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Three friends own a beachfront business together - bookstore, muffin bakery, and gift shop.  Their business is great but their love lives are in shambles.  They work together to support each other as they each find their way forward.

I wanted to read this book because I enjoy Susan Mallery's books and this looked like a great beach read. It definitely was!  It is an engrossing summer read about three very different women who are friends -- Bree, who fears commitment;  Ashley, who wants to marry her commitment phobic boyfriend; and Mikki, a divorcee who finds herself in the middle of a confusing love triangle.  The author does a great job at delineating the different characters, and all three stories were compelling.  I particularly liked Mikki, who has such a sweet, nurturing personality and really deserves some happiness of her own.

I recommend The Boardwalk Bookshop as a fun read - especially for anyone who loves beach reads, stories of friendship, and beach settings.
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I did not enjoy this and ultimately DNF'd. There was something off from the very beginning. From the first page, I felt like I was dropped into the middle of the book. I didn't appreciate all the sex talk and sex toy talk. I know this is a romance (my favorite genre) but please give me some plot, character development, *something* before we delve into the sex. It just felt crass and not funny. I couldn't connect with the characters. They seemed self-absorbed and it was very disjointed jumping from character to character. When I found myself avoiding reading, I knew it was time to DNF.
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This was my first Susan Mallery book.  I am a fan of bookshops and boardwalks, so I thought this would be a winner for me.  Unfortunately it was not.  My biggest issue was probably that I didn't believe these three women's friendship.  I didn't buy that they would have been friends, nor was I a fan how how they talked to one another, specifically when one of the women was truly struggling with a mental health issue.
I was frustrated with many of the characters choices, as well as their judgement of each other.  
I appreciate getting access to this ARC, and will be able to provide better reader's advisory for patrons who are searching for an easy summer beach read.
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A Novel
by Susan Mallery
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The cover really says it all. Here is a novel that is for a relaxing summer day as can be seen in this woman who is relaxing with a beach read. It is the story of three friends and those around them. Readers follow Bree, Mikki and Ashley in their intersecting lives.

The women come together when they rent a common space for their businesses. Bree has a bookstore, Mikki owns a gift shop, and Ashley bakes splendid sounding goods. Each of these women has relationships both past and present that impact them. Bree’s relationship with the older Lewis was complicated and she now does not seem to want to be close to a man. What will happen when she meets Ashley’s brother? Mikki is getting divorced and starting to date again. Ashley seems to have the perfect relationship but is it as good as it seems?

Those who enjoy classic women’s fiction and/or those who have read other novels by Ms. Mallery will want to give this one a look. For myself, I wanted just a bit more from this novel. I am often drawn to books about books but there was not quite as much about the store as I might have hoped for. Also, while I enjoyed spending time with these characters, I never found it hard to put the book down for a while.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin for this title. All opinions are my own.
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This is a great beach read! Three women combined forces and decided to come business partners. As their business endeavor strives, their personal lives get complicated. It was fun getting to know all three women and how they make time for each other weekly for a champagne drink walk on the beach. I really love how Susan Mallery emphasizes the importance of women friendships and how they always step up to support and help each other. I really enjoyed reading this and it made both my bookstore loving and beach loving hearts happy.

Thank you to NetGallery and to Harlequin Trade Publishing for giving me a copy for my honest review.
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The Boardwalk Bookshop is a fun, "summer read" type of book. Three women rent a huge space, part bookshop, bakery & gift shop. Note that there is not much in the story circling around the stores, not sure that I would have chosen the title, other than they met there & meet on Friday nights to re-group & connect on the beach.
Spoiler allert-each woman has her own "issues" with relationships, per a summer read, it all works out in the end. Shocking, right? (sarcasm here!) An easy read, that does leave you wondering what happens next with the characters. Thanks to NetGalley, Ms Mallery & MIRA for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review
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This was a really great story about three women that meet while viewing the same beachside storefront that they can’t afford individually but decide to take a chance and combine their businesses together thus The Boardwalk bookshop is born part bookstore, part gift shop and part bakery.  So while their business is thriving their private lives aren’t. We have Bree, who runs the bookstore, is determined to never open her heart to love again after growing up with cold neglectful parents and enduring the betrayal of her late husband, Ashley the baker who is in a committed relationship that she finds out won’t end with a proposal of marriage and she has to figure out if she is ok with that and then we have Mikki who runs the gift shop who while divorced is too scared to get out their again. I just really enjoyed how much growth the characters went through and how you were rooting for them and their happy ending which was so satisfying when it appeared. I just really love Susan Mallery and how she writes and her characters are always so great.  Also loved the girls Friday night ritual of champagne on the beach and how much they love and depend on each other. 

