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Black Cat: Discord is full of heart, sass, and big trouble. Felicia Hardy is known for being the greatest thief of all time, The Black Cat, a title she carries with pride. When a kid shows up looking for her former villain father, Felicia cannot resist the teenager’s sass that reminds her of herself. To complicate matters, a golden apple, that grants the owner one wish, has popped up in the city and everyone wants the Black Cat to steal it. With superheroes crawling out of the woodwork and the Kingpin and Silvermane in the mix, Felicia is in for a wild thrill ride full of danger and mystery. It’s a good thing Felicia enjoys the danger.! Humorous and entertaining, Black Cat: Discord flies by in a whirlwind of teenage angst and sassy brilliance only a cat can pull off. Another winning Marvel Heroine story that is making the bad guys way more likable and colorful than the heroes! My voluntary, unbiased review is based upon a review copy from NetGalley.
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Having never read this author or really about this character that much this is a new experience and one that will be epic.

I love Felicia a lot her attitude and the fact that she just doesn't care what people want from her.  She has her own code and she will love by that code as best she can.

The story seems like standard superhero tales.  The magic apple is something a bit new.  

What would you give to get one of the magic items that would tell you an answer to any one question you ask.  Talk about opening Pandora's box.

The book was a good read however there are a few things that I found were hard to swallow.  The fact that secret identities were a thing that was not used.  Super villain knowing Peter Parker is spiderman or Tony Stark is iron man just seemed to get me out of the story.

It was a well written book and definitely I would try more of this author
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Continuing the Marvel: Heroines series tradition of fun, exciting, and surprisingly deep tie-in novels, Black Cat: Discord is a page turner with heart and creativity. Black Cat, master thief and anti-heroine, lives a comfortable life with her crew, stealing bright shiny things and flirting with heroes and heroines, until a desperate teenager demands her help to find a missing parent. Heists, cons, and high speed chases through New York City abound, with cameos from Daredevil, Iron Man, Spiderman, and more. Black Cat is the rare emotionally healthy super/anti-hero, so the novel is pure fun and joy.
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Felicia Hardy and the Black Cat was pretty much the only thing I liked from Spiderman comics and cartoon. She was tough and kick butt, so I'm glad to see that Marvel's continuing with the Marvel heroines novels. To introduce a whole new generation  of girls  to Marvel women. So now we've got movies, comic and novels. Can't wait to see who the next Marvel Heroine is.
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My thanks to NetGalley and publisher Aconyte Books for an advanced copy of this new Marvel Comics tie-in novel.

As a long, long time comic reader it has always intrigued me to see characters who have been in a supporting role for so long somehow beat their weak storylines and lazy development by lots of different writers and push, or in this case steal into the spotlight. I remember reading about Black Cat in her early Spider-Man days as sort of crush object for Peter Parker, that bad girl that a guy in a black suit and troubles with Mary Jane might pursue. A copy of Catwoman from DC who could tempt the hero, tease the young male readership and act as foil or hostage for whatever the story needed her for. Boy how times change. 

Black Cat: Discord: A Marvel Heroines Novel by Cath Lauria is fun romp, with great characters, great writing, and a big adventure with a big heart. Ms. Lauria writes Felicia Hardy in a way that both fresh, fun (yes I'll use fun alot), interesting and with more development in character than any run of Amazing Spider-Man she appeared in during the 80's and 90's. This Black Cat is the best she as what she does, and the writing supports it. One moment their are comments on fashion, the other the power of a borrowed Ferrari, and security systems. In addition the rest of the supporting characters are well developed with differences that make them stand out in the story, with many a cameo from the other Marvel Superheroes and villains. With Awesome Android. These characters seem again real, and yet different since Black Cat has her own unique way of looking at them. Iron Fist, is a bit of a goof, Daredevil is a bit of a jerk. Spider-Man, earnest, but makes the heart go pitter-patter. 

The action is both cinematic and panel ready, though I don't think either could do the story justice. The story never bogs down, even character moments have such a momentum that is rare, especially in science fiction. And the reader wants more at the end. I've not read anything b Ms. Lauria, something I will have to amend. Hopefully there will be more in these series, though I would love to see Ms. Lauria's take on others in the Marvel Universe. Perfect for older readers who like the comics or the movies, and especially for readers who like strong, amazing female characters. Or just great stories.
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