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With a mix of suspense, surprises and racial tension, this story was action packed and makes me want to make a trip to Jamacia.  I think this has been one of my favorite couples in all of the series.  I loved the strength of both characters, and how they related to each other.  

I received a copy of the book Via NetGalleyj and am voluntarily leaving an honest review of my own thoughts and opinions.
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What a fun book! I love books that take me on twists and turns throughout the pages, think I'm ending up at one conclusion, only to be sent to another. The story used real world scenarios as well, which made it all the more plausible. The characters were believable and the storyline well thought out. A great read.

Thank you NetGalley for providing this copy. The opinion in this review was solely my own.
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Great read! Queen of Kingston provided a lot of intrigue, twists and turns throughout the story. I loved that the book included real-life scenarios such as family secrets, relationship challenges, and tons of suspense. Both authors collectively provided their gifted storytelling throughout, and I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. Happy Reading!

U.M. Hiram, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of Persistence: The Power and Breakthrough of Fervent Prayers
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Queen of Kingston is an amazing read, I love the characters but the main characters Samantha and Kingston touch my heart. This story is full of mystery, racial tension, secrets that could tear Samantha's family apart and possibly her relationship with Kingston. The love and respect Kingston shows Samantha is so beautiful. I recommend this book but first please start with Kings of the Castles series,  Knights of the Castle series and then Queens of the Castle series.  Those series will help the reader get to no all of the characters in series. Thank you to artur J. L. Campbell for such a great story. Happy Reading everyone!
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Pat G’orge-Walker and J.L. Campbell have come out swinging hard with this story. Full of twist, turns, and the perfect amount of drama and humor. Sam and Kingston both have their share of family drama but together they whether the storm together. If you love intrigue this is the story/series for you. 

Anita L. Roseboro, author of “Show Me No Mercy”, and “Summer Breeze.”
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This Queens Of The Castle series is totally awesome with J. L. Campbell and Pat G’Orge-Walker making the pages come alive with their writing skills.  These Queens are not afraid of anything.  Naleighna Kai and her tribe have done a wonderful job of collaborating this suspenseful, drama filled, family orientated, romantic, intense, page turner, action packed, witty and of course some of the original characters from “Kings Of The Castle add their spin into “Queen Of Kingston”.

I received an ARC via NetGalley, and I’m  voluntarily leaving my review.
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Queen of Kingston gives the reader a little bit of everything. Romance, intrique and family drama. I truly enjoyed the journey with Sam and King.  I would definitely recommend this book.
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I enjoyed all the different aspects that were blended into the story, and the too-close-to-home subject that drove the suspense gave this offering a special kick. Equal parts thrilling, witty and comical, and the tension that spilled over onto the pages, making this an absolutely enjoyable read.

Brava, J.L. & Pat, wonderful, wonderful story! 

Shakir Rashaan, author of Love, Lust & Beautiful Liars
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A stellar read from two of the best authors in the business.

I just finished reading Queen of Kingston by the phenomenal writing team of JL Campbell and Pat G’Orge Walker.
Riveting doesn’t begin to cover this amazing story. I was enchanted by the Romantic Suspense, the humor and the poignant storyline that kept me on the edge of my seat from the first page to the last. Every chapter was like a panoramic photograph in the mind. The emotions and the tension jumped from the page and sparked my imagination in so many ways. I am not one to give spoilers, but the twists and turns in this book? If you weren’t a fan of these brilliant authors before, after reading this book, you will be.

Stephanie M. Freeman
Author of the Diamonds, Blood and Shadows Series
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This is the fourth book which I read form the Queen series. I have never been to Jamaica, nor do I know anything about the culture. Reading Queen of Kingston allowed me the opportunity to mentally travel and experience the culture of Jamaica. Sam and Kingston, come from different walks of life and somehow managed to navigate the expectations of their families as it relates to their relationship. The couple had some trust issues but were able to work it out. The book had me wondering who the main antagonist was, but it was nicely reviewed at the end of the book. Overall, the book had a good flow and I never had to re-read anything to understand the characters. It was definitely a page turner for me!
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An intense drama that will have your turning the pages until you find out the truth. A collaboration of two, united as one proves why King of Kingston is a must read. Bravo, Ladies! 

