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This is my third Kabler novel, and it most definitely won't be my last. 
Jackie is a wonderful writer and she can sure keep her readers on their toes. 
With her amazing storytelling and with characters that are superbly played, she kept me hooked from.the beginning to end with The Murder List. 
This story is probably my most favorite out of her list. 
Lots of twisty turns that kept me guessing till the end.
A brilliant captivating read that I didn’t want to put down!

“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.” 

One More Chapter,
Thank You for your generosity and gifting me a copy of this amazing eARC!
I will post my review to my platforms, blog, B&N and Waterstone closer to pub date.
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Jackie Kabler is fast becoming one of Britains leading authors. You now your in for a solid read when you get one of her books. 
The thing I loved about this one was that I thought I’d guessed the murderer.  I was wrong. Lots of twists and your interest is held. 
Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to see an ARC.
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The murder list by Jackie Kabler.
When Mary receives a blank diary as a present, she thinks nothing of it. Until she opens the diary, and sees it’s not blank after all…
I really really enjoyed this book.  Great story and characters.  Kept me gripped.  I liked Mary. Pete I wasn't sure.  What a twist. Didn't see that coming.  5*.
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This is an awesome thriller that kept me entranced from the beginning! Mary receives a "gift" that is really a list of first names and the date on which they will be murdered. Since she is a freelance crime writer, this appears to be a coup for her until she sees the name "Mary" on April 1st. And of course she realizes it may be coincidence, but since the gift was specifically for her, she turns it over to the police and hopes they can get to the bottom of it. But when murders begin happening, she realizes she may be next as there is nothing connecting the victims to one another. Creepy good with lots of atmosphere and tension, this novel kept me up late into the night (with all my doors locked and the lights on)! Part thriller, part romance, part detective story, the book cemented my fandom with Jackie Kabler. Loved it!
Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC!
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The Murder List by Jackie Kabler is the latest riveting page-turner from this must read author.  I was immediately engaged with the unique premise and found myself giving in to the mounting tension as the narrative progressed.

Mary Ellis receives an unusual gift from an unknown sender, a diary with four entries already added.  Four specific dates offer up the murder dates, identities, and locations of victims, ending with her own name on April 1.  Who has sent such a chilling warning, and what is Mary's connection to it all?  I was completely floored by the reveal, and felt that the last few chapters could have been fully fleshed out novels in their own right.  Recommended.

Many thanks to NetGalley and HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter for an ARC.
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Mary Ellis is a journalist / crime writer who prefers to work from rented office space - The Hub - with other self employed people. Her father was a famous crime novelist who died in a house fire that also killed Mary's best friend, and left Mary scarred both mentally and physically, although thanks to her grandmother she has received the best care to heal her wounds.
The story begins with the Christmas holidays about to begin and Mary is home with her best friend and housemate, Pete Chong. After New Year, Mary begins the task of clearing out things for the charity shop and finds an unopened gift she'd been given - a diary - which she assumes came from one of the publishing companies she works with. She looks for a sign as to who it is from and finds the disturbing reference to the murder of someone called Lisa in Oxford on Jan 1st. The date has already passed, and to make it more disturbing the TV news is covering the murder of a woman named Lisa on New Year's Day in the city of Oxford. Further entries - each a month apart - suggest more victims, including one called Mary on Apr 1st in Cheltenham - where she now lives.
She has to tell the police. Will they take her seriously? Might they even suspect her?
Well, the answers are in the book ...

The premise of this pulled me right in and it was compelling reading throughout.
What if Mary hadn't read the diary before she planned to donate it to the charity shop? There were so many ways in which this story could have collapsed and not been as twisted or surprising as it was, yet the author had it all under control, even throwing out spurious red herrings like confetti. But, boy, was it engaging and hugely addictive. No wonder so many characters came under suspicion. As a reader, I formed an opinion early on, but my ideas were soon quashed when along came Mary's big secret - could she really use it to thwart the killer come April 1st? It was difficult to imagine how that scene would unfurl, but it did ... and it was completely out of the blue. Kudos to Ms Kabler for a fabulously suspenseful read.

