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The Buddha Sat Right Here: A Family Odyssey Through India and Nepal was a great read by Dena Moes. Dena is a busy midwife who was trapped on the hamster wheel of working motherhood. Adam is an eccentric Buddhist yogi passing as a hard working dad. Bella and Sophia are their children. The decided to leave their California life and cross India and Nepal for eight months. This journey led them to the Dalai Lama, the tree where the Buddha Sat, and Amma the Divine Mother. I enjoyed reading this book and can't wait to read more by the author.
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Format: audiobook
Author: Dena Moes ~ Title: The Buddha Sat Right Here ~ Narrator: Jean Ann Douglass
Content: 4 stars ~ Narration: 5 stars

Wow. It takes courage for such a decision. Dena Moes, a busy midwife, and mother, wrote about traveling to India and Nepal for eight months with her husband and two daughters.

This memoir is a very personal story of Dena and her family. Besides that, it’s a gem for travelers who want to visit those places. The author describes where and how they traveled. And their personal experiences, so travelers know what to expect on their journey there. She also writes about history, traditions, and local customs.

I would recommend this book to all interested in India, Nepal, and Buddhism and especially those interested in visiting those places once in the future.

Narration is very good. It feels like the author is reading her book.

Thanks to OrangeSky Audio for the ALC and this opportunity! This is a voluntary review and all opinions are my own.
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Dena was a busy midwife trapped on the hamster wheel of working motherhood. Adam was an eccentric Buddhist yogi passing as a hard-working dad. Bella was fourteen and wanted to be normal. Sophia was up for anything that involved skipping school. Together, they shouldered backpacks, walked away from their California life of all-night births, carpool schedules, and Cal Skate, and criss-crossed India and Nepal for eight months―a journey that led them to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the tree where the Buddha sat, and the arms of Amma the Divine Mother. From the banks of the Ganges to the Himalayan roof of the world, this enthralling memoir is an unforgettable odyssey, a moving meditation on modern family life, and a spiritual quest, written with humor and honesty―and filled with love and awe.

This was such a mesmerising memoir & so beautifully written! I truly enjoyed following this quirky/brave family's journey of living in another country and immersing themselves completely so they could truly understand & experience their true spiritual path. I've always been curious about Buddhism & this book really answered so many questions for me & helped me to understand & appreciate all it has to offer, in fact the memoir was written so beautifully I felt that I had travelled with the family. I know I’d certainly love to. I definitely recommend! 
Thank you to NetGalley and Dena Moes for the opportunity to listen in return for an honest review.
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This was an interesting memoir about a journey that many wish we could do at some point in our lives. I felt the narrator did a great job reading and from what I could hear, pronounced everything correctly. The one thing I wished that had been done is some time of distinction given to the daughters' diary entries because as a listener, I do not have the visual changes letting me know that the daughter is sharing her opinions readily. A chime, music, something would have been nice to set those apart from the main memoir.
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I have to be honest, after listening to the first chapter, I didn't know if I had the attention span to give this novel its due, but as it progressed, and the family was traveling lightly, I was caught up in the dream to visit India with my family, and felt the hectic American lifestyle drift away. Truly, with each and every town they visited, I re-examined the pressure, the wants vs. needs, and the reasons we as Americans push ourselves to insanity. Much like after my mission trips to Africa, Haiti, and Honduras, I could not understand the need for more we Americans  place on ourselves as a society. I often came home and donated half of my closet! I, therefore, fully jumped on board (mentally) with this family...and what a transformative journey it was! I felt immersed in Indian/Nepalese/Tibetan culture as this memoir highlighted all these  countries had to offer. I ended up loving this book! Read it with an open mind to what other cultures and religions can teach you about yourself.
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This was an interesting autobiography about  Dena Moes  and her family., who decide to change their lives and move to Nepal. and India.
Dena is a busy midwife and her husband Adam, a business are  ready for a life change. 
    They decide to take off with their two daughters Bella and Sophia . Their 8 month journey takes them to meet the Dalai lama and off on other Spiritual journeys that change their lives. 
   It was quite interesting and deeply personal as autobiographies that are interesting should be 
Thanks to NetGalley for the arc
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This is quite good, and will likely be most appreciated by mothers. It is mostly entertaining, and also contained a few moments of inspiration or wisdom.

Thanks very much for the free audio book for review!!
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Thank you to NETGALLEY for an advanced copy of the audiobook. I was not compensated and this is an honest review.

I truly enjoyed this family story of discovery. I have recently been introduced to Buddhism and Thich Naht Hahn. While this story can’t compare to his teachings, it resonates with those trying to disconnect somewhat from an American way of life and instead intentionally choose more peace and purpose.
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