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Overall, an enjoyable and quick read. 

I got tired of Jessie's personality and thought her breakthroughs in therapy were rushed. I also found it hard to believe that she had a lot of medical school debt (which was referred to early in the book) and was still able to work part-time and work in a free clinic, all while living in an expensive part of the US, even with her inheritance. 

I also got sick of the overuse of exclamation points.
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Boring with unlikeable characters. The beginning started out so abruptly that I wondered if the ARC I was sent was missing the first couple of chapters. I was so lost trying to figure out who, and what, and who is that, yet again. Ms Carr has been a favorite since Grace Valley and Virgin River, but her latest books have been sadly lacking for me.
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I absolutely loved this one. For starters, I love this author, so I knew I would at least somewhat enjoy what was written but wow, she exceeded expectations. Robyn Carr wowed us with the Virgin River series and this was equally as wonderful.
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I liked this one, but for me it didn't quite hit the note of some of her other books.  It felt a little stale, maybe rushed.  
That being said, it was a nice story and I am glad that I took the time.  It just wasn't my favorite.
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Another excellent book by Robyn Carr! It was a fast read and I could not put it down.  Anna’s husband suddenly dies and he left some major secrets for his family to unravel. Both Anna and her three grown children dealt with the sudden grief and the unexpected new woman in their lives in their own ways. I love how Carr can write about realistic situations where It is always easy to get absorbed and connect with the story. Overall, It is a beautifully written story about loss, grief and forgiveness.

Thank you to NetGallery and to Harlequin Trade Publishing for giving me a copy for my honest review.
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Nobody can explore the complexities of women’s lives quite like much-loved best-selling author Robyn Carr and she dazzles and delights her legion of fans once again with a searingly emotional, highly engrossing and superbly written new novel, A Family Affair.

Anna McNichol is one tough cookie. Raised by a single mother, Anna knew at a very early age that there were no certainties in life and she has worked so hard to ensure that her own kids have the best possible childhood and that they had all the advantages she didn’t have as a child. With her kids growing up and leaving home, Anna is on the precipice of great change, both professionally and personally. Sure, her marriage has its problems, but Anna is looking forward to the future – until a cruel twist of fate causes her entire world to come crashing down around her ears.

The sudden death of her husband shocks the entire McNichol clan. As Anna’s carefully constructed world is smashed into a million pieces, she finds herself confronted with her grief, her family’s heartbreak – and a mysterious young woman who pulls the rug out from under her feet by revealing an earth-shattering secret that brings Anna to the conclusion that she didn’t know her husband after all. Determined to get to the truth about her late spouse, Anna finds herself in desperate need of closure – even if she doesn’t know which way to turn or where to go.

For once in her life, Anna cannot control the narrative. Her kids are mourning their dad, her mother’s health is in decline and she feels as if she’s lurching from one crisis to another. When help comes from an unexpected source, Anna feels as if at long last there is light at the end of the dark tunnel she has found herself trapped in.

Anna begins to put herself and her family back together and realizes that sometimes it’s okay not to have all the answers…

Robyn Carr is women’s fiction royalty and with good reason. A Family Affair is a heart-rending, uplifting and emotionally satisfying tale about starting over, new beginnings and women’s indomitable strength in times of tragedy that cannot fail to pluck at the heartstrings and strike a chord with readers everywhere.

A Family Affair is a story about renewal, healing, hope, love and loss that is impossible to put down. The characters are vivid, layered and believable and their story is one readers won’t forget in a hurry.

The always superb Robyn Carr has written another outstanding page-turner with her latest novel, A Family Affair.
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I have enjoyed every Robyn Carr book I have read.  This one has all the good feels, even with the traumas. Highly recommend

I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley and the publisher.  This is my honest and personal review.
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Anna McNichol has not only suddenly become a widow, she is also an empty nester. While sorting out her husband's affairs, she discovers that he left a certain percent of his inheritance to a young woman - a young woman who was also at his memorial services. Anna knew her husband had not always been faithful, but she wasn't aware that he had fathered a child.

Meanwhile, each of Anna's three adult children are grieving the loss of their father in different ways. For Michael, for example, losing his father was like losing his best friend. Anna's daughters also felt the pangs of their father's death quite deeply. Meanwhile, Anna is also coping with her mother's failing health.

Anna does have some support. Family friend Joe is very helpful when it comes to Anna understanding her husband's past behaviors. Other challenges face Anna, and it is the combination of everything that end up pulling this family even closer together.

What a wonderful emotionally driven story. The writing is excellent, and the characters prove very interesting, especially as each of them are dealing with things in different ways. Robyn Carr is an excellent storyteller and she has brought this family to life for this reader.

Many thanks to MIRA and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.

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This book was an absolute pleasure to read. Anything by Robin Carr is actually. I highly recommend this book.
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A portrayal of how one person's choices effect everyone in a family and how differently people handle the effects. Great family dynamics.
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Such a great read. I could relate to the characters and was really rooting for Anna. Robyn Carr is a great writer. I highly recommend!
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Another hit by Robyn Carr. When Anna loses her husband in a rafting accident, there are so many unanswered questions on why he went? He wasn't a thrill seeker? He didn't know how to swim. The book takes us on a wild ride of how to deal with grief with his 3 kids, Jessie, who is a doctor, Mike who is a teacher, Bess, who is in a law school. 

