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Bree, Mikki and Ashley are brought together by fate and become the best of friends.

Bree is wounded by cold parents and her late husband's ultimate betrayal.  And as a result has trust issues and resolves to protect her heart at all cost.  Even when her new best friend's brother shows that he sees her for who she is she still does not trust her feelings.

Even though Mikki is divorced she and her ex still have an amicable relationship.  She has met a new man who makes her see herself in a whole new way  Now that she has someone new in her life her ex wants her to try again.

Ashley discovers that the love of her life has no desire to ever marry. He wants to continue together without the benefit of marriage.  

As these three women bond they help each other to come to terms with what they want in life.
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I've read a few Susan Mallery books over the years and this one didn't disappoint. I enjoyed the characters and the writing. Overall a great beach read.
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The Boardwalk Bookshop follows three women who haven't known each other for very long. But they all really needed some good, new friends. Sharing their place of business between a bookstore, a bakery and a gift shop, they start new traditions to keep moving forward.
I loved getting to know Bree, Mikki and Ashley.
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Susan Mallery is always a go-to comfort read for me. While relatively predictable, her books are so comforting, and always have a great setting and great characters! This book was no exception. I loved Bree, Mikki and Ashley, and loved their tradition of Friday night champagne on the beach. It reminded me a lot of Wendy Wax's Ten Beach Road series. Any book with a bookstore setting always pulls me in as well.  A perfect summer read, or in my case, still holding on to summer even if it's fall read.
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This had me wondering if it was the same Mallery that wrote it. Different writing than her previous books but enjoyable, just not as good.
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I really wished I could crawl into the book and join these 3 friends for a Friday cocktail on the beach!
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~~~ I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review ~~~

I can always count on Susan Mallery for a good summer read.  I really enjoyed The Boardwalk Bookshop plot following 3 women running three businesses in one beachfront storefront.  Ashley runs a bakery, Mickie runs a gift shop, and Bree operates a bookshop.  Each woman is experiencing a romantic set back and working through some life drama.  Bree is the main character who has a lot in life to overcome before she welcomes the man of her dreams into her life.  This is a story of grief, love, friendship, and healing.  If you're searching for a good beach read, look no further!
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A fun read about three women who have started small businesses yet still have other obstacles in their lives to overcome. The book is predictable but an easy beach read.
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I connected with the characters. I could not put it down. I was so invested in these three girls and their lives. This is a hot must read. I definitely recommend this one.
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Predicatable romance set near the CA shore.
Three women share a shop and look for love. 
Recommended as complete escapist fiction.
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The Boardwalk Bookshop is an adult contemporary romance by author Susan Mallery. This book was a great feel good read. It is a great beach read full of heart, friendship, romance and three awesome women. In the Bookwalk Bookshop, we meet three new friends- Bree, Mikki and Ashley. The three of them came together to rent beachfront store space to combine their three small businesses- and this is their slice of life story.

Bree owns a bookstore and has had a tough past with her parents and husband that has forced her to throw up huge walls with anyone new. She doesn’t do relationships, just casual. Mikki owns a souvenir shop, and she has two kids and has been divorced for 3 years, but is still friends with her ex husband. Ashley, owns a bakery and is all lovey dovey in her relationship, but then a wrench gets thrown in her perfect plans.

The book is told in split narrative between the three girls, and I really liked that writing style. I enjoyed all three of the women’s stories, but I think I was the most invested in Bree’s story. Bree is a heart breaker and casual dater. Ashley’s brother is a famous writer who is coming back to town, and Ashley knows Bree is just his type. She is worried that Bree will break his heart. I absolutely swooned over Harding, and his adorable courting of Bree. I was rooting for him hardcore. I also really enjoyed all three girl’s stories. This book was so cute and satisfying and I want to pop back into Bree, Mikki and Ashley lives.

