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Such a heart touching story of a woman finally breaking free of her emotionally abusive mother and finding herself at last. Olivia finally takes a chance on herself and begins a life away from her mother whose manipulative behavior ruins all of Olivia’s chances at finding someone to love. Her journey is not easy but it is so captivating to read with all of the changes she undertakes.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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It’s long past time for ollie to take control of her life. Still under the thumb of a manipulative mother, Beth finds her backbone and begins to love her own life. I liked her gumption and all the changes she made. I knew who she would end up with before he was ever introduced. It’s a nice, straight forward read.
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Thanks for letting me read this in advance. I really enjoyed it. Heartwarming and funny and one of those were I say just another page, then another and another. Then it’s finished!
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This is the first book that I have read by Beth Moran and I would highly recommend this novel . It is full of humour and my favourite part of the book is how the character in the story devised her plan to move out of her mother’s house and become an independent person. She loves helping people which is part of her job and in her personal life. She makes goals and works hard to achieve them throughout the book. Bravo Beth and I look forward to reading more of Beth Morgan’s previous and future novels.👏🇨🇦❤️🤗🎉🌷🌷🌷
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Loved this book - it was Obvious with "O" but still absolutely heart - warming, funny and poignant. I immediately warmed to Ollie and Sam was a dream come true and the other characters were absolutely brilliant, especially Ebenzer and with the exception of Ollie's mum. She was trying, she really was, but there are tons of work for her to do. And the ReadUp group, together with Library Lady - larger than life, funny and true to life.
What Beth Moran can't do is write children characters. I adored Joan, but she was 11 going on 110, the way she was speaking, the way she has built her sentences made me always think she's much, much older that 11. And I think I know what I'm talking about - my onw daughter is 10 and yes, I may be biased, but I always thought she's rather funny and age - appropriate. That is, until I read Joan.

It was a lovely, engaging book about new beginnings, second chances and friendship, with a dollop of totally predictable romance that was still a great joy to read - I so desperately wanted those characters to end together, and not only I wanted it, other characters wanted it as well, and the two in question knew it too, but the way to happy end was not so straightforward, oh no. It was a feel - good read with so much depth to it that you could think at first, but Beth Moran can do depth really good, balancing it with lightness and humour, handling all the heavier issues with care.
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This book was extremely heartwarming and tender. Absolutely adored it. 

Ollie is 29 and still living at home with her mother. When she tries to go out and have a life of her own, her mother fakes illness and pain to manipulate Ollie into staying with her. After her mom reads her diary where she keeps her "Dream List" she wrote as a teenager of things she wants to do with her future husband, Ollie decides enough is enough. She moves out and embarks on her Dream List solo, going so far as to agree to a No-Man Mandate at the urging of her best friend. 

As Ollie tries to figure out who she is on her own, she meets a colorful cast of neighbors and a handsome park ranger whom she quickly befriends. 

This is far more of a book about a woman finding herself than it is a romance, just a fair warning! But the story was very cute and I was rooting for Ollie the whole time. 

For me this was a 4.5 read.
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Unfortunately this book just wasn’t for me. It had all the right elements but just missed the mark. I did not find myself connecting with any of the characters. Thank you for the opportunity to read!
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This read was very cute. I wanted more from the end of the story though. Still giving it 4 stars cause I thought it was very heartfelt and written great.  Thank you NetGalley for this advanced copy of this book.   
Ollie finally on her own and working on her dream list.  Very cute concept.   I will be recommending to my rom-com loving book friends.
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I really enjoyed this book! The heroine was great and I loved her path to independence and self-discovery, but there were so many brilliant supporting characters too (Joan is my personal favourite). The writing and development of the characters was very well done, and I will definitely be looking out for more books by Beth Moran in the future.
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This was a fun read! While it definitely has hallmarks of a romance novel, including like five meet-cutes, romance is definitely the side plot and there’s a very VERY long wait for even a kiss. 

Our heroine was fantastic and I liked that right off then bat, we are seeing her put her foot down. Often we see the heroine be a doormat for a while until she decides to do something about it, but not so in this case. We have one scene with the mom and the line has been drawn. 

The only downside I can think of is that there was A LOT of side plots. So many things are happening, especially in the beginning, that made it a bit complex. I would have rather had more romance. 😁
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I received an ARC in exchange for my honest feedback.

Just the Way You Are by Beth Moran is a soft, perfectly enjoyable read that had the potential to be so much.....more.  It is a perfectly enjoyable read, with perfectly enjoyable characters and a perfectly enjoyable (and rather predictable) plot.  Some days those are exactly the books a reader is in the mood for!  I happened to be isolating with Covid when I read the book, and the absence of mental load was appreciated.  I liked Just the Way You Are, but ultimately I felt like the story hoovers around each character, teasing the opportunity to flesh any one of them out into a more complex (and interesting) part of the narrative, and then it skitters away from the challenge.
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🏘Loved it!  So warm and full of love & friendship🤗
Highly recommended😍
What a lovely story!  It's got so many interesting supporting characters and Ollie, the 29 year-old lead, navigates her way on a personal goal journey, inspired by her schoolgirl Dream List, out of her mother's suffocating dependency to a full life of her own in a cottage skirting Sherwood Forest.

