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Lovely feel good book to read. It was a joy to read. Lovely characters. Great plot. The book was charming. Very well written. I’d definitely recommend this book To anyone looking for an idyllic location and beautiful book to read.
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This is a very good book. It's a great summer read as it is so lighthearted and a easy to follow and laid back story. I just love reading books like this what relaxing on summer break. It had such a wonderful storyline that had me emmursed in Spanish culture. It is a fantastic escapist book. As I became more involved in the story I almost felt like I was there instead of rainy UK. I just loved the characters development as it gave me that warm tingerly feeling. This book was delight to read and I look forward to reading more from this author. I definitely recommend this book to all those in search for a nice relaxing slow paced Woman's fiction book to wind away the hours. I just had to mention I loved the real sense of family and community this book contains.

Many thanks to the author and publishers for creating such a wonderful summer read.

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Thank you to NetGalley, the publishing house and the author for the opportunity to read an advance reader copy of this  book in return for a review based upon my honest opinion.

I love the way this author writes. Her stories always leave me smiling,, her description of San Jose has any wanting to visit Spain so badly. I want to sit on the sandy beaches, and I would love to see Grandie’s garden. It sounds absolutely gorgeous.

As her life crumbles, Andie decides to go to San Jose and wants to see her Grandie’s garden, her Grandie and her spent a lot of time working on the garden and just being together. She decides to take a month and just go. Andie’s feels that her relationship with her boyfriend Johnny is over, when she realizes he has been lying to her.

When Andie gets to San Jose where she had wanted to rent was not available all of a sudden and chance of staying somewhere else. She decides to walk out to see her grandie’s place from a distance but ends up injured and is rescued by a handsome stranger. A series of events lead to her working on her grandmothers garden and maybe even finding love herself.

A lovely book and I look forward to the next one, which is already in my Tbr pile.
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This was a slow-burner. It was a fun read and it made me feel warm  in the sunshine. I’ve never been to Greece but, I could see the white washed villas and smell all the flowers. A good read. My thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.
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Transported to Spain and the wonderful community of Almeria. I adored Rafi and the connection him and Andie created. The slow burn romance between Andie and Vicente was so worth it, seeing Vicente open up and become the attentive partner we all love. 

Highly recommend for readers who want transported to the Med.
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Really enjoyed the story about Andie's trip to Spain to revisit the house her grandmother lived in and the lovely gardens. 
Beautifully written as you would expect with great characterisation and descriptions, such that I felt I was actually present with the characters. 

This is the first novel by Cherry Radford i’ve read and i'm looking forward to reading 'The Spanish Cove' next.
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What a truly stunning read this book by Cherry. I have not read any of hers before. Heart warming with lovely descriptions and beautifully written.
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Andie is on an enforced break, and had gone to Spain in the hope that she could rent the house her grandmother used to own. It falls through, but she eventually finds a way to work in the garden she loves, and spends time with the tenant Vicente and his young son. When they first meet, neither are single, but once they are free, do they have a chance together?
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The Spanish Garden by Cherry Radford is a lovely story set in the Almeria region of Spain.  This book is almost like a guidebook of the region and it’s clear that the author has first-hand knowledge of the area.  The story is also lovely as well as the beautiful descriptions of the garden.  

Andie is a garden designer and works on a television show called Challenging Gardens with her boyfriend, presenter, Johnny.  When a scandal ensues with her boyfriend and his family, she decides she must lay low for a while.  She retreats to Spain, where she used to spend summers with her beloved Grandmother, Grandie, working on her fabulous garden on the Almeria coast.  

Andie was troubled when she found out that someone else was living in her Grandmothers home.  Her parents sold the home, years ago, and it’s now an Air B&B.  When she booked her stay, she made a mistake and didn’t confirm her reservation and found Vicente and his shy son, Rafi staying there.  She finds a place nearby and decides she wants to spend her summer fixing up her Grandie’s garden, but first, she must get permission from Vicente, a former Flamenco dancer and now a recluse, who doesn’t want to talk to anyone.  

The Spanish Garden was a fantastic stay on the Spanish Coast.  I loved the details of the garden, and I wanted to explore the garden and all the pathways and little spots for lounging and taking the trail down to the sea.  

This is a slow-burn romance, as neither Andie nor Vincente want a relationship.  I really liked Vincente’s transformation from grumpy recluse to loving boyfriend and father.  Vincente’s son, little Rafi was so cute, and adorable, and he was my favorite character.  I also enjoyed the other side characters very much, the small but friendly ex-pat community was a fun bunch and I loved how they took Andie under their wing.  

I recommend The Spanish House to anyone who loves a good romance and wants to armchair travel to Spain.  I received a complimentary copy of this book.  The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Andi wasn't expecting to find love when she decamped to Spain but that's what happens in this light and cheery novel. Vincente and his little son Rafi are still mourning the loss of his wife/mother.  Andi, who decides to restore her grandmother's garden slowly brings down their defenses.  And there's flamenco!  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. A good read.
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The Spanish Garden by Cherry Radford
Release Date: May 12. 2022


Meet Andi, a sweet British television gardener as she escapes a media scandal in England. She heads to her grandmothers old home in Almeria Spain. To the garden that made her who she is today. Chasing memories (and chasing some answers for the future), she finds that the house is being rented to a quiet, moody, ex-flamenco dancer, Vicete and his young son Raf. 

