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The Murder List was an intense thriller that kept me guessing throughout. I loved how the author included plenty of twists and turns, I think I believed every character could be the killer at one point or another. 

I also enjoyed how the narrative switched between that of main character Mary and the police. Learning about police procedures and how different forces work together gave the book extra depth. This allowed an alternative perspective of a murder investigation alongside the view of the victim. 

All the characters were well developed and the author added suspicion to the story through them. This was very cleverly weaved through the plot and allowed for a lot of second guessing. I will definitely read more from this author.
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While announcing a forthcoming murder is not a new concept in a murder mystery, this story gives it a twenty-first-century makeover with powerful psychological suspense interwoven with the police procedural. Mary is a convincing and likeable character, especially in the early stages of the story. As it progresses and her secrets reveal themselves, she is more of an unreliable narrator.

There are many motives and suspects explored in this pacy novel. The characters are believably flawed with good characterisation. Mary's first-person viewpoint and the contrasting third-person police procedural element give the reader an omnipotent view of events.

I liked the original aspects of the story, the multilayered characters and the clever plot twist. It's the perfect read for all amateur sleuths.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.
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Mary Ellis is a freelance crime writer.  She has an office at a place called The Hub because she prefers working away from home.  Her housemate is Pete who has a girlfriend named Megan.  

As Mary and Pete are gathering things to giveaway, some of which are various Christmas gifts she received from people.  She got a desk calendar from someone who failed to leave their name.  Opening it, she sees notes on some pages listing a first name, a date and the city where they are to be murdered.  It matches a name of someone who has been murdered and further down, she sees her own name, Mary.  Shocked, she takes it to the police to be investigated.

Mary’s father was a famous author of crime novels.  He was killed in a house fire that also injured Mary.  He left her a lot of money some of which she put into buying her large home.  Having her good friend Pete as her housemate makes her feel safe.

As hard as the police work, they are unable to find the potential people to be murdered before it’s too late.  Now, Mary is next!

The tension in this story builds well making me imagine Mary biting her nails as “the day” approaches.  Even as some truths are revealed, I still could not understand why Mary would be targeted.  I had an idea or two who the killer could be but I was totally wrong.  I was a bit disappointed when the killer was revealed because it seemed so unbelievable.  However, the story is solid and I think readers will enjoy this thriller.

Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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I became a fan of Jackie Kabler after reading The Perfect Couple (if you have not already read this one, you need to!!) . I was completely intrigued by the synopsis for The Murder List, and I just knew I had to request it! The cover made it even that much more enticing! 

The Murder List, is the type of book that leads you in one direction and you believe you have it all figured out and then a major plot twist gets thrown in your face.

Talk about a sucker punch! 

As soon as I started, I knew I would not be able to stop. Chapter one instantly pulls you right in and will keep your attention. The slow exposures to what is being unveiled are craftfully done. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this fast paced psychological thriller and I believe you will too! Out May 31, you do not want to miss this!
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What a pleasant surprise....  Just when I thought I was never going to find a decent thriller as recently its been non stop 3/5 star reviews, this gem lands on my kindle.  One word - wow!
 I'm usually do so cocky about outwitting the author and guessing the murderer, I could see 4 possibly suspects that the writer was hinting at but I was do sure I'd out-smarted them and a 5th far less obvious culprit but I was so do wrong, which I loved! Literally just guessed correctly about 2 pages before the reveal - amazing!!
I have never come across this author, Jackie Kabler before but I will most definitely be looking up her other books.
A very strong 5 stars!
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It all kicks off when Mary receives a notebook with a list of names and dates for their murder.  The last name on the list- is Mary's!  It's currently January and the news is reporting a murder matching the first name on the list.  Mary has until April until Mary in Cheltenham will be murdered.  She puts it into high-gear and starts working with the police to figure out who is behind this notebook and the murders.

I loved about 95% of this book, it kept me up late at night while I followed the investigation with Mary.  There is one part I did not like and it didn't make sense to me.  However, there were other twists that pretty much made up for my disappointment.
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#TheMurderList by @officialjackiekabler @onemorechapterhc @netgalley 

⏩for synopsis 

So last week I took part in the #TheMurderListReadAlong and I really enjoyed it! (Sorry for posting my review so late!)

My first book by this author, within a page I could tell we were onto a winner. A twisty tale takes you on a very fast paced journey which I found very much enjoyable. I related well to main character Mary and found her narration easy and entertaining. I also found her back story very interesting and it could definitely be a book on its own! 

The plot is presented in short snappy chapters and keeps a pace by moving the date along nicely. I really enjoyed the point of view change between the various police forces and Mary which ensured no borden was allowed as we waited for D day. 

I found it to be a very slick and well put together read with a solid plot and reaching a satisfying conclusion in the end. Tension was built easily  and suspicion rife - it definitely kept you on your toes and suspecting everyone! Definitely recommend! 

Release: TODAY! 

Thanks to author #jackiekabler #onemorechapter and #netgallery for allowing me to read this one early! 


