Flatiron Books, and NetGalley  for and advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Once again, Margarita Montimore does a deft job of handling familial drama, this time focusing on the nuanced relationship of sisters.  Violet and Sasha had a complicated relationship that was even more strained due to Violet’s international success as a magician and author. But Violet has been missing for ten years and now a podcast is being produced to commemorate the milestone anniversary.  Trying to avoid her memories has not helped Sasha put the trauma to rest, so what if she faces the ghost of her sister directly?  Alternating between Sasha’s narrative and the podcast transcripts is a clever way of telling more than one side of the story while still controlling the narrative like all quality magicians - Violet would be proud.
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I alternated between reading this as an ebook and listening to the audiobook.  Both were incredible but the full cast audio made this really something special.  A famous magician has disappeared and the book unfolds through interviews, articles and my favorite: podcast episodes.  The production is fantastic.  I love books that don't follow a traditional format so I found this book super engaging and entertaining.
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Another July review coming in hot.  I realize it’s mid-August and I finished this book a month ago.  I feel it’s still worth it to tell you to read this one— better yet, grab the audiobook.  It’s so well done with a full cast of characters.  You won’t be disappointed in the audio.  I did a little mix of reading the physical copy but did the majority on audio because I didn’t want to stop listening.

Violet vanishes during her magic show in front of everyone.  Several years later, she’s still missing leaving her sister, Sasha, to be hounded by press and haunted by Violet sightings.  Acts of Violet alternates between podcasts and interviews telling the story of Violet and speculating what could’ve happened during her last act and Sasha’s current life without her sister.

While Sasha got on my nerves, I still felt for her trying to grapple with her sister’s disappearance and all of the media attention put on her family.  The ending left me continuing to ponder things and would’ve loved a little more discussion about the ending and would’ve liked more Violet.  I can’t say too much without spoiling it so I’ll stop there.  If you’ve read this one, let me know how you felt about the ending.

Overall, great book and recommend it!  I still love OONA OUT OF ORDER a little more but this one was entertaining.  Available now so grab a copy (again, grab the audio if you like to listen!)!
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okay this book took a totally different turn than I was anticipating - and almost in a letdown type of way …

when I read the synopsis (a rarity I know), I was so intrigued by magicians and disappearing acts and family drama! and while that was the setting of the story, it rarely delved deep into any of those topics. 

the story is told in a mix of newspaper articles, online forums, and podcasts - an interesting way to go about this one! and while I’m normally very interested in this style of writing, I don’t think it worked in this case 🫠

the theories floating around about magician violet’s disappearance bounced around from multiverses to kidnappings to government conspiracy theories, and at the end, none of them really played out. I felt played myself 😅😅😅

and while I normally love the air of mysteries, I think this one is better served as a coming of age story for quinn, one of the MCs, and not focused so much on violet. if the author had delved deeper into the theories instead of keeping it surface level, I think I would have enjoyed a lot more. 

thank you to flatiron books and netgalley for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review! 

rating: 2.5 stars
wine pairing: california grüner veltliner
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If you like magical realism, then you might love Acts of Violet. While this is not my personal favorite genre, the writing is good and the true crime podcast element makes the audiobook very enjoyable. 

Acts of Violet is about famous magician Violet Volk, who mysteriously disappeared 10 years ago during one of her shows. Her fandom is rabid with theories, much to the chagrin of her sister, Sasha. Sasha has never come to terms with her fraught relationship with her sister and the many questions she is left with in the wake of her disappearance. 

I like if you liked Gravity is the Thing by Jaclyn Moriarty, this book will be your jam.
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When I read the premise for Acts of Violet I was immediately drawn in! 

Nearly 10 years have passed since Violet Volk, world famous magician, disappeared during one of her acts. Social media has kept the search for her alive (she has a hashtag) and the rise in true crime podcasts only further fuels the interest in what happened to Violet Volk. As the anniversary of her disappearance approaches, it seems different this time. Maybe Violet really is still out there. 

