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I read an ebook copy of this cookbook.

In a cute, quaint format, this cookbook presents 50 recipes — some Emily Dickinson wrote herself, some are interpretations of foods mentioned in letters or inspired by her poems, and some are popular dishes in Victorian America that Emily likely would have eaten. 

Food , especially baking, was very important to Dickinson. This cookbook presents food alongside bits of info about Dickinson + some excerpts from her poems to contextualize. 

Categories include: Breakfast and Brunches, Tea Time at the Dickinson’s, From the Stockpot, Poetic Suppers, Emily’s Best Breads, and lastly Cakes, Pies and Sweets. 

There are a handful of pictures. The ingredients are all very simple and accessible, as are most of the cooking techniques and equipment being beginner friendly. The only ones I think would take some practice maybe are the bread based, as it can be a bit harder to get right in my experience. Otherwise, perfectly acceptable for a beginner or someone who doesn’t have tons of fancy tools. 

I think the allure of this book would be the connection to Dickinson; it would make a great gift for fans of her or her poetry. I found it interesting and I am going to try a recipe, I think the lemon pie and the sandwiches, and come back to update :)
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If you're a fan of Emily Dickinson, this book is a must. If you're a fan of savory homecooked meals, this book is a double must. Food historian Arlyn Osborne does an amazing job providing simple to create dishes with recipes inspired by those mentioned in Emily's poems. The book is laid out with facts about the poet's life, samplings of her poems to accompany each recipe, as well as beautifully framed pictures of the food you'll be cooking or baking which are sure to impress your guests. I'm always looking for ways to connect to a book, and this one does not disappoint. I appreciated the lavish research Arlyn Osborne conducted which is evident in her writings about Emily's world some 150 years ago. It's inspiring to think that we can step into the past by ways of recipes, getting to know a bit about how life, at least at the dining table, must have been. And I especially appreciate this cookbook being written for a modern audience with 21st Century ingredients. Whether you're a novice cook or a starred chef, The Emily Dickinson Cookbook is sure to please! Thank you NetGalley and Harvard Common Press for sending this book for review consideration. All opinions are my own.
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4.5 stars ! Just because I would have like some prep/cooking time with the recipe. 
What an interesting discovery! I knew Emily Dickinson for her poems but not for her love of cooking. I found the way that this book is made so nice ! You can see little text/recipe, facts  alongside the book’s recipe and the picture of the final result. That is so lovely ! I also like the recipe in the book and I definitely want to try some of them! Especially the “cakes, pies and other sweet things” section ! 
Thank you for this book NetGalley!
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I accessed a digital review copy of this book from the publisher.
This cookbook contains recipes that were created or used by Emily Dickinson. Throughout the recipes, there are pictures of her original writings, her home, and sections about her. The recipes are introduced with Dickinson's poems and include photographs of the finished dish. The recipes are easy to make and look tasty. The included history about Dickinson is interesting and adds to the book.
This is a great cookbook for anyone who likes Emily Dickinson or historical recipes.
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I love reading cookbooks and if I find a great recipe all the more better. The book is a cookbook plus has poems and anecdotes based on the recipe and articles about her life. It’s a perfect gift for someone who loves Emily Dickinson. Some of the recipes I would like to try are: Baked Berry Pecan French Toast, Ham and Cucumber Tea sandwiches, and Pumpkin Corn Chowder. I would like to thank NetGalley and Quarto publishing for a copy for an honest review.
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I am a Emily Dickinson fan so I was excited to see this cookbook. It was so nicely organized, and featured very sweet personal touches. I am so excited to try out these recipes. Thanks for NetGalley for the opportunity to review this cookbook.
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This would be a perfect gift for any Emily Dickinson fan.  I feel like I got to know Emily as a person through this sweet little book.  With eact recipe the author gives some biographical notes on Emily and how the recipe would have been important to her.  Lots of lovely poems are included and the recipes are fantastic.  I especially liked the bread recipes.  The author did a wonderful job with this book.
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This is a cute guide to dishes inspired by Emily Dickinson's work. The cookbook includes simple recipes on a minimalistic background alongside some of Emily's inspiring poems. It's a short, sweet and simple guide and it should be fun to work on these recipes.
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This was an incredibly sweet (haha) book. I enjoyed the write ups, and the recipes I tried turned out fantastic! I also really liked the layout - engaging and easy to follow.
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I was very surprised (in a good way) only by the pure idea behind this book. I hadn’t realize famous poet Emily Dickinson was this into cooking but now that I know it: it all makes sense! The facts that she lived most of her life in isolation and that most of her friendships (which consisted mostly of correspondences) and relations were unintentionally “recorded” thanks to her letters, in which she talked about culinary experiences and included recipes, which in return, made it possible for Arlyn Osborne to gather these recipes and turn them into a cookbook. She also mentioned different ingredients and tasteful picnics in her poems, which were also included in the book. 
This cookbook brings literature and kitchen adventures together by modernizing Emily’s recipes with modern ingredients and kitchen appliances and I am very happy to say that it does a great job at that! I would like to bring attention to all the work necessary to scan through all the historical and literary documents and turn them into delicious recipes. 
The book itself consists of many chapters: “Breakfasts and Brunches”, “Tea Time at the Dickinsons”, “From the Stockpot”, “Poetic Suppers”, “Emily’s Best Breads”, “Cakes, Pies, and Other Sweet Things”. My favorite recipes were mainly in the “tea time” chapter. Each recipe had a fact about Emily’s relation to that recipe or that era, an “inspiration” source for that specific recipe (such as a specific poem of Emily’s about that ingredient/recipe or one of her hand written notes/letters in which she mentioned that recipe), as well as a mouth-watering photo.
I found this cookbook to be very satisfying given its promise. I think it can be a great gift for Emily Dickinson fans as well as poetry geeks and cooking enthusiasts.
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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. Loved this cookbook just as a cookbook and not necessarily about Emily Dickinson, though fans will buy based on the title alone.
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Osborne obviously has great affection for Emily Dickinson, and it shows through in this warm and charming cookbook. It's part biography, part 19th century domestic history, with Dickinson's poetry and letters quoted throughout. Most of the recipes are simply inspired by mentions from her correspondence or poems, such as raspberry jam or brothy chicken soup. Each recipe has an introduction with some biographical detail of Dickinson's life, and an accompanying poem or line from a letter. There are also sections in her own handwriting (which I couldn't read very well in the ARC, but I'm sure will look great in the printed book).

