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Here For You

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Here For You
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Format: Kindle eBook
Date Published: 1/9/22
Author: Nora Valters 
Publisher: Inkubator Books
Pages: 300
Goodreads Rating: 4.08

⚠️TW: Miscarriages, domestic abuse, rape, depression, and some animal abuse. Use caution if any of these topics will trigger you. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Inkubator Books for allowing me the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for my opinion. 

Synopsis: Jess just got her life under control after a messy divorce, bitter inheritance feud, and terrifying home invasion, all behind her. After two years abroad, she is looking forward to a new beginning in a sleepy English seaside town where nobody knows her. When she is attacked in the street, she thinks it is rotten luck. There are more creepy thing occurring, to the extent, she begins to think she is being targeted. As these things begin to escalate, she feels it is someone from her past seeking revenge. How far will they go?

My Thoughts: The chapters are average length. Nora Valters delivers a chilling psychological thriller. The characters are well-developed. Some twists were predictable, while others surprised me.  The first half was a slow burn, actually through about three-fourths. I generally like my thrillers fast-paced. At first Jess annoyed me, but then I became to be on her side, rooting for her. This is truly a work of fiction as some of the events may not be possible in real life. However, I still enjoyed the book and loved the ending,for the most part.
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An interesting turn which reignited my interest but also made me hate the main character. Nevertheless an easy weekend read. Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Rating: 3.5 stars

This was a fast paced book that I finished in one sitting. I felt the psychological tension throughout the book, as if I was in the place of the main protagonist. Some of the twists were predictable, but as a whole this was an enjoyable psychological thriller that I highly recommend.
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I enjoyed this twisty and fast paced book even though it was just a tad predictable. The story centers on Jess, who is house sitting for her aunt and uncle in a little seaside town after going through a traumatic divorce. She meets Ashley and the 2 forge a quick and close friendship; Ashley is there for her when creepy things start happening that make her worried that events from her past have caught up with her. 

The author provides a lot of choices as to who the villain could be, and while I did find the story predictable there were some surprises around how it all came together. Jess’ gullibility made me roll my eyes a couple of times but she was mostly a likable character. The end of the book definitely caused me to suspend my disbelief and I felt that everyone was tied up just a little too cleanly, but there was still something satisfying about it. 

Overall, while not the most unique book I’ve ever read, I did enjoy it and felt that it was both a fast paced and engaging book. Thanks to Netgalley for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Jess is certain someone she thought she’d left behind has finally caught up with her – and they want revenge. But who? And just how far will they go to push her over the edge and into oblivion?  Truly could not put this down. Such a brilliant opening chapter and then so many twists and turns. This book is brilliant, really well written, good story which kept me interested from the beginning.
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Full review to come on Goodreads and Amazon.  Thank you to the publisher, author, and NetGalley for a review copy.
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My thanks to NetGalley and publisher Inkubator Books for the electronic copy.

"Here For You" is a psychological thriller with a twisty plot; it is well-written with description and dialogue which accentuate the sinister nature of this story.

After two years of travelling Jess returns to the UK to house-sit for her Aunt and Uncle while they're on holiday.  It's a large house, complete with a deaf dog, Doug, in the seaside town of Weston. Hopefully she can put her past behind her now - no-one knows she's back.  She's taken a space at The Hive, a co-working area in the town and it's there she meets Ashley.  They immediately get on well together and have a lot in common.  As they walk towards home Jess is attacked in an alleyway and rescued by Ashley - for a fleeting moment Jess thinks the attacker is her brother, Tim - but it couldn't be - could it?  Jess asks Ashley to stay with her and then some really weird things occur which push Jess to the very edge of sanity, but Ashley assures her she'll always be there for her..........

This is a good enough read although I found it personally to be a bit predictable.
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Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC of this book, even though I didn’t get round to reviewing it until after the publication date! 

After a traumatic time, Jess returns to England after travelling for 2 years. Dog sitting in her aunt and uncle’s house seems to be going well, especially when she meets Ashley, who is right on her wavelength. The girls form a strong friendship very quickly, and a new man on the scene makes Jess believe that things are finally turning round for her. But then strange things start to happen. Doorbells ringing in the dead of night, notes nailed to the front door and damage to the car. In the midst of what feel like losing her mind, Jess needs to find out what’s happening, and why. 

I enjoyed this book, it was a page turner and kept my interest from start to finish. However, I definitely guessed early most of the twists and turns, which is unusual for me as I am generally really bad at that sort of thing. 

A sold 4 stars regardless.
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I am awful at predicting the plot twists of thrillers. People will say, “oh I saw that coming from chapter 2”.  Not me. I never get them until the end! However, this one was a little obvious even for me. There were a few extra details I hadn’t predicted, but overall I was disappointed in how easily I guessed it. That being said, it was a quick read and some parts still surprised me at the end! Not my favorite, but not awful. 

