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A Family Affair

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A death . . . A loss . . . A family in grief.....

Secrets . . . Emotions . . . Will time bring relief?

Conflict . . . Change . . . A secret sibling or two!

Help . . .  Care  . . . New love, too.

Enthralling . . . Emotive . . . Family drama and fun.

Moving on . . . Reacting . . . . Growing closer again

Listening  . . . Caring  . . . Life after the pain

With great characters, drama and twists galore
A very different story I hope you'll also adore.
For my complementary copy of this book, I say thank you,
A gorgeous read and this is my honest review.
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Anna McNichol understands that marriage is an uneven ride of ups and downs and she and her husband have been on quite a few lows in their years together. When he dies unexpectedly and leaves behind a few secrets, the McNichols family all end up facing their respective legacies. And there are a lot of secrets going on in this family, that's for sure.

Anna is the central figure in this story. Now a judge, she worked hard through children and marital troubles for what was important to her -- being able to take care of herself. The oldest daughter is a physician, who wakes up to realize the unhappiness in her life and how it's impacting those around her. I really loved, loved,loved her progression in this story. There was so much to relate to there. The middle son is also having a bit of a commitment phobia and crisis, while the youngest is dealing with her own challenges in life.

I just really loved this story and how each of these characters met the situations they were facing. I don't want to say more than that because I don't want to spoil anything, but I found Anna and Jessie's character arc the most interesting and engaging. But overall, I loved this story of family, surprises, and hope. It's just lovely. There were some slowish spots, but that didn't detract much from the story.
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I usually read anything that Robyn Carr writes. They are usually hits or a few misses. And this book was a hit for sure. Expect a lot of secrets coming out when you start reading this book.

I don’t know if the main character pulled it through because if I discovered a huge betrayal from my dead husband I would be an emotional mess. But somehow she always knew she could not count on her later husband. It’s kind of sad to read because it just shows how flawed people are especially when they are married for a long time. It does not mean you should betray your person. It means you should be honest. And that’s something everyone is going to struggle with as they all navigate their loss and move on from it.
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I'm a huge Robyn Carr fan and unfortunately A Family Affair felt different to me than her usual book. 

I just couldn't get invested in the story, I didn't find any of the characters likable and the chapters just shifted from character to character mid chapter which made it hard to follow.
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Emotionally addictive! A FAMILY AFFAIR by Robyn Carr brings us the story of a mother of grown children who has to somehow find a way to heal their wounds as well as her own upon the sudden death of her husband. Untold secrets come to light and take this family on a journey of forgiveness, healing and love. Highly entertaining!

Anna is a strong character both in fortitude to balance life’s every day challenges but also in giving the benefit of the doubt to a potentially toxic situation through grace and understanding.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys dissecting the family dynamics of a seemingly perfect life when big changes make for a new normal.
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A FAMILY AFFAIR by Robyn Carr is an emotional women’s fiction family drama with romantic elements covering a year of upheaval, secrets, and revelations in the McNichol family after the sudden death of Chad McNichol. This is a standalone novel from this author.

Anna McNichol is a respected judge with three grown children. While her marriage has been rocky at times, she believes in commitment and working on problems, but she has reached a point in her life and marriage where she is ready to focus on herself. Before Anna and her husband, Chad can discuss current problems in their relationship, he dies on a rafting trip. 

Anna has always been the rock of her family, but suddenly everyone is struggling with their grief and Anna does not have all the answers. Faced with one challenge after another Anna finds support in an unexpected source as she deals with not only her own problems but tries to be available as her children find their own paths to healing and happiness.

I enjoyed this quick read and was very content with the author’s handling of so many difficult issues. This family goes through so much, not only the sudden death of the husband and father, but the secrets they discover after his death, betrayal, health issues, aging, and relationships, both good and bad. The characters are all fully developed, and I felt realistically portrayed. I was fully invested in the growth and changes in this family followed over this year.

