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Preacher Raises the Dead

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My thanks to NetGalley and publisher BooksGoSocial for the electronic copy.

This is Book #3 in this series, and I haven't read the previous ones which did rather make this one a little difficult to follow, although I got the gist of most of it and how previous events feed into this story line.

Evan Wycliff has reluctantly become a full-time Baptist Pastor following his friend Rev. Marcus Thurston's retirement.  His ordination split the Appleton congregation and Evan's followers are now part of his Evangel Baptist ministry.  His nemesis, investment banker Stuart Shackleton is on trial for the murder of Father Michael Coyle one year previously, but all charges are dismissed, and Stuart asks Evan to visit his wife Ann who is suffering from dementia.   At the care home he discovers Ann had apparently died for fourteen minutes before returning to life - of course Evan is fascinated about this, but it only adds to persistent rumours that he's a faith healer.
Shackleton and Father Coyle were involved in a trafficking scam involving orphan girls sent to work in his casino where Shackleton also had ties with Russian mobsters.  Evan's wife Loretta was saved from his clutches, as was Melissa who suffers PTSD and Epilepsy and remains in care.  She met Luke there where he was treated for schizophrenia, and they have a son Robert .  Luke is Shackleton's son; Robert his grandson, and they both live with Evan and Loretta.
With the court case behind him, Shackleton presents Evan with money and a Power of Attorney over health decisions for Luke and Robert.  He also successfully obtains some land he'd been after.  Additionally he talks Evan into becoming a media sensation - much to Evan's eventual detriment.

Is Shackleton really a changed man?  What does he really want from Evan.  To Evan's cost, we find out.

Well, I'm sure I haven't done justice in the synopsis above - there is still background which is missing for me, but this is an entertaining story.  I like Evan's character and the intermittent, humorous thoughts he has.
I enjoyed reading this, although I would definitely recommend reading the series in sequence.
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This book really needs to be read in order. This is book 3 and there is far to much backstory not described to understand what is going on.
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