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I DNF'ed this book at 66%.

It's not a bad book per se, so why did I DNF, you ask?

Hot For Me has a dual POV. What bothered me most was that Adam's POV's were centered around his lust for Christy and not much else. I don't feel like I know who Adam is, what makes him tick, what he thinks is important, what he enjoys doing... The only thing I know is that he's a patient man and will stand up for his crush. I would've like to get to know him a bit better, because at the moment I feel like his character isn't fleshed out enough. I would've liked some more depth in his character, like we get from Christy in her POV's. I liked Christy's POV's more, because they're richer in rounding out her character. We learn more about her, who she is, what makes her insecure about the relationship with Adam etc. I wonder if the book would've been better if it'd just been written in Christy's POV...

Oh, and it would've been even better if Garrett had suddenly disappeared. Or if they'd just taken off and left him on the curb. Slimy, jealous, misogynistic backstabber. I hate him. 

Overall, I found this book readable but disappointing. I liked the rockstar aspect of it - the afterparties, the concerts, the tour bus etc. But the romance and characters could've been better. I DNF'ed when I felt like I couldn't care less what happened next in the book, because my frustrations about character depth just kept growing.
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I loved the second and third books in this series, (I keep meaning to go back and read the first) so I was really looking forward to this fourth book. Although I did enjoy it, for me, it just wasn't quite as good as the other two that I've read. I'm giving it a 3 1/2 stars rounded up to 4.
I wanted to like Cristy and while there were aspects of her that I liked, I just couldn't warm to her for some reason. I also found the number of times that she was called Cristy-girl really irritating for some reason.
What I did like about this book, was the way that it addressed the serious issue of child marriage. I thought that it was well done and that Adam handled it well with Cristy.
My other issue with this book is that again the band's manager Garret was an issue. I'm actually sick of him. The next book is his redemption apparently, but I don't think I'll be reading it. There are some characters that just don't really get redeemed and for me, that's what he is. I think I'll give that a miss.
I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own and given voluntarily.
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Hot for Me is the fourth installment of the Balefire series, Adam Tron’s story about his romance with Cristy Valor.  I think it’s best to read this series in order, as some of the storylines are continuing and the back story is necessary. This was my least favorite story of the four because I wasn’t a fan of Cristy.  I never felt her feeling were real, nor the chemistry between them, not like the other couples.  I feel like In the other three books, we got to know and love the ladies first before they meet the rockstars.  The ending redeemed the book a bit for me and I’m looking forward to the next one.
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ARC - Hot For Me - Balefire series - Tam Derudder Jackson

Yay!  Thank you to @netgalley and the author for the ARC of this book, I’ve read this whole series so far and it’s wonderful.  Can’t wait to see what Cristy and Adam get up to! 

I love this authors writing when describing the band performing she paints such an illusion that I feel I can see it in my minds eye. 

I really enjoyed this book, in fact I’ve loved the whole series so far and to see that the author is planning another release for later this year!!!

Adam and Cristy are such a cute pair and Cristy’s history is awful and the author carefully and delicately brings to light a little known problem in our world today, one that needs to be addressed globally.  

Just wonderful. 

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This book was cute! I definitely wish I would’ve read the other books before hand! I love a good rock star romance! I’ll be honest I didn’t really beige the chemistry with these two but it was cute!
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ARC received for review

Adam is the last single member of the band, and he falls hard for pop star Cristy. The story runs parallel with Wild For Me. Adam and Cristy work through a lot of issues to get to their HEA, but it is hot along the way. And that aggravating manager is at it again.

Now let's talk about who's in the next book....hhhhmmmmm, not so sure about that
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Sexy and sizzling! 
Christy and Adam are good not just on the stage but in the bedroom. Christy is very independent and although loves being with Adam is afraid of commitment so Adam has to show her they are worth the leap of faith. 
I don't often read music romances but this one is fun and sexy and has a great plot and characters. ( Adam is a keeper ).!
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This series is definitely one of the best rock star romances out there. Each book tells the story of a member of the band finding love with girls who come from ordinary backgrounds but leave an indelible impression on each of the boys when they meet.

This fourth book is a little different as this time the remaining single member of the band Adam falls for sex on legs pop diva Cristy who joins the band on their latest tour. From a first impression you would think that this girl has the world at her feet but the reality is that she lives a lonely life tightly controlled by her father. After a meltdown when she was a teenager her father put her in a psychiatric hospital and now rules her life with an iron fist by threatening to put her there again if she gets out of line. When Adam and Cristy meet for the first time the chemistry between them is so palpable that you can feel it rise from the page and you just know that there is going to be trouble with a capital T around the corner with these two.