Acts of Violet didn't immediately grab me, but once it did I finished the second half in two sittings. The different ways the story unfolds - Sasha's POV, the emails between different characters, the podcast transcripts - were original and kept the story moving at a nice pace. This was Violet's story, but most of it was told in the aftermath of her disappearance. We saw how her actions in life effected those closest to her and how they lived in her shadow even after her disappearance, but I wish we had been able to hear more from her. Violet remains almost as mysterious at the end of this book as at the beginning. 

I do feel like the story wrapped up nicely, but I had so many questions at the end. I will definitely be checking out more from this author in the future.

Thanks you so much to NetGalley & Flatiron Books for a review copy.
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I was so excited to read Acts of Violet and loved the premise of it - a famous magician that disappears in the middle of her act - and leaves everyone wondering if it was part of the show or if she met a nefarious end.

I will say that I LOVED the format of the book.  It included podcast episodes, newspaper/magazine articles, email threads, and more typical chapters from the main character's point of view.  It made the book very readable and hard to put down at times.

However, as I continued to read, I did find it to be going in circles a bit.  It always felt easy to read (in large part because of the format with the podcasts and emails interspersed throughout) - yet the story felt as if it were moving forward somewhat slowly.  And while it started out as an intriguing mystery of what happened to Violet Volk, it ended up being more about her sister Sasha and the effects that Violet's disappearance had on Sasha's life.  I was still okay with this, because I did appreciate Sasha's character and was fine with learning more about her.

At any rate, as the book progressed, we learned more about Violet bit by bit.  It seemed to be really building up to something, and even incorporated really strange things that were happening to Sasha.  There were definitely some eerie/creepy vibes and I could not wait to see where it would lead and what the explanation would be behind everything that was going on.

However, the ending was odd, abrupt, anticlimactic, and bizarre.  It was deeply unsatisfying and I was left feeling really disappointed.  I couldn't believe that ending was the entire explanation of the plot, and that it was supposed to answer everything the reader was questioning up to that point.  I felt like the explanation as to what happened to Violet was lame, and I still had so many questions about what was going on with Sasha, as well as all the little clues and happenings that went on throughout the book.  I don't really know how else to explain it other than the ending was terrible and ultimately made the rest of the book (which I had liked up until that point) a waste.

I read the print (ebook) version of this and have noticed that people are really commending the audio version (not so much the story, but the experience of listening to it on audio).  So if you are going to check this one out, you may want to go with the audio version instead.

Thank you to NetGalley and Flatiron Books for the e-arc of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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I was very excited to see that Margarita Montimore had a new book out as I loved Oona Out Of Order! I didn’t love this one as much, but I did like it! An interesting, magical (she’s a magician), and a mystery!  This was good.  I recommend.  

Thanks to #Netgalley for providing a free copy for an honest review.
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Firstly, I highly recommend this book in audiobook format. I went back and listened to the audiobook and it works the stories multimedia formatting so, so well.

I wasn't sure what to expect going into this book with topics of magic, missing persons, podcasts, etc - but it was mysterious, engaging, entertaining, and at some points I forgot I wasn't listening to a real podcast during the Strange Exit chapters.

There is some magical realism within the story which I wasn't sure I was supposed to take as actual magic or not. And I wish I had gotten slightly more out of the ending than all of the build up led to. The recurring motifs and sleepwalking escapades were interesting and felt like great foreshadowing but I kept expecting for something really big to actually happen.

Very entertaining and a fun read.
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Violet Volt has been missing for 10 years. Following her meteoric rise to stardom as a stage magician, one day, during a performance, she just…vanished. Since then, everyone has speculated about what could have happened to Violet, and with the 10th anniversary approaching, a new podcast has been stirring up more interest than usual. Violet’s sister, Sasha, has been doing her best to live her life as normally as possible, but with Violet back in the spotlight, Sasha must finally try to put the pieces together, and contend with the fractures that had long existed in her relationship with her sister.

I picked this up as an audiobook, and Y’ALL. This audiobook is the best produced audiobook I’ve heard since Daisy Jones & the Six. There’s a full cast, and the mixed-media format of the book (there are podcast episodes, articles, interviews, emails, and even therapy sessions) makes reading this on audio an incredibly immersive experience. 