Christine Pauls, author of Never Too Late
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'Queen of Kingston' is the fifth part in the 'Queens of Castle Book'-series. You are able to read it without reading the first four books.
It tells the story of Samantha is some sort of journalist, researching some issues about a vaccin. Her uncle seems to take part in it, which makes her flee when details are slowly discovered. Besides, her relationship with Kingston knows some ups and downs. In only a small amount of time, her whole life turns upside down.

The story started great. The couple is interracial and the author spends some time to show off the situation between Sam and her family, who are not supportive. It has a strong message due to this. At first it seemed as if the story would be all about their relationship and struggles, but this changed after a few pages.
The relationship feels a bit uncomfortable. There is no chemistry between both of the characters. They don't seem to be in love and sometimes they simply annoy. It makes them as characters uninteresting and sometimes even flat. A reader wants to be emotional involved, but that's not the case with this story.
Exciting scènes are never that exciting. Most of them are dull, predictable and the setting didn't add to it. It needed more action, more description.

It was okay, but I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. Overall, this story didn't convince me and there was so much missing. It's pretty short too. Which makes it feel a bit rushed.
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In Queen of Kingston, National Bestselling authors, J.L. Campbell and Pat G’Orge-Walker, did what they do best. These sisters in the pen combined suspense, romance and deception with a dose of hilarity and crated a story that will keep you flipping the pages until the very end.  This is winner!

Don’t miss this or any of the books in the Queens of the Castle standalone series

—Marie McKenzie, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of Things That Keep Me Up At Night.
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Samantha Dakota is an investigator reporter and she is working on an article that a pharmaceutical group of investors vaccine has terrible side effects and is not as helpful as they claim. These vaccines were given to people that live in third world countries  
When Sam goes to interview her Uncle Ted about his involvement with the vaccine he claims no knowledge of the vaccines being harmful  
Now someone is out to blackmail Uncle Ted and there is others who want him killed along with his niece Samantha.
Kingston Coburn is Samantha's boyfriend and also a reporter. When he realizes the danger his woman and her Uncke are in he goes to any length to protect her so he uses his contacts at the Kings Castle to help out along with another friend Trey-Yon who is a computer genius  
There is a lot of plot twist and turns, suspense, family drama, romance with a little comedy thrown in.
Both authors did a wonderful collaboration of this storyline and so far of the Queens books I have read in this series and reviewed this one is my favorite.
Cassandra H.
I voluntarily received a ARC of this book from Netgalley and this review is of my own honest opinion and thoughts. 
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Queen of Kingston. I absolutely LOVE the world play with the title and character. National Bestselling authors, J. L. Campbell and Pat G’Orge-Walker have brought a wonderful blend of romance, suspense, humor and intrigue all in an amazing offering for the Queens of the Castle standalone series. These two were awesomely paired for this story and it is an enjoyable read.
--Naleighna Kai, USA TODAY Bestselling Author
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This is Book 5 in the Queen of the Castle series and I am truly enjoying this series. This book is full of deception, prejudice, and a page-turner. I enjoy the suspense in the novels and when the Kings of the Castle step in and use their hi-tech gadgets that are top-notch it takes the story to another level. I look forward to reading more books in this series.
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I admire Samantha’s courage and I  just adore the way Kingston loves her. This one had me biting my nails as I turned each page. The authors definitely did not disappoint. I promise you’ll want to read this one too.
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Wow , this one came out of nowhere and out of the books I read so far 
1:Book 1–Queen of Lahiana
Book 2–Queen of Shadow Bay
Book 3–Queen of North Shore
this one might just be my favorite one, While the others took me 2 days to read, and was even page turning from the very start, this one I read in a day, couldn't or wouldn't put it down, Both characters showed how courageous they were , and for standing up to the ones that wanted secrets to remain hidden even if though secrets lead to death and blackmail., plus the author shows just how far companies in the medical fields will go to make money. And how far others will go to make a stand against them and fight for the ones that can't fight for themselves .
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This story was really good, it was actioned packed and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book!!! I didn't want to put it down!!!
Samantha was fearless, and when she smelled a story she went after it like a mad woman. However, this particular story places not only her but those she loves in danger!!!
Kingston has no problem supporting his woman in her endeavors, but when she starts to uncover the truth he knows that he'll do anything to protect the woman who owns his heart...lock, stock, and barrel!!!
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King (Kingston) and Samantha have a wonderful storyline. Their energy together is amazing. The way they love on each other and take care of each other is inspiration for me. Figuring out the danger they faced, who was behind it and how was very interesting. The family dynamic was even more interesting.
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