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Life’s biggest dilemmas can provide its sweetest rewards

Anna McNichol has worked hard her entire life. She worked hard to be a good wife, a good mother and to have a career of her own. But things have not always been easy. Her marriage was not always a happy one and now that her husband has passed away, she is left with even more questions than answers.

I really enjoy Robyn Carr books, and this was no exception. This book touches on several things - marriage, unhappiness, betrayal, being weak, being strong, health issues, secrets, toxic relationships, family, friends, etc. Her characters feel real, and they are flawed as they deal with real life issues.

Her books are always fast reads for me. I read this one in pretty much one sitting as I typically do with her book. My only complaint is that her books tend to end fast. She always builds her story and her characters, and I am gripped then you know that you are getting to the end, but then oops - it just ends. Drat. That goes to show that I just want more of the story. This one ended at the 88% mark. I thought there was more to go then it was over and there was a chapter of another book.

Fans of Carr will not be disappointed. She writes great books and great series (Virgin River). If you are not familiar with her work, this is a nice place to start.

Thank you to Harlequin Trade Publishing, MIRA and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All the thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Anna didn’t have the perfect marriage but her life starts unravelling after the death of her husband. I loved all the drama that surrounded the family secrets and this was definitely a page turner for me. I wanted to see what other drama would unfold. I did, however, think that some parts were a bit repetitive. 
I really enjoyed the side stories of the children, especially Jessie’s story. 
There were a few times this book surprised me. I obviously expected an affair, but WOW, this had me hooked. 
The one thing I didn’t like about this book was the constant mention of the pandemic. I did not think it was relevant to the story at all. This is just a personal preference. I do not like reading about the on-going pandemic. It was not mentioned during the first half of the book, and then it seemed like they were constantly mentioning it after that.
Rated: 3.75 Stars
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Robyn Carr can surely writes stories of families, relationships, and emotions. This was a good story but somehow I didn't care for the characters and the story fell flat.
It's one of those it's me not the book case.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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This was an intense book. It’s full of family drama and surprises. I can’t say I really liked any of the characters in the beginning of the book. As the story goes on they change and become more likable- at least for me.
 It makes a good beach read. 
Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the early copy
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This book was fantastic! Well-written, well-crafted, well-researched and well-edited. Great characters that you totally empathise with. Fabulous plot that feels so real, so immediate. I love all this author's books and this one was no exception. Great job!!
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I love Robyn Carr’s  books. Her latest one was not my favorite, however. I think the author tried to pack just too much into one story. It was a tree with many deviated branches and it became too much at times. I never warmed up to any of the characters, but one I definitely didn’t like was Chad. Although his death galvanized the many events that occur within the book, he was a self centered jerk. 
I liked the setting and how it all was resolved in the end.
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A Family Affair will introduce you to a seemly normal family. An unexpected death and everybody has their problems coming to the surface. The characters will keep you reading to see how everyone deals.
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A Family Affair by Robyn Carr is a poignant novel about grief, love, heartache, betrayal, family, and forgiveness.  Anna McNichol loses her husband, Chad unexpectedly.  When his will is read, the family is surprised when he leaves money to an anonymous individual.  Anna and Chad had been having marital problems recently and now she will never be able to get them resolved.  Chad was unhappy with the marriage and seemed to be searching for something.  Anna notices a pregnant woman at the funeral and wonders what other secrets her husband was hiding.  Anna’s three grown children deal with their grief in diverse ways.  Each is struggling with the loss.  We follow the McNichols as they deal with the loss of Chad and learn about his secrets.  I thought A Family Affair was well-written with steady pacing.  My one complaint is the repetition.  The same facts repeated over and over throughout the book.  I thought the characters were developed and realistic.  Robyn Carr created a realistic family and explored their dynamics.  Each family member needs to make a choice.  They could stay bitter and angry at Chad for his actions, or they can forgive so they can go on to lead happy, fulfilled lives.  Anna is a strong woman who handles the challenges thrown at her while continuing to do her job and support her children.  A Family Affair has a satisfying conclusion.  Life can change in an instant as we see in A Family Affair.  If you like family dramas that delve into intricacies of a family, you should pick up A family Affair.  A Family Affair is a story that will tug at your heartstrings.
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What a wonderful story of love, acceptance and second chances. When Chad dies on a whitewater rafting trip, his family is angry, devastated, and guilt ridden. His wife was going to ask him for a separation and is now dealing with determining who is the person he's left a portion of his inheritance to.