The recipes themselves are fairly spare, so this wouldn't necessarily be great for a beginning cook. But Dickinson fans and anyone with a little cooking experience will enjoy this look at her everyday domestic life in the 19th century. I hadn't realized that Emily Dickinson herself was a great cook and baker, even as she became more reclusive at home. This would make a good gift or addition to a public library collection.
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The Emily Dickinson Cookbook: Recipes from Emily's Table Alongside the Poems That Inspire Them by Arlyn Osborne is an absolutely delightful cookbook, especially if you are a Dickinson fan. I loved how the recipes were presented along with her poetry and information about her life. #TheEmilyDickinsonCookbook #NetGalley
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Emily Dickinson, considered one of the greatest poets of all time, was a pro in the kitchen, and according to Arlyn Osborne, author of The Emily Dickinson Cookbook: Recipes from Emily's Table Alongside the Poems That Inspire Them, wrote poems on food wrappers and recipes in her poetry book. She was known as an accomplished cook and won prizes in baking contests. 

The cookbook includes recipes inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poems; some seem typical of the seventeenth century, when Emily Dickinson was alive, and some seem to be modernized. Most are recipes that will appeal to everyone who cooks, as well as anyone who eats. The fact that Osborne has done a lot of research on Emily Dickinson and has paired her poems with tempting recipes shows some real imagination, and makes for not only good recipes to make, but also good read. This is a good one to curl up in a corner and just enjoy the poems and prose. It also includes delightful illustrations, as well as beautiful photographs of some of the dishes. 

The recipes are written in the traditional manner and are easy to follow. None are particularly difficult or time consuming, and most have minimal ingredients. They are definitely doable for almost everyone. 
All told, this is a delightful cookbook and is especially fun for those who love literature and classic poetry. It’s also full of good recipes.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.
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Extremely creative and wonderful, I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I had no idea Emily Dickinson was known for her cooking prior to this book. It was a delightful surprise! I have been a big fan of her poetry for years, and this book made me feel like I got to know a different side to her creativity.

Thank you to the publisher and to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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So much more than a cookbook. I have always loved Emily Dickinson but after reading this I realize I didn’t know so much about her life. This book paired her recipes (or based on her recipes), her poetry, and history of her life. I loved this so much and I love Emily Dickinson even more now.
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The Emily Dickinson Cookbook is unbelievably charming and wholesome; it's informative about Emily Dickinson and lists some delicious yet simple recipes.

