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Josh and Gemma Make a Baby

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While this book does tackle heavier topics, it was still a fun and refreshing rom-com about an unusual situation.
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Oh this book was just so cute! Friends to lovers? Brother's best friend? I'm sold! I love rom-coms with all my heart and this one did not disappoint. The storyline was great. Josh is the love of my lif000e.This book was so entertaining.  The narrator was witty and fun. The embarrassing moments were a liitttleee too cringey for my taste. But overall, this was a very good book!
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I will not hesitate to be the number one supporter of the pregnancy trope in books. I will read accidental pregnancy after accidental pregnancy and not get bored and this book was as cute as they come. I had a few problems with the female main character because she was a tiny bit annoying but nothing that could not be overlooked. Amazing read for fas of this trope.
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Trigger warning for infertility & miscarriage. Gemma is divorced, in her upper 30s, & really wants to have  baby. She’s had issues with infertility in the past so decides to go to a fertility clinic.  Gemma finds out she can start the process quicker if she has her own sperm donor…

Enter Josh. A friend of Gemma’s brother, whom she has known since high school. Gemma is drawn to him, but situations in their past make it difficult to connect. 

Would definitely recommend!  This is my first book by Sarah Ready & I look forward to reading more!  Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the ARC!
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"So your relationship with him is a transaction?"  "Exactly"

I feel I have to preface that his review was in the making for six months because I almost couldn't finish the last 15%... Take that how you please.

While I don't read many books with pregnancy as a main plot point, I found I was really looking forward to reading this one. I love almost any cute rom-com you throw my way, but especially so if it includes scenarios where the main couple have to spend lots of time together and you get to see a lovely romance blossom.

I mean to start we have Gemma, our main protagonist who's in a bit of a situation. After struggling to find Mr. Right and her desire for a family grows, she decides enough is enough and takes matters into her own hands through IVF. But before she gets that far, she crosses path with a familiar face: Josh Lewenthal. Her brother's best friend. The book shows their relationship transform from a business transaction as Josh decides to be a sperm donor for Gemma to... more. While I loved the tension between them and the spicy moments they shared, there was a lot I didn't like.

First and probably most importantly, I couldn't stand Gemma. She's characterized as this happy going, sweetheart who's energetic and positive but I couldn't help but view her as immature. To be fair, life has thrown a lot at her and her mom is...not so supportive (I actually really really couldn't stand her but I digress). However, Gemma tends to acts before she thinks and can be pretty selfish at times. In the book she meets a lovely group of women who are also going through IVF and took Gemma under their wing as she struggled to adjust. But when things start looking up for her, she throws everyone under the bus and doesn't look back. At least not until she needs them again. And I have to say I see the same pattern with Josh as well. Sigh.

Speaking of which, I feel like the book focused so heavily on Gemma's weaknesses. Some of them definitely made her more realistic as a character since no one is perfect, but I feel like the same wasn't shown of Josh. I feel like he's built to be this perfect partner. He always knows what to say or what to do, and had me swooning in multiple occasions. But it made this stark contrast appear between him and Gemma and I couldn't help thinking they weren't the best match.

Many thoughts were swirling in my brain as I read this book. I put this book down and never knew if I was going to pick it back up. But I did, and I can't say I regret it. Maybe I'm biased, but I love great endings. I'll watch the worst tv show known to man, but if the ending is cute and sappy than I'm a happy woman. Originally my rating was going to be a 2/5 but I bumped it up one because the ending had me smiling into my kindle and sighing.

I know many people LOVED this book. I wasn't one of them, however there's still a lot to like about this book. If you've been wanting to check it out, there's no harm in just going for it. But I wanted to get this off my chest because I've had this in library for MONTHS haha

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for my ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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I'm not 100% sure why, but this book felt like New Girl to me.  It never quite took off, but I've recommended it as a quick read.
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"Josh and Gemma Make a Baby" was a light hearted rom-com with a few heavy moments at times. I enjoyed the characters and the overall storyline but I did find myself loosing a little interest at times. I feel like the author could have dove even deeper into some aspects.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for my ARC in exchange for my honest review. 

I really enjoyed this book, I thought it had really adorable moments and really heartfelt moments too!
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4,5 ⭐

I was not expecting to love his book as much as I did. I've always thought of myself as not a big rom com fan. But it turns out, I actually really enjoyed it in this book! 
I completely fell in love with Josh and Gemma. 
It's a very easy, funny and heartwarming read, but it also covers some heavy topics and important life lessons.