As they fall deeply for each other Adam is there to support her in any way he can on stage and off. Cristy starts to find the freedom she has always craved working with this band and being able to showcase her true talent and she wants more of it, both to be able to perform what she wants and be with Adam.

This is a story that will draw you in from the start as you wonder how bad Cristy's big secret can be. I cheered for her as she defied her father and allowed herself to have wonderfully hot and sexy times with Adam. That is not all the drama! As the story unfolds breathtaking truths are revealed that certainly took me by surprise. I truly enjoyed this book from beginning to end and was so glad that Cristy could find her deserved happiness with Adam after the hell she had been through.

Four and a half stars from me.

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This is a good book. I like books that bring previous characters back and you find out what happened to them. The two main characters are Cristy and Adam. Cristy is a solo singer and Adam is in a rock band. Adam’s band is on tour and decides to bring Cristy to make special appearances with the band. They have a strong mutual attraction. They have issues they need to work out. Together they do and declare their love.
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I went into the book knowing it would be a winner and DeRudder did not disappoint. The author continues the series with another band member Adam "Tron" taking the fall and losing his heart swiftly and completely. Cristy Valor's guest appearance with his band sounded the death nell of his playboy days. Cristy, on the other hand felt she had too much to lose and resisted opening up to him. Cristy's sheltered but somewhat abusive childhood made it difficult for her to accept that anyone cared about her wellbeing, that there was anyone desirous of slaying her dragons for her. Her life had become a constant battle of fending for herself and maintaining her virtual walls against the big bad world. Cristy and Adam were from opposing ends of the spectrum and it showed in their outlook on life, greatly influencing their approach to strife .Even while acknowledging this polarity in their backgrounds, Cristy had to come to a realization of who could be trusted and whose ties needed to be severed. Adam's sexual landscape changed upon meeting Cristy and his reformation was the affirmation she needed to make positive changes in her life and take control of the direction in which she wanted to go .This was a quick read based on the intrigue of Cristy's secret which was later revealed. Thank you Netgalley and publisher for this ARC.
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This book taught me that I am not one for picking up in the middle of the series. I feel like if I had read the other books in Tam DeRudder Jackson's series and really gotten to know the characters better, I would have liked Hot For Me better. The characters are great. The writing is good. I just wasn't as immersed in the world as I could have been because I didn't have all the background information I would have liked. This title taught me that it's very important for me. I would still definitely recommend this book though! I truly enjoyed!
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I was so excited to read this book about a bassist in the band Balefire. I had not read any of the other books in this series, so it stands alone well. It took me a bit of the book to get into the romance bits of the story, as it began with a lot of emotionless sex. However, our author makes up for that as the book progresses into a sweet romance where our hero, Adam, would clearly do anything for our heroine, Christy. He made it believable, and it worked for me. I did not appreciate all of the interference from others, but I did like how Christy had a secret that isn't revealed until later. Tam, the author, wove that in perfectly in my opinion. If you want lots of sex, a hot band, and a truly sweet love story, check this one out!
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I really enjoyed getting to know Christy and Adam better in this book and there story was enjoyable. BUT honestly Garrett ruins this book for me. After what happened in every other book this series I keep assuming he's going to get fired and yet the band turns around and keeps allowing his action. Big YUCK from me. Also to find out the next book is his redemption arc? Absolutely no thanks from me.

Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for providing me with an arc for an honest review.
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Throughly enjoyed the book and the two leads of the book.  I appreciate that the relationship wasn't taken to fast. My one comment is that it seems like there was also potentially another past story line for the female lead, hinted at the beginning of the story that never went anywhere
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HOT FOR ME is the fourth instalment in Tam DeRudder Jackson’s contemporary adult BALEFIRE erotic, rock romance series focusing on the members of the rock band Balefire. This is bass guitarist for Balefire Adam Tron, and pop singer Christy Valor’s story line. HOT FOR ME can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous storyline is revealed where necessary.

NOTE: The events of HOT FOR ME run parallel to, and over lap with the events of book three WILD FOR ME.

Told from dual first person perspectives (Christy and Adam) HOT FOR ME follows the building romance and relationship between bass guitarist Adam Tron, and pop singer Christy Valor.  Adam Tron is a fan of Christy Valor, and insisted that their manager offer Christy a spot on their upcoming tour but our heroine had no idea it was Adam who pushed for her presence, a push that would ultimately pull our couple together.As the tour picks up steam, rumors begin to surface about a possible break up , a break up caused by the appearance of Christy Valor but all is not well in Christy’s past, a past that is about to reveal a secret she has hidden for close to ten years. What ensues is the building romance and relationship between Christy and Adam, and the potential fall out as Christy struggles with the demons from her past, demons that refuse to let go, forcing Christy to walk away from the man that she loves.

