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A wonderful holiday story from Josh Lanyon is always welcome. And one that's centered around food? Count me in. I liked getting to know Jess and Rocky and what was keeping them apart, and loved seeing them finally come together.

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This is a cute, very short Christmassy novella that doesn't really give you a Christmas feel (more of a wintery one). I enjoyed it overall, it was well-written in a trademark Josh Lanyon style (sketches of characters that nevertheless are very very effective). I wish there had been less cooking, less Louis and more resolution? Yeah. But the abrupt ending, the sketched love story and the annoying side characters are also Lanyon trademarks so I can't really complain (I got exactly what it says on the tin).

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If you are looking for something short but warm and fuzzy (and of course M/M), Baby, it's cold it's definitely your story. In this book Josh Lanyon doesn't spend many words on the description of the characters, but they appear round and whole (and they are so witty I found myself laughing out loud a few times) nonetheless, and the story is easy to read and very much enjoyable.
Baby, it's cold is the perfect short story if you're looking to spend an amusing couple of hours!

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Josh Lanyon is the master of the short story. And Baby , it's Cold is the perfect sample of it.

Whenever I read a book by this author I am always left entertained.

I just reviewed Baby, it's Cold by Josh Lanyon. #BabyitsCold #NetGalley

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I enjoyed this romance, rooted for the characters, and found it gripping.
It's entertaining, poignant, and I loved the atmosphere and the setting.
Good storytelling and character development.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine

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Rocky and Jesse have been friends since they were teenagers, but when they took their relationship to the next level it destroyed their friendship.
Two month after their breakup, Jesse tries to re-connect. What was planned as a romantic setting in an isolated mountain cabin gets messed up by an unexpected visitor.

This was a lot of story to pack into a 60 page novella, and I give it to the author that she did a good job with her story telling.
Unfortunately, I did not feel it. I did not feel the connection these guys had or have, and the third wheel in the story was neither funny nor helpful to the narrative, he was more of an annoying hindrance.
Add to this that second chances are one of my least favorite tropes, I would rate it a (very) polite 3 stars for decent story telling, but nothing more.

Humor: 3 stars (some fun banter)
General writing style: 4 stars
Story line idea: 3 stars
Story line execution: 2 stars
Plot: 2 stars (nothing unexpected, but not really a convincing new start either)
R-rated content: none
Narration: 1st person Jesse’s POV, past tense
Main Location: some mountain Cabin at Christmas
Main protagonists: Rocky, TV show chef, ~32, Jesse, food blogger and author, ~28

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As always Josh Lanyon has a way of writing that draws you into the story.
It starts with a fight between our protagonists, which makes you want to know what is going on, then you read that chemistry that they both have... I LIKED IT A LOT.

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I received an ARC on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This novella is short, sweet, and packed with emotion. The story follows Jesse, whose best friend and ex Rocky and himself ended their relationship in a bad place. When Jesse’s attempt at a do-over is interrupted by Louis, he watches in pain as Louis and Rocky share an intimate dinner together of his making.

Upon first reading the story, the easy writing style and immersive story draws you in. However, the short nature of the story left much to be desired. Ultimately, that is why I am rating it 3 stars. I wish I could rate it more, but because it is so short we don’t have room for much character development or the story arc I had hoped to find in this story.

All in all, this story receives 3 stars from me.

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5 Stars

I am a huge fan of Josh's work so I was shocked that I missed this wonderful little nugget. The book was perfectly written with Josh's witty, and strong style. Even though the work is short, the characters are fleshed out, and there is a solid storyline.

I love Second Chance romances and this book delivered in spades. Rocky and Jesse have been friends forever. They tried being lovers and it just did not work out. Jesse is desperate for another chance but has a lot stacked against him. Fighting off the flu, a snowstorm, an unwanted suitor and serious misscommunication, can a Christmas miracle actually happen?

I highly recommend this tender, sweet, and captivating story of two men that are perfect for each other but are so proud they just may not be able to admit it. This story was so fantastic I immediately went out and bought the audio. Treat yourself to this little holiday novella, and you won't regret it. Special thanks to the publisher and Net Galley for a copy of this book for my reading pleasure.

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This was short, only about 60 pages, (I think originally from an anthology), but I did enjoy this one. I would love to see it's a wish, I know. :)Jesse, long time friend to Rocky, was trying to be so sweet, and surprise him so they could get back together, when they had a...well...rocky relationship when they started dating. He showed up at Rocky's cabin up at Big Bear Mountain to cook a romantic holiday dinner for Rocky. Sadly, even though his entire family are in the restaurant business, Rocky being a well known chef himself, Jesse could only get an A for effort, because the food, as well as his round about attempts at reconciliation were all duds. However, Jesse kept trying, even when someone came along and tried to steal his thunder. These two men needed to learn the art of true communication, and how to get out of their own way. But it was so fun to see the dance, the weave around the third party, as they tried to work through their issues, even as they didn't admit that was what they were trying to do. Although there wasn't a true HEA, there was an HFN that worked well for this story, and did give some room for expansion, should that ever come to pass. Fun holiday story about second chances.3.5 pieces of eye candy

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Short and sweet. Went in a few directions I wasn't expecting so I was constantly guessing! Always a fan of Lanyon's writing.