Thank you to NetGalley for the book!
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Oh my goodness. I’m in love with this book! The characters, the plot, the romance, the humor, all of it! Josh and Gemma Make a Baby felt very fanfic-esqe and was a total romp.
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i do not care what anyone says. i love the pregnancy trope. and i really liked this book. i want to reread it in physical form!!! i would recommend!!!
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This book was a super cute easy read. Gemma wants a baby; Josh agrees to help. What Gemma finds out about herself surprises her, her family, and Josh. It was a laugh out loud, easy romantic read!
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I've finished this book last February but I haven't been able to construct any book reviews lately because life happens (thus, affecting my mental health and my productivity. My apologies for that). 

Anyway, overall I can say that I've enjoyed this book so much. At first, I wasn't able to catch the speed of the plot but I continued reading and I'm glad I did. It was my first encounter on a book with both romantic comedy and an infertility issue put in together, which, for me, is quite an odd combination but it worked well with this book, thus me giving it 4 stars.

I love how the romance between Josh and Gemma paced throughout the book - it wasn't forced to me. I liked that they have their sense of individuality while also getting to know each other and being with one another more and more. Although the miscommunication parts are something that I don't fully appreciate in romance books, I guess it's safe to say that with Josh and Gemma, it's quite a needed component in their story.

Here's a mini reading thread on my booktwt account as well:

I really enjoyed this book and I love the quotes I picked up through my reading journey.

Thank you so much to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me the chance to read this. It's something that's worth rereading for me.
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Thank you Netgalley and the Publisher for my ARC in exchange for my honest review. This was an enjoyable book. It was super cute!!
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This book had some aspects I enjoyed and other parts I did not. I enjoyed the plot and the issue of infertility it was discussing, Some things that happened throughout were very cringey and I found myself not being able to stay engaged.
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This book was cute and heavy, at the same time! It was part rom-com, part self-exploration. I loved how raw both Gemma and Josh were throughout the story. I also enjoyed the exploration of finding yourself as an adult, while navigating all of the wonderful and terrible things life throws at you. I wish the author dove deeper into some of the issues, but I know this is only the first book so excited to see what else is in store.
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What a cute little rom-com this was. When I saw it was about a woman with fertility issues, I decided to request this book as it hits very close to home and I could use a little laugh. 

Things I loved: 
- Gemma’s friends (female) and the ivf support group 
- Josh  and Gemma’s scenes together. I loved their romance.
- the grand gesture. I mean, GEMMAAAA! Get it, girl. 
-  how funny this book was. It was funny but still full of heart while dealing with major issues. 

Things I didn’t love: 
- the way gemma was treated. Not only by her slimeball ex, but seemingly by EVERYONE. Her parents, people that made fun of her for her fashion, her weight, her fertility issues, her cheating husband. Come on!!! Enough!!  

Overall I enjoyed this hilarious, heartfelt, banter-filled little Rom-Com and look forward to more books by this author!
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Josh and Gemma Make a baby is a very cute romance that is engaging. I read it in one sitting because I was so entertained. 

The story is about Gemma Jacobs' New Years Resolution to have a baby. She is unmarried and unable to conceive without IVF. She wants a willing sperm donor for a no-strings-attached type of relationship. But Gemma doesn't want any old sperm donor, though, she wants Josh Lewenthal. Josh is her brother's BFF and someone. heavily rooted in her past. 

Gemma is a great protagonist. She is funny and has a huge heart.  I also found her voice very refreshing. She has a single-minded focus on getting pregnant and having a baby. She is relatable and has had to overcome some major complications in life. I think it is so amazing that a romance heroine has fertility issues and goes through IVF. It is relatable to so many women out there.

Josh is a perfect sperm donor and is accommodating to Gemma. Their back and forth is a huge part of the heart of the story. I was laughing, crying, and smiling. Sometimes all at the same time!

A word of caution, while this book is so much fun, there are some serious topics broached. There is a lot of body shaming, infertility, and miscarriage and it can be quite triggering at times.
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This was such a fun rom-com. Gemma wants to have a baby, but she's divorced and has fertility issues, so she recruits Josh, her brother's best friend, as a donor and slowly realizes that she doesn't know him like she believed. Gemma is a bit oblivious and Josh is a great guy, but a bit too accepting and easy-going. This leads to a lot of miscommunication about his feelings toward her that could have been resolved faster otherwise, but lends itself perfectly for rom-com material and a sweet, romantic story.
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I enjoyed this but it wasn’t exactly exceptional. It was inevitable but not boring which is just perfect in my opinion. I did however hate the males voice (in the audiobook) and it was super off-putting and the quotes really made me cringe. I also hate the wording of ‘making love’ and the last few chapters felt a little unnecessary. With all that said I did enjoy it and was a typical heart warming womens fiction/romance novel.
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