Further review links to follow for blog tour in June.
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A solid 3.5/5 thriller. Mary Ellis is a crime reporter who lives with her best friend Pete. One day just before Christmas, she receives a weird package in the mail, but doesn't end up opening it until the New Year when she is sorting through things to donate. It turns out to be a diary that is blank except for four ominous lines. Each line contains the word Murder, then a name, then a place. Mary is a little spooked because the last name on the list is Mary and the city is the city she lives in. Then she sees on the news that the someone with the first name on the list was murdered on January 1 in the same city as on the list. Is Mary actually on the list and is going to be murdered?

This was a pretty good thriller. Some of the twists were not super dramatic for me (like I had guessed that), but the ending was more of a twist than I saw coming. It was still enjoyable overall.

I received my copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Mary Ellis receives an anonymous gift of a planner. Before she donates it she flips through and notices that on the 1st of January, February, March and April there are notes.."Kill (name, town)". She realizes that a murder of the Jan 1st name/town combo has actually happened a few weeks ago and takes the planner to the police. The book switches from Mary's point of view and what is happening with the police investigation. I liked this set up and enjoyed all the secrets that came out. I thought the romance aspect was unnecessary and the reveal of the killer a little unbelievable, but otherwise really enjoyed this mystery.
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I truly had no idea who the killer would be until they were revealed at the end, which is impressive. Towards the end, there are some other twists, too, that were really great. The book has a cool premise and great execution, plus I love when a thriller novel feels unpredictable. I’d recommend this to all fans of fast-paced mysteries.
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Wow is all I can say about this book!

It’s the 3rd book I’ve read by this author and it won’t be the last. She’s now up there with my go to authors.

I read this book in 2 sittings. I loved it from the very beginning. Fast paced throughout. It kept drawing you in with new twists throughout.

It was one of the very few books I had no idea who ‘the killer’ was until the very end.

You think the story is all wrapped up then the author throws in yet another big twist.

Loved it! Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for allowing me to read this book.
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When crime reporter Mary Ellis opens a diary gifted from someone unknown, her heart drops. Because it's not empty. There are four entries:


She can't be *that* Mary, can she? Surely it's a joke? But by the end of January, a Lisa is dead. Now Mary must fight to uncover what's going on before April Fool's Day--before she becomes the next victim on the killer's list.

This book was fantastic! The plot is clever, the pacing is quick, and the author adds just enough red herrings to make you question everything. I have to admit, I didn't have the ending twists pegged correctly. I'll be looking forward to more books from this author for sure.

Thanks so much to HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter, for giving me the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for a review through Netgalley.
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Fast, paced, suspenseful, mysterious and atmospheric. It is well written with a gripping storyline and well developed characters. I couldn't put it down, full of twists and unpredictability, I loved it.
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Mary is a crime writer, freelance and rents office space with some other self employed people. Her father who tragically died in a fire where Mary survived was a famous crime novelist. Amongst her Christmas gifts is a diary, which she assumes is from one of the publishers she works for. She doesn't open it until january as she doesnt use a paper diary, and finds some chilling entries- “ murder Lisa Oxford 1st Jan” and 3 others on different dates. The first date has already passed and a woman named Lisa has been found dead. She takes her finding to the police and she decides to do a little investigative work for herself. A crime piece that has fallen into her hands and not least of all as she may be the last name on the list.
I quickly got into this and felt for Mary’s predicament. It's a well written read which soon envelopes you between the pages and I found myself ever more intrigued. A very clever plot and a twist and then…. I won’t spoil it other than to say I didn't see it coming- to me the skill of a brilliant writer and just how I love it. A huge 5* from me

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Wow, this was as twisty as a book gets' I loved it, the pace was good, the story was great, and it was full of surprises. I love a book that I haven't managed to completely work out when I have read most of it, and this was one of those books ,fabulous. Kept me guessing until the very end..
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The Murder List !  Jackie Kabler is the author of  The Perfect Couple and The Happy Family - this is her new psychological thriller and it's fast moving fun.