This women’s fiction family drama is a heartfelt story about many of the realities families face.
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I enjoy Robyn Carr's books because they're so realistic and genuine and this book did not disappoint. The vulnerability of the characters was something I appreciated along with their flaws. This book is about a real family that has its ups and downs and Carr really made me feel connected to them. i definitely recommend this book
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This story seemed not be about anything. I mean, I know it was about the fallout of secrets revealed when a man (husband, father, friend) dies. But there didn’t seem to be an actual point to the story. Other than Anna, who is for all intents and purposes the main character, and the family friend Joe, the characters are not likable through most of the book. On top of that, here’s another book where the author felt the need to include the pandemic when it was not at all needed for the plot. Truly no reason to bring it up at all. Why are authors so keen on including the pandemic, especially since it’s not truly over yet?

Like I said, Anna is a very likable character. She has a lot to deal with after her husband’s death. Their adult children were all very close with their father and she knows none of them are really dealing with things very well. She has a mother who is in a nursing home and sliding into dementia more and more, she has a high stress/high profile job as a judge, and she knows her marriage was on the rocks when her husband died. That’s a lot for one person to have to handle alone. Not to mention the huge secret her husband was hiding.

It doesn’t take long for Anna to find out her husband’s secret, but it takes forever for her to tell her children. That was the main thing I had an issue with in regards to her character. It seems to me that so many of the issues her kids were having could have been solved if their father was knocked off that pedestal they had him on.

There is a lot going on in this book. Possibly too much. There are mental health issues to be dealt with, some I felt were handled well and others not so much. There is a neurodivergent character that almost seems as though she’s included to just tick a box of having said character included in the story. And again, some of her issues were dealt with and portrayed beautifully and others go a big nope from me.

I’m sorry to say that this book just didn’t do it for me. I was happy to see the characters grow, but it felt an awful lot like telling with very little showing.
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I have read other Robyn Carr books before, and I was pleased when I saw a new one was coming out. Anna and Chad had what seemed - on the outside looking in - to have a picture perfect marriage. Chad dies suddenly, and we discover that looks can really be deceiving; that their marriage was going through a struggle. As Anna tries to wrap her head around her grief and that of her children, she also struggles with her aging, unhealthy mother. At Chad's celebration of life she sees an unknown pregnant young woman, and is convinced that her husband had again been unfaithful. She is uncertain about how to handle the situation, as her children grapple with their father's death as well as their own struggles in life. 

The twists and turns turn what could have been a tired plot - unfaithful man dies, leaving a secret double life in the aftermath, while bereaved wife is left dealing with the consequences - into a story that is rich with character growth and some of the realities every day people struggle with. This is a book that allows the reader to experience the life of the characters in a real, not-too-sweet manner. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
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When Anna’s husband, Chad, dies in a whitewater rafting accident, she isn’t left with just her grief. She is now plagued by so many doubts as an unfamiliar pregnant woman attends Chad’s funeral.

Anna and Chad had a rocky marriage of ups and downs, but they always stuck it out, raising their three children together. Now, with Chad’s untimely death, he has left several secrets. Anna now has so much to juggle, her job, her mother fading with dementia, and her adult children as they struggle in their own lives. 

As secrets are revealed, Anna is determined not to let them tear her family apart.

𝐀 𝐅𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐲 𝐀𝐟𝐟𝐚𝐢𝐫 is an enjoyable family drama. This was an easy book to fly through. It does touch on many difficult topics such as infidelity, dementia, autism, mental health issues, grief, adoption, and more. I did say it was a drama! This is my first time reading Robyn Carr and I look forward to picking up her other books.
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A Family Affair is an emotional story about grief, love, heartache, betrayal, family, and forgiveness that is pure Robyn Carr as you can hear her voice through the words. Within this story, many long-hidden secrets come to light; secrets that will forever change the complicated McNichol family.  The year after the sudden and unexpected death of Chad, husband, father, and friend is chronicled throughout. The story is a roller coaster ride as it deals with untold secrets, grief, anger, forgiveness, and moving on. In addition, it reflects on many troublesome issues: death, adultery, dementia, aging, the autism spectrum, mental health, and COVID to name a few. Each character had their own storyline, was well developed, unique and given layers of depth; allowing for understanding of their personalities and behaviors, as well as seeing their personal growth, acceptance, and change within the timeline of story. A Family Affair is a reminder that what appears perfect on the outside is not always as perfect as it seems, like the McNichol’s marriage and that life can change unexpectedly in an instant.