As the family deals with their grief, they are each also suffering in their own personal relationships. When their father's/husband's past reveals some unsettling things they have to rethink everything he represented to each of them.

Truly a story of resilience, second chances, and discovering the true meaning of family. A 5 star read from Ms Carr!

I received a free ARC eBook from Net Galley and the publisher in exchange for my honest opinions.
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A great story about love, loss, family, secrets, and rediscovery.
When Anna's husband dies suddenly, she learns that he left money to an anonymous source in his will.  Anna has a feeing he was having an affair, as he had done in the past.  All three of her children are dealing with his loss in different ways, and each is having their own life issues.  Coming together is going to be the only way the family can get through all the drama they have been dealt.  When they learn to accept the help from each other, they can slowly put the pieces of their lives back together better than before. 
Loved the story.  It touched on so many real life issues like infidelity, anxiety, and even dementia.  
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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This is a tender story dealing with loss, family drama, secrets, forgiveness, discovery, a few surprises, and the love of family. Robyn Carr knows how to deal with all of this in a mindful and understanding way. I enjoyed the book.
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Anna’s world is shaken when her husband suddenly dies while on a rafting trip.  She and her three adult children all grieve differently.  He has left a significant bequest to an anonymous recipient.  As this mystery is revealed yet another comes to light.  I was fully engaged in this story within the first chapter.  Carr tackles a number of family issues including infidelity, trust, and commitment avoidance.  She also has a character who is on the autism spectrum.  I thoroughly enjoyed this and highly recommend it.  I thank NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this ARC.
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This was a sweet book.  Very typical Robyn Carr writing.  If you are a fan of her work you won’t be disappointed.  Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a sneak peak of the book.,
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The Family Affair has so much going on….pretty much they are hit with problem after problem.  Each and every character seemed to have a drastic issue going on.  Lots of forgiveness needs to done by everyone so they can go forward.  How much can one family take?
A story full of family drama.
A story about finding happiness through adversity.
Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and author for the opportunity to read this book for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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When Anna’s husband suddenly dies, she is met head on with her husbands secrets and must quickly make a decision t9 overcome these secrets or keep them hidden.  As she comes to terms with what this means for her, she discovers that every family holds secrets. 
Good well developed characters and plot.  I enjoyed this read.  Highly recommended.

* I received an advanced reader’s copy of this book from Harlequin and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review
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Robyn Carr is no stranger to most women’s fiction readers.  I fell in love and read the entire series of Virgin River books, as well as many of her other books.  I was never disappointed.  
I deeply enjoyed this novel.  The characters and story line were well developed. I laughed, I cried. I found myself rooting for each character to win their race.  In my mind, the moral of this story is:  Even the best family still has some skeletons in the closet that are bound to come out one way or another.  However, if you have love for each other and stick together, you’ll one day be able to laugh at your shortcomings.  

In this upper-class family, both parents were professionals known well to the community.  Most people would think that they lead a charmed life.  Truth be known, few people lead a perfect life and the McNichols were certainly no different.  In fact, they had more than their fair share of tragedy’s, struggles, and heartache.  I found myself thinking of my own family and the challenges we faced on what seemed to be a daily basis.  We too, had a few skeletons that we dug up over the years!

I highly recommend this book to all fans of Robyn Carr or those who enjoy women’s fiction.