Thanks to Mira and Netgalley for the complimentary copy of this book in e-book form. All opinions in this review are my own.
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Three stories in one that all tie together in this story about fate, friendship and love. Perfect beach read….with two of my favorite scenarios, a bookshop and a beach setting.  

Three strangers, small business owners, are brought together while looking at a prime retail site.  While too pricey on their own, they band together and rent the store, running their business independently and collectively.  Bree, Mikki and Ashley all have personal obstacles they are trying to overcome/figure out.  The friendship that evolves is heartwarming, especially their Friday night ritual.  Characters are endearing, with relatable situations and friends empowering each other.  

Thanks to Ms. Mallery, Harlequin Trade Publishing and NetGalley for this ARC.  Opinion is mine alone.
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I’m not even sure where to start, this was the cutest most heartwarming story I’ve read in a while. I adored the fact that Ashley, Mikki and Bree all blindly go into business together to achieve their dreams, and end up with so much more. The separate narratives were enjoyable and fairly well structured, but at times too quick to switch. Overall this was an amazing story of women overcoming and sticking up for what they want and deserve. The found family is one to be very jealous of.
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What a intriguing plot!
What a wonderful cast of characters!
What a beautiful, feel good story!
A story of three women struggling to figure out what is the best route for them to take.  They pretty much have their business side taken care of.  But, their love life is not going too great.  To sum it up….one has a boyfriend that cannot commit to marriage, one is divorced and her ex wants to get back together and one doesn’t believe in love or thinks she does not have the ability to love.  Sound intriguing doesn’t it?????
Will they find true????
Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and author for the opportunity to read this book for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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The title is deceptive. It is the story of three women who are brought together by retail space on the boardwalk.  Bree is the owner of a book store, Ashley a bakery, and Mikkii a gift store.  They rent the space together and become friends who drink champagne on Friday evenings and who become familly, Each woman struggles with their family and personal relationships. They support each other and everyone ends up with a happy ending.  Perfect summer reading.
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I enjoy reading all of Susan Mallery’s books.  The Boardwalk Bookshop follows the lives of three women that become friends.  Enjoy all their HEA stories.

I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley and the publisher.  This is my honest and personal review.
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The summer, the beach, and a bookshop are an irresistible combination in The Boardwalk Bookshop by Susan Mallery. The story is about women who are entrepreneurs and who support each other. As in other Susan Mallery books, there is romance and physicality. Fortunately, the focus stays on the women, taking on some serious issues including emotional child abuse through the lens of the adult that child grows up to be. This, for me, is the lasting image of this book. 

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Reviewed for NetGalley.
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It's been a while since I've read a book by Susan Mallery but after reading The Boardwalk Bookshop I am looking forward to more!  I really enjoyed reading about Mikki, Ashley and Bree along with the problems they're dealing with and the men they love.  I think we all need a man like Harding in our lives!  :-) The end was very satisfying for me and I was quite happy with it!

The Boardwalk Bookshop is the perfect summer read!

Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review.  All opinions are my own.

Published 31 May 2022.
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4.5 stars.

  The Boardwalk Bookshop by Susan Mallery is an uplifting novel of friendship, new beginnings and love.

  Bree Larton, Mikki Bartholomew and Ashely Burton are complete strangers when they meet while looking at a vacant beachfront property. Since none of the women can afford the business space on their own, they rent it together and soon become close friends. Bree owns a thriving bookshop but she is not a fan of authors. Mikki is a divorced mom of two who owns a successful gift shop. Ashley owns a popular bakery and she is in a loving relationship with her boyfriend Seth. All three support each other as they undergo unexpected changes in their personal lives.

  Despite becoming friends with Mikki and Ashley, Bree does not talk much about her personal life or her past. She does not have any interest in a relationship so she is surprised when by her growing friendship with popular author Harding Burton. He also runs a non-profit with his friend Dave.  Bree does not want to become romantically entangled with Harding, but will he slip past her formidable defenses?

