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Sons of Valor II: Violence of Action

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This was a great sequel to Sons of Valor. The story continues and keeps building and building in intensity until the end. It really showed how the face of terrorism has changed. It focused as much on psychological warfare as it did on physical warfare. It’s a scary thing.

I appreciate the close bond that Chunk and Watts have with each other and with the rest of the team. They rely on each other so much that the removal of one shakes everything up. When their own are threatened, they all come running to help.

It is interesting being inside the minds of both a terrorist and a Navy seal. The characterization is solid. I believed the conflicted emotions and understood the decisions various characters made. It was a great read. I’d recommend it to all lovers of military fiction.

Thank you to Blackstone Publishing for providing me with a free e-copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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Another hit out of the park for A&W. Loving getting to know these characters as the layers are peeled aside, and we are allowed to see deeper into them. The plot was great, multi-layered, and riveting. The action top notch. I was right when my book review said this series was going to take A&W to the next level - now I am going to predict it will take them to the top of the heap where they join the greats - Clancy, Greany, etc. Gotta say, though, no way Watts and Chunk would be snookered by you know who. One last thing for A&W, "dysthymia"? Really? Chunk cannot even spell dysthymia let alone use it in a sentence. Geesh. ;-)
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ARC Book Review – Sons of Valor II Action of Violence – Andrews & Wilson
Release Date: June 7, 2022 – Brian Andrews & Jeff Wilson’s Sons of Valor II, Violence of Action has everything a military thriller enthusiast should come to expect from the “dynamic writing duo.” Book two in the series is a terrific story, incredible action and witty and true dialogue that propels the narrative into the ‘thrill-zone’. The second book picks up where the first book left off – where the Tier One Navy SEALs, led by Lieutenant Commander Keith Chunk Redman -- embark on a high-stakes ‘cat-and-mouse’ mission where nothing - and no one - is what they seem to be. There are some amazing twists and the plot was well thought out and shows an understanding of how terrorism is evolving and where it could be heading. This new series may be fiction, but it makes the reader think about the possibility of these terroristic acts happening for real. Andrews & Wilson know how to write action-packed sequences, realistic dialogue, and thrilling plotlines that keep the reader engaged from start to finish. They also include a well-appreciated glossary of terms in the back of their books that helps the readers understand the various military terminologies. The characters are always well illustrated, likeable, and straightforward. Even the bad guys have depth and an understandable reasoning for their malevolent actions. Action of Violence continues the storyline from the first book and is a set up for Book three in the series. I’ll pre-order it when its available! I thoroughly enjoyed Action of Violence; it was a fantastic sequel to Sons of Valor. It's very well written, action-packed, and impossible to put down. I highly recommend this book and the series. I also recommend the Tier One series too. They are both military thriller must reads!  Sincere thanks to Andrews and Wilson, Blackstone Publishing, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an Advance Reader’s Copy (ARC) of Sons of Valor II: Violence of Action.
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I was thrilled to see the latest book available from NetGalley by this dynamic author duo. I have gladly read everything written by this team and have not been disappointed yet. 

This is the second book in the series and I found it interesting that this is the first book that I have read that has incorporated the real world withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan and the implications to our armed forces of that act. Our Spec Ops teams now have to deal with an enemy who now has the latest in technology and it makes the "Own the Night" advantage that much harder for our guys and gals.

Without going into spoilers this book continues the story arc from the first book of a new developing terror organization that is not the typical type of terror organization we were used to. This "new" type of organization is intelligent, tech savy and fully funded. They are putting plans in place that the US has not seen before and are attempting to utilize a level of PsyOps that the US previously excelled at. 

The action in this book starts from the very beginning and it takes off immediately from the ending of the last book. There .is an act that occurs right away that directly impacts one of our Special Forces teams and that jumpstarts the reaction of the new Tier One Gold team. Along with the action, this book takes a deeper look into the emotions and relationships that take place within this level of commitment to defending our country. We get to see more of Whitney Watts in this book and I definitely like the growth and development of her character. We also get to see a more in depth look at "Chunk" as he grows and matures as a leader.

I will admit to having butterflies in my stomach for the entire last section of the book. The pacing was a bit spotty and there were moments that I felt tended to drag a little bit, but for the most part it kept my attention and kept the tension tight enough that I didn't want to stop reading until I found out what was going to happen.

Did I like this book as much as the first book? No, I didn't. But...I LOVED that first book so much that it had already set the bar extremely high. Even though it wasn't my favorite, it was still an amazing book. Was it worth reading? Without a doubt.

Unfortunately, we do not see a conclusion to the story arc and there is a set up for book 3.  So...I guess now the wait begins for the next book. I'm okay with that.

Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this ARC. The opinions above are mine and mine alone.
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Chunk, Heels and the rest of the Tier One Navy SEALs are back in Sons of Valor II: Violence of Action, another killer military thriller that brings forth the trademark Andrews & Wilson action, violence and sarcasm we know and love.  