My favorite characters?  A bit hard to choose because author Beth Moran gave me so many great ones.  At the top of my list would have to be eleven year-old Tolkien-lover Joan, "Ebenezer" (Ollie's curmudgeon of a next door neighbor), and Irene, the crochety librarian.  Joan gave me heart, smarts and proved endearing from the start whereas Ebenezer and Irene took a while to come out of their hard shells and grow on me.

Yes, there's romance and a happy end for Ollie and many of her new friends, but I think it's the often whimsical ensemble of characters that fill Ollie's independent life that make this book sing.  Ollie gives generously to them and they end up giving back in spades.

Thanks to Boldwood Books and NetGalley for sharing a complimentary advance copy of the book;  this is my voluntary and honest opinion.
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I received this book from NetGalley publishers and I liked it.
I loved the cover and the title and the story I can't wait for more by this author I have not read any from this author..
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An interesting book... 

The story line was different and well written.  

I liked Ollie, Steph and all the other secondary characters - I had the 'ah this one is well developed' feel for most of them. 

Toxic relationship and mental abuse is a serious subject. Especially between a mom and daughter it's really indigestible. 

I was impressed when Ollie simply did not up and leave her mother but took efforts and worked towards it (there are several people in real life who either don't understand that its a toxic relationship/ even if they understand they cannot come out of it/ just snap and leave one fine day both parties downward spiraling due to it)... 

A bit more of Sam and Ollie (maybe an epilogue or bonus scenes?) would have been a perk! 

Overall, a good read.
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I loved the premise of this story, and I loved the first few chapters. Ollie's mother... oh my god, I think we all someone in our life we can compare to Ollie's mum. 

I enjoyed this story, and while I did skim a little through the middle, I liked joining Ollie on her path to self-discovery. 

Great writing; very descriptive. What I love most about reading is when the author has the seamless ability to describe a scene with such detail (yet not so much that it becomes boring) that you - the reader - almost feel a part of it. 

This was the first of Beth Moran's books that I have read, and I will certainly give her other books a go!
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💞Just The Way You Are 💞
By Beth Moran 
Publisher: Boldwood Books (Feb 17 2022)

What do you do when you have a no-boundaries mother who is stifling you in so many ways and yet, you know she just loves you and is afraid to be left alone??? 

Why you create a “dream list” of stuff you want to accomplish (even mini things such as hosting a party) before your 30th birthday …

I’ve only read 1 other of Beth Moran’s books but the easiest way to describe them is “light romance”. They both took me to the British Countryside that I love with quirky characters and a MC you want to root for. 

Have to say that her mom drove me bonkers with her fake ailments and the passive-aggressive controlling relationship. More than once, I want to tell Ollie to stand up for herself and just figure it out. But alas, that doesn’t happen right away 😉 as in most romance books. 

For me, I like more grit for my rom com… but I certainly enjoy these “palate cleansers” as I call them. This was was an easy read but definitely not a favourite. So kind of disappointed. Perhaps it just wasn’t the right time for me to pick up. 

I do however enjoy her writing so I will still try another backlist books. Thank you to the publisher for the gifted copy in return for an honest review. All views are my own.
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Have you ever finished a book and didn't want it to end.  You felt a deep connection to the characters and wanted to continue to follow their lives.  That was this book for me.  Honestly I went into this thinking it would be another romance but instead discovered so much more!  

Olivia Tennyson is fed up with her mother controlling her life and choices. Realizing that living with her mother will get her nowhere, she moves out.  Starting a new life at 29 years old, Olivia decides that she'll finally start on her Dream List, a list she made with the intention of completing to prove to herself she's capable of tackling life all on her own...

This was such a delight to read I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the oddball cast of characters the author created, from the curmudgeon librarian, grumpy neighbor, hottie forest ranger/friend, protective best friend and so many more.  These friendships and found family are what helped Ollie find her path forward on her own terms.  

I cried and laughed and loved throughout this whole book!

Thank you to Thank you to NetGalley and Boldwood Books for the ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Unfortunately I couldn’t finish this book. ,  I loved the premise of it  but couldn’t completely get into it.
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Thank you Boldwood books for the ARC to read and review.

This coming of age story for Ollie was a great read.  Determined to get out from under the domination of her mother, Ollie moves out, buys a house and settles into her own life.  She is just a good person.  Befriending a young girl leads her to meeting her potential love interest and her HEA.

Ollie has a lot of anxiety and lack of confidence, but she grows up so well.  It was. a pleasure to read.
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Really enjoyed this book! If you are looking for a cozy, comfort read, pick this one up. I usually read suspense and just so enjoyed reading this novel and it was quite relaxing to do so. The plot follows our main character as she pulls away from her overbearing mom and creates a life of her own--but certainly not how she intended. Thank you, Beth Moran, for a great pick me up!
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