Mary works in a publishing house and things nothing of the journal that arrives on her desk during the holidays. It's not until a month later that she realizes there is a list of names, dates and towns. 

It quickly becomes clear that a person is schedule to be murdered the first of the month. As the police attempt to  find answers, Mary herself is a suspect. She is increasingly more and. more nervous as the April 1st date looms and the name Mary is written down next. Can she get to the bottom of this before the killer finds her?

This was fast moving and a quick thriller. It was not thoroughly engrossing but I enjoyed it and you will too! If you like procedurals, mysteries with psychological themes then The Murder List is for you! #harpercollins #harpercollinsuk #onemorechapter
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Mary a journalist, is sent a diary containing a list of four people to be killed on specific dates and she is the final name. One by one the others are killed until it is her turn unless she can work out who the killer is in time. But Mary has her own secret which might just save her life. There were lots of red herrings and suspects thrown in with the killer being someone i wasn't expecting. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, I thought it was really well paced and I raced through it. I would highly recommend.
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Woah! OMG! Wow! 

What a book! 

So incredibly clever, and I had strong gut feelings as to who was behind everything and was completely dumfounded by the finale as a result. 

There is so much more to many of the characters than meets the eyes. There are many red herrings, and I'm never really sure how things would turn out. 

For everything is pointing to the fact that on 1st April, Mary will die, and she is our main character, and main view point, and you get to know her well as she tries along with the police to see if they can track down the diary killer before it gets to her turn. 

It is such a fabulous concept and so great to see how the police could react if they are given a partial threat to a common first name, city and date but nothing else to go on whether they will take it seriously, how they can even remotely comprehend keeping people in their town safe etc..

I loved the snippets from the four police forces working together to try identify and catch this potentially sick and twisted person. 

I thought the previous Jackie Kabler psychological thrillers were fantastic, and this one ramps up the writing, the tension, the generally addictiveness.  I couldn't get enough of it, and it is utterly amazing. 

Had me completely hooked and it even seemed to help combat my long covid exhaustion as I was feeling really alert from reading this fabulous story. 

Thank you to One More Chapter and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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I liked this but didn't love it. I think the book suffered from the inevitable comparison with 'Nine Lives' which has a very similar premise and which was absolutely brilliant. 

The story was pretty good but I didn't feel much connection with the characters. I thought the beginning and end were quite exciting to read but the pace lagged a bit in the middle. I enjoyed most of the twists and was surprised by them but I thought the last one was too much and unnecessary. 

I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend the book but it was an enjoyable read so I wouldn't want to put anyone off giving it a go either.
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Jackie Kabler is one of my favorite authors and she knows how to write a thriller which keeps us up at night and rushing through to discover the villain.  In this brilliant outing, Mary is a crime writer who receives a unsolicited diary around Christmas which has four entries - a name, a place  and a date only.  Murder victims,  Mary herself  is the last name. Throwing herself into the investigation with several English police stations Mary is determined to thwart this killer., but with few clues and few connections between the victims amaryllis has to suspect everyone in her life. So do we and switch our predictions with every twist and nuance. The fast pace, tense thriller keeps Mary and I on our toes and neither of us identified the killer until the last few pages….excellent read again!
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The Murder List is Nine Lives meets The Plot. Mary is sent a list of four people to be killed on specific dates and she is the final name. One by one the others are killed until she's up unless she figures out who it is in time. But she's got her own ace up her sleeve even if she doesn't by the time the killer comes for her. This book had me scared. It was so drawn out and so many people were acting super creepy. I wasn't impressed by the final reveal though. I also didn't like the love interest. Mary thinks he's a "good one" yet he started dating her while with another girl. . . yikes. I did like the secrets revealing around Mary, just feel like I've read it before. I'd recommend if you liked Nine Lives or The Plot.
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