When a wild boar accident thrusts them together, Andi has a chance to rebuild the worn down garden of her past, and maybe a new path to her future.

This is a heartwarming book full of self discovery, friendship, womanhood, and love.


Thank you to @netgalley for the opportunity to read this before it is published!

This book is a whole lot of fuzzy feelings between covers. I haven’t read a lot of heartwarming love stories lately, and this was just so lovely. I loved joining Andi in her ride to find herself and to ultimately fall in love with her life in Spain. The book is so vividly written, I felt like I was in the garden with her. I am so happy I randomly chose this one. It was such an amazing feel good ride. If you need some good, Mediterranean vibes, pick this one up later in may. 

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This story got you hooked from the start. I must say it did take some time to get used to all the characters and how they were connected. A lovely storyline that takes the reader to the heat and beautiful Spain.  If you like a novel where families and tricky relationships are the main storyline then you will enjoy this novel.
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A wonderful book to be transported to a sunny climate when you are reading it in cloudy bleak skies.
A very easy read with wonderful characters and great description used in all areas. I found this a real page turner and will be reading other books by this author.
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This book transported me to another world… A beautifully written page-turner ... When you've finished reading you'll be desperate to pass it on…..
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The Spanish Garden is a heart-warming story: light, easy to read and very enjoyable.  We follow Andie as she transforms a neglected wilderness back to the garden that had been her haven as a child.  Along the way there are tears, laughter, and a few surprises.  The author is able to make you feel the warmth of the southern Spanish sun as she describes the garden, the people, and the relationships that develop between Andie and her new friends.
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This book starts well and then it becomes quite slow and I struggled to keep on reading. I loved the descriptions but wasn't a fan of the characters.
Not my cup of tea
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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I did enjoy the stunning Spanish setting and community feel around Andie's stay in Almeria and the Flamenco culture.
The book starts well with an introduction of characters, intrigue and starting to get to know the real Andie, but then further on it seemed to unravel a bit to me. I couldn't picture Andie as a character other than a small lady in shorts and her relationship with Vincente seemed to jump around a lot without a real feeling of chemistry or a mutual bond beyond the scenes when Rafi is there. I did love the character of Rafi and his storyline, but some of the language used to describe him (as a neurodiverse character) did make me wince a bit. I did get confused a few times who a few of the characters were because there's quite a few to remember.
All in all I found it a pleasant read but one that just didn't grab my emotions or round up as neatly as I'd hoped in the second half.
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When it all goes to ‘hell in a handbasket,’ Andrea Butts heads to the one place she knows she’ll be accepted without question; Casa Higuera. Once her grandmother’s home, it’s now a holiday rental and Andi is ecstatic to find it available on the dates she’s chosen. She’s looking forward to forgetting about the workplace and relationship drama and heading to Andalucia, Spain. 

As is always the case when we’re on a trajectory to personal growth - there’s a wrench thrown into the plans. The house isn’t available. It’s rented by Vicente, a moody, ex-flamenco dancer dude with glasses and Jesus hair and his odd little boy, Rafi. 

What would likely blow most of us out of the water, Andi takes it in stride and finds somewhere else. Just to make sure that the universe knows she’s on the path to rejuvenation, it plots her path to cross the path of a wild boar! When she’s gored, Vicente and Rafi are the ones who come to her rescue. This opens up an opportunity for Andi to repay his kindness and she’s able to restore his garden. It’s here the real healing takes place. 

Although the barren, semi-desert Cabo de Gata Natural Park area of Almeria doesn’t appeal to me, the sunshine and warmth do, and I was looking forward to an easy, uplifting read to get my mind off world events. This is so much more than a slow-burn romance; it’s about secrets, rejuvenation, redemption, finding out more about one’s heritage, restoring beauty, healing, and appreciating kindness in others. It’s also about the healing power of horticulture. 

The novel oozes authenticity; the author is hispanophile thanks to her half Spanish mother and she resides part of the year in Almeria and part in Sussex. You’ll probably notice she also loves flamenco - it runs through her books and in her blood! This is book 2 of a trilogy set in the Cabo de Gata coastal region of Andalucia. Book 3, Spanish Cove, is due in summer 2022. 

If you aren’t pulled in by the gorgeous cover, you’ll be swept away by the Spanish infusion and will definitely feel those slow, lazy days of summer captured between the pages. 

I was gifted this advance copy by Cherry Radford, Head of Zeus, Aria, and NetGalley and was under no obligation to provide a review.
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Thank you for the advanced copy in exchange for honest review. 

I liked the story but wasn't able to fully feel pulled in. It was written well but I wasn't able to connect.
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I wanted to read this book as I love Almeria the place it was set in and wanted to imagine the scenery as I became immersed in the book., unfortunately the storyline was very slow in places
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