Montimore is also the author of Oona Out of Order, and this book also lives in a genre-bending, speculative, metaphysics-minded place. I haven’t read Oona yet, but to give you an anchor:  this one requires a similar level of suspension-of-disbelief as One Last Stop, which I also loved.

Things I loved here: 
🃏 The mixed-media. This felt like a true crime podcast and it amped up the pacing
🪄 Positive depiction of therapy, even if this therapist wasn’t my all time favorite
🃏 Depiction of a publicly out bi/poly celebrity (though the way that the two identities intersected sometimes led to discussions that felt classically biphobic), as well as some other queer side character rep
🐇 Sasha 💕

Readers should go into this one expecting it to be primarily focused on the impact Violet’s disappearance has had on her family, especially Sasha. I think the true crime podcast vibes made me expect this to be a little bit more mystery than it landed, which made the ending feel a little lackluster to me, but I think a lot of it is because my expectations were skewed.

Thanks to Flatiron Books via Netgalley for an DRC to review.
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I tried reading the book and had a hard time with all the emails and transcripts. I listened to the audio book and it was fantastic. I loved all the different actors portraying the characters and their emails. The story is really good and I wanted to know more about Violet. The author does an excellent job leaving you with answers but even more questions.
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This book really intrigued me from the beginning. Violet missing magician who vanished 10 years ago during one of her tricks, and no one knows what happened to her, or if it was intentional, or if she may have been taken, or even if she may even still be alive or not.

The story is told through mixed media--a podcast series, emails, a few articles, past letters to Violet from her sister and her husband Gabriel,  and Violet's sister Sasha's perspective.  I liked the mixed media, I think it was done well and added to the mystery of the story.  We learn more about the eccentric, provocative magician through the different pieces of her life put together by the various glimpses into her past.  And with Sasha's POV, we learn what the effect of growing up with Violet and her disappearance had on her life.  

But here's where it falls short for me.  I was very excited to read this book as I really enjoyed the premise, but I found my interest started waning after about 50%.  I was intrigued to know Sasha and Violet's secrets at first, but the book was a bit slow-going and I found myself checking out at times. I was also underwhelmed and very unsatisfied with the ending, and felt it was extremely rushed.  I do think I'd like to try the audiobook version of this and that maybe I would've enjoyed that more, as I have read that it is fantastic and I think would work well with the mixed media.
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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this early read.

This is the new one from the author of Oona Out of Order.  There is no time travel in this one, but you do have to believe in magic. Violet Volk was a masterful magician and illusionist, shattering the glass ceiling of her profession and making herself a household name.  Her biggest trick by far was disappearing without a trace at the end of a show in her hometown.  Now the Violet faithful are gathering for their annual vigil on the tenth anniversary of her disappearance.   

Podcaster Cameron Frank approaches Violet’s sister Sasha, wanting her to participate in his project about Violet’s disappearance.  Sasha, who was estranged from her sister when she disappeared, has spent the last ten years trying to move on with her life, grieving her sister in private and in her own way.  The last thing she wants is to be on a podcast.  But now her daughter is about to graduate college and has questions about her aunt and she wants answers, not the whitewashed version Sasha has been telling her all these years. When Sasha starts sleepwalking and strange things keep happening, Sasha knows that it is time to face her sister’s life, disappearance, and legacy head on. 

I really liked this new one from Montimore.  It is told in multiple formats, with Sasha’s narrative interspersed with transcripts of the podcasts, emails, newspaper articles, and the like.  It was very readable, and I just loved the seeming contrast between the two sisters – bold, bash Violet and homebody Sasha – their differences drove them apart, but it may also be the way Sasha finds her way towards some healing and forgiveness.  If you like magic, if you like stories about sisters and family, if you liked her previous book, then try Acts of Violet.
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While I really LOVED Oona, I was less charmed by Acts of Violet. However, I still adored it. The audiobook was exceptionally stunning, as I loved the multimedia format. I do plan to buy this one for my shelves when it comes out in paperback (because it leaves more space for more books! Ha!).
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This was a great mystery told through podcasts, news articles, letters and memories. The main POV was Violet's sister, Sasha, and sibling and family relationships are explored. I really enjoyed this one! The audio was a full cast and made for an extremely entertaining experience.
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