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Airship to the Arctic

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'Airship to the Arctic' by Jan Leyssens is a picture book for young readers about a famous explorer and is part of a series about scientific wonder.

This book tells two stories that end up intersecting.  One is of the development of air travel by balloon.  The other is of polar explorer Roald Amundsen who, after having difficulties with ships getting to the Arctic, is looking for a new method of exploration.

The story is engaging.  The illustrations are really very good.  The book should suit curious young readers who like true stories.

I received a review copy of this ebook from Clavis Publishing and NetGalley. Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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The story of flying object, that started with Chinese's sky lantern, to hot air balloons made by Montgolfier brothers and airplanes that can bring you anywhere. Fascinating facts about these objects that defied gravitation made me go for more pages. With amazing illustration, this book will mesmerized children to read.
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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for sending me a copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.

I like the idea of a series of books for kids about adventure and discovery and science. But parts of this book felt really disconnected and odd. I didn't like the first part about the inventor of the hot air balloon or the weird interlude where Roald traveled to the pole NOT in an airship.

This would have been a better story if it stuck to just the story of Amundsen and his airship journey to the North Pole.

But all that being said, I do think kids who like nonfiction/adventure/historical/scientific titles would enjoy this book. I'm also intrigued to see the other titles in the series.
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We love learning about the arctic (and penguins!) so this was a must read! A perfect book to read on a snowy day with a cup of cocoa.
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An interesting, brief timeline of manned flight and the discoveries that led to it. Most of the science is sound, though a couple glaring scientific errors prevent me from giving it a full 5*s. Artwork is attractive, but not distracting enticing young readers and supporting their understanding of the text. A good book to interest young children and engage them in discussion on the gaseous state of matter.
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I really enjoyed this!

I mainly picked this up for the book cover but god DANG this was such a fun ride! It was great curling up in my bed while doing online school and just getting sucked into the characters’ world and their relationships
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From the very first ideas of hot air balloons, through the Montgolfier Brothers' experimental flights, to Amundsen hovering over the North Pole in an Italian dirigible, thus becoming the first person to see both polar extremes, this is a very clear slice of history for the primary school library.  It's science history and exploration history combined, as is quite often with such a subject I guess, but it needs saying this will appeal to many.  A light touch to the text and very appropriate and clear illustrations make this very pleasurable to learn from.
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