Robyn Carr’s heartwarming story telling and compassion highlights her ability to explore families, and their dynamics. The characters are relatable, well developed and I wanted them to succeed and be happy. This is an amazing and emotional story that should not to be missed. This rich tale, which I could not put down, is filled with visual descriptions, family and personal challenges, in addition to endearing characters. I highly recommend A Family Affair to other readers.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
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A Family Affair
by: Robyn Carr
Harlequin Trade Publishing

Full of family relationships and drama, A Family Affair is a story of grief, mystery, secrets, and new beginnings. Robyn Carr takes readers deep into the lives of this cast of characters, with focus on family and challenges. Robyn Carr has a huge fan base, and many of her old and new followers will appreciate this newest book in her large set of novels written.
Thank you to Net Galley and for the advance reader's copy and opportunity to provide my unbiased review.
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Robyn Carr has a way of drawing me into her stories, immersing me into her characters' lives and developing connections between them and me, the reader, that convinces me I have an actual stake in what happens to them. I share their emotions, empathize with them when they find themselves in difficult situations, celebrate their progress, and root for them to find a better way, even when they're at their worst. I was surprised that the character who is definitely at her worst in the first half of the book turned out to be one of my favorites by the end. That's another of Carr's skills. She's skilled at peeling away layers, facing a character's flaws and fears head on, then working through those flaws to find that better path. 

In A Family Affair, Carr explores the impact an unexpected death can have on multiple people. It's a fascinating study of a close family who each feels the loss in a different way. And when details of the secrets held by the deceased come to light, how they handle that as well. The characters are beautifully developed, with all the strengths, weaknesses, and flaws we humans hold. That's one of the things I most enjoy about Robyn Carr's characters. They are so real. I always feel as if they could be someone I meet in the course of a regular day in my life. I enjoy how each member of the family is explored in depth, both as an individual as well as a critical spoke in the family wheel. 

While this book deals with some heavy topics, the story itself never felt heavy or burdensome to me. There's a strong thread of hope that prevails throughout. Anna, in particular, knows the freedom to be found in uncovering the truth, the healing power of forgiveness, and the joy of opening one's heart to the possibilities of new, and unexpected, love. The admiration and respect I feel for her are tremendous, especially in light of how she handles the life-altering challenges encountered during her journey. Those of you who enjoy mature characters (she's 57) with the perspective of a full life lived but also the courage to embrace a new chapter are likely to appreciate her character as much as I did. 

This book is women's fiction, with the primary emphasis on the journeys of the four members of Anna's family, all different, all important. Romance is not at the forefront. However, Anna and her three children all have romantic threads that affect their lives to different degrees and the book ends with happy, hopeful prospects for each.
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A Family Affair by Robyn Carr is a wonderful family novel. Anna McNichol, our heroine, lives a successful life as a judge, with three grown up children on their own, and married to Chad, for over 30 years; with their relationship having problems.  The children, Jessie, Michael and Bess having their own issues, and when Chad dies suddenly in a rafting accident, things begin to fall apart, as the children find themselves struggling. At the funeral, Anna spots a young pregnant woman, and knowing that Chad had cheated on her years before, she wondered who this woman was.  In the reading of the will, Chad left Anna the 80%, and the children each got 10%, with another 4th person also getting 10%; everyone is puzzled who the 4th person is.

Anna soon discovers some secrets that Chad had kept, besides his affair. She meets the girl who she saw at the funeral, and learns that he was her father from the affair years before.  The girl has a baby, and Anna realizes that she is the 4th person given a share of Chad’s will.  Anna does not yet tell the children about their step sister, but Anna begins to care for the girl, her baby and her husband; in time Anna will tell their father’s secret.

Jessie was always the angry one, who was a doctor. Michael was the nicest one, but did not know how to handle his father’s death, and loses his girlfriend.  Bessie is somewhat autistic, and as long as she takes certain meds, she is fine. Anna will become closer to Joe, who was a family friend.   As the family struggles, and Anna gets sick, the whole family will bond to help their mother, forming a close-knit group, as well as learn the secrets & sins of their father. Each of the children will change, and learn to move beyond their struggles and find their own happiness.