Picking up after the events of the first Sons of Valor, Chunk and team are in hot pursuit of any leads that will help them dismantle the al Qadar terrorist network when a SEAL on another team is killed in an ambush by a sniper.  Rumor has it the trigger-puller is none other than the infamous Lion of Ramadi who terrorized the American military during the Iraq War.  To make matters worse, details of the kill are posted online to taunt the American operators and strike fear in the hearts of their families.  This modern evolution of the battle space seems to signal an escalation of hostilities and that something big is on the horizon.  But Chunk and team are not ones to let the fight come to them.  They mount up and pursue their enemy with a dogged persistence and a no holds barred mentality that puts them on the path to stomping out the threat and getting vengeance for their fallen brother.  And this time, it’s personal!

I don’t know how they keep doing it, but Andrews & Wilson deliver yet again.  Sons of Valor II is non-stop, balls-to-the-wall action that starts with anxiety levels at a 10 out of 10 and builds from there.  The military operations are realistic, the intelligence gathering impressive and the banter uber-sarcastic (I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t).  Throw in some intense sniper vs. sniper engagements and the enemy bringing the fight to the home front, and you have a recipe for a nail-biting, suspenseful thriller that will have you sweating out the outcome and gasping for air.  

Sons of Valor II makes it two hits out of two in this new spinoff of the Tier One series.  A great addition to the Andrews & Wilson military thriller collection.  And for longtime fans, it offers up some neat surprises that are sure to please.  Chunk, Heals and the guys are here to stay and I can’t wait to see what shenanigans they get into next.
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Brian Andrews and Jeffery Wilson have been steadily writing great books that have kept fans in the thriller world satisfied for years. Knocking out pulse pounding thrillers time after time, I find myself waiting for those A&W release dates. In Sons of Valor 2: Violence of Action, the follow up to the terrorist operated Chinese drone adventure, we follow Lieutenant Commander Keith ‘Chunk’ Redman and his band of merry men/kick ass operators doing what they do best, hunt. 

Chunk and team are back on the grind for the bad guys as Navy SEALs are being targeted overseas while conducting missions. Mysterious conditions surround fatal operations as snipers are present conducting ambushes that lead to the team of Chunk and Whitney ‘Heels’ Watts scratching their heads. While the retaliation continues against the SEALs, interrogations of a high-level terrorist turn the whole story upside down. 

Utilizing contacts across numerous alphabet agencies in the American government, Watts finds a seemingly quiet British group willing to help after they realize that they are after the same things. Tracking numerous subjects who have been jet setting across the globe, Watts and Chunk find out that some attacks are probable and are forced into action. After a debacle in one of the most luxurious cities on the planet, the team makes their way home only to run into trouble again on their own doorsteps. This gets personal, and no one is immune.

Andrews and Wilson have been producing NYT Bestseller worthy thrillers year after year and this one should be a solid contender. They have the talent and whit to compete with all the big-name authors that grace bestseller lists year after year. Incredible action scenes, gut check decision making, and incredible character development drive this mind-blowing ass kicking tour brought to you by America’s finest. The tact and ability to emotionalize their stories make them hard to put down. Do not miss this.
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Andrews & Wilson continue to amaze me with the creativity, realism, and depth of the characters in their books.

Sons of Valor is a fantastic series and I couldn't wait to catch back up with Chunk and the team. 

With innovative targets, unconventional tactics, and an evolved attack plan, Sons of Valor 2 contains what could arguably be considered the most formidable opponent in the Tier One Universe. The additional development of Chunk and Watts is also a welcome addition to the series. 

I just finished this one and I can't wait to read the next one. Well done A&W.
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The writing team of Brian Andrews and Jeffery Wilson are synonyms with high action and edge of your seat thrillers. With their combined background of military service and already successful independent writing careers, this pair has come together to create novels that have raised the bar in the military thriller genre. They say “write what you know”, and Andrews and Wilson have taken that to the next level with their multiple blockbuster series! 

Andrews and Wilson have already arrived on the military thriller stage with their highly lucrative Tier One series featuring John Dempsey. However, the writing duo wanted to look for that next peak to summit in writing genius! Residing within the world they have created featuring John Dempsey, Andrews and Wilson have just penned their second novel in the Sons of Valor series Violence of Action. 

Violence of Action picks up right where the first novel ended. The sophisticated terrorist organization, al Qadar is still out there, and the Tier One’s top analyst Whitney Watts is still on their trail. When a lethal sniper kills a brother SEAL, Chunk and his Tier One SEALs are deployed to prosecute this target. However, as they start this hunt, they come to realize the hunter may have become the hunted. 

