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I love that this book's main theme is friendship. The three main characters have come to rely on each other, knowing they can trust each other and depend on each other. They support one another as they meet men and fall in love. There are a few twists in the relationships, as often happens in life. The characters and situations are relatable and I enjoyed my time with them.
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I don't usually read romance novels, but I inadvertently downloaded this one because I thought it was a mystery set in a bookstore on the beach. When I realized my mistake, I decided to continue reading it. After completing it, I remember why I don't read romance novels. I become impatient with the women and their issues about significant others, and bored reading how they reach the expected conclusions. Those who enjoy romance novels will probably like this one, but I don't recommend it. Thanks to NetGalley, Harlequin Trade Publishing, and MIRA for providing an ARC.
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Susan Mallery can always be counted on to tug at the heartstrings as she zeroes in on relationships, romance, and family.   I always enjoy her books and grab new ones when I can.  

This book centers on three women, Mikki, Bree and Ashley whose paths crossed at just the right time to enter a business relationship that benefitted all three.  They share business space and their ventures support each other.  Bree has a bookshop, Mikki a gift shop and Ashley a bakery.  Each of them is at a different stage in life and has their own issues to deal with; however, they provide guidance and support to each other in both business and their personal lives.  Bree grew up in a household with cold, indifferent parents and she had a previous romantic relationship that, combined with her upbringing, left her with trust issues.  Ashley is living with her boyfriend Seth and is completely in love. She's just waiting for him to propose and can't wait to get married and seal their relationship.  Mikki has been divorced for three years, has to children who are almost grown, and has a great, amicable relationship with her ex.  She feels she is at a point where she needs to get back to finding a new relationship.

Following these women traverse their issues was fun.  The women gave each other strength and provided caring and advice to each other.  Their support of one another was heartwarming and I think everyone wishes for such great friends in their lives.  The novel was character driven and the characters were realistic and likable.

Thanks to Harlequin Trade Publishing, MIRA through Netgalley for an advance copy.  This book will be published on May 31, 2022.
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this was a sweet read about 3 different women . All had obstacles in their life that they were able to work through with the aid of close friends. The outcome was rather predictable. The character were very endearing and the storyline was a perfect easy read!
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This book has all the makings of a fun summer romance ~ friends, sunny California, and a bookstore on the beach. However, it just wasn't for me. While I've enjoyed many of Susan Mallery's books in the past, I wasn't able to connect with the characters in this one, and found the women to be self-absorbed and unsympathetic. Thanks to Netgalley and Harlequin Trade Publishing for the advance digital copy!
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Susan Mallery at her best. The story of three women and their friendshipand how they find love. It will be a great beach read since it’s set on the beach.
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Three women decide to share a huge rental space on the beach for their prospective businesses: a bakery, a gift shop, and a bookshop. Not only do the businesses thrive, but the women become fast friends, and support each other through breakups, dating, and finding love.
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The story of three woman in different phases of their lives , while searching to find who they are and who they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Will they each be able to be open enough to let love in?
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This right here is the perfect beach read! Follow three new friends as they each navigate their own lives! I didn't want to put this one down! 5 beach stars for this one!
This story follows three friends, Bree who owns the bookstore, Mikki who has her gift store and Ashley who loves to bake goodies. Bree moved to a bigger space and found these two women to join in with her to run their respective stores. Each of these women are dealing with different things in their lives, and I loved each of their stories and how they work together to help each other out!
This is a story you don't want to miss out on, it's a great story to site at the beach and read or sit pool side to enjoy!
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I was surprised how much I liked this book

3 ladies decide to divide up space and share it for their businesses. 
That decision leads to a big ripple effect that will keep on this wave until the final word.
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Three women find a retail space too big for each of them, but big enough to share their different stores. One is a bookshop, one a bakery, and one a gift shop. They were strangers but become really good friends.
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The Boardwalk Bookshop follows three friends as they navigate love, life, and loss. Bree is standoffish and pushes people away from her relationship with her parents and her late husband. Mikki is divorced but doing great. She has managed to stay friends with everyone and has everything all figured out. Then she meets a new man and it complicates things for her. Ashley realizes the man she loves never wants to get married. The friends together in friendship and business navigate their lives together. This story was fine, like I never totally got into it but I did finish it. I loved the friendship aspect of it but the separate stories kinda dragged out for me.
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This was a definite page turner. A quickly developed friendship between three strong women. Loved in Friday night tradition! And how they quickly had each other‘s backs.
Definitely one you do not want to mess!
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Ashley (bakery), Bree (bookshop)  and Mikki (gift shop) are three business women that have just opened up a building where all of their talents can be in one storefront, saving on rent for all three while also allowing them to have a premium spot! This book follows all three's love lives, each battling a different relationship problem. 

I have read many of Susan Mallery's books and this feels very true to her personal brand. For whatever reason though, I just didn't really care for it. There's nothing wrong with it, for me though, there just wasn't anything super right about it either. I think that many other readers who enjoy authors like Sherryl Woods and RaeAnne Thayne will enjoy it. I just need something with a little more substance.
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I have come to enjoy Ms. Mallery's three women storyline books. I am getting three beautiful stories in one jammed packed book. The Boardwalk bookshop are three women Mikki, Bree and Ashley who on fate decides to rent out the same space for all three of their business on the beach.
Ashley is in a loving relationship with Seth and makes the other ladies nauseated about their love. Bree is a no strings attach woman who serial dates men she never stay long with. Mikki although divorce gets along with her ex to the point of are they truly acting like a divorce couple? So begins this women's fiction with the added layer of romance. As the book sets up the ladies characteristics we find out they all are fighting with some emotional upheaval that begins to unravel in each of their lives. Although the book touches on all three of their life I feel like the book has an added focus on Bree who is dealing with alot of childhood emotional trauma that gets in the way of her HEA. Love each of the storylines Bree's own was definitely more heartbreaking than the other two. My only gripe with this book was there was no epilogue and didn't realize it ended till i turned the page.
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A lovely and emotional tale of characters that I was grateful to get to know. Susan Mallery has another hit on her hands!
Loved this book!
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This is a sweet, and sometimes hot, story about friends and their love life. I always enjoy books by this author, and  The Boardwalk Bookshelf did not disappoint. I loved seeing how each woman worked through her issues and decided to stand up for what they wanted and deserved!
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I'm sure it will find its audience and be popular, but it wasn't for me. ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.
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"The Boardwalk Bookshop" by Susan Mallery
May 31, 2022
Women's Contemporary Fiction

