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My thanks to NetGalley and publisher BooksGoSocial for the electronic copy.

This appears to be the last of the Dana Hargrove series of books although I haven't read previous ones.
Now, this is set within the American justice system and where Dana is now on the Appellate bench.  I had several goes at getting into this book before I was able to finish it.  OK, it was "interesting" but I didn't much care for the style of writing which relied heavily on fanciful descriptions of buildings' interiors; pages and pages of irrelevancies such as Dana's husband Evan's interview and family relationships - necessitating a good deal of skim-reading on my part.  Having said that, when you do get to the the actual murder case, that was pretty good, although this is written about intermittently from past to present.  

Overall I'm afraid I struggled with this.  Sorry.
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Shortly after beginning Power Blind, I put it down as it just didn't capture my interest. A couple of weeks later I decided to give it another try and did finish the novel. I felt it got off to a slow start and was hampered by all of the detailed legalese and identification science. Reading the various court cases made me feel like I was at work. However, once the crime was committed, the novel became so much more interesting to me. I really liked it from then on. The author has real talent!
Thanks NetGalley for the ARC.
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Power Blind, by VS Kemanis, is a suspence with several stories about several people, in one book. Admittedly, the differing stories are all tied together as most of the main characters were all related, in some way.  There was a lot of extraneous dialogue, as well as information that came with almost every character. I ended up having to skim through several chapters in order to read through the book. The book started with a very interesting story line about an aunt trying to protect her niece. Just when I was invested and hungry for more of their story, the book seemingly goes off in a somewhat irrelevant direction. 
When a policeman is murdered it sets off a confusing set of missed clues. Dana Hargrove, a judge, determines to reveal the lies that are aimed at friends and former colleagues. Then a heart wrenching case is brought to her court. CPS has taken a teenager, with cancer, from her home to force her to have unwanted medical treatment with dreadful side effects. 
This is a book about struggling families and the costs that come from the lure of power.
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Power blind by V.S. Kemanis. 
A Dana Hargrove Legal Mystery Book 6.
In the dead of night, on the eve of New York City’s pandemic lockdown, a well-respected man is murdered, setting off a perplexing tangle of missed clues and political scandal. Former prosecutor Dana Hargrove, now an appellate judge, is determined to expose the media lies and false accusations targeting her friends and former colleagues. A limping criminal justice system fails to solve the murder by 2022 when another heartbreaking case is heard in Dana’s court. A state agency has ripped a terminally ill teenager from her home to forcibly impose medical treatment against her will.
Hindered by ethics rules, Dana carves a role for herself in these cases only to come up against her own children. Her son Travis, now a rising star in appellate advocacy, takes a legal position in the teen’s case at odds with Dana’s strongly held beliefs. Her daughter Natalie, a doctoral candidate in cognitive psychology, has a personal reason for meddling in the murder investigation. Will Natalie’s curiosity throw her into danger?
An ok read with likeable characters.  Slow but readable.  3*.
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In this sixth novel in the Dana Hargrove legal thriller series, POWER BLIND examines issues of power and corruption within the justice and law enforcement systems. I’ve read the previous five books in the series, and have enjoyed watching Dana Hargrove rise in the ranks from a young assistant DA to a judge now in her 60’s. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone. 

There are two main legal cases featured in the book, which author VS Kemanis describes with wonderful detail. One is of a teen with Hodgkin’s lymphoma who wants to refuse medical treatment. The other involves a murder and police corruption. Dana’s children, who have featured in previous books, are now adults and have an important role in this book as well. Travis, who has become a lawyer like his parents, takes on a case that comes across Dana’s bench. Natalie is getting a PhD in behavioral sciences and is studying how memories can be influenced and how this may influence testimony. The book is set during and reflecting back during the time period of Covid-19 and it was interesting to have some of the scenarios impacted by this. An excellent legal thriller as always with a high-octane finish! 5/5 stars.

Disclaimer: I received an ARC copy of this book through Netgalley.
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Power Blind is about power and the consequences of people's actions. 

The storyline is intriguing and suspenseful, and the characters are well-crafted where you feel as if you are part of the story.

I quite enjoyed reading this book and hope to read more from this author in the future.
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