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Demon Kissed is the first book in The Summoner's Mark series, so of course it can be read as a standalone novel. 

This book is a really fun story that sort of pits twenty-eight year old, summoner Rebecca Greenblatt.against the world she lives in, which includes all of the best fantasy creatures.  There are angels, demons, fairies, witches, gnomes and  much more. It is pretty detailed and intricate story, so if you are looking for an easy, mindless read, this one might not be your cup of tea.  I personally love an involved story, so this one was one enjoyed reading.

The worldbuilding in Demon Kissed is well done.  There is a consistent magic system that involves favors and payment for magical debts owed.  The story lines and character development are both nicely done and pleasant to read.  The conflict is nice, but there is a lot of it.  The heroine just can't get a break and that can be really fun to read. There are a number of characters in this cast, and I wanted to learn more about each one's life.

Thank you Bell Bridge Books and NetGalley for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.
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This book was so much better than the first… And that ending!!!  Part of me thinks this should’ve been the first, but with the info that came from this book, I understand why it wasn’t. 

We got more about Asher, we got more about Becs aka Rinka’s past, we just got so much more. The storyline in this book is clear and concise.  The action is great, I do wish there was a bit more but I’m not being picky. 

The romance is enough to make it a sub-genre and there is a bit of sexy time, I wouldn’t say it’s fade to black but it’s definitely not smutty. 

In all, I feel like maybe I should read the first book again. Perhaps I didn’t give it a fair go?  Or maybe my mind was too distracted to understand what was going on because with how well Blackrose did with this book I think it was more me than her. 

Give this series a go. It has a good story and one that I have not read before. It’s a good change of scenery in the fantasy world.
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A spunky heroine and a whirlwind of a story made Demon Kissed a shamefully good read.
No way around it, there was a lot going on in this Urban Fantasy and I enjoyed every minute of time spent with FMC Rebecca “Becs” Greenblatt gifted with or cursed depending on who you ask with a summoners mark called the Kiss enabling her to summon entities of power including demons. 
This opens up so many possibilities and not all of them good ones.
Throw in a handsome MMC next door neighbor, Ash who has a few secrets of his own, mob bosses, Warlocks, Fae and a gambit of other colorful characters and we have the makings of a genuine non-stop, intrigue laden set up for a girl just trying to come to terms with who she is while keeping the family she loves safe from the clutches of the miscreants out to use them for leverage against her.
Throw in some romance and this fast paced well written magical mystery ride was a totally enjoyable read.  Bittersweet cliffhanger ending!!!
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A great urban fantasy book with a whole cast of unique characters. The author built a unique world, and told a quick paced mystery with many twists and turns. The dialog was snappy and the main character had a good depth and growth throughout the book. 

I loved the main different story arcs going through the book and I felt the all tied together with enough room for the books to follow.
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Becs is a poorly trained demon summoner not overly familiar with the supernatural world   Due to a badly done deal, she has decided to give up summoning. However, circumstances beyond her control make this impossible  

This is a well written, nicely plotted urban fantasy.  The MC has great instincts as she stumbles through difficult supernatural issues. She is extremely likeable as are the supporting characters. A very enjoyable read.

Thanks to Netgalley and tge publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this ARC.  This is my honest review.
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What a great read Demon Kissed by J.D. Blackrose turned out to be! I actually had the second book in The Summoner’s Mark series first and I was tempted to jump in but I’m so glad I waited because I feel reading them out of order really would have ruined it for me. 

There’s quite a bit of world-building and character introduction that go on here with the main one, of course, being Becs. She’s a Jewish, bird-watching summoner with The Kiss. A what? It’s a mark she has, and it gives her the ability to summon entities of power, including demons. Becs quit summoning after she had one go wrong. She did manage to fix it but not without a hefty cost in the shape of her owing a favor to a demon. Now she’s trying to lay low, work her job while waiting for her debt to come due. Life has other plans... Of course it does!

This book was so much fun! I loved the characters, which there is plenty to choose from without getting to overwhelmed. The main character is Becs and I just love her. She’s the perfect combination of sass and snark while she tries to deal with all that life is throwing at her. You know the usual things: Mob bosses, warlocks, wee folk, a six-foot fairy, dead birds. HAHAHA!!! 