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Reviewed by Nancy Carty Lepri

What could be more fun and exciting than being single and having a thriving business located right on the California waterfront? Bree Larton, the only child of two famous literary novelists, has been running Driftway Books three blocks inland when she comes upon a building for rent on the beach. She dreams of moving her shop there, but it would never happen with the exorbitant fee and space much larger than she needs. As luck would have it, she meets two women looking to open their own businesses as well, so they take a leap of faith and sign a ten-year lease while combining three shops in one.

The youngest of the trio, Ashley Burton, owns Muffins to the Max. Mikki Bartholomew, who is nearing the age of 40, opens The Gift Shop, which is targeted toward tourists, and Bree changes her store's name to The Boardwalk Bookshop. Six months into their partnership, all three businesses are thriving. The women have become friends and have started a ritual where every Friday night, after closing, they head to the shore with a bottle of champagne and unwind.

Bree is very reserved, mostly stays by herself, and never shares her life history. She was raised in a dysfunctional family where affection was not offered and had been married to a man who didn't love her, so she trusts no one and prefers a solitary existence.

Ashley lives with her boyfriend, Seth, and the two seem to be perfect together, yet Ashley wonders when Seth will pop the question. After all, doesn't every woman want the wedding, the house with the picket fence, two children, and a dog?

Mikki is three years into her divorce from her ex-husband, Perry. They have a daughter in college and a son in his last year of high school. Since she's been single, Mikki has not dated or tried to meet other men. Is she hoping for a reconciliation with Perry, with whom they have a friendly relationship?

As time passes, the women open up to each other, yet Bree does not share anything about her past. She has a high wall surrounding her that is almost impossible to break down. From the hurt and neglect by her uncaring parents and her now-deceased husband, her vulnerability makes her keep everything inside.

Then Bree meets Ashley's brother, Harding. He is a bestselling author who was hit by a car and left on the side of the road to die when he was young. It was supposed he would not survive, or if he did, would never walk again, but he surprised everyone with his determination and tenacity to live. Though Bree has no interest in any guy, Ashley warns her not to become involved with Harding. She says Bree is just the type Harding goes for, and Ashley knows Bree would end up chewing him up and spitting him out, so her main concern is keeping her brother from getting hurt.

Harding falls hard for Bree, and surprisingly, she is enchanted by him, yet fear rules her heart. How can she trust him when she doesn't trust anyone? She acts cool and aloof, not disclosing she is the daughter of celebrities and will not sell literary books in her shop, showing her indifference toward her parents. She has no contact with them until one day, she receives a phone call from Idalina, her mother's publicist, requesting Bree host a signing for her mother Naomi. When her mom arrives at the store, Bree escorts her to her office to stay until the event begins:

"She walked her mother to the office. It was only after her mother had taken a seat by the desk that Bree realized Idalina hadn't come with them. Which meant conversation would be required. . . .

. . . "She hadn't seen her mother since Lewis had died. They rarely spoke, so it was reasonable to assume after all this time, there would be much to say. Only there wasn't. Naomi had no interest in her life, and the opposite was also true. Excluding their biological connection, they were strangers forced together for a few hours.

"She remembered when she was younger how she'd wanted to talk to her mother. She would come up with what she hoped were interesting topics they could discuss. Sometimes she did research or made notes, but while her mother would occasionally engage on the subject, her interest was fleeting. After a few minutes, she would need to get back to work, and Bree would be alone again. Until boarding school, her world had been small and lonely."

Bree's business partners care for her and try to break her from her shell. When Harding confesses his love to her, this scares her away, for there is no way she would commit to anyone. She cannot take the pain of another rejection and insists she is no good for him. But is she right? She falls for Harding, but her pride and stubbornness will not allow her to take a chance with him.

Soon the women become to know each other better and open up to share their secrets while offering advice. A true lesson in friendship without judgment is the main focus, for they realize everyone has issues and faults, and their goal is to help.

Susan Mallery gets to the heart of women's emotions, touching on the closeness of friends and the problems they face. However, it is unnerving how some can be naïve, foolish, and obstinate about their beliefs and feelings. Specific situations tend to be redundant, slowing the flow to where the reader would want to scream and say, "enough, already!" In addition to exploring the female psyche and highlighting how these three women bond, The Boardwalk Bookshop offers sensuality and steamy sections in this lengthy beach read.
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Susan Mallery is one of my favorite contemporary romance authors. "The Boardwalk Bookshop" did not disappoint me. Three ladies, meeting by chance, come together as business partners, each with a shop of their own but sharing a space on the boardwalk for their bookstore, bakery and gift shop. They soon become more than business partners. They become good friends. This friendship and sisterhood happens at a time in their lives when they truly need each other. 

I must admit that I had to wipe away a few tears more than once while reading this book. Happy tears and sad tears. When a book pulls that kind of emotion from me, I know it's good. The story reminded me a bit of a Wendy Wax series I read, but Susan Mallery puts her own spin on things.

I highly recommend this as a great beach read this summer!
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