  Mikki’s divorce from her ex-husband Perry was amicable and they have successfully co-parented their now teenage children. Mikki is also still good friends with her in-laws and she and Perry still keep to a few routines from their married days. With encouragement from Bree and Ashley, she makes one last effort with a dating app. Mikki is thrilled with her new romance but is she ready to move on from her former husband?

  Ashley and Seth are deeply in love but an unanticipated revelation throws their romance into turmoil. Their very different viewpoints leave her reeling and wondering how they will break their impasse.  Ashely is also surprised by which of their friends she turns to for assistance. This unforeseen turn of events turns out to be life changing for both women but will they figure out how to solve the issues that are troubling them?

  The Boardwalk Bookshop is a delightfully charming novel that is quite captivating. The characters are wonderfully life-like with realistic flaws. Their respective problems are relatable with no easy solutions. Bree’s wounds are deep and she is emotionally closed off. Mikki’s comfortable life is shaken by her inability to clearly see how complacent she has become. Ashley must make a difficult choice that she is finding impossible to make. With Bree, Mikki and Ashely’s futures hanging in the balance, Susan Mallery brings this heartwarming novel to an immensely gratifying conclusion.
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The Boardwalk Bookshop is a bookstore, gift shop, and bakery all rolled into one, Bree, Mikki, and Ashley's combined business. That's going well, but not their personal lives. Bree is emotionally wounded and is determined to protect herself from further heartbreak, especially from Ashley's brother. Mikki is still friends with her ex and her in-laws, but a new man changes everything she thought she knew. Ashley's love never intends to marry, destroying her dream of being a wife.

As with her other books, Susan Mallery here writes about sisterhood, friendship, and love. It's a complicated mess, of course; we wouldn't have a full-length novel otherwise. I admittedly hurried through the first few chapters introducing our trio and their lives, not finding them terribly interesting. I wanted to see the challenges thrown at them, and how they managed it. Ashley's brother Harding kept going after Bree even though she kept telling him she wasn't interested, and I think I'm supposed to find it endearing. I really didn't. In contrast, once Mikki got over her fears, I enjoyed seeing her start to get out and date again. Ashley's reaction to "perfect" Seth is realistically painful to see.

These three women don't make choices for their happiness lightly, and especially in Bree's case, it's with a lot of emotional support and therapy. I like that therapy is normalized, and that they spell out emotional neglect as just as damaging as physical abuse. The trio makes mistakes and learns from them, with a lot of messy tears and wine. It feels like the ending was too pat and perfect, but this is a romance novel. Everyone gets a happy-for-now ending, with hope for the future.
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I enjoy Susan Mallery’s books. This is a fun story, but you’ll want to yell at each of the main characters at some point in the book. Each women is in a different phase of life, and each comes with her own baggage, as we all do. Each has her own decision to make in regards to her current and future relationship. Good read, though.
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Mikki, Ashley and Bree decide to go in together to share the rent on a beachfront property. They become fast friends. Bree is the bookshop owner and has no intention of having a relationship with anyone. Ashley owns the bakery and she has a boyfriend which she loves dearly, but does he love her. Mikki owns the gift shop. She has been divorced and has decided to start dating again. But, as you can guess, complications arise.

These characters stay with you a while. I loved each and everyone of them. I love how they grow in their relationship with each other as the story moves along. Throw in romance issues and you have a dang good read! I mean…you have books, beach, cute guys, and champagne…what’s not to love!

Need just an all around good read for the beach…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.
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The Boardwalk Bookshop by Susan Mallery is a romance but at its core it  is truly about friendships. How friendships can give us the support we need, enter our lives when we really need them and fill a hole we never knew we had. I loved getting to know the three women from their perspectives. Their friendship and other relationships felt realistic and I had to keep reading to find out how they resolved their issues. I’ve read many books by Mallery and this is one of the best.
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This was a fun little beach read by the amazing Susan Mallery. While not my most favorite of her books, I really did enjoy this story of Bree, Ashley, and Mikki. Each of these women has their own struggles in the beginning of the story, and each has their own, unique story arc that progresses naturally and beautifully throughout the book.

I love reading Mallery's stories of friendships between women. This was a cute, relaxing, quick read.
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