The pacing of the story is perfect and the more trouble Becs got into the more I was hooked. It’s non-stop excitement, that is until it finished, and man was I sorry it ended. Lucky me I already have the second book. I can’t wait to find out what’s in store for Becs next!

Stars: 4
I received this book from Netgalley. I was not compensated for the book other than the entertainment it provided. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I received this copy of Demon Kissed with thanks to Netgalley and the publisher Bell Bridge Books. But if my request would have been denied I would have bought it, because I found the synopsis really interesting. 

And I can say that I indeed enjoyed it very much! The pace of the story, the main and most side characters, the magic 'system', the (dark) humor, etc. I can't really mention a negative point, or if I indeed read something I questioned at the time (I know there was something, but I can't remember now I finished it..), the rest of the story made up for it 100%. It did take me a few chapters to get into the story, but after that I was glued to it. 

Rebecca (Becs) has the rare ability to summon other beings, mostly demons. And when something goes wrong during a summoning for a greedy client you could say there is hell to pay. Trouble arises and overwhelms her from all sides, as if swallowed by an avalanche. But she fights back. And how! I loved how the author made her work and fight for it and not just 'magically' let things be solved. The plotting was fun to read and how it all worked out in the end.

Then there is Ash, our mystery guy. I was glad to see my suspicions confirmed at the end! 

My 2 favourite quotes:
"Sounds like you're doing a good job of throwing yourself a pity party." "Well, I'm having a phenomenally bad day, and no one else is throwing me one."

"Oh, no offense, said Valefar." "Offense taken." "That's your choice." Great, Valefar had a therapist.

I was happy to discover that the second book was released a few days ago, so I just bought it and uploaded it to my Kindle.
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3.75 stars--DEMON KISSED is the first instalment in J. D. Blackrose’s contemporary adult THE SUMMONER’S MARK paranormal, urban fantasy series focusing on twenty-eight year old, summoner Rebecca Greenblatt.

Told from first person perspective (Rebecca) THE SUMMONER’S MARK follows Rebecca ‘Becs’ Greenblatt as she endeavors to survive what has become her life. At thirteen years of age, a ‘kiss mark’ appeared on  Rebecca Greenblatt’s inner left wrist, acknowledging our heroine as a ‘summoner’. Most of Rebecca’s New Testament-following clients want her to summon a specific demon but a summoning gone wrong finds our heroine in a precarious position in which the people she loves have been threatened, a summoning that now places Rebecca owing a favor for a favor owed. As Rebecca tries to stay one step ahead of the Death Magic, a warlock, a demon, and the Greek mob, Rebecca’s sexy new neighbor Ash, is keeping secrets of his own.

Rebecca Greenblatt lives in a magical world of fairies and elves, pixies, gnomes and trolls, angels and demons, witches and warlock, human and other. Every transaction requires a favor, a payment owing for every negotiation and contract; a concession and admission of debt to be paid when the time is called. Mistakes are made, and our heroine, is about to pay the price.

We are introduced to a large ensemble cast of magical, powerful and demonic characters: Pinky the lost Fairy,  Joey the half-ghome, restaurant owners Mr & Mrs. Long and their son Kenneth, demon Valefar, a warlock who calls himself ‘Warlock’; Greek mobsters Gregory and Nick Adamos, Perrick the Troll, Krav Maga teacher Oded,  as well as Rebecca’s neighbor Asher.

DEMON KISSED is a complex, detailed, intricate and busy introduction to JD Blackrose’s The Summoner’s Mark series.  Rebecca Greenblatt is on her own with no ‘teacher’ to show her how to use her powers, powers that may cost our heroine everyone she loves. The premise is intriguing and enchanting; the characters are flawed, lively and spirited; the romance is limited to the sexual tension between  Becs and her neighbor Ash…but I did struggle with the numerous times the heroine ‘smells’, stinks, sweats or is otherwise dirty, often referencing her lack of hygiene and over less than cleanliness.





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I accidentally requested the second book in this story (long story), and generally I like to read in order, but don’t always, I saw the first and requested it too. This was such a fun book. Becs is a sort of snarky character, and I absolutely loved the side characters which are too numerous to list. TBH, though, Ash, her love interest was my least favorite character in this book. I liked him, but I wasn’t overjoyed. That aside, this was a fun starter book, and I can’t wait to read the next one to find out more about Becs’ past and what’s going on. Highly recommend. I was provided a complimentary copy which I voluntarily reviewed.
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First book in a series and this has a unique spin on your typical demon tale.  

