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Such a beautiful book. I loved that it was half cookbook half autobiography. Food is so powerful, and as someone who also used baking as an escape to get me through very difficult times, Kitty’s story really resonated with me. An awesome read for bakers and baked goods lovers alike!
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Part cookbook, part memoir, Breadsong: How Baking Changed Our Lives 
by daughter and father, Kitty and Al Tate, illustrates just how much healing having a passion for something new can be. The book is well-written and will inspire readers not only to bake, but also to look at themselves and find what they are passionate about. The book tells how Kitty Tait was ill – most likely very depressed – until she discovered baking, which led to opening a successful bakery in the UK and finding herself loving life.

While the focus of the recipes is mostly sourdough (the author’s favorite), there are other types for those of us who aren’t sourdough fans. The recipes are written in the traditional manner and are easy to follow for everyone, whether a beginning baker or a seasoned one. The book includes recipes for classic breads and other baked goods, as well as unique and foreign specialties. Every recipe has a story or vignette preceding it, and they are fun to read and help understanding.

The book includes cute illustrations through the memoir and story portions of the book, and then there are beautiful innovative, beautiful photographs (not just the baked goods, but food styling that is fun to look at). Anyone not tempted to bake bread after perusing the recipes is most likely brain dead. Anyone who loves baking will definitely love this cookbook/memoir.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.
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Breadsong is so much more than just a cookbook. I read it looking for bread and cinnamon roll recipes, but enjoyed reading about Kitty’s battle with anxiety and how she channeled that into her baking. This book focuses on family, love, and recovery and shares delicious recipes you’ll want to bake a share. 

Thank you to Bloomsbury USA and NetGalley for this ARC.
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Really enjoyed the personal touch with these recipes.  The design of the book was great and while brad making has never been my forte, this was inspiring.
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This book was archived before I could review and am a little confused because the release date hasn't come out yet. Sorry I couldn't review in time.
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The Tait's invite us to break bread with them. We become companions along a very intimate journey which is deeply insightful and profound. Each slice (chapter) is delicious. We cry when they cry. We laugh when they laugh. Their accomplishments remind us of the power of the human spirit and the reality that bread is truly alive. I couldn't put the book down. And when I was finished, I wanted to start all over again.
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Wow, this book was an absolute delight to read. A tale of perseverance, self-discovery, and love; Kitty's story gives you all the emotions. Her personal struggles with mental health resonated with me personally and will probably do so for a great many readers, but it is the journey she takes to find her way out of that darkness that will leave you with a grin and a desire to eat everything in the back of the book. The support of her family is also a key element that stand out and I look forward to follow not only Kitty's individual journey going forward, but also that of The Orange Bakery.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves food, loves autobiographies, or even just loves a feel good story that is not afraid to say that it wasn't always feeling good. 

Also, as a note, I encourage readers to float back and forth between the book and Kitty's Instagram account @kittytaitbaker, as you get great "extras" through her posts that correspond with the activities in the narrative.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for allowing me the opportunity to read and review this book.
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This book is one of the best cookbooks I have read this year and I can't recommend enough to anyone who loves cookbooks and/or autobiographies that just warm your heart.  Five stars and more!

As much as I enjoyed reading Kitty's autobiography, I loved their recipes and photos so much.  There are so many great recipes and I didn't even know which one to start with.  Overwhelmingly enticing, beautifully baked, and amazingly photographed.  You just want to grab them out of the book and start munching on them.  You can almost smell, it seems like.  There are all types of breads and baked goods for everyone, let's say, if sourdough isn't your thing, you can try sweet bread or cookies.  This book is chock full of great recipes!!!  

I love, love, love this book for so many different reasons and cannot recommend enough.  Go get yourself a copy and get another for your loved one!  You won't regret it!
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This was a very well written book with a heartfelt story behind it. And with wonderful recipes to boot!
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I loved this book. It is first and foremost a book about a family helping their teenage daughter, Kitty, through an emotional crisis (what looked like major depression). Kitty discovered a love bread making that got her “out of her headspace” and alleviated circular thinking. 

The parents took the emotional crisis seriously. Kudos to them for being aware and being willing to “do anything” to help Kitty. And by “anything” I mean converting their kitchen into a bakery (for starters).

The book is co-written by Kitty and her father. Both tell about the loving and supportive family. Both voices are perfect for this story. 