I want to thank Author Robyn Carr, Harlequin Trade Publishing, and NetGalley for the opportunity to review this Advanced Reader’s Copy. This is a voluntary review, and all comments and opinions are entirely my own.
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Bigotry And COVID Mar Otherwise Strong Family Drama. On its whole, this is a mostly solid family drama about a mom and two of her three children dealing with a tragedy and trying to move on with their lives in the wake of it.

However, it does have significant problems, problems I've yet to see any of the other 44 Goodreads reviews in existence at the time of this writing address.

The first is the near-constant references to the insanities of 2020-2022, mostly as a way to ground the story in a sense of time and place. But here's the thing: I DO NOT WANT TO READ ABOUT COVID. PERIOD. And thus a star was deducted for this. Maybe you, the reader of my review, are less adamant about this or maybe you even appreciate such references. Good for you, you'll enjoy those parts of this text. But for those who feel as I do on the matter, know that it happens here.

The second major issue is the portrayal and handling of the Autistic third child. To say that this is a highly bigoted view along the lines constantly spewed by the Autistic hate group Autism Speaks is still being a bit too polite, to this Autistic's mind. This character is every tired and worn out Autistic stereotype rolled into one, and while the family claims to love her, they also drug her into oblivion so that Carr can write her out of the back half of the book. Indeed, if an author treated pretty well any demographic other than the neurodiverse/ Autistics like this in a book, that author would likely go viral for social media cancelling them - and yet something tells me most will be silent about or even praise Carr's reprehensible treatment of this character. That it publishes just days after World Autism Acceptance Day and during World Autism Acceptance Month is a slap in the face to Autistics from the publisher, but perhaps they were not aware of just how offensive this characterization truly is and were not aware of April being so designated.

The third issue, a throwaway line that further reveals Carr's political leanings, is a reference to a school shooting where the shooter got "automatic weapons" from his dad's garage. In California. In the 2000s. BULLCRAP! For one, while *some* automatic weapons *are* legal, the manner in which they are legal is INCREDIBLY expensive to obtain and subjects one to an entire alphabet soup of agencies - both Federal and State, particularly in California - knowing exactly where and how you store such weapons. Further, in the *extremely* rare case of Columbine/ Parkland style attacks as is described in this part of the text, such truly automatic weapons are virtually *never* used. But someone who only follows certain paranoid propagandists on this matter would have no clue about these facts, and Carr reveals herself to be just such a person in this instance. However, this did *not* result in a third star deduction as this was more of a one-off throwaway backstory line and not a pervasive element within the book as the first two issues were.

Ultimately, this is one of those books where your mileage may vary quite a bit. If you don't mind references to COVID in your fiction and if you agree with Carr's views on Autism and guns, you likely will enjoy this book quite a bit. And to be clear, other than these issues - which were *not* on every page - the story itself really is quite good. But if you feel as I do on these issues... still read the book. It really is that well written, mostly. Just know there is going to be some infuriating moments. Recommended.
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Anna has been the perfect mother and the perfect wife throughout her marriage even during times of struggle. Now that her kids are out of the house she is not sure how to work through her emotions. When her husband suddenly passes her world is thrown even more into ruin  as she discovers her husband has been keeping secrets that she now must discover in order to move forward.
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Great story about, families coming together during loss, lies, secrets and affairs. With more of these issues happening today, many people will relate. 
 The book starts out boring but stick with it, it will come together and leave you with many emotions. 

 I would recommend this women's fiction novel to my friends. 
I received this ARC from net galley for my honest review.
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Robyn Carr is one of my favorite authors, especially of women's fiction/romance. A Family Affair is her newest book, coming out on April 5th, which I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review. This may not have been my favorite book, but I still enjoyed it and it did get better as thee sstory went on. I'm very glad I continued with the book and do recommend if you've read Robyn Carr in the past or if you have not read her but enjoy women's fiction.
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