Christy and Adam’s attraction to one another is immediate and intense, but like in the previous story lines, Balefire’s manager begins to cause trouble for the members of the band. Christy’s manager is constantly running interference with our story line heroine, interference that reveals a much deeper connection and meaning .As two opposing forces work to keep our couple apart, Christy and Adam realize that not everyone is happy with their relationship, going forward, including the fans, paparazzi, and gossip sites. The $ex scenes are numerous, erotic, passionate and seductive,  without the use of over the top sexually graphic language and text.

Once again, all of the members of Balefire play secondary and supporting characters, as well as the group’s manager Garrett Phillips, and Christy’s best friend and manger Gretchen Hoff; the band’s intern Annabelle Stewart, and Christy’s costumer Steve.

HOT FOR ME is a story of family and friendships, betrayal and jealousy, acceptance and love. The character driven premise is captivating and entertaining; the romance is spicy and hot; the characters are energetic, dynamic and engaging.






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This book drops us into the love lives of the “greatest rock band on the planet”. This was a new-to-me author, and I’ll definitely be reading more by her since this was great. Hot for Me was my first read in the Balefire series, and while it definitely works as a stand alone, it took me a while to catch up on all of the other band member’s names and back stories. We are quickly introduced to Adam Tron, Balefire’s bassist, and the pop star they’ve invited to join their tour, Cristy Valor. Adam and Cristy have immediate chemistry, but it was all sex for quite some time. I didn’t think I was going to root for them since they were both so emotionally closed off, but when we hit the last third of the book - hot damn! Adam falls hard and he enters into serious swoony hero territory. I love a hero that falls hard and completely, and Adam is all in. “I’m in love with you. If you run again, I won’t make the same mistake of staying behind…I’ll follow you until you believe that you’re worth all the love I have in me to give.” *Sigh* Then later, “The happiness on her face gave me my heartbeat.” 

Cristy has some serious, understandable, trust issues, and I thought she was going to fall into “not enough groveling” territory, but the way Cristy and Adam find their way back to one another is really beautiful and satisfying. 

My only critique is that the ending ran on and on, most of the last 10% of the book could have been condensed in a shorter epilogue once the main conflict was resolved. 

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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Book# of the Balefire Band Series, we FINALLY got Tron’s Story! We’re given a sneak peek of their relationship in Book 3, but ugh Adam Tron & Christy Valor are the perfect couple! They both have to question whether a relationship with another infer is manageable, and Tron has to fight harder for some hidden secrets Christy is struggling over. Yet again, we get annoying antics from now both of their managers who seem to want to break them up. 

Ugh this story was honestly the cutest. Jack may be the sweetheart of the band, but Adam is incredibly adorable and just 100% no-holds-barred into Christy. They have a very immediate sexual chemistry and the book had a weird twist regarding Christy’s secret, but overall I loved the series and hope Garrett’s story in the Fall of 2022 is just as great! 

Thank you NetGalley and Warrior Romance Press for an eARC copy of Hot for Me by Tam DeRudder Jackson, in exchange for my honest review!
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This is book 4 in the Balefire series about a rock band on top of the world. Play for Me, Sing for Me, and Wild for Me were the stories of three prior band mates - Jack, Blu and Dakota and their finding happiness. 

Hot for Me belongs to Adam Tron, bassist for Balefire. Tron is the last man standing of the band in terms of his singledom and manager Garrett I continues to line up the ladies each night after Balefire concerts. When Tron says he wants Cristy Valor on tour with the band, he’s enamoured by the pop star, from her clothes to her vibrant personality. Cristy makes it clear she’s around for a good time rather than a long time. Letting people in means a closeness she can’t afford.

Hot for Me has the rocking good vibes I’ve come to expect from Tam DeRudder’s Balefire rock series. Concerts, tour stories, stars behind badly, the band members and their ladies, good times and sexy times between our main characters, and some tension that makes you come back for more. Tron has been one of the standout characters in this series, and he’s all in on this one, well and truly ready. Cristy is really skittish, and it’s pleasing to see the bravado set aside for Tron in this story. 

Next up in the series is Garrett the douchebag manager’s story. Now this is going to be interesting, given what he’s put the girls in these four books through.
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I’m sad to say that this series was a one book hit for me. I couldn’t even finish this book because I was bored, so I skipped from chapter 10 to 35
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I’m sad to say that this series was a one book hit for me. I couldn’t even finish this book because I was bored, so I skipped from chapter 10 to 35
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