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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A Downward Spiral
Jess thinks she has her life back on track following a catalogue of miserable events and has settled in a seemingly good place, a seaside town where she is convinced that no one knows her. Things are about to take a downward spiral. Is someone watching her? Is someone about to reek revenge? Fluid psychological suspense with twists aplenty and well formed characters and, whilst the plotline may be somewhat predictable, it is still a gripping and compelling read.
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This was an interesting read.  This was my first Nora Valters book, and the cover was what grabbed my attention. For the first half, I got some major Single White Female vibes and kept praying nothing would happen to Doug the dog.  The second half was a little out there, but this author still kept my attention with twist after twist.  While the ultimate twist was predictable, I enjoyed following the journey to the end, as the protagonist was likable and relatable and it was interesting to see how we would get to the ending.  I look forward to another book by this author.
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Nora Valters is a brand new author to me, so when I saw the cover and synopsis, I was more than a little intrigued. Being published by Inkubator Books just topped it off for me. I jumped at the chance to join ZooLoo's Book Tours for the blog tour of this book.
A psychological thriller that certainly showed me what I have been missing by not reading any of Nora Valters' work before this. A story that has enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat as you work your way through all the twists and turns.  
We meet Jess, our main character who is returning back from abroad for a fresh start in a new place. Her happiness with her fresh start soon begins to sour as disturbing things begin to happen and as they ramp up we see Jess feeling tormented and targeted. The question is who can she trust? 
Jess is a character who I believed from the start. I could relate to her and her past, too. As the story unfolded, I almost felt as tormented and manipulated as I sped through the book. I couldn't be sure at one point if Jess was mentally unstable even. That's how many twists and turns this story has. Nora Valters characters are interesting and kept me guessing throughout.
I actually read this in one day. The minute I picked this book up and began reading, that was it for me. I just kept on flipping the pages until I knew everything! A psychological thriller I would definitely recommend.
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I wanted to love the story, but it was so incredibly predictable. The story was generic and honestly boring.
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This book is a page turner for sure - i liked it but wasn't really into Jess's character, a little but unlikable. The book was set at a good pace and has a few twists.
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I enjoyed this book, twists and turns galore where a woman is trying to keep ahead of herself in escaping her past but as we know the past has a way of catching up to one at some stage…
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I wasn't blown away by this one sadly. I liked the premise but there wasn't really anything unique or special about it. It was all a bit "been there, done that" so lacked a bit if the suspense since It did feel like something I'd read a million times. I did like the way the book was written, the character was a bit unrealistic and needy for my liking but thats just my personal gripe about women being stereotypically written as weak after a trauma, rather than being made to be a survivor. If you are a die hard domestic noir reader then you might feel its a buy predictable however, it is an enjoyable story none the less and will pass a few hrs! If you're not familiar to this plot line then this book is definitely a good place to start
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Unfortunately the main twist to this story has been used in a number of books I’ve read recently. Perhaps if it hadn’t been obvious to me after the first few chapters where it was heading I’d have been more involved in the story. Having said that it was an easy read and others have found it an exciting novel.
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Here For You by Nora Valter. 
Jess’s life is back on track again: the messy divorce, bitter inheritance feud, and terrifying home invasion are well and truly behind her. After two years abroad, she is excited for a new beginning in a sleepy English seaside town where nobody knows her. So when Jess is attacked in the street, she thinks it’s rotten luck – her troubles are firmly in the past, after all. But, as more creepy things start to happen, she becomes convinced she’s being targeted.
As the frightening events escalate, Jess is certain someone she thought she’d left behind has finally caught up with her – and they want revenge. But who? And just how far will they go to push her over the edge and into oblivion?
A brilliant read.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I loved Jess character. She was my favourite.  5*.
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This novel begins with Jess in a new town at a new shared co-working space awkwardly introducing herself to everyone during one of their Friday night socials. As she nurses her beer, she looks around the room trying to figure out who to socialize with but is quickly saved when sweet, bubbly Ashley comes over to introduce herself. Later, the two women are drunkenly walking home, go their separate ways, and Jess is attacked. Who comes to her rescue? Ashley, of course. And the rest of the book is predictable as hell from there forward.

The main premise to this novel is the question – is Jess losing her mind or is she being gaslighted by literally everyone else in her life? Jess is a very unreliable narrator because she completely lacks any self-esteem or confidence, only shares tiny bits of her past, and later her recollections of the past don’t match those of others. So who do you believe?

Some positives of the book are the author’s character development and imagery. The way she described each character’s expression, tones, and even eye movements made the characters leap off the page. I also loved the setting and descriptions of the town down to the arcade and the yummy food Jess and Ashley would get while out and about having fun.

However, the overall novel was just a complete miss for me because it was so incredibly predictable. From about 10% in, I realized what was going on. Yes, I had to build on it as the novel progressed, but there was literally only 1 surprise throughout the novel and it was so silly and out of left field that it wasn’t an enjoyable surprise. I’m not sure what could have been better because this plot seems overdone anyway, but this lacked all of the things I love about thrillers – anticipation, surprise, questions, and twists.

I will certainly give this author another try because there were several things I enjoyed about her writing, however, Here For You is not a book that I would recommend.

*Thanks to NetGalley for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I really struggled with this novel. It was a page turner for sure, but my primary motivation was just to get through it. I hate to DNF, but I was nearly there. 

The dialog seemed juvenile and odd, not the way I'd expect adults to speak to one another. "OMG!" "They're out to get me!" etc.

The main character is unlikeable, which isn't typically an issue for me but I found myself exhausted by her. What person, with a history of trauma and PTSD, moves in with not one, but two complete strangers.... I can suspend my belief when warranted but the entire story is filled with hard to accept plot points and exchanges.

Blake, the ex husband, and Tim, the brother, are inordinately cruel, spitting vitriol at Jess for no real reason. It just felt thrown in there for shock value. Overall, the story lacks character development, believability, and after all the chaos, the ending is too wrapped up in a neat little bow for my tastes. Just wasn't for me. 

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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