The team is on a race against the clock to prevent this terrorist organization from attaining their ultimate goal: to hit the American military where it counts, and to bring them to their knees. This organization is toying with the Tier One, forcing them to attack this target in an ever evolving way. Can Watts, with her uncannily ability to see patterns where others can not, beat the terrorist at their own game before the ultimate price is payed?

I highly enjoyed Violence of Action because it took the military thriller genre, and raised the bar to a new hight! The plot of a terrorist organization leading on a Tier One team was beyond terrifying, and added this level of fear I have yet to see. Can Watts, Chunk, and the team stop this organization before what they love is destroyed?
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This one is on target! Sons of Valor 2 gets right to business where book 1 left off. In the wake of a deadly drone attack in Kandahar, Tier One SEAL team is dispatched to bring hell to an enemy sniper whose legend weighs heavy on American forces. Running and gunning half a world away, Tier One team will keep you dialed in. Five big stars for Brian Andrews & Jeff Wilson! Thank you to NetGalley & Blackstone Publishing for an early shot at this great story!
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I have read almost every book from this  author combination and their writing keeps bringing me back. I really enjoy this book as it was a continuation of the first book but you would do fine if this was your first book from these authors.  This series and the Tier One series are must reads.

Don’t want to give a way too much of the plot, but the plot was well thought out and shows an understanding of how terrorism is evolving and where it could be heading.   This series may be fiction, but it’s a book that definitely will make you think about the possibility of this happening for real.  Can’t wait to read the next in the series!  A must read if you like military thrillers!

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced copy to read.
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Chunk and team are back in book 2 of the Sons of Valor series. Violence of Action picks up shortly after Sons of Valor ends. Hamza and his group are not the terrorists of a decade ago. They are smart, tech-savvy, and very deceptive. They have a team of excellent hackers and are making terrifying use of them.

This author duo knows how to write action-packed sequences and authentic dialogue. They include a glossary of terms in back that readers will want to make use of. The characters are well drawn and likeable. Even the bad guys have depth and an understandable reasoning for their actions.

My only quibble is an obsession with chewing tobacco. Not that I doubt the realism of the team using it, but the visual of it is used constantly throughout the novel. I don't need to know every time one of them cleans it out from their lip.

Overall, a terrific next addition to the series. Not family friendly due to violence and language.
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Everything Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson write is fantastic and Sons of Valor II: Violence of Action is no exception. As solo writers (I'm making them sounds like pop stars), their previous books are all great but together they are a super duper über group. They are the boy band of the thriller genre. 

For me, Violence of Action is not quite as good as the first Sons of Valor. They set the bar so high I'm not sure it was possible to top it. But I'm not saying Violence of Action isn't great because it is. 

Violence of Action has everything you've come to expect from Andrews and Wilson: a great story, incredible action and witty, authentic dialogue that propels the story forward. Do yourself a favor and don't miss Sons of Valor II: Violence of Action.

My sincere thanks to Andrews and Wilson, Blackstone Publishing, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advance copy of Sons of Valor II: Violence of Action.
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Lots of action in this excellent sequel. The good guys are sometimes against impossible obstacles—foreign and domestic—but through strength, power, and ingenuity, they overcome.
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Sons of Valor II: Violence of Action is a hardcore action-embroiled narrative that is right up your alley if you can’t get enough of patriotic and tough characters wreaking havoc on bad guys.  Andrews and Wilson continue the lore of the brand-new Tier One team as they face a major threat that hits close to home.

Tier One leader Keith ‘Chunk’ Redman leads his tough as nails brothers and sisters in arms on a global manhunt from the war zone of Iraq to the modern landscape of Dubai chasing a formidable sniper with deadly plans for American soldiers. The narrative ushers in the age of psychological ops against American soldiers in Middle East by a new splinter group of terrorists with tremendous resources and diabolical agendas. 

Sons of Valor II comes equipped with the gritty adrenaline-pumping firefights and explosions that are guaranteed to keep the fans of the Tier One books entertained. The final showdown features a nail-biting game of snipers as they try to outshoot and outmaneuver each other to get the upper hand in a battle to the death. The hardcore action keeps the spotlight on the heroes with their tactical ingenuity and calm nerves under fire, invoking an awe-inspiring sentiment for the men and women battling such scenarios. 

With meticulous research into cultural and religious norms, characters with strong potential, and solid action, Andrews and Wilson expand the Tier One universe with a fun story that sets up ominous future conflicts with the big baddie as well as crossovers with our favorite OG Team Ember.
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I have read a few books from the author combination and their writing keeps bringing me back. This was a really good book if you like books like this where the US goes against terrorists intent on their destruction. I enjoy these stories so this one was right up my alley. It was a continuation of a previous book but you would do fine if this was your first book from these authors. A new age of people intent on fighting back against the US is here with a lot more sophistication than previously. I don't want to ruin the plot but there are some well written plots that are very feasible and I love how the action kept ramping up throughout. A really good book.
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