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Down the Dark Streets

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This volume from the Johnstone Clan is one of the annual non-westerns that are released. I've found the bulk of the lot to be preposterous nonsense. The format is typically a few people find themselves getting cornered by some over powering outside effort. The last quarter is a wild battle of those attacked.

This entry, attained early through NetGalley, is no different, except, this time, the whole works. The structure of the story aids this above the on-going series of non-westerns. Unlike the bulk before this, this one has a building mystery. The direction is obvious but how all will be revealed is a mystery. Also how the threads might weave all together. 

A gold star part of the book is typical for all Johnstone novels: Great characters. This has a larger variety that are better written and defined. Trouble with previous books are very similar characters. This lot is a wide variety of characters that are more original. 

The book is strong for the first 3/4ths. The last quarter is the typical outlandish battle. 
There are also all kinds of continuity and plot holes. The most irritating is that the problems written reached a level for the F.B.I. to be involved. At least, state police, but all is written as if a limited local force would only be involved. 

Nevertheless, the whole was a page turner with satisfying results.

Bottom line: I recommend this book. 7 out of ten points.
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Down the Dark Streets by William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone is a great thriller. For those that don't know it some of the best books from these authors aren't the westerns, it's the current stories about the ordinary man who takes up the fight against injustice. That is just what this great book is all about. Someone is evicting old folks from their homes, why? Thankfully there are those that don't take this very well and resists. Well read this amazing story and find out. It is a very thought provoking plot. I am thankful that @kensingtonbooks @netgalley and #Pinnacle gave me this advance copy and @williamw.j.a.johnstone for writing it. #NetGalley #Kensington #DownTheDarkStreets #WilliamWJohnstone #JAJohnstone
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Down the Dark Streets is exactly what I would expect from a Johnstone novel. I highly recommend it and am giving it five plus stars.
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It was really strange to pick out a Johnston novel not populated by cowboys. But fear not, the cowboy values are quite evident in this “good overpowers evil” story of the unscrupulous and greedy trying to take advantage of the weak. Our cowboys coming to the rescue may not be riding in on horses, nevertheless they continue to fight for what’s right.o
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Seeing the authors’ names William and J. A. Johnstone, a longtime reader and fan might expect this novel, “Down the Dark Streets,” to be about the west.  But if that was the expectation one would not find it to be the case of their more traditional Western novels.

This book is set in modern America in a neighborhood of older people.  It became apparent from the beginning that something was going on and not in a good way.  People were losing their homes that they had lived in for many years…and all in an unusual way.

Enter the Knox family with a long-time marriage and where the parental generation has health issues.  The wife, Mary, has a debilitating disease leaving her bedridden. The husband has heart issues.  Their two sons grew up in this charming all-American town and as adults have moved away—one to California and one to Maine. They are a loving and traditional family in many ways.

Fortunately, the “boys” come home and begin to sniff our something that smells rotten.  There were some sleazy people with a different view of what their charming town should look like.  Is it only progress or something much more nefarious?  Reading this book will help answer the question.  It is a delightful book in many aspects whether reading it from the standpoint of an older reader or from that of a younger reader.  The two ages working together and willing to do nearly anything even kill to maintain their way of life.

One aspect that might be a bit over done is the almost right-wing view of diversity and how only conservatives can be patriotic.  I found this disconcerting and a but off-putting.  And, in this reviewer’s opinion was totally unneeded.  It was a very good book with out the insertion of the political views.
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