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Really thrilling and rather exciting. Definitely made you wanna keep reading. The twists were great too and there wasn’t too much of the story that was predictable!
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3.75/5 stars--rounded up to 4 stars. 

Mary is a crime writer who receives a diary as a present, only to open it and discover that it is not a blank diary but actually has four dates and four names listed in it—all with the word MURDER next to each of the names and dates listed.


Mary’s own name is listed in the diary, and she begins to wonder if this is some cruel twisted joke. Her name is the fourth on the list, and the first date listed has already come and gone, and Mary learns that someone was actually murdered during the month of January by the name of Lisa. What does this all mean? Is a killer really out there and is Mary on the killers hit list?? 

This story follows Mary as she tries to get to the bottom of this along with the help of the police and to track down the unknown killer, and put a stop to the murders, before it is too late for Mary. 

This is a fun, fast paced psychological thriller that you will enjoy if you are into mysteries, police procedurals, and psychological suspense books! I really enjoyed this one, except I will say the ending left me feeling a bit disappointed, but will not go into details as I do not want to give anything away.
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Clever, crafty and trickery at its best! 

I am obsessed! 

With the approval of the book “The Trial” by HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter, I stumbled upon their #TheMurderListReadAlong and got to join their whatsapp group. I am so glad I did! 

I absolutely loved every bit of it. 

Thanks NetGalley, HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter for the e-ARC and the opportunity to read it with the #ReadAlong! 

Synopsis - 

Mary, a crime fiction writer receives a blank diary as a Christmas present. Having ignored it for long, she casually opens it before disposing it off. She sees some notes to murder a few people, on certain dates, at a particular place. To her horror, she herself is the last one in the entry. She now has to live with a clock dangling over her head, counting down until she becomes the victim. 

Review - 

The narrative is primarily of Mary’s POV, but the addition of the police perspective was smartly done by Kabler. This worked best in keeping the boredom at bay, having the curious cat coming back for more. 

Kabler’s mastery in deceit and misdirection really shines through the plot construction. The mazes she weaves into her plot lead the readers astray, grappling with clues and red herrings. 

With every murder that’s committed exactly as promised with ultimate perfection by this killer, the intensity builds and builds, leaving the police clueless every time, until in no time it is Mary’s turn. 

Just when you think everything’s settled and you could breathe a sigh of relief, there comes another shocker of a revelation, smacking right in your face! 

With my theories and speculations derailed time and again, I couldn’t help but laugh at how foolish I’d been, getting duped like a moron. 

I can guarantee as a regular thriller reader, that you will NOT see those twists coming. You might as well get knocked over by a feather. 

If you a fan of psychological thrillers, that is unputdownable and transcends your mind’s workings, then you will do yourself a favor and pick this up! 

I’d say run and not walk!
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Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

A great crime mystery, full of twists and turns, with an unexpected ending. A recommended read.
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The Murder List involves a unique concept - crime write Mary Ellis receives a diary as a gift. All pretty innocuous....she thinks. Until she opens it, and on the first of each month are the details for a murder. Each one a different name. A different town. Including hers.

What follows is a race against time, for Mary and for the police. Can they find out who is responsible and catch them before it is too late? What is the link between the victims? Why is Mary being targeted?

The Murder List is a great read, it has excellent pace and a whole load of twists and turns that will keep you guessing right until the end.
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What a book and what a great opening few chapters.

Throughout the book we swap perspectives, Mary’s pov you get a sense of claustrophobia. Everyone around her is a suspect, she has the inability to live a normal life when everything is thrown out of control. Chapters from the police procedurals boost tension, how do you solve an upcoming murder with only a date, place and a first name to go on?

I was completely invested. At one point or another I’d accused everyone. The pace is great, really made this a page turner that wasn’t easy to put down.

The only thing I had my mind made up on was the gender of the killer, but this book is so full of twists I don’t think you know exactly what’s going on till its right on top of you!

Mary was a great character her progression and back story was well written. She definitely brings one of the most ‘mouth left open’ twists in the book. 

This is such a great psychological thriller, with an equally brilliant concept. I loved the sense of unknown this book brings  the reader, leaving you on edge. .  The Murder List is impossible to predict and even if you manage to work out certain aspects, it's full of twists to the very end.  If you’re looking for a thriller fuelled by mystery and suspense this is well worth the purchase.
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Mary Ellis receives a diary for Christmas but doesn’t open it until the end of January. Unsure of who sent it to her she opens it so that she can find out who sent it to her and thank them. Instead she finds a list of people to be murdered. At first she thinks it’s a sick joke. January 1st says Lisa Oxford, February 1st Jane Birmingham, March 1st David Cardiff and 1st April Mary Cheltenham. It’s been on the news that a woman named Lisa was murdered in January. It seems that a killer is out there planning murders and Mary is on the hit list. Can Mary uncover the murderer before she is killed on the 1st April and hopefully save the lives of the others on the list who haven’t been killed yet. 
This book was fast paced and kept me guessing at every page. There were twists and turns at every page. The ending was completely unexpired. I highly recommend this book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you to netgalley and one more chapter for the opportunity to read this book in advance in exchange for my honest review.
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The Murder List starts with a bang. The tension, the suspense, the mystery behind the murders kept me on the edge of my seat. I don't think I have ever read a book where the serial killer sends someone a list of their targets - and that someone is also in the list! 