If you are a fan of contemporary slice of life romances and you love a good friend group, then check out The Boardwalk Bookshop. This book was a great feel good read.
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A perfect summer beach ready by one of my favorite authors!  Susan Mallery's books never disappoint to leave you with that small-town good feeling.
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Bree, Mikki and Ashley were strangers when they met while looking for a place to open their own business.  They had each found the retail shop on the California boardwalk but it was too large for one business so they decided to set up their separate business and share the lease.  They quickly became friends and tried to help each other through their problems with life and love.

Bree owns the bookshop.  She had parents who ignored her growing up and a husband who betrayed her so she guards her heart and doesn't want to get involved with anyone.  When she meet Ashley's brother, an author, at her bookstore, she begins to change even though she is fighting against having a relationship.  Harding is patient and loving and begins to break down the walls she's put up around her heart.

Mikki owns the gift shop.  She's happily divorced and wants to stay that way until she meets a man who wants to change her life.

Ashley owns the bakery.  Her goal in life is to be a bride and live happily ever after.  Her live in boyfriend wants to remain a couple but he is adamantly opposed to marriage.  She has to decide if she can live with that or if it's a deal breaker to their future.

Can the friendship that these three women have help them overcome their pasts and find a brighter and happier future?  This is a book about friendship and love and three women who have only begun to realize how strong and resilient they really are.
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Susan Mallery has done it again with another perfect beach read. A perfect story of three friends. One crazy wild story! Perfect summer book! Her best, yet.
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I want sure that I was going to like this, at first. I also didn't realize that there was so much going on! Bree owns the bookstore; she's the daughter of two literary types- not at all what she's selling- and was basically ignored by her parents, then taken advantage of by her husband. Mikki owns the gift shop in the middle; she's divorced but still friends with her ex due to them sort of co-parenting their kids. Ashley's the third co-leasee; she's been living with her man for a year and is waiting for a proposal and is shattered when he tells her he's never going to marry her because even though he wants all the sane things,  marriage isn't the answer for him even those he swears he'll never leave. Now things have changed for all of them and they all have to decide what to do about it.  Veri interesting how that all happens,  and believable for the most part.
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Susan Mallery books are synonymous with Summer for me and I was thrilled to get my hands on The Boardwalk Bookshop. Unfortunately, this one fell a bit flat for me. The characters, while interesting, felt like copy/paste/repeat from other beach reads and I was not invested in their stories. This was a fun beach read but nothing I will be raving about.
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Although this book started out slow for me, it picked up in the middle and I really liked the story. This is a story of friendship and perseverance. Each story line was interesting and had you rooting for the heroine. The characters were likable and I found myself wanted to be accepted into the fold.

I highly recommend this book. It is an excellent summer read by a great author. Thank you to the publisher and Goodreads for the advanced reader copy.
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Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.

The book focused on 3 women and the  relationships they have in their lives. Each one running, hiding, forced to face and overcome the challenges.

Ashley's story raised so many questions about love, relationships and what was important to each partner and ultimately what was important to them. 

Mikki, had a tough childhood, major trust issues. One thing she had to learn was to trust and love herself.

For Bree it was easy to hang onto the past and keep things status quo. Change is hard and once she was able to accept that she was finally able to make a decision about her life.

I loved the champagne Fridays, their weekly hang out to hang up and discuss all the things.
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Boardwalk Bookshop is summer drama love story in a book.  Friendship, broken hearts and marriage issues all while in a small Calafornia coastal town.  Another one of those books that reads like a Hallmark movie and is just a great book to get cozy up in a beach chair with!
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Such a great story about friendship and overcoming trauma. These women figure out their lives and show that you can forge new friendships as adults.

There is a romantic element to each woman’s story, but I wouldn’t say that’s the focus of the book. I love that Susan Mallery can write so beautifully about women, their relationships, and their own personal journeys without focusing on finding themselves within a romance. The journey is is as important as the happily ever after.

My only complaint is the sheer volume of stories in this one book. Normally, I hate bouncing around, but somehow this was seemless, though I did wish I got to spend more one-on-one time with each woman. This book would have made a great series!

Plus, I think I need to steal the idea of #Champagne Fridays! Popping bubbles to celebrate another week in the books.

Women’s fiction lovers should snatch this one up, perfect for the beach reading.
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