There is a deep complexity to each character that I truly enjoyed reading about. The book is about love, loss and finding yourself once again. Carr has truly become one of my favorite authors. She has a way to suck you in right to her books.
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This wasn't what I was expecting from Carr, but it was even better! I loved the depth of the characters and the simple fact they suffered. That sounds horrible, but too many HEA get too sweet. I enjoy seeing real characters with real issues and learning how to work through them. A deeply satisfying read!
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Fifty-seven-year-old Anna has just lost her husband, Chad, in a rafting accident, and it sends her family into a swirl of chaos and change. Her husband was far from a saint, unfulfilled and unhappy, playing the blame game with Anna. She’s angry with him for his recklessness, but she doesn’t share their troubles with their kids until they get a shock with the terms of Chad’s will. 

I just loved this story so much! As usual Robyn Carr grabbed my attention from the first page! There are several story lines, with Anna the main focus and her children having to deal with the loss of their father and the issues they had never examined before. Jess and Michael had the most personal growth, both were self-centered in their own way even though Jess seemed like more of a mess at first. Angry and demanding as she went about her life, she managed to self-sabotage any romantic relationship in short order. It was interesting getting to the bottom of that and I ended up really liking her! 

Michael, while likable was pretty juvenile and careless with his girlfriend. Grief made him act like a jerk, but I was happy to see him turn around. 

My heart went out to Anna as the details of her marriage were recounted. I was impressed by how she dealt with everything, and she was such a great example! I was thrilled she had a second chance at happiness with a love interest of her own, and I thought it was refreshing to show a mature romance fulfilling and passionate! 

I alternately read and listened to A Family Affair, not wanting to put it down while I had to get things done! It was a treat to listen as Therese Plummer is one of my all-time favorite narrators. Perfection! I was filled with happiness for all the characters on finishing. Five star read all the way! A definite recommend!

A copy was kindly provided by MIRA in exchange for an honest review.
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Fresh-ish take on the family secrets plot …. This time the family secret has to be accepted by a widow and her very different children with very different relationships with their deceased dad. Carr does a good job showing the traits we all have - the ones we’re proud of and the ones that we wish wouldn’t surface when a family secret is exposed. Lucky for this family, love holds them together.
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Family really does change with unexpected results.  A lot changes when a family member dies.  I liked the interaction between the characters in the book. Great tension and a realistic  set of problems.  Another heartwarming story from robin carr
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Robyn Carr’s novel are always an enjoyable and easy read. ‘A Family Affair’, is no exception.  A family’s story about moving on and embracing new and unexpected family members.  I will always be a Robyn Carr fan.
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A Family Affair is a great depiction of the complexities of life that unfold through the eyes of the heroine. Grief in the form of death and through dementia is explored as many secrets become exposed, and truths are accepted. A wonderful story with many plot twists and great character development!
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Family dynamics in another Carr winner

I have been a huge Robyn Carr fan for many years. I believe I've read most of her books, not just the wildly popular VIRGIN RIVER series but my personal favorite THE HOUSE ON OLIVE STREET years ago. This has become a new favorite of mine.

Anna McNichol is a successful attorney, a judge in Superior Court and the mother of three grown children. Her mother is in an assisted living facility, daily getting worse with dementia. 

Her marriage to Chad, a therapist, has had its ups and downs over the years but his death in a whitewater rafting accident is unexpected and the aftermath and repercussions to the whole family are unforeseen.

This tale of Anna, of each of her three children, of Chad's best friend, and more was one of Carr's best, full of family drama, feelings, ups, downs, romance, and happiness was just what I was looking for.

I highly recommend this (and all of Robyn Carr's books) to readers everywhere.

I received this book from MIRA through Net Galley in the hopes that I would read it and leave an unbiased review.
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A Family Affair is the latest novel to come from Robyn Carr, and it is the perfect read for those looking for a bit of an escape. It's a bit of romance and women's fiction all rolled into one delightful package.

Anna has spent most of her adult life ensuring that her children have the things she never did. Stability, a whole family, and advantages she had only ever dreamed of for herself. Now that they're grown up and moved out, Anna has some time to finally think about what she wants in life.

That is, right up until another surprise hits Anna. With no warning, Anna becomes a widow. Now she must navigate the trials of grief while once again providing support to her hurting children. Yet there is always support out there for those who need it most.

A Family Affair is one of those books you read to be moved. Not physically but emotionally. There's so much happening within these pages that the odds are more than good that every reader will find something to connect with – I know I did.

Anna's story is, well...a lot. But it is also very human and, as I said above, very relatable. Perhaps too relatable at times, as it does tug at the heartstrings on more than one occasion. I'm honestly struggling to find words here, as I feel like anything I have to say will pale in comparison.

So I'm just going to leave it at this: go and read A Family Affair; it will be worth your time. I promise.
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