When the second victim (the second in the list) is found dead, Mary tries to find a connection between the murdered and next victims (after all, the fourth target is Mary). She's quite sure she does not know the people on the list. Does that mean the killer is randomly choosing targets. That doesn't sound right, does it?

Halfway through the story we have a twist. More of a shocking revelation - the kind that makes your heart skip a beat. I read a particular sentence twice to make sure I read it right. Totally unexpected! This particular shocker is further explored with Mary trying to keep this a secret from the coppers and Pete. 

Until 80%, the story is full of suspense and mystery. Then comes another twist - the identity of the killer and Mary coming face-to-face with them. This was quite unavoidable, after all, Mary was the fourth target. I kept my expectations high from the beginning and felt a little let down with the ending. The killer's identity was unexpected, yes. But somehow, not up to my liking. This is the only niggle I had with the story. Otherwise, The Murder List  is, no doubt, a gripping and totally engrossing read. 

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Oh this was good. I’ve seen Jackie Kabler’s books but haven’t read any before this one. That will change though. I loved it. Really keeps you guessing and I had about 5 guesses at the murderer but of course all wring. A really good read.
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If you are looking for a thriller that will keep you guessing, and reading into the wee hours of the morning, here it is! This psychological suspense novel has it all- murders, twists, secrets, and thrills! 

Mary receives a diary that she almost donates to charity until she notices a note that says, “Read me!” She looks in the diary and sees a notation on January 1. “Murder Lisa, Oxford.” As she is puzzling over that, a news announcer on the television is discussing an Oxford murder and the victim’s name is Lisa! Mary quickly reads that additional murders are planned for February 1 and March 1. And on April 1, a woman named Mary is scheduled to be murdered! 

I am not going to give away any other details, just know there were some terrifying moments! Read this if you love a solid suspense mystery!

My thanks to NetGalley and One More Chapter- Harper Collins for my digital eARC. My thoughts are my own.
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thank you to netgalley for providing me with an arc in exchange for an honest review! 

the murder list follows cheltenham resident mary, who is gifted with a diary that contains the name of a murder victim and what appears to be a list of who’s next on the killer’s list. mary joins forces with the local police to catch the killer before they make their next move.

the best thing about this book was how unique the premise was. i haven’t read that many mystery novels but most of them follow a similar pattern or plot summary, so the murder list was refreshing since i’d never read anything where the murders had already been planned out. the pacing of the book was great as well; i was on the edge of my seat but wasn’t being bombarded with new twists and action scenes. however, this book wasn’t outstanding. by a certain point, i had figured out what was going to happen, and i did have that satisfaction of solving the mystery before mary did, i wish some of the smaller details all added up for a bigger reveal at the end. i also didn’t love mary as a main character and found her narration dry at times. overall, though, this was a fun, fast-paced read that got me out of a slump!
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The Murder List is the story of Mary, a freelance journalist who’s work focuses on true crime. Just before Christmas, she recieves a diary that countains a list of people who are going to be murdered, and the date that they are set to die. Much to her surprise, her name and where she lives is last on the list. The contents of the diary come to her attention after the first murder on the list, prompting her to take the list immediately to her local police department. The book follows Mary and the detectives involved in the case as they try to figure out who is killing the people on the list and stopping them before they get to the next person. 

Many thrillers start off slow as we see the life of our main character and try to guess where the story is going to go. This story starts very strongly with images of the fire that Mary was in when she was 18. The vivid descriptions immediately connected me with the story, leading me to want more.

 From that first scene, the tension builds as readers see Mary receive the diary and try to guess how she is going to react. Her back story and her connection to the case is drawn out just enough that I stayed interested without feeling that I was drowning in information.

 I loved that Mary’s point of view was broken up by the detectives who were in charge of the case. My only complaint was that there were so many different detectives from so many different cities that it was hard to keep track. 

The story is filled with so much tension as the time goes on and Mary gets closer and closer to the date that lists her name as the victim. Around the halfway point, I couldn't put it down. Mary had so many juicy secrets that gave me so many ideas about the case. It was fun that the story gave me room to keep guessing. 

Mary’s personal life was the only sticking point in the book for me. I spent most of the book not understanding why she was making the decisions she was making. From her relationship with her best friend and roommate to the information she chose to tell and not tell the detectives, her decisions felt silly. It wasn't until more of her past came to light that it at least sorta made sense.

 I also had a hard time with the ending. I left feeling a bit let down after the amount of tension that the rest of the book had.

Thank you to Netgalley and HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review. 

⅘ stars
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This is the first book I have read by this author and I absolutely loved it. I did not want to put this book the characters were so well written and the plot kept me gripped.  I highly recommend this book.
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