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I am sorry I just lost interest in this title but this isn't the only book that I am having a hard time picking up the book sorry
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Good grief - the ego within this book. They mock the reader and even go as far as to mock their own brother. I couldn't bring myself to continue.

The one major flaw with this book is that the author believes they have all the answers & that his reality is the only one.  The author perceives theirs as a "game". They talk a lot about the reader being willing to open their mind, but fail to do so themselves. They also ponder the creator of this "game" but haven't realised the simple answer yet.

Each of us have our own reality. And each of us are the creator.
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If you enjoy models of consciousness and metaphysics with a tad of quantum theory, you’ll enjoy this book. The author proposes an intriguing concept – that we are actually living in a virtual reality game called life and the sole (soul) purpose of this experiment is the evolution of consciousness. His model offers the possibility of shifting from being steeped in the illusion of a purely physical reality to playing in a world characterized by adventures in the vibrational possibilities of four (and even five) dimensions.

The book is well-organized into sections that build his premise from “the ground up,” so to speak. It offers a variety of techniques or practices to engage in your own experiment to discover the truth of his theory. The language is clear and complex concepts are explained in easily understood terms.

I didn’t resonate with everything in the book, but I enjoyed the basic premise and trying out some of the practices for myself. I particularly was interested in the explanation of the pandemic that is so prominent in the collective consciousness right now. 

This is a book to treasure and return to for a boost when life gets a bit too heavy. It’s a great reminder to “lighten up” without being glib or dismissive of some of the “real” challenges life presents. Overall it is a message of good will and hope.

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