I'm already dreaming of a themed dinner party!!

[I received a copy of this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review]
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“The Emily Dickinson Cookbook – Recipes from Emily’s Table Alongside the Poems that Inspire Them”                 
By: Aryln Osborne

Cooking Renews Our Bodies, As Poetry Restores Our Souls—Emily Dickinson’s Cookbook Does Both Simultaneously!

From intriguing research uncovered by Author and classically trained Chef, Aryln Osborne, it's now revealed that Victorian America’s prolific poetess from Amherst, Mass., Emily Dickinson, was both an accomplished writer and an award-winning baker.

Dickinson’s enigmatic verses are rich with metaphors, and mysterious, often ambiguous figures of speech, that frequently cloak deeper meanings.  

Author and researcher, Osborne so eloquently notes in this  treasure of a “Cookbook” that is so much more than a recipe book, that Dickinson frequently used metaphors denoting food, hunger, starvation, and thirst as imagery for her unrequited physical desires, longings and insatiable emotional yearnings.  Even in William Luce’s play about the life of Dickinson, “The Belle of Amherst,” he also noted that “…she had been hungry all the years.”

It's easy to see how these food symbols became so prominent in Dickinson’s writing because her family home was situated on verdant land surrounded by lush orchards. From Osborne’s narrative we also learn that the wide varieties of fruits and vegetables available, along with the beauty of the changing seasons, all inspired Emily’s writings and her cooking.

One of my favorite breakfasts, is also one of Emily's, creamy breakfast “Strawberry Oatmeal.”  The following poem is adjacent to the recipe included in the book.

“Forbidden fruit a flavor has
That lawful orchards mocks;
How luscious lies the pea within
The pod that Duty locks!”

Emily’s recipes for favorite breakfasts, afternoon teas, hearty meals, soups, breads, and sweets are all covered.  We also learn that she was an especially fine bread maker, and won an award for her ‘Rye and Indian Loaf’ recipe.

This beautifully illustrated book contains historical information about Dickinson and her family; copies of her handwritten recipes; recipes formatted for the modern cook; poems or letters that influenced the listed recipes; and references on each of the recipes and writings.

This historical reference cookbook is available in both hardback and eBook editions thanks to the extensive research, analysis and lovely compilation by Aryln Osborne.  For all Emily Dickinson fans, it's a must have.

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“The Emily Dickinson Cookbook – Recipes from Emily’s Table Alongside the Poems that Inspire Them”                 Author: Aryln Osborne                                                                                                                                        Genre:  Non-Fiction  |  Cooking  |  Poetry  |  Historical                                                                           Publication Date:  January 2022                                                                                                                  Publisher:  The Harvard Common Press, an imprint of The Quarto Publishing Group

With Sincerest Appreciation to NetGalley, Author Aryln Osborne, and The Harvard Common Press, an imprint of The Quarto Publishing Group, for Providing this Advance Reader’s Copy for Review.
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Winter is always the season that I read a number of cookbooks and I was thrilled to receive an ARC of The Emily Dickinson Cookbook by Arlyn Osborne to help satisfy that winter cookbook craving. 
This cookbook is a great concept and I really loved the blending of this poetically centered book. It is just a fantastic blend of literature, cooking and baking as well as the enchanting handwritten pieces throughout the book from Emily Dickinson. 

This book would make a great gift and I plan to purchase a hard copy to add to my cookbook collection and share on a blog post in the future.
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THE EMILY DICKINSON COOKBOOK is just the delight I had hoped it would be. I learned much more than I already knew of the poet, including the fact she cooked as well as she wrote. 

I have the sense this book was a labor of love for author, Arlyn Osborne. Short at just 112 pages, this more-than-a-recipe book still manages to include a wealth of information, recipes, and photos. Each recipe comes with a brief look into Emily’s life, and her poetry that connects to the dish.

Here are a few recipes you’ll find . . . Spicy Skillet Hash, Sticky Backed Peaches, Jasmine Tea Biscuits, Cherry Scones, Winter Garden Vegetable Soup, Irish Stew, Mushroom Pox Pie, Pan-Fried Cod Cakes, Graham Bread, Little Dinner Rolls, Federal Cake, Cream Puffs, and more. 

Beautiful color photos accentuate the book and serve to bring this story of Emily Dickinson together in a sensory journey that will leave you feeling sated, yet wanting more.
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