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This is an incredible Christmas short story. It was a super-fast read and such fun. The characters are wonderful and the pace was great. I love to read Christmas stories at the holidays and this is a great addition to my collection.

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This story had tension, food, forced proximity, second chance... but hardly any romance... and it faded to black instead of offering a satisfying conclusion. I know it's a short story, but honestly, as a voracious romance reader I was let down by the lack of actual romance and some of the author's choices in how much space a side character took up in the book...

I kept waiting for the romance and after finishing the story, I'm still waiting...

I received a copy of this work through Netgalley and I am providing my honest review.

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Josh Lanyon’s Baby, It’s Cold is a short, sweet Christmas romance that does what it’s supposed to do perfectly.
Set at a remote cabin at Big Bear, Baby, It’s Cold follows Jesse (a food writer) and Rocky (a celebrity chef) through the days around Christmas. Jesse has concocted a scheme to win back Rocky after their breakup, which Jesse instigated by accusing Rocky of cheating. The story includes some delicious descriptions of food, some beautiful writing typical of Lanyon’s work, and lots of good feels.
Recommended for anyone who enjoys a short, simple Christmas romance.

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A quick and light holiday m/m read!

There was a lot of detail about cooking which I didn’t really care for but the emotion and tension was there!

Forced proximity is always a fun trope to read, especially during the holidays. I found the two main characters to both be likable but boy did I despise Louis, the other character in the story.

It was obvious that Jesse and Rocky cared deeply for each other but had issues with navigating from friends to lovers. I liked how the author forced them to hash out their past and potential future. The dialogue really helped the story.

I felt like the ending was too open and wanted more solid closure on the couple’s relationship status.

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Baby, it's Cold by Josh Lanyon is a sweet little holiday novella. Rocky and Jesse were best friends until they tried to become more and it ruined everything. Jesse has a grand plan to make a surprise dinner for him on Christmas Eve in order to apologize and fix their friendship. But an uninvited guest, unexpected snow, and an unpleasant cold puts a wrench in his plans. Low steam, plenty of emotion, kitchen mishaps, and reconnecting left me with a smile on my face.

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Josh Lanyon really knows how to write a short story.

This was a nice little read just after Christmas. It definitely gives off the cozy cabin feel, and I never thought I could be entertained while reading about someone cooking a meal. If you want a short holiday read, with good characterization despite the length, then this is a good read for you.

While in retrospect the ending was perfect and very neat, I found myself surprised by it. I swiped for the next page expecting more, but instead found it was finished. I definitely wanted more of the characters, and I was left with questions. Does Rocky go to New York? How do they work out their relationship? Does it stay worked out?

I would love to read more.

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I was given an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was honestly so dull to me. For a book that's only 60 pages, this dragged! Far too many recipes, unlikable characters, and that bizarro (bordering on transphobic) line about whether or not "is IT actually a he?" This was very cis white gay. Definitely not for me.

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BABY, IT’S COLD is a little different from the previous stories I’ve read from this author as, for the first time, there’s no body or mystery to solve. Instead, it focuses on the aftermath of Jesse and Rocky’s break-up and a snowed in Christmas Eve.

It’s very short (just 60 pages, so easily readable in about an hour) but I thoroughly enjoyed the time and think it makes a memorable addition to Lanyon’s catalogue.

The compact length highlights Lanyon’s wonderful skill with characters. While there’s little time to give Jesse, Rocky or Louis complex backstories, all three felt like individuals, fleshed out and inspiring a connection with me as a reader. I loved the cooking scenes, both for Rocky and Jesse’s bickering, which was cute, and for the attention to mouth-watering detail. Together with some fun tropes—snowed-in isolation, competitive rivalry, and nursing someone through a cold–there were a lot of little sweet moments in this character piece.

I’d have perhaps liked it a little longer—as I say, the character’s spring to life, and I’d have liked more time with them. I’d also have enjoyed even more of the cooking and longer for both the trapped-but-cozy angle to play out. It would have given the romance more time to develop and really sparkle.

However, the story works completely as it stands, and it’s a lovely, quick read. For me, that feels perfect for this time of year, when I want something happy to squeeze into a few precious spare moments.

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This is a quick second-chance romance that is mostly about overcoming a past mistake than a developing romance. Most of it takes place over one night, so it is more like a Christmas story than a romance.

The food takes a priority in the story, so be prepared to be hungry. And the characters are compelling even in the short length of the story.

It is worth reading, but think of it as an appetizer rather than a main course.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher.

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