Becs is a summoner who wants out of the business, but is unable to do so while she has some unpaid debts (both rent and demon related).  Her own responsibility in the last summoning she performed tasked her with some demon follow-up that throws her into a complicated web of favors and mixed motivations.  Her upstairs neighbor is also oddly helpful, sexy, and way too comfortable with the supernatural.

This story has it all - sizzle, paranormal mayhem, way too many dead birds, and high school mistreatment coming back to haunt them.  Did I mention the birds?  Yuck.  Overall this story introduces a good team of players, lots of loose threads, and some interesting abilities that I'm sure we'll learn more about in book 2.  Here's to a rich world building!
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I loved this book. The word building was fantastic. The characters were imaginative and the plot was a fresh take on the usual fae/demon urban fantasy. 

Becs is sassy and spunky. the author illustrates how decisions can have an impact on family and the lengths someone will go to to keep them safe even if it means them staying away.

If your looking for a new urban fantasy then I highly suggest giving this a read.

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Interesting book for sure. I binge read it. The main character building was great, but I felt like some more details were needed about other characters. Granted this is book 1 and a great start, so maybe some of my questions will be answered with the next book. Definitely recommend! 

Ps…I’m so excited to learn more about Ash.
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This is a fun book is part of a paranormal magic summoner jewish main character who falls in love with her neighbor whose an angel. While extremely readable, my only complaint is that it seems like it's the first in a multi-part series and there is no clear ending. I would recommend waiting for the whole book series to come out as it's difficult to tell if this will end well or not. A bit of a bummer as the main character is fun to follow.
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This is the 1st book in a new series by the Author ........... full of action ,  demons , wizards and plenty of snarky comments - what more could a reader want !

Years ago a mark appeared on Becs' wrist enabling her to summon entities of power , usually demons .
After a summons goes wrong and she ends up owing a demon a favour for helping put things right she decides that laying low and working in a Fae bar will keep her out of trouble ........... no such luck !!
Trouble still manages to find her in the shape of the local Mob ........... a warlock decides she is next on his menu and her fairy friend from upstairs ( he of the great body and kissable lips) gets lost on his way home , what can she do ?

This was a thoroughly enjoyable read and I look forward to the next book in the series

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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A big thank you to NetGalley and Bell Bridge Books for the ARC.  I am voluntarily reviewing this book.  This is the first book in a new series.  It is an interesting book.  I really like Becs, she tried hard to do the right thing, but kept getting in more trouble.  She was in a no win situation.  She loves her family and does what she can to protect them.  Unusual story.  Super intriguing.  3.5 stars   Lots of potential
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Action, demons, wizards, and plenty of snark - not to be missed!  This one is a winner all the way around and a heck of a fun read!   Cant wait for more!
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This is a good read.  So many elements cultivated into a story that I found intriguing.  A bit slow in places but don't give up.  It's A book well worth reading.  The ending was not what I expected.
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This wasn’t bad.
The world building was good, and the storyline was something that I haven’t read a lot of. 
However I had a hard time connecting to the characters, and because of that, it diminished my investment in the story. 
This could be a case of me not the book, but I don’t know.
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2.75 stars? Eh. 

This had potential. The writing is decent, but the characters really leave something to be desired. I couldn't really connect with and therefore give a shit about anyone. The romance was weak. The plot was only okay. Honestly, I finished it last night and I'm already forgetting what happened. WTF was the MC's name? Uhh.. something Greenblatt.. damnit. Anyways, Greenblatt was an okay character. She didn't really do anything overtly stupid or have any particularly irritating behaviours. I would have liked for a bit more depth, depth of character and depth of story, depth of setting, etc. But, again, the writing is decent, and from what I can tell, at least under this name, this is the author's first novel. I would be interested in seeing how things evolve going forward, because there is potential. Unfortunately, I can't really recommend this book unless you're getting it for free and don't have anything else you'd rather read.
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From just the cover alone I knew this would be my type of book. Female lead, with demon summoning powers, add in the Fae and Ash who may just have a different set of wings. The world building was perfect and I was fully invested in these characters. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series
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