It is definitely worth the read. 
Thank you NetGalley.
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I loved this! The first half of the book is the story of how the Orange Bakery came to be. At 14, Kitty, always the happy kid, began to struggle with depression and anxiety. While trying various activities to try to help her focus, her father, Al, bakes a loaf of bread. Kitty is intrigued and a new obsession is born. The reader is brought along as they go from baking in their home kitchen for their own family, then neighbors (borrowing oven space), then the town with a storefront of their own. We get a glimpse of the ups and downs of growing a business while trying to still have a life away from work. The story alternates between Kitty's and Al's perspective. While many cookbooks include an origin story, this story felt more personal than most. I'll admit I sometimes skim or even skip over the background section in cookbooks, but trust me, don't skip this!

Then, the recipes! While I instantly gravitate to the sourdough recipes (of which I'll be trying most!), there are so many other recipes I want to try. Recipes are divided into categories: breads, sourdough, sweet doughs (peanut butter, banana and chocolate buns?!), pastries, cookies and cakes (deconstructed snickers!). There's even a vegan cookie recipe I'll be trying today, but I'll definitely be trying to veganize those snickers cookies...

Adding to the charm of this book, the photographs are beautifully shot and many clearly show the humor of this family. I enjoyed getting to see the shop that had been described. I'll definitely be adding a copy of this book to my cookbook shelf when it's published!

Thanks to Bloomsbury USA and NetGalley for the eARC in exchange for my honest review.
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A beautiful book with the author's life story and how baking helped them. The recipes start on page 149 and there are recipes with beautiful photos of breads, sweet breads (white loaf, focaccia), sourdough bread, sweet dough (doughnuts), pastries (pasteis de nata, croissants), cookies and cakes (caramelized banana bread). I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review
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I'm not sure I can give this cookbook enough praise or stars -- it's truly that good. 

 It makes the bread eater in me want to become the bread baker, but more than that, it's the story of Kitty Tait who began a downward and isolating spiral when her anxieties took over at the age of 14.  As unorthodox as it sounds, breadmaking is what helped Kitty when all conventional avenues failed.  Working side by side with her dad, they began baking at home, and Breadsong is not only a cookbook filled with their recipes for bread, pastries, and cookies, but also the inspirational story of how the Orange Bakery in their town of Watlington came to be told in both Kitty's and her dad's words. 

So much more than a cookbook, Breadsong is a moving and lovely memoir on tenacity and determination. We truly need more Kittys in this world.

Thanks to #NetGalley and Bloomsbury Publishers for giving me the opportunity to review an advance copy of #Breadsong.
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Publication date: May 24, 2022

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review an advanced reader's copy of this book. This in no way affects my review, all opinions are my own and may be affected by the fact that it is snowy, windy and cold outside and we are in lockdown version 5.0, and I have nothing better to do than read three or more books a day??.

Kitty Tait grew up a funny, chatty redhead who made everyone in her family laugh. But around the time she turned 14, Kitty began experiencing anxiety. Slowly, she disconnected from everyone around her and struggled to wake up, get dressed, and leave the house. Full of worry, her parents tried everything, from new hobbies like reading and painting to medication and visits to a specialist. Nothing seemed to help.

Then, one day, as Kitty stood on a stool watching her dad mix flour, water, and salt, she determined Al's gloopy, sludgy blob of bread looked a whole lot like her brain. The next day, peaking under the tea towel as the mix gently bubbled and popped, Kitty came to a stunning realization: bread is alive. Al asked Kitty if she'd like to try baking bread herself, and their lives were never the same again. One loaf quickly escalated into an obsession, and Kitty felt better than she had for a long time. Within nine months, Kitty and Al opened The Orange Bakery--and they haven't stopped since.

Featuring more than 80 recipes-including cinnamon buns, cheese swirls, and tahini brownies-Breadsong is a celebration of bread and baking, and an inspiring story of the life-saving power of discovering a passion.

Tahini brownies??? Oh, yes, please...   When I am anxious I cook and it really works for me, so I can see why Kitty had such amazing results from bread and other baked goods. The fact that they turned it into a working micro bakery that has lines down the block is amazing. 

This book will inspire you to bake and perhaps help you deal with anxiety about life and COVID as an added bonus and none of the recipes are too hard for an average everyday baker to make. (If you are thinking baking may work for your kid...supervise them until they are at Kitty-level as there are hot ovens and sharp knives involved!!!) 

I will highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a new baking book to check out or anyone with anxiety (at any age) as it is such a smart way to deal with the stress in your life!
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