A Family Affair was a wonderful story that covers grief, anger, secrets, forgiveness and moving forward in their lives. The story also covers many health issues, such as dementia (Anna’s mother), autism, death, adultery, sickness, just to name a few.  Anna was a fabulous heroine, and over time we got to love the whole family, and their significant others.  Very well done.  A Family Affair was so very well written by Robyn Carr.  I suggest you read this book.
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I just really loved this story and how each of these characters met the situations they were facing. I don't want to say more than that because I don't want to spoil anything, but I found Anna and Jessie's character arc the most interesting and engaging. But overall, I loved this story of family, surprises, and hope. It's just lovely. There were some slowish spots, but that didn't detract much from the story.
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Another warm but thoughtful novel

I really like Robyn Carr's novels and A Family Affair was no exception.  As a standalone book (or first of a series?), we have a lot of characters to meet, including the recently departed Chad who has left his widow to pick up the pieces of secrets and family mess.  This book was so engaging that I read it in less than 24 hours, including late into the night!

Thank you to the publisher who provided me a time-constrained e-arc via Netgalley with no obligation.  This review is my own opinion.
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I got this book in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley.

This is not a romance book. Though there are a few relationships within.
Anna and chad have been married for years with their ups and downs but then chad goes on a rafting trip and unfortunately dies. Soon after his feather a bunch of secrets in the family begin to surface . A daughter chad had as the result of an affair that she never new and a few others. This book deals with the grief process from a wife and her children. All the children are at different stages and have problems in their lives they need to fix. It was a good book but some of the transitions needed a little tweaking.
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Can I confess something? A Family Affair was my very first Robyn Carr book. I know, I know. I’m late to the party. After binging the Virgin River series on Netflix, you’d think I would have taken the plunge sooner, but you’d be wrong. Now, I’m left wondering why I didn’t give her books a try sooner. A Family Affair is a beautifully written, emotionally driven story. It felt very authentic and left me feeling quite raw in places. All of the characters are flawed in some way, but it’s how they figure out the path to being better versions of themselves that kept me turning the pages. While the secondary characters’ journeys are just as grief-driven, I enjoyed traveling along with Anna as she navigated her incredibly rocky road. She had so much to grieve, and it felt like a genuine voyage of navigating all the crazy emotions that are a part of someone’s grief experience, especially considering her multiple losses. At the end of the day, this book was all about a family growing closer, learning to love better, and opening a tattered heart to others despite the risk. 

Thank you to Harlequin Trade Publishing and NetGalley, who provided me with a copy of this book for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Thank you NetGalley for this eARC in exchange of my honest feedback and opinion. 

I would like to begin by saying that I LOVE Robyn Carr. I have read 30+ of her books and have enjoyed every single one of them. 

Even though I enjoyed this read, I believe my biggest issue with this book was that it was labeled as a romance. Although Romance does take some place in this stand alone novel, there is so much happening within these pages that outshines the romantic aspect of this book. 

Having said this, this book showcases a "normal" family, definitely not a story tale one. Real problems and struggles are imprinted in these pages and shed light into many substantial issues, such as mental health, grief, neurological disorders, and much more.
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Anna McNichol is a well-respected lawyer in San Francisco. One day her husband, Chad, who was a counsellor and psychologist, dies in a white water rafting accident. Their marriage has endured many highs and lows and at Chad's funeral a pregnant young woman shows up. The McNichol children, Michael, Jessie and Bess are all struggling with their grief, whilst Anna is attempting to come to terms with her own feelings regarding Chad. Exactly who is the mystery woman and why has her husband left an anonymous recipient a share of his retirement fund and savings?

In A Family Affair, the author manages to keep many moments light-hearted in a tale that might have become rather melancholy. I liked the relationship dynamics, and the differences between the McNichol siblings were very well highlighted whilst showcasing the importance of family. As the story unfolded, many long-hidden secrets surfaced. Grief, anger, betrayal, forgiveness, and other issues are covered including adultery, dementia, ageing, autism and mental health. Each character had depth, was well constructed and had their own storyline which linked neatly into the main plot. A satisfying and enthralling read.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Harlequin Trade Publishing, MIRA via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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