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Wonder abounds…I loved these books!
Many thanks to DFM Publishing and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I received this duo as a ARC from NetGalley.

Book 1 - Misterion College closed 10 years ago due to the death of a senior who fell off the roof of a fraternity house.  When the college closed, hard times fell on Drake Isle, located off the coast of Massachusetts.  Now, 10 years later, the college is looking to reopen and two seniors from that year (and college sweethearts) are on a collision course to return to each others lives.  Has time healed old wounds or will the death of a friend continue to haunt them.

Book 2 - The male BFF of the couple from book 1 returns to the Isle for a wedding.  While there he runs into the owner of a local salon and while he is several years younger, he cannot stop thinking about her.  He convinces her to go out, and sparks fly.  But, will the age difference and a surprise from someone in his past keep them apart?

I really enjoyed this series so far.  I look forward to continuing this series.
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Because of you tell the story of Blake and Emerson who drifted apart after Piper’s death. Years later, Blake found out the owner of a property that he suppose to acquire belong to Emerson. There are many unresolved issues and both of them need to deal with them before they can have their second chance. I love Blake and Emerson character Despite at times Blake seem to be confused and conflicted.

Finding You tell the story of Lilian, a single mother who run a hair salon found herself to be attracted to Trey, a successful businessman. Lilian giving her background, staying in a small town, is skeptical on her attraction to Trey. What more this is the only attraction that she found herself unable to walk away from. Trey have his secret. It is also where he is unable to commit himself, not until he met Lilian. There are many knots tangled in his life too. Just like Lilian, he wonder too whether this relationship between them will work.

It was a good read for me and the storyline have kept me going into the night!
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Welcome to Drake Island is a compilation of the first two books of Allie Boniface’s Drake Isle series.  In Book 1-Because of You, Emmy Doyle and Blake Carter are reunited. They had dated through their senior year but had been separated at the end of their senior year at Misterion College, the historic school of higher learning on Drake Isle, when Emmy’s best friend Piper mysteriously fell to her death from atop a fraternity house on campus.  

The aftermath drove the young sweethearts apart. The first time they see each other after many years is when Blake returns to the island to try to buy her building out from under her.  When Emmy’s mother was very ill before she died, Emmy got behind in the building mortgage as she tried to keep up with medical expenses. Now the bank is threatening foreclosure and Blake’s father’s company is ready to pounce. But is that what Blake wants to do?

In the novella Deck the Isle, more of the story of Emmy and Blake is told.

In Book 2–Finding You, more island inhabitants as well as former Misterion students enter the storyline.  In this story we find many back on the island for a special event. Trey Jennings, one of Blake Carter’s very best friends, has made a killing in tech marketing. When he returns to the island he is reminded of his good friend Piper’s death but he also feels free for the first time in a long time. 

Trey also meets the striking Lillian Santini, owner of a major beauty salon on the island, Lillian’s Lovelies. While the attraction and chemistry are palpable, the fireworks happen when Trey, unknowingly, buys the building that houses Lil’s salon. Purchasing this building would afford Lil her business, her home on the second floor, and a rental unit on the third. At last she would be in a place of financial freedom.

Through this story, love is found, perhaps lost; lies are told and discovered; storms ravage the island and the heart. This is a well plotted story with endearing characters. The story, the people, the place, will make you want to visit Drake Isle again and again. 

I very much enjoyed this anthology and do recommend it.
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A really great first-time read for me by this author! This collection includes the first two books of the series plus a bonus. Believe me, once you read these, no doubt you will want to continue the series.
The first book is Because of You and is a beautiful second chance romance between Blake and Emerson. They were college sweethearts but life took them in different directions and now their paths are crossing again.
The second book is Finding You and is Trey and Lillian's story. It is equally as beautiful, involving a younger man and older woman. Trey is a businessman returning to Drake Isle and Lillian is a single, older woman with two teenagers. They both have issues from their past to overcome before they can give love a chance.
Both of these heartwarming stories were well-written and captured my attention from the start. The characters were well-developed with wonderful personalities giving them an authentic quality. Once you read these, they will definitely leave you wanting more of Drake Isle and their inhabitants! The set also includes a a sweet Christmas novella with a story that takes place between the first two books. This is a wonderful set that I am happy to recommend!

I received a complimentary copy from Netgalley and am voluntarily leaving my review.
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Not one but two beautiful stories of second chances.  The first is two people who loved each other but after a tragedy they drifted apart. The second is two people from different backgrounds who have had difficulties in their past but who find friendship that develops into love.  I hope there are more books to come about Drake Isle for us to enjoy
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this is two books in one, really enjoyed the stories. hoping there are more Drake island books, keeps your attention and  is an easy read.
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Because of You: After the death of her best friend, Piper Townsend, and the end of her relationship with Blake Carter, Emmy Doyle left Drake Isle. Years later she returned to the Isle and opened her yoga studio. The death of her mother and a failed relationship has left her in a fragile financial situation; will she lose her business too? Blake returns to the Isle as CEO of Eastefire, his company that will be handling the technology for the reopening of Misterion. Knowing that she is in financial trouble, his father hopes to purchase the building housing Emmy’s studio. Blake is still in love with Emmy and learns that his father’s deceit had helped end their relationship. A beautiful story of enduring love and second chances.
Finding You: Lillian Santini has lived on Drake Island for twenty years. Arriving when she was six months pregnant and desperate, she found good friends and a good life. She raised her twins, Sarah and Matt, while opening a successful business. When she meets Trey Jeffries, her feelings for him are unexpected. He is somewhat younger than her, but he pursues her in a slow and gentle way. Trey knew from the first time he saw Lillian that she could be the one. He had never wanted commitment, but now his thoughts go to Lillian and a life with her. A beautiful and sensual story of a younger man and an older woman…a woman who never expected what life still had in store for her. I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (by paytonpuppy)
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Two charming, heart-warming and heart-breaking romance tales together in one big book. There is also a mystery that is a cliff hanger. I am eager to read more about the people of Drake Isle. Thanks to the publisher for providing a copy via NetGalley.
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Welcome to Drake Isle by A. Boniface; published by DFM Publishing/BookBuzz, contains the first two books in this series, and a bonus short story.
Because of You is Blake and Emerson's second chance story.
They were college sweethearts, but they drifted apart. Now, years later their paths are crossing again. Emerson, the small business owner and Blake the  CEO big shot, bad wolf. And they drive each other up the wall. A great read, suspenseful from start til the last page, 5 stars.

Finding You is Lillian and Trey's story. Both are already through a lot. The single mom of twins and the sucessful businessman. This is the next beautiful story set on Drake Island. Can't wait for the next one.

Deck the Isle is a bonus read, a christmas story. Emmy and Blake, an entertaining read, a short story that wanted me to know more about the two characters.
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This book was sent to me electronically for review by Netgalley…it is a quick fun read with likable characters…the story moves along at a good pace as the author weaves a story that is intriguing…friendship and romance abound…try this one
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