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Climb a Giraffe

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The hero here is mindful of all the advice and rules he has to live by – do this, tidy that, eat your greens etc – but also of how important wishing your world away to one of climbing giraffe necks, flying with peacocks and space exploration can be.  In showing the ideal world as being one of carefree adventure but with careful following of the rules, it's a nicely balanced message, hopefully to make a nicely balanced young person of the reader.
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One of my most favourite storybook authors now, this book delivers more than what you would anticipate.

The presentation, the illustrations and the characters are so much fun and alive!

Grab this one when you see it!

Thank you, Clavis Publishing, for the advance reading copy.
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Climb a Giraffe is a rhyming picture book about the value of following rules and using your imagination when appropriate. Little children spend so much time following directions and learning how to go to school, and this story validates the frustration of never being in charge but also highlights the fun things kids can do when they aren't in a classroom and the adventures they can have. The illustrations are cute and vibrant of the little boy on adventures with his giraffe and peacock friends. This is a great little story for very young children who are chaffing at learning to follow rules.
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"Rules are good, but adventure is too"

Through beautiful and colorful illustrations, this books takes us on a journey